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    ...will use to make changes/variations. Must provide samples [login to view URL] *Otis *Isaac *Beaumont *Thomas *Morse Metal tables folder which is located in link above will have the following 3 tables *Xane *Ixabel *VOX The link below shows the colors we will use for the designated tables

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    I need an 8 1/2 x 11 memorial page for a...for a 20 yr high school reunion booklet. Should include the following: "In loving memory of those that we have lost" Heidi Chamberlain Matt Clifford Jamie France Michael Morse (class of 97) Bekah Zask Use this photo as backdrop: [login to view URL]

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    We Morse Clean India Pvt. Ltd. are involved in manufacturing of Detergent Powder and other house cleaning products like white phenyl, Toilet Cleaner, Glass Cleaner, Hand Wash, Tile Cleaner and Dish Wash Gel. We are looking for designers to design our logo, labels and Packing for the same.

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    Will build and design an android flashlight app with morse code & color [login to view URL] a premium smooth app for professional & business [login to view URL] has to be very hight quality in UI & [login to view URL] High skilled & professional please knock [login to view URL]'t waste your time & don't waste my [login to view URL] i already tried with a...

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    Este Proyecto no ha sido patentado y puede ser mejorado con diodos laser, fibras ópticas y utilizar el código morse para efectuar la comunicación entre compuertas dee manera de usar menos de 8 bits. La siguiente dirección web ilustra un poco el funcionamiento de este nuevo dispositivo: [login to view URL] . La idea principal

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    I need an Android app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be [login to view URL] app is a morse code encoder/decoder with a "vigenere cipher".I want a homescreen with three buttons: SETTINGS, SEND, RECEIVE linking to the following pages..SETTINGS page:1. a box to type in a "cipher key". Only allows a-z characters to be inputted. Any illegal characte...

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    Using ARM Tamat left

    For this lab you must write code that outputs an arbitrary string by blinking the LED in Morse code. The method you choose must output any standard null-terminated string containing characters A-Z or 0-9 in Morse code on the board's LED. For the demo, a child function, called from main() should output in Morse code, <...

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    MorseCode App Tamat left

    I need a Morse code app 1 textfield 2 buttons the user enters morse code and can play either with flash or morse sound beeps

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    3 bida will be able to see it is fairly boring and not particularly polished. I tried to combine the G and W together to create one simple image and the dots and dashes are Morse code for "G" and "W". I am not suggesting you need to use anything like what I have created but it was simply to show my line of thinking. Id greatly appreciate something a little

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    100% FEEDBACK ON ALL... we are also more than open to incorporating the icon into the text. Here are some ideas we had: -use summit/mountain(s) peaks -digital communication circuit packs, Morse code styling. -work SD into icon perhaps? -we are more than open to any and all ideas! We promise to provide 100% feedback to every entry. Thank you!

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    I have a text encoded in Morse code that I want to design as a tattoo. I’ll supply the image of the Morse code that I need designed.

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    Simple C++ morse coding project

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    Hi bigboss001, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over E mail. Good day, I am a retired disabled veteran and I restore antique small machinery. I have a 1920's telegraph sounder I want to operate as authentic as possible (google up telegraph sounder) if you are not familiar with them. I am looking

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    Lector (en modo sonido o luces) y emisor (modos sonido y luces) codigo morse

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    I have a Verilog code that converts binary bits (from a file) to morse code to Letters (only Alphabets). Just need help in making it work and editing it.

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    I need help making this program. I have already made the program, that converts English, Numbers and Punctuations into Morse Code. But i need to make a class in a separate header file and source file. This shouldn't be a problem for someone who has experience in C++.

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    The problem - read a Morse sequence that represents a phrase - read a dictionary of valid words - interpreting the Morse sequence using the dictionary to make the proper decoding decisions - count the number of valid phrases that the Morse sequence can represent - Note: a valid sentence MUST use ALL symbols of the Morse sequence to perform the decoding

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    Trophy icon Design A Logo Tamat left

    Looking for a political logo. - Red, White, Blue but I like primary purple & white. Key points: - Nic Morse For State Treasurer - 2018 - Colorado Logo must be easily usable on website, collateral & yard signs. Doesn't need to be fancy, just needs to have the name large enough that it can be seen on all the different materials.

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    Morse Project Tamat left

    We are looking for someone that can build a simple question and answer app for iOS and android. The developer should know how to add camera and maps to an app. looking for someone reliable.

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    I need some graphic design. We need a pattern for jacquard fabric. I'm thinking about morse code for this project. I want a futuristic, stunning design, yet kind of simple and neat. I'd like the following words to appear in this code: love, happiness, closeness , freedom, babywearing.

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    the decoder will have as input the push button and switch keys. One can either use more than one PushButton to represent dots and dashes or use the switch keys and a time counter for more realistic implementation. In the second case a 1-second pulses will represent dots, and a 3-second pulses represent dashes. The decoder letter ( decoder output ) should be displayed on at least one of the follow...

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    ...typographic design with initials in the center and a statement around the outside. Initials option 1: ZM Initials option 2: ZEM Statement: This book belongs to the library of Zoe Morse Maximum recommended artwork size: 35mm circle Your artwork should be high resolution - at least 200 dpi in black and white only. File formats accepted - .pdf, .jpeg, .psd,

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    Hi Imtiaz, Have a quick design for a tee shirt. If you would like. Using the same 3d superman font as the logo. First line would be .--, Second line would be -, and third line ..-. that is morse code for WTF. medium size not too big but to cover most of the chest. thanks, Greg

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    I need help marketing my New Romance book, Morse Code

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    20 biographical projects: Bartholome...Bartholome de Las Casas John III Sobieski Ito Hirobumi Ivan the Terrible Gratian Baruch Spinoza Dmitry Mendeleyev John Hawkins Hung Hsiu-chu Domingo Faustino Sarmiento Samuel Morse Kublai Khan Christiaan Huygens Andres Bello Jan van Eyck Lise Meitner John Wycliffe Jan Pieterszoon Coen John XXIII Gerardus Mercator

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    I have two projects to...application which works like siri i.e. takes input (in morse code) and produces such as making a call and searching a contact. 2. A launcher application that provides a morse input interface and helps user to make a call or search a contact. *Need full methodology and flow chart for the chosen project *Price negotiable

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    I would like someone to design a custom device that would allow me to input/type a message in morse code and have the device flash a strobe light in order of message inputted/typed. Device should be no larger than a shoebox and run off of a wall socket. See picture attached. Must be completed within one week.

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    I'm interested in having a new iOS app icon designed for a personal project already on the App Store. If interested, please list/reference other app icons you've designed, along with your hourly rate and estimate. The app is a morse code keyboard app; I'll message the app name. Not a bot? Please end your proposal with a random color. Others will be

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    I would like someone to design a custom device that would allow me to input/type a message in morse code and have the device flash a strobe light in order of message inputted/typed. Device should be no larger than a shoebox and may run off of 4 to 6 D-Sized Batteries.

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    I have to design a morse code in vhdl with simulation. I want its encoder and decoder part. I want simple vhdl code which is easy to understand.

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    Construct binary tree through morse code by using java program. See pdf file below for more information.

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    Create a program that will take a string of text and encode it using Morse code. Use a . and – for encoding. Leave a space between letters and three spaces between words.

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    Hi, I'm interested in making a desktop app that will work with a morse code. A morse code device will be connected to the computer by USB and I would like a programmer to make an app that will read the morse code and when it identify a certain code being played it will return a sentence on a gui, can you make this kind of app?

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    ...environment (unknown environment) using cellular decomposition to decompose the space into sub-regions, and using the Morse functions to detect the critical points of the area and obstacles. ( i like the simulation attached in the file 2013....! please check it) i attached files to make sure that who wants work on this project understands the concepts and

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    ...environment (unknown environment) using cellular decomposition to decompose the space into sub-regions, and using the Morse functions to detect the critical points of the area and obstacles. ( i like the simulation attached in the file 2013....! please check it) i attached files to make sure that who wants work on this project understands the concepts and

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    ...Purple, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, Whitesnake, Metallica, Uriah Heep, SRV, Guns&Roses, Queen late 70s, early 80s Rock Groups. MORS comes from the morse alphabet and a sea animal called WALRUS. WALRUS in Turkish means MORS. We like to have fun. We are not a metal band. We have a clean (not brutal) vocal like Freddy

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    Need to create resumes for me and hopefully for morse people. Majority of the work will be editing the resumes

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    I am needing one canvas poster made with a text in morse code. I cant find anyone that will do it.

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    I would like a generator-based software created as a landing page for my existing website, I would like visitors to for my existing website, I would like visitors to be able to type in words into a text box and it would generate their text into Morse Code. The site is built using Squarespace.

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    ...LLC is the # 1 seed packet and seed staring company in North America. We fill well over 1 million seed packets daily in our busy season. You can find our brands such as Ferry-Morse and Jiffy in big box retailers such as Walmart, Lowe’s and Home Depot. We have 4 facility locations in MA, OH and Canada. We currently utilize MAS200 along with some Excel

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    Games which include food sounds in place...sounds in place of other content. you have to make an audio game which will decode massage from audio sound(Morse code) and identify what kind of fruit is [login to view URL] morse legend is attached [login to view URL] link of the audio file will be given once the project is awarded. It's a very simple and basic game for ...

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    Verilog Morse Decoder Design  Input: Single input (only one bit(0-1))  Outputs: You should print at least one sentence(ASCII characters) to screen on Xilinx Environment. (Exp: 1 THE BEST ADVICE IS FOUND ON THE PILLOW)  Timing: Decoding a character should last at most 30 seconds. International Morse code is composed of five elemenets: X short

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    I need some advice about storing information. Everything is coded in assembly. The information is going ...need some advice about storing information. Everything is coded in assembly. The information is going to be input using a button or another arduino board and then it is going to be outputted on a seven segment display. It is a morse code decoder.

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    Morse code decoder needs to be created, which will display the needed letters on a seven segment display connected to the arduino board. Input is going to be provided through button presses or another arduino board.

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    I have a video that shows a flashing light that is saying something in morse code and i need it translated into english

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    Estamos trabajando en un software capaz de reconocer códigos QR grabados en tracks de video de alta definición y códigos morse grabados en pistas de audio. Estos tracks están pregrabados y son ingresados al software desde el disco rígido. Buscamos a la persona que programe sólo el módulo de reconocimiento. Por lo pronto no tenemos preferencia...

    $2000 - $4000
    $2000 - $4000
    0 bida need to read any type of code i choose and read it thru my microphone slot and automatically convert it from code to video and i need a another program for a ardrino it takes in picture/ video and converts it to any type of code i choose ex: i use Morse code the camera will start converting video to Morse code and it will see it to ...

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    I need a device designed to play morse code through an LED light. Code to be programmable by user. Device to have buttons to control speed of message. Battery power. Contained in a bespoke box about the size of a tape cassette.

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    I want to create a small device that will play a morse code message from a flashing LED. The flashes should be slow so that a novice can record the message. The message should be able to be customised. The programmer will know morse code, so the device needs to record dash, dots and spaces only. The device should be completely covered with only

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