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    ...devices at the lowest prices, so you won't have to look any further, if you want the best deal! We do the research! We are here for you!Who are we? [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is a Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) Dealer of AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint PCS, and Cingular. All orders are processed at a fulfillment center located just outside

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    ...once filled in and sent it will send a completed pdf form to my email. dowlaods will have information leaflet for client and practitioner the text for which i wil supply but you will create a layout etc and also provide some information leaflet and referral form again to be layout by you. once job is complete i will maintain copyright of all

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    12 bida Product Objects will have the following (plus maybe more) properties: Type (Brochure, business card, etc) Sizes (List) Colours (4/0, 4/1, 4/4) Paper available (List) Fold available (List) Coatings available (List) Scoring available (Y/N) Hole Drilling available (Y/N) Perforation available (Y/N) Content object for details regarding product Order

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    ... Product Objects will have the following (plus maybe more) properties: Type (Brochure, business card, etc) Sizes (List) Colours (4/0, 4/1, 4/4) Paper available (List) Fold available (List) Coatings available (List) Scoring available (Y/N) Hole Drilling available (Y/N) Perforation available (Y/N) Content object for details regarding product

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    ...message) and our logo. You will design and provide any necessary images and artwork. _**BACK **_For a version which we will print, we would like to fold the paper in half and send via US Mail. One half should include our logo and return address information. ***Quote/Project must include rounds of design and copy revisions***. ***Quote

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    ...code running on WIndows XP to read the hole cards of texas hold'em at [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] then click the fold button if the cards are not AA KK QQ TT AK AQ KQ or any other cards which I should be able to easily modify in the code. The Fold button should only be clicked ONLY if I am not in the small or big blinds. You can sign up for free account

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    I need a tri-fold marketing pamphlet created. Currently this bid is for only 1 design however I have 2 other people that will do it as well given how good mine turns out. My company is a technology support firm specializing in personal computing and small business computing. We perform network, server, and desktop/laptop installation, configuration

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    We are looking for a quality graphic designer to design a 2 sided A4 full colour brochure. The final file will be provided to us in electronic format. All text and graphics will be provided by us with the winning bidder being required to arrange the graphics and layout onto 2 sides of A4 to allow us to have a professional brochure printed. Therefore

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    $20 - $100
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    This is for a software company that has a target audience related to the educational system -- upper education -- and for the software designer. This is for a tri-fold brochure that will be 2 color PMS and --- it will have all supplied copy and graphics....need you to lay it out with .125 bleed on all sides!

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    ...can list their listings and manage them as well as have their contact information on each page. I would need a control panel to manage the listings. My thought was two fold, I have a dating service script that allows people to list their own profile, photos and even video clips, it allows people to search by state, loaction etc. so this may be

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    This e-learning site was programmed in Cold Fusion 5 years ago. As the site has grown, new functionality has been added and on-going maintenance must take place. Project is two fold; 1) provide on-going maintenance and 2) create/modify functionality. The needed work is to do a simple redesign of the "member page", in the e-commerce section, a line

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    ...every browser except IE 6.0 on PC. For some reason, the second I put a div tag in my page, the CSS breaks, and forces the content side of the page to render below the page fold. - This occurs right after our righthand navigation, so I am certain it's an issue with my style sheet. 2) I'm using a CSS drop-down menu in our header. This renders correctly

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    i need to intergrate paypal payments into my sign up script. i use an no longer support quiz script called wpquiz. i have modified it to fit the look of my site.. i want my users to sign up for the subscription and be able to become a member... i want to keep this native scipt though.. it has a approve not approve option if this helps [[log masuk untuk melihat URL]][1] is the site Contact me t...

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    15 bida You will be working hand in hand with the techs that are currently working on it as well. This is a one or two day project, so bid accordingly. Our project is two fold. We have a user/group web site and a local application that inter acts with the same database. The local application also interacts with a hardware device (details to be provided)

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    ...vender of mine has a vataloge in PDF Format. I would like to use the same cataloge but can not change the PDF Files. I would like someone to remove my venders name and enter Tri Connex. I would like crisp clean images. I am adding the file so I can see that you are capable of handling this job. Please don't PMB me if you do not know what you are doing

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    ...a Mac centric website. The developer will be wholely responsible for testing against all browsers for PC and OSX. This will be my first foray in doing an all tableless design. While the style to draw the page is all tableless, naturally, I have had to use html tables where necessary [ie: pulls from sql, etc]. 1) Things look fine on almost every

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    Looking to create a "high end" tri-fold brochure for my company. It will be image intensive. All images will be provide to the designer. The job will consist of laying out the tri-fold, and choosing fonts that go together will our logo. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete

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    I have a Visual Basic application that uses a DLL that is written in C. My requirement is two-fold ??" to fix a very simple problem but also educational, to understand the process involved in recompiling a DLL. When running the VB application it sometimes fails with a field overflow error when calling a particular function in the DLL. I have tracked

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    I need to know what it would cost to duplicate this website, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , it needs to be fully funtional but not on a national level yet, only for the Tri-state region... ny/nj/conn the database must have a console through the web that I can enter and edit buildings from, i would like a mysql database for the database work and the website

    $100 - $500
    $100 - $500
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    hello, We night a quick revision to our search page, which can be seen here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Because the "submit search" button sometimes goes below the fold, we want it moved just below the "available when" drop down list. Obviously we want it to maintain the high quality look and feel. Thanks. Aaorn. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    We are looking for a graphic designer that can edit our existing two fold brochures and posters. Turn around time is critical. The poster job will entail replacing our logo, adding new images and replacing the text. The brochure job will entail adding new images, resizing and repositioning current layout and adding several new programs to the brochure

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    14 bida

    ...that sells directly to consumers. We are looking for a professional tri-fold brochure to be designed and written (in english). We have a logo and the basic outline, but need help streamlining and highlighting our message. We are currently looking at bids for a website, and this design must fit in with the look and feel of that project. Once a bidder

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    I need my personal EzBoard message board (url attached) cleaned up a bit using CSS. I would like it to look and...the actual URL that it is associated with. Also, I would like my Google Adsense banner that is already in place to be moved into the header in order to keep it above the page fold. Someone with prior EzBoard experience would be great.

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    Hi there, I have a VERY simple 8 page HTML website selling ONE product. At the moment, it looks VERY ugly. I need someone to go through the 8 pages (NONE below the fold, there is VERY little content) and "Clean it up". Basically, i need someone to format the text and add some nice buttons and bullets. Something to make the site look 100 times cleaner

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    Hi, I need a tri-fold marketing brochure made that describes our new Point of Sale software that we are taking to market. I will provide all of the text-based content and some screen shots of the actual Point of Sale software. You will lay it out, make it super trendy using that latest graphic toolsets, and your own flair and then produce the final

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    I need to have created, using PhotoShop, a template that is double sided, with a fold in middle for the staples, when printed. Its going to be a formatted to accept text, graphics and have specific width and length. It should be 16 pages, double sided, so when sent to a printer (with content added - but not for you to do), it will print 16 double sided

    $15 - $20
    $15 - $20
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    ...projects: * business cards * logos * bi/tri-fold brochures * Stationery * Flyers * simple static websites (5 pages or less) All projects are to be completed exclusively through RAC. Need a designer or design team that is: 1. extremely professional (attitude, conduct and design quality) 2. fun to work with (good sense of

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    4 bida
    POKER GAME Tamat left

    ...There needs to be a way for all players to connect to the same room. I have a server available. There has to be room for 1 to 10 players. Players can join the table with as much virtual money as they choose (it would be a free game). Most poker games on the internet only support the most basic games. This game would have standard Texas Hold ©em

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    4 bida
    HTML Changes Tamat left

    This project is two fold: 1 - I have nine pages of stickers. Each Page has approximately 20 stickers per page. Each sticker has a unique image, unique description, unique price, and unique Add to Cart Button. I need to have these re-arranged. I will provide you with an Excel file with the order I would want these in. They are set up in rows

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    1 bida

    ...Mail and Internet. The mailers are the only leads with bar codes on them. I would like to be able to label the others and keep them in the same database. My reason is three-fold; it would allow me to better organize and know how many leads I have per zip code, it would give me the ability to do analysis of how many sales I get for each category, it

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    30 bida

    This is a 3 fold project and the 3rd fold involves the use of Trolltech's QT GUI client. Please do not bid if you are not familiar with QT. You are required to implement a class Fraction in C++ by implementing the functions declared in [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file. All requiredfiles are provided in the attachment. An implementation in C is also

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    2 bida

    ...button, which is the small red object with a D on it. * The state of each player (in the hand or folded) * Values of players action (fold/bet/raise/players bankroll). If bet or raise then how much. * Current pot total (before betting round). * Expected pot total (includes current bets/raises) (updated after each player moves).

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    1 bida

    ...staffing for the trade shows, conventions, promotional events. We need the following designs: 1) Logo. Something matching to our slogan "Profit With A Face" 2) Tri-fold 8.5X11 brochure in 4 colors. We have text and pictures. Though if you have your own stock pictures please let us know. We are not very happy with the pictures we have. Some

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    24 bida

    Designers with very creative flair to play a role in redesigning existing menu leaflets ready to use for commercial printing machines. Continuous work for the right team/individual. IMPORTANT: If available, we require to view any recent portfolio.

    $20 - $100
    $20 - $100
    65 bida
    PHP website! Tamat left

    ...public. b)It needs to have several databases in MySQL created for the medical information and also for an online questionnaire which will be given to the coder. c)The design of the website needs to be of very high quality with images given once the bid has ended. d)A guestbook will need to be created also following after the online questionnaire

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    8 bida

    Looking to make some nice greeting cards for [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Want 20 Microsoft Word greeting cards. Insert pictures on a few, some will fold in half lengthwise, some will fold the other way, do various designs for the front and back etc... Thanks and look forward to working with you. See our other jobs

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    ... Our client is looking to redesign their existing product data sheets for their enterprise messaging software products. The bid is to design a new TEMPLATE for 2 page (front and back) and 4 page (fold outs) data sheets that are 'fresh", contemporary, and visually appealing with some visual relief that helps break up technical information.

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    7 bida

    ...Name, Bankroll, Sitting In/Out Status/Seat Open/Seat Reserved. These values should be updated during after each hand. Values of players action (fold/bet/raise/players bankroll). If bet or raise then how much. The location of the "button" (shown as a red circle with a D in the middle). Current pot total (before betting round). Expected pot total

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    I am looking for exciting T-shirt designs for the Tri-America Triathlon Series, a nine event national triathlon series. Each design must include the Tri-America logo (attached) as a dominant element of the design. The theme of each individual design should reflect the location of the event. The nine locations are as follows: Clermont (Orlando)

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    14 bida

    ...Blank 8-1/2 x 11 Horizontal Brochure Template - Blank 8-1/2 x 14 Vertical Brochure Template - Blank 8-1/2 x 14 Horizontal Brochure Template - Blank Gate-Fold Brochure 8-1/2 x 14 - Blank Double-Fold Brochure 8-1/2 x 14 - 8-1/2 x 11 Horizontal Brochure Template - 8-1/2 x 11 Vertical Brochure Template in 3-column format - 8-1/2 x 11 Vertical Brochure

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    Texas Hold Em Tamat left

    ...through the server as well. During a typical hand, a player (client) should be able to perform any poker action (check, call, raise, fold) as well as predetermined macros to cover common actions (call any bet, check/fold, bet pot, etc.). This program will be used in an online casino so records of each hand (winner, losers, pot size, bets placed, etc)

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    ...operation - usually at least 10ms of time. In constrast, reading data from memory is much cheaper - usually less than a microsecond. Accordingly, operating systems typically set aside a portion of the computer’s RAM to cache recently read files. While the amount of RAM is much smaller than size of a disk drive, if many files are accessed repeatedly, a good

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    4 bida

    Hi, I need someone to surf adult sites and write a one or two line description of each to build up a database. I'd like a price per unique site reported. You can use existing search engines or whatever to find the sites but the descriptions must be original. Also involves ticking a box or two to classify the site. You'll need to be running XP ( I will explain why to the succes...

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    24 bida

    ...actual, spam-infested Inbox, and a quarantined Inbox. Ideally, all non-spam emails will pass through the filter while all spam emails will not. The job of the "blocker" is five-fold: 1. Delete black listed emails from the infested account, 2. Move white listed emails from the infested account to the quarantined account, 3. For emails in the infested

    $107 (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    ...program that can automaticly fold my hands that are realy bad and such things (that way I will be able to play more tables at once). Since all the coding for the pokeradvices and such are done the "only" thing you need to do is to be able to "read" what the pokersuggestion program says and depending on if it says "fold", "check" or &quo...

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    14 bida

    Greetings, We have two services: 1. Internet Vending & 2. SMS messaging. We need to design tri-fold brochures for each of them. We already have the graphics that we want to use but are willing to look at what anyone may suggest. The brochures should have 1) Well written description of the service (we will give more info) 2) Creative imaging and

    $19 (Avg Bid)
    $19 Avg Bida
    11 bida

    This project is broken down into two fold - A Tabulated Browsing Module and Postnuke Theme/website design. All bidders are bidding on creating and customizing a postnuke (phoenix .726) site, which will be used as a student portal for the University of California at Berkeley. Project owners will be invited back to continually develop and maintain

    $400 (Avg Bid)
    $400 Avg Bida
    1 bida

    I need a tri-fold brochure designed for my website The final printed brochure will be on 100# paper, 8 1/2"x11" 4 color. I have high res pictures that can be used. I did a couple of versions myself you can see at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    ...they have to their web site. The task for this project is to create a (small) web site that reflects the same image as a printed brochure. This project will be promoting a leaflet for Skiing in Glen Coe which is in Scotland. You can find all the information you need at the Glen Coe website which is [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

    $70 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    ...navigation link) it will be fairly simple to do. What I want: Complete redesign of the site to have a more professional look Logo design for the site Two 468x60 banners and two 120x60 buttons created for advertising the site Design needs to be done with Adobe products and the relevant PSD (or equivalent) files provided. No flash sites, I want this to be compatible

    $90 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida