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    Jawatan kosong Foreman motor salary=rm1500-rm2000 wrking hr=11am-10am area=setia indah dua minggu off satu hari

    $176 - $527
    $176 - $527
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    I'm seeking an accountant with intermediate website handling skills and inventory management experience. This job is only for a mumbai-based person. Key areas of responsibility include: - Stock and finished goods management - Coordinating orders and dispatch online via the website - Liaising with courier agencies - Creating invoices and assisting in payments - Coordinating with website maintenance personnel - Handling taxation and accounting related activities with our accounting agency Essential skills: intermediate website handling, inventory management. Knowledge of excel, word, PowerPoint is a must. Past experience in a similar e-commerce role will greatly boost your chances.

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    I need a proficient website developer, experienced in Python, to create a sophisticated website for my courier company. Our target market is small businesses. This website must include unique features like: - An automatic cost estimation tool reflecting delivery costs based on customer input. - A package tracking system to enable our customers keep tabs on their shipments. - An e-wallet feature for easy payments. Aside from these client-side features, the site should have a backend for effective management of the company. Key elements should be: - Reports generation for insights on business growth and customer trends. - A comprehensive analytics feature to assess performance and identify areas of improvement. - A system for rider assignment, enabling efficient work scheduling and...

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    I'm searching for an experienced WordPress developer to design a unique website for my courier company. The site needs distinct features like automatic cost estimation for deliveries based on customer input, a package tracking system, an e-wallet, and payment collection functionality. Here are the specifics: - Design and implement a feature for cost estimation for deliveries. This should be dynamic, adjusting according to customer input. - Incorporate a robust package tracking system. Clients should be able to check the status of their parcels instantly. - Develop a secure online wallet. This will help clients manage their funds easily within the site. - Enable online payment collection. The site must support popular payment methods and ensure secure transactions. Ideal skill...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelance motorcycle customizer to bring a unique vision to my Bmws1000rr. In the project: * The main goal is to refashion the body paint and graphics of my bike. However, this isn't just any customization job. * The idea is to have a strong brand or logo representation design on my bike. I want the brand or logo to be conspicuous yet tastefully executed on the bike. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proven experience in motorcycle customization particularly working with Bmws1000rr model. * Strong skills in applying body paint and graphics on a motorcycle in a way that highlights and respects the existing design. * A deep understanding of branding, with the ability to reflect a given brand or logo creatively and tastefully through b...

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    Rebel Riders is a motorcycle apparel brand. Think Grunt Style but for motorcyclists instead of veterans or Sullen clothing but for motorcycle theme. These designs are for the BACK of the t shirts. The only thing that will go on the front is the logo on the front chest. What I’m looking for is large motorcycle themed images for the BACK of the t shirts, that include a catchy/ tongue in check phrase, perhaps risqué. SINGLE COLOR ONLY. Example tag line IDEAS to accompany an design are below, along with a copy of example design ideas just to provide a general feel for the concept (feel free to be creative): CREATE A DESIGN - I do NOT want to see a bunch of copied, unartistic options that were already available to be on or - that requires no skill. I am here...

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    I am looking for a sourcing agent experienced in product acquisition, specifically focused on toys, ...execute purchases. Responsibilities include: - Seeking out high-quality toy products to add to my catalog - Negotiating product prices ensuring best possible rates - Organizing shipping arrangements utilizing courier services Skills and Experiences: - Proven experience in sourcing within the China market - Knowledge of toy products and relevant quality standards - Excellent negotiation skills with suppliers - Extensive experience with international shipping and courier services Your prior experience in the toys industry, proven negotiating capability, and familiarity with courier service logistics will be vital to the success of this project. Do you have what it...

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    Gojek App Development 5 hari left

    We are seeking an experienced and talented developer/team to create a robust and feature-rich Gojek app for our business. Our back end and website infrastructure are fully prepared and ready for seamless integration with the app. Key Features Required: Multi-Service Integration: Include ride-hailing, food delivery, courier services, and more. User-Friendly Interface: Develop an intuitive and user-friendly app interface for both customers and service providers. Real-time Tracking: Implement real-time tracking for services to enhance user experience and service efficiency. Payment Integration: Integrate secure and seamless payment gateways to support various payment methods. Multi-Language Support: Ensure the app supports multiple languages for a diverse user base. Rating and R...

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    ...1 1; param initialQty := sku1 35; param storageCost := ZFS 0.42 # daily 0.014 LDI 0.065 ASN 0.085 SAV 0.12 ESL 0.1; param orderPrepCost := [ZFS, ZLBENL] 0 # Sheet printing 0 Picking 0 Order Prep 0 External courier 0 [LDI, ZLBENL] 0.8 # Sheet printing 0.15 Picking 0.1 Order Prep 0.2 External courier 0.35 [ASN, ZLBENL] 0.28 # Sheet printing 0.18 Picking 0.1 Order Prep 0 External courier 0 [SAV, ZLBENL] 0.48 # Sheet printing 0.18 Picking 0.1 Order Prep 0.2 External courier 0 [ESL, ZLBENL] 0.64; # Sheet printing 0.18 Picking 0.11 Order Prep 0.35 External courier 0 And for the MOD file: # Model definition set SKUs; # Available products set Warehouses; # Warehouses for st...

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    I'm seeking a highly experienced web developer to create a dispatch website for my same-day courier service. This service includes both immediate and advanced booking options. Key features of the website should include: - Online payment functionality - A booking form to collect key information from customers such as pick-up address, delivery address, and item description The ideal candidate for this project would be well-versed in e-commerce platforms with previous experience creating websites for courier or logistics companies. Strong expertise in developing online payment systems and incorporating real-time data input fields is crucial. The focus should be on creating a streamlined, user-friendly interface that simplifies the booking process for users.

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    I am seeking a skilled IT professional for the optimization and security en...comprehensive **Code Review** to ensure our data security is top-notch. The primary objective is to ensure no data leaks or breaches occur. 2. Implement **Tracking Updates Integration** and **Label Creation and Printing** for our courier partners, Ecom Express and Shiprocket. Automation of these tasks is crucial for optimized functioning. 3. We desperately need **Bug Fixes**. We have noticed numerous user interface and functionality bugs obstructing the smooth operation of our CRMs. Ideal candidates should possess extensive experience in code review, courier system integrations, and bug fixing. Proficiency in enhancing CRM security and vast experience in user interface optimization would be hig...

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    Hi guys I need a simple Arduino to able to do a launch control for four cyl motorbikes, trigger per button The rpm sensor is hall. Coils and injectors run 12v Need to able to set the gain (cut times) and amount of retard of the ignition, this is an idea if you have a optimal way let me know.

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    ...attached) Project is to provide 3d drawings, and recommend a selection of hardware such sprockets gearing, axles and bearings , 90 deg bevel gearboxes, spindles, propellers etc. with critical regards to minimize weight and for minimal loss of power through friction drag. Please bear in mind that left and right hand propellers should be counter rotating. I believe all drive can be taken from the motorcycle engine drive sprocket by chain driving a sprocket on a rear axle without wheel with another sprocket on this same axle with chain driving another sprocket an axle shaft mounted overhead horizontally sideways to direction of travel and connected to an opposing 90deg bevel gearbox at each end of the shaft whereby 2 counter rotating horizontal double v belt pully assemblies might...

    $492 - $983
    $492 - $983
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    I require CAD drawings of motorcycle suspension systems. The drawings should be basic schematics, not requiring detailed measurements or material specifics. Here are the key things I'm looking for: - The CAD work should focus on suspension systems. - Detailed renderings or measurements are not necessary, schematics will suffice. - The file format should be AutoCAD, delivered as DWG or DXF. Skills and experience ideal for the job: - Knowledge in mechanical engineering, particularly with motorcycle parts. - Proficiency in using AutoCAD for creating CAD drawings. - A good understanding of motorcycle suspension systems.

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    I need someone to pick up an item from the police station in McCall, carefully pack it, and ship it to me. I will cover all shipping costs. Key Things to Note: - The package is small, weighing under 50 lbs and will easily fit in a car. ...the police station in McCall, carefully pack it, and ship it to me. I will cover all shipping costs. Key Things to Note: - The package is small, weighing under 50 lbs and will easily fit in a car. - The package contains fragile items, so it must be handled + shipped with care. - Delivery confirmation will be required for the shipping. Ideal candidates would have experience in professional courier services or have done similar jobs in the past. You must also demonstrate attention to detail, especially considering the content of the package ar...

    $8 - $15 / hr
    $8 - $15 / hr
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    I am looking to develop an India logistic aggregator web platform where multiple Shopify users can connect their accounts to efficiently manage and ship their orders from a unified dashboard. Users will be able to take various actions within the dashboard, and my courier services will be seamlessly integrated. Each Shopify store will have its own distinct dashboard for better organization and management. I would like to incorporate custom order Return to Origin (RTO) charges for users. Display the number of orders delivered, in transit,it and returned on the same day. Provide users with a payment resolution status, showing the revenue from delivered orders minus RTO and return charges. My goal in developing this platform is to offer our own products and logistics services to Ind...

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    I'm in need of a bespoke WordPress Courier Service website to embark on Courier Consignment. The purpose is to effortlessly showcase Loading particular,Consignment note,Tracking details and Administrative privileges and Manager portal. Key Requirements: 1. *Consignment Notes Generation:* - Consignment notes should be generated automatically at the time of booking. 2. *Manifest Upload (Loading Particular):* - Capability to upload manifests, especially focusing on loading particulars. 3. *Delivery Details:* - Capture and store comprehensive delivery details for each consignment. 4. *Tracking Page:* - Implement a tracking page that allows customers to track their consignments. - Generate a unique tracking number at the time of booking for easy refer...

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    As a busy individual in California, I require a reliable and trustworthy delivery person to assist me with picking up and delivering select items on a weekly basis. - Item De...mutually agree on. Or I will contact you if I don’t need your services - Locations: Exact pickup and delivery locations in California will be communicated prior to each delivery request. Ideal skills and experience for this role will include a great sense of direction, exceptional time management and organizational skills, a valid driver's license, a clean driving record, and previous delivery or courier experience. Applicants who live centrally located in California or have extensive knowledge of the region are especially encouraged to apply. Please note excellent customer service is also a ...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Our Shipit24 plugin is planned to be a parcel delivery mediator plugin for small and mid-sized e-shops using WordPress WooCommerce platform. Shipit24 is supported by Rammest API. Currently we have our Rammest API backend integrated with several parcel delivery companies to cover the delivery services in Baltics and Finland. We mediate parcel deliveries via either locker to locker or courier service. Rammest API is already in use for our own services. As we have our deals with delivery companies, we offer our own delivery prices to customers and will provide payment option for merchants. **Key Tasks:** - developing a plugin based on requirements in the requirements pdf document **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in WordPress development, specifically plugins. ...

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    I am seeking a proficient Python developer to craft a code that intric...vehicle classification based on visual characteristics Project Tasks: 1. Develop Python code that can process video files (no specific format but typically MP4 or AVI). 2. Implement object detection to identify vehicles within these videos. 3. Calculate and record the speed and position of each detected vehicle. 4. Classify vehicles based on their composition and characteristics (e.g., car, truck, motorcycle). 5. Ensure the code is well-documented, scalable, and efficient for processing multiple video files. This will be an exciting opportunity for developers interested in video analysis, machine learning, and specifically vehicle detection and classification. I look forward to collaborating on this innovativ...

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    10 bida

    ...on-demand courier company. The company's precise services are yet to be identified but will potentially include parcels of a legal nature. Ideal Candidate: - Possesses a strong background in software requirements specification development. - A deep understanding of the logistics and delivery industry is an asset. Proposal Requirements: Please provide a detailed project proposal outlining: - Your approach to developing the SRS - Methodologies - Tools you plan to use. - Estimated timeline and deliverables The system would include the following: 1. Introduction 1.1 Purpose: Describe the purpose of the SRS and its intended audience. 1.2 Scope: Outline the software application, including its name and high-level capabilities. Explain that the software will facilitate on-...

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    I'm seeking an experienced web developer to create a sophisticated courier tracking website that integrates live GPS tracking to cater to delivery personnel, customers awaiting their packages, and logistics managers. The essence of this platform is to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing real-time visibility into courier movements and delivery statuses. **Core Requirements:** - **GPS Tracking Integration:** Implement a reliable GPS tracking system that captures and displays the real-time location of couriers to all users. - **User-Specific Interfaces:** Develop tailored interfaces for different user roles: - **Delivery Personnel:** Access to route optimizations and nearby delivery notifications. - **Customers:** Ability to track the...

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    I'm looking for an experienced API developer, preferably with a strong background in Java and Shopify integration, to work on my project. Key tasks will include: - Integrating a specific shipping company's API with my Shopify store. I haven't used this API before so I need someone who is skilled in this area. - Incorporating several features into the integration including real-time these areas, particularly in API integration with Shopify. Knowledge in e-commerce logistics will be highly advantageous, as will previous experience working on similar projects. Your ability to complete this project efficiently will have a significant impact on the usability and operation of my online store. I look forward to seeing your proposals. I already have the API key from t...

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer to create a robust e-commerce platform via Key requirements feature: - A comprehensive product catalog where items can be organized and displayed effectively - A user-friendly shopping cart for customer's seamless shopping experience - Customer reviews to enhance product trustworthiness However, there's no need to integrate a specific courier service in the design. The ideal freelancer for this project should be proficient in , have demonstrable experience in e-commerce platform creation, and a special knack for user-friendly interface design. Your portfolio will strongly advocate for your skills and experience in these areas.

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    I'm initiating a project centered around augmenting motorcycle safety through an innovative approach. My ambition is to utilize a GPS-based navigation system to automatically activate the motorcycle's side signals in anticipation of turns, specifically when a right turn is detected within 100 meters. **Core Objectives:** - Increase safety for motorcycle riders by ensuring timely use of side signals. - Utilize the precision of GPS-based navigation systems for real-time turn detection. **Key Features:** - Integration with Google Maps for navigation. - Automatic side light activation for right turns within a 100-meter range. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in GPS technology and its application in real-time vehicle systems. - Experience in developing a...

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    Need to create parcel (any goods) delivery service which works as bolt/uber. It means, any driver, registered on site, will receive the delivery request from his area. The area is not large, but hills-mountains. Based on next day delivery. The order form: Client enters his location / pick-up time slot (including the delivery deadline) / drop-off location (contact person). Online payments accepted - card /paypal. Design: simple but intuitive, targeted to mobile devices mostly.

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    I am seeking an experienced website developer to build a website for my motorcycle dealership selling sport and off-road electric bikes. The design of the website should ooze modernity and sleekness. Key functionalities to be included are: - e-Commerce for bikes, parts, and accessories - A secure section for warranty registration - Dealer and customer log-in platform - Pricing information - Other relevant pages as per dealership norms Ideal candidates should have prior experience in developing e-Commerce websites, an understanding of the biking industry would be an added advantage. has basic functionality

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    I'm in need of a designer with expertise in creating minimalistic Twitter banners in line with my brand @motoforkparts. - Creation of attractive banners with images and text. - Compliance with Twitter's recommended ...with Twitter's recommended banner dimensions and guidelines. - The banners should highlight my brand and engage with my audience. - The designer must have experience in creating minimalistic designs with a knack for choosing compelling images and text fonts. - An understanding of the Twitter platform, including its look, feel and user-response behaviours is desirable. - Familiarity with the motorcycle parts niche will be a plus point. Offer an engaging, unique take on art and design while keeping my branding consistent. Show me your work in this vein...

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    I'm seeking a talented product designer who can connect with riders choice to create a highly functional tail bag for motorcycle riders focused on durability, water resistance, and significant storage capacity. My vision includes developing two versions of the tail bag with different load capacities: one to support up to approximately 165 lbs (75 liters) and another up to approximately 121 lbs (55 liters). This project demands creativity and practicality to merge these specifications into sleek, rider-friendly luggage solutions. **Requirements:** - Design two tail bags with a focus on: - **Water Resistance:** Should withstand heavy rain, protecting contents. - **Durability:** Must endure long rides and various weather conditions. - **Storage Capacity:** Two versions - 75...

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    I'm in need of a talented designer who can create a unique, eye catching image for merchandise design. The image should have a vintage theme and represent the Boozefighters MC. The elements to be included are: - Boozefighters MC logo - Iconic New England landmarks - A motorcycle - The Patriots or an American flag Your design skills should include a strong understanding of vintage design aesthetic. Familiarity with motorcycle culture, New England landmarks, and the Boozefighters MC history is a plus. Top-quality work expected for this unique, one-of-a-kind project. Please provide portfolio examples of similar styles and themes.

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    75 bida

    ...calculation made by prestashop) 8. Choose if there is cash on delivery 9. Edit the sum of the cash on delivery, if it is active from p. 8 10. Choose if “check the package before opening” is allowed or not. 11. Choose if the package will be picked up from an address or dropped at the office of the courier (with their default options, set priorly in the setting of the module) 12. Calculate the price of the delivery before generating the label. 12. Ability to Generate Shipping label (fetched from the courier) 13. Add the tracking number to the order, automatically change the status of the order to “sent” and send an email to the customer 14. Option to Delete the generated shipping label, which will allow the administrator to start the entire process fr...

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    77 bida

    ...creating user-centric platforms. The goal is to create an intuitive and secure courier market website that will facilitate seamless interactions between customers and courier providers. Key Features: - User Registration and Profiles: A system where customers and courier service providers can create and customize their accounts. - Advanced Search Functionality: A robust search mechanism to let customers easily find courier services based on parameters such as location, service type, etc. - Secure Payment System: Implementation of reliable and secure payment system for smooth transactions. User Roles: - Customers: They should have the ability to register, find courier services, transact securely and leave reviews. - Courier Service Providers: A...

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    ...dataset is envisioned to be a vital resource for my project, aiming to simplify the search and procurement of car spare parts within the European market. Key Requirements: - The dataset should include *Part Numbers*, *Descriptions*, and *Prices* of spare parts, presenting a holistic view of the availability and options within the market. - The focus is exclusively on cars, eliminating the need for motorcycle or truck part information. This specificity is crucial for the relevance and usefulness of the dataset in my project. - I prefer the dataset to be formatted as an *SQL database*. This format will facilitate easier integration into my existing database and allow for more complex queries and analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in data mining and compilation, ...

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    ...web developer to create a multichannel courier booking portal that is much like Shiprocket, but with added features. Your main task will be to ensure the integration of multiple couriers, specifically FedEx, UPS, DHL, skynet, dtdc, and beyond. The primary characteristics the website should include are: • Online tracking of shipments • Automated label generation • A Wallet feature for financial transactions Key requirements: • Expertise in web development and design • Experience in API integration • Familiarity with FedEx, UPS, DHL, skynet, dtdc integrations • Understanding of shipment tracking and courier logistics Your main objective will be to create a seamless, user-friendly platform that allows for simplified logistics managem...

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    I'm at the helm of crafting engaging posts for my motorcycle-focused audience and am on the hunt for a content creator extraordinaire. Fluent in both Malay and English, this person will breathe life into our social media spaces, namely Facebook and Instagram. Here's what's revving up in my mind for this project: - **Bilingual Brilliance:** You must weave words seamlessly in both Malay and English, catering to our diverse audience with precision and flair. - **Gearhead Knowledge:** Having a passion for or knowledge of motorcycles will put you at the front of the race. It’s crucial for creating authentic and engaging content, whether it's analyzing the latest bike models, sharing top riding tips, or covering the most thrilling motorcycle events. - **...

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    I need a professional who can change a motorcycle which is in a garage and change the background to another place also remove the helmet this is the video and put that something like this attached background

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    I am in need of a dynamic, tastefully crafted cartoon-styled t-shirt design. The design should encapsulate a composition featuring a man on a motorcycle, rendered in a cartoonish style. It should stand out with an added prominent element of the number '42'. Key requirements: - Cartoonish approach to design - Hero element: Man on a motorcycle - Secondary element: The inclusion of the number '42' Ideal candidate should: - Have expertise in cartoon-style digital art. - Have experience in t-shirt design, especially with illustrations including humans and vehicles. - Be creative with the inclusion of number '42' into the design. - Be able to create a design compatible with various t-shirt colors and sizes. Let your creativity reign with this vib...

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    Necesito un sitio para un servicio de courier, desde el cual los clientes puedan buscar productos en tiendas de USA y ver su ficha de producto con el costo que incluye de inmediato el envío hasta Panamá, a través de nuestro servicio de courier.

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    5 page informative website with live tracking from front end and back end shipment assignment number generator and updates during the delivery for shipment status

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    I am looking for a proficient developer to build a dynamic courier delivery mobile application. This app will be for Android and IOS. Key Features: * Real-time tracking: This will ensure the customers can track their deliveries accurately at any point in time. * Delivery notifications: Both customers and drivers should be able to receive delivery notifications, improving overall efficiency. * Address autocomplete: Implementing this feature will allow easy and swift address entry for customers. User Roles: * Customers: they will place orders and track delivery. * Delivery drivers: they will receive and fulfil delivery tasks. * Admin: monitors and controls the activities in the app. Design Preferences: * Modern: The app should reflect up-to-date design standards. * Colorful: A vibr...

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    92 bida

    ...process of creating a distinctive identity for my small group of motorcycle riding friends and am in need of a logo that perfectly encapsulates our spirit and ethos. We call ourselves the flying possums. This playful name was inspired by an incident on a group ride. One of the riders ran over a dead possum that was on the roadway and it lifted up and was thrown at the next rider in our group. In the spirit of “the wild hogs” movie, we laughed about the incident and started calling our group the flying possums. I envision this logo to serve as the cornerstone of our branding. Here’s a brief rundown of my specific requirements: - **Aesthetic:** The logo must have a vintage feel to it, harkening back to the classic era of motorcycle clubs. It should evoke a...

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    77 bida

    Project Description:Are you a talented VFX artist with a passion for creating captivating visuals? We're looking for skilled creators to help us bring our groundbreaking product, EasyNav, to life through an eye-catching 30-second VFX video. About EasyNav:EasyNav is a revolutionary navigation aid designed to enhance the safety and convenience of motorcycle riders. Our innovative device provides intuitive navigation, hands-free control, and seamless integration with existing Bluetooth devices, making it a must-have accessory for riders everywhere. Project Details:We're seeking a creative VFX artist to develop a visually stunning 30-second video that showcases the key features and benefits of EasyNav. The video should grab viewers' attention, highlight the product'...

    $149 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bida

    I'm in need of a creative logo for my business, Panda Couriers. Key elements to consider: - Brand Name: The logo must incorporate the brand name "Panda Couriers." - Color Scheme: Use a color palette of black, white, and green. - Logo Type: It should be a combination of symbol and text-based design, capturing the essence of my courier service business. - I’d like the logo to contain some bamboo with leaves as we’re an environmentally friendly company. - I need the logo in multiple different file formats and also with the information of the Pantone colours used. Ideal freelancers will bring experience in innovative and eye-catching branding. Proficiency in graphic design and understanding of color theory are crucial for the successful execution of this tas...

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    43 bida

    ...custom dashboard for a courier company's website. This isn't your average dashboard project - I'm looking for someone adept at integrating specific features such as: - Order tracking - Delivery status updates - A live customer support chat - Single and bulk order system - A section for payment requests - User account login and registration The target users are individual customers and small-scale and large businesses. Therefore, the dashboard must be intuitive and user-friendly, with subtle yet impactful design elements. A modern, sleek visual aesthetic is what I'm aiming for. Your experience in creating similar functionalities in past projects would be invaluable for this assignment. Start with NOW and Let's ensure our customers can smoothly monitor th...

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    10 bida

    ...pixel pop out for my existing website. The pop out's main function will be to highlight the option for customers to trade in their motorcycles for cash. Key Tasks: - Design an eye-catching and informative image. You could use motion. - The design must clearly convey our "Motorcycle Trade-in for Cash" program. - Creatively incorporate attention-grabbing text that encourages customers to engage. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in graphic design, particularly for web use. - Knowledge of the motorcycle industry will be advantageous. - Strong communication and understanding of marketing concepts is a must. Note: I do not require additional functionality for customer submissions. The necessary forms are already in place on our website...

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    *Caricature Style business logo* Business name is Two Tyred Towing This is a motorcycle towing business. This is done via a Jeep Grand Cherokee, towing a motorcycle trailer. I have included photos of this below. It doesn’t have to include these, but any design MUST BE CARICATURE STYLE

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    99 bida

    ...Proactive in providing real-time updates and capable of using tracking software or applications. - **Problem-solving:** Ability to quickly address any issues that may arise during transit and communicate effectively with me. - **Customer Service:** Professional, courteous, and dedicated to providing a seamless delivery experience. This task is perfect for a freelancer or team with experience in courier services, logistics, or personal concierge services. If you have the necessary skills and are able to commit to the requirements listed, I look forward to your bid and discussing how you can contribute to this project....

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    I'm seeking a talented graphic designer to create a logo for a motorcycle club. The logo visual should blend both modern styles while incorporating our club name, a motorcycle and a symbolic image. I hope the logo will give our club a refreshing image. Desired color scheme is black, orange and a sprinkle of fluorescent colors to make the logo pop. Ideal Skills: - Expert in Graphic Design - Experience designing modern style logos - Ability to incorporate multiple elements into a cohesive design. - Color theory knowledge (specifically with black, orange, and fluorescent colors)

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    10 page website with textual logo theme from envanto provided by developer to choose price INR 1500 CONTENT GIVEN BY US START IMMEDIATELY

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