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    I need a ghostwriter to write the rap/singing type lyrics for me on my lemonade type melodic beat. The beat has a nice guitar melody and I put groovy drums and 808 over it. I want the lyrics to be Don Toliver/Gunna type, topic could be maybe a girl, or flex or struggle or something like that. I want the flow to be smooth and soothing. And it should not be an all rap. Should contain singing parts l...

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    Hello there. I am using ROS melodic and Ubuntu 18.04. and I have a small robot. an am using RPlidar and for driving I am using a raspberry pi 4. I just want to navigate using lidar. I have URDF file. Required packages installed The system is working. I can use hector_slam and cartographer for mapping. And my map save to map_server I can drive teleop ( ı have differential-drive file ) so succes...

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    In this project, you are required to find a unique name for the music label and design a logo for the company. The name of the label/records must be unique and never used before. It has to be easily memorized and may entail records/music, e.g. Melodic Records, Morendo Music, etc. More importantly, .com domain of the name must be available. Check the availability here: [log masuk untuk melihat...

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    Hey, I want to create a video for an event. I like the structure and visuals you have on the example video. My event will play techno/melodic techno/house music and it will be a more high-end party with a limited number of reservations. Script(something like that): 1. We Present The Promised Land 2. On the 21st of August 3. At the Grand Mansion Country House 4. Our DJs will be 5. African Stevens...

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    I'm looking for an Android developer for a music production app. The app is going to be as mentioned per below; 1) Simple yet powerful 2) Needs to include various electronic instruments (mostly electronic synths) 3) There needs to be a strong manipulation capability of the mentioned instruments (FX, arpeggiator, randomized abstract rhythmic creations etc) 4) A modern UI 5) Project export cap...

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    music producer Tamat left

    I need a music producer in the melodic/deep house genre to help me polish up a song. Preferably familiar with the style of Anjundeep, TNH, and Afterlife records,

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    SONG with LEAD VOCALS & LEAD INSTRUMENT of the interlude should be covered. Eg: Pyar hua ikraar hua...should have harmonium parts & vocals. - Songs mainly melodic or Raaga based. I will give list after rewarding the project. - Velocity should be present as per variations in the song. (each note proportional to max value) Pitch bends wherever necessary - Each instrument in separate midi tr...

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    Animate logo Tamat left

    Animate Melodic misfits logo as discussed

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    Rap/producer Tamat left

    I want someone whos willing to work in person and constantly be working together on new projects. I prefer Rage ,Cloud, synthwave and basically all the crazy melodic beats. Must be professional with connection to the music industry.

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    Attention musicians and producers. Do you want to work on something amazing? Let's see how good you are. I'm doing a cover song remix. Please listen to the attached acappella, which a friend recorded for me. If you are a musician that plays any kind of live instrument, and only if you are 100% inspired by this idea, please show me what you got. Add your instrument on top, I can add every...

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    I am very close to the end of my project and am encountering some errors along the way. Someone who is familiar with ROS should definitely take this job for an easy pay day. The project involves a robot called "steer boot" that has a laser sensor which only works in gazebo, and not in rviz. After that I only need to gmap the map I made in gazebo and run the code.

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    ROS framework Tamat left

    I need specialist in ROS framework to do medium sized task. people with SLAM algorithms experience are highly recommended. the task contains multi robot communications and sensors reading to achieve goal the task contains object detecation in addition to object tracking the simulation have to be done using gazebo ROS melodic is the version we are aiming to work with NOTE: please do not responds i...

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    Programming The Baxter Robot (Rethink Robotics)in Python , Pick & Place Task with MoveIt Motion Planning.

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    What was Joseon Exorcist about' Joseon Exorcist is a period dramatization that incorporates zombie attacks. The show was delivered on March 22, 2021. From that point forward just two scenes of the show have been delivered. In the two scenes, the characters King Taejong and his two children, Prince Chungnyung and Prince Yangnyeong are presented. The story rotates around the family's mai...

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    Need a music producer to create something on the vocals we have recorded. If you think you can deliver a professional sound. please get in touch

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    Hello, I am in need of a music producer to create some Lo-Fi, electro, ambient, or chill melodic songs for me. I am hoping to have them around ~200-240 seconds long. I will need to have full rights to them as well after completion (full licensing). If done right, there could be some more lucrative work in the future. I am currently looking to do a small trial run first of about ~5 songs to test ou...

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    Make a hip hop beat. Melodic juice wrld type beat

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    Lınux Ubuntu 18.04 ROS Melodic, Turtlebot3, simulation with gazebo and rviz remap, change default global path plan and rrt path planing algorithm(python) implementation turtlebot3

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    We are announcing a competition for the best logo design of our company. The winner will have a change to further work in our company to design music labels, cover pictures, and Apple Music as well as Spotify headlines. Company name: Melodic Records Usage: Melodic

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    I have just written an episode for my visual podcast. This episode talks about why the Wogglebug left Oz for Genoma. Three characters from the main cast of the Oz books make brief cameos in it as follows: The Scarecrow. He has a dull, dry and husky voice. His audition line is "If I only had a brain." The Tin Woodman. He has a slightly high and metallic sounding voice. His audition line...

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    I am a producer (usually jingles, scoring for short films, short melodic songs). Ideal for your business advertisement. Contact me if you need a creative song producer for your business, project, etc.

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    I need FEMALE singer to re-record background vocals to a song i produced. The part is small but you must be able to sing well - there aren't any words really just a lot of harmonies and melodic fluff.

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    Good day, I need to run simulation scenarios to validate if we choose right robot motors for our biped robot. For example: 1, Walking (standing > acceleration > deceleration > standing) 2, Standing up from the ground (laying on the floor > stand up) 3, few more minor scenario (simple squad or else like stand up on toes) What we can provide you: 1, Kinematic model of robot including a...

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    Good day, I need to validate robot motors requirements (DOF motors requirements) of biped robot during real dynamical scenarios such as: 1, Walking (standing > acceleration > deceleration > standing) 2, Standing up from the ground (laying on the floor > stand up) 3, few more minor scenario (simple squad or else like stand up on toes) What we can provide you: 1, Kinematic model of rob...

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    My name is CeJay. I am a music artist and I am looking to get multiple articles written about me to represent my brand and image. Below I have included some background information about myself. CeJay is a Puerto Rican, North Carolina-bred rapper. As a kid, CeJay loved music and eventually developed a knack for expression within his music. CeJay released his first official body of work in the fal...

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    write code for robot location and navigation based on AMCL in the gazebo

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    6 bida

    I have some riffs, and band material I want to finish to complete some songs. I'm starting with one here to see if I can get some help. You will get access to my guitar riff, and then the task would be to give me a fitting tune / melody that I can sing on top of my riff. I have a Verse riff and Chorus riff. Done on acoustic guitar. No production, just raw clip, literally played in on my ph...

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    29 bida

    I have made a Melodic Death Metal album, Im the vocalist. I need a one page website that in a dark and mystical way promotes my album and refers to spotify, itunes- etc. with links. I have a domain and hosting.

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    20 bida

    Artist Name: Klectronik Genre: Electronic Music, EDM, Techno, Melodic Techno Colours: Black, White, Grey, Electric Blue - Open to Variations Fonts: Modern, Sharp Edges - Open to Variations Styles: Geometric, Sharp Lines. Open to Variations [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Requirements: Square Logo - scalable vector Landscape Logo: 4:1 Aspect Ratio, scalable vector Brand Guidelines - Font Family, Co...

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    When lockdown started back in march, I was one of the lucky ones to continue working throughout. But after being out of the music industry for nearly 10 years, I suddenly felt like I needed to start writing music again and I wrote a song about lockdown. When realising that this first song was actually quite catchy, I contacted two ex band members, sent them the song and asked if they were interes...

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    Hi everyone, I need a producer for my song. I have the lyrics and the melodic line, but I need a good instrumental. It's a modern pop song that needs cool beats. I would like the song to be like this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Waiting for your proposals.

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    6 bida

    I need a sound engineer, beat maker and music editor which can make me sound like some artists and edit audio like double layer running to sound good melodic.

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    20 bida

    Need experienced Ghost producers for the following genres: -Deep House -Future House -Bass House -Tech House -Groove House -Techno -Progressive Trance -Melodic Progressive House Please send your demo work for the above genres. - Reference tracks and will be provided to you - Ideas/Midis/Melodies will be provided to you. You are required to create a studio quality mixed and mastered mp3 and ...

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    15 bida
    Trophy icon Artist logo Tamat left

    Hello and thank you for showing interest in my post, I am an aspiring musician going by the name Mars Valencia. I am currently in the process of creating my second EP, but this time around I want to spend some more time working on the marketing aspect for my music which has lead me to branding. I need a logo design to help distinguish my music from the crowd. I do not have a set idea in mind but t...

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    I need someone who is able to create high quality Hardstyle Music. I want full rights for the track, full credits and we need to sign a contract for it. You cannot tell anyone that you produced the tracks. I am looking for someone who is able to create something like Phuture Noize or in Line with the label 'Rough State' Melodic and a Raw Kick. If you have any further questions, don�...

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    20 bida

    We need someone to create an animated video for our new track: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The song has strong earthly influences with tribal drum patterns and Indian vocals, whilst maintaining a melodic techno-like structure and format. The video needs to be in a similar style to this one: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The idea is for it to be psychedelic but also tell a story and mak...

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    I have ubuntu 18.04 and would like to complete installing ros2 there is one package(ros1_bridge) failing because it can't find boost library. I already have ros melodic installed and have an issue to find the appropriate cmake file to point it to boost. So your task would be to just find the appropriate cmake file and point the boost location. If you have read this please put "read detai...

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    composer with 25 years of experience build songs from scratch or in case you have the melodic line I orchestrate them after which I can do the editing, mixing and mastering services

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    Voice talent Tamat left

    Hi, I am looking for a talented singer in the genre of melodic rock/AOR. We are a well knowed band with a record deal but are looking for a new front figure to shoulder this album. The album consists of 12 tracks and you need to know how to write lyrics as well. We only will admit persons that have demo's of previous work.

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    Hello creative Freelancer friends, I am looking for an imaginative 2D or 3D artist animator to help create a 1-minute animated promo trailer. This 1- minute trailer will be used to find investors to so we can then make a full-length animated movie (that is also a musical). Running time of the full length animated movie will be approximately 80 minutes. I have the entire script of the movie alr...

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    my son doesn't understand what to do, my wife and i have no idea - help :=) Use MuseScore3 to notate your original composition consisting of: Beginners • Using the chords in C Major • 2 different 4 bar chord progressions (A and B similar to a verse and chorus in a pop song) written on the bass stave • Chords must be labeled in both Roman numerals and Letter names e.g. I = C &b...

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    We would like to identify highly skilled embedded electronics and robot programming freelancers to whom we can delegate some of our R&D work; respond with an hourly competitive rate. Also see details below (final paragraph) about half-time and quarter -time commitments. It is not necessary to have to have done the following things to apply. But if you have please tell us some specifics ab...

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    URGENT! I need a robotics engineer that knows about ros and using moveit for a project for tomorrow. Only pay when the job is done, I think its very quick to do it like in 15 minutes for a pro. The goal is to move the robot the way we want.

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    Hi, I'm looking for a songwriter, I need a song: lyrics and vocal melody made over some chords. I'm a music producer I can make a pop instrumental over the vocals and I have great singers to perform it. I'm looking for talented people to work constantly with this artists and divide revenues. The artist is a girl, and the genre must be pop or melodic, also anything Latin or tropical ...

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    I am a music producer in the EDM genre (Melodic dubstep and future bass) and I would like a logo that is representative of the genre. My name as a producer would be WARCER and I would like a logo version of just the W and another of the whole name WARCER. I would want neon purple to be incorporated into the design and it would be very fitting if it was either futuristic or trippy or a mix of b...

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    Hello i am DJ From Ukraine, Kiev, want you guys, to make one cool melodic techno track for start, like this two style like Adriatique & Solomun plays price can be 200-400euro depends of the track like that two Delhia De France ft. Robot Koch - Tremors: Nemesis (Adriatique Remix) Denis Horvat, Lelah Denis Horvat, Lelah - Noise feat. Lelah (Original Mix) +(Removed by Admin)

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    edit ebook Tamat left

    I have a short 3700 word on how to grow plants ebook and it needs to be more professional and edited also formatted with clickable index to chapters etc. for publishing. Here is a small sample of my ebook let me know some mistakes and if you can make me sound eloquent and energetic in words. Tesla Grow Green machine's first official plant test! Nicola Tesla said, "The future, for which...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You could always try on your machine before accepting my project. What I have done so far: 1.1 Ubuntu repositories set to allow "restricted," "universe," and "multiverse." in Softwares & Updates. 1.2 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] set as in my /etc/apt/sources.list.d/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] deb [log masuk untuk melihat URL] f...

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    Watermark Logo Tamat left

    Hey this is Labellevie, a rap couple from Atlanta who is looking for a logo. We want to make Labellevie a big Brand, we also have a youtube channel and plan on making clothes and different other merchandise. I first need to start off with a dope logo. Go with your first instinct. We are from Atlanta and Los Angeles . Both 21 and 19. Are style is more of the hard hitting 808 bass and melodic flows....

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