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    ...(see above). This script is php/mysql based. Please don't ask for source code without any positive feedback. further detailed info: I want an option to pay by check, money order which people will have to mail in. this should include a separate online screen directing to page which will include mailing address. mysql database should not add the purchased

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    ...SUPERSEEDS PREVIOUS VERSIONS General Overview. The types of products sold are gift merchandise with many categories for Consumer(s) to buy and receive discounts off merchandise as a member/ reseller. There needs to be an easy admin interface for the Shopping Cart (see below)*. The site needs to be designed so the products show up nicely. An Ecommerce portal

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    ...functionality to [log masuk untuk melihat URL], only it will be for webmasters, not hosting providers. It will be for potential clients to confidentially interact with webmasters and designers. There will be two sections: one for webmasters to sign up and one for new clients to sign up. The section for webmasters will be a form that they can provide contact

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    This is a re-post with a higher maximum. I need it done right! I want to start a free service to help people build their mailing lists. Basically, I will create a site that explains the service, and as people join they will be placed into a 7 X 7 forced matrix. The system will need to include: - ID tracking, so the members can promoted their coded

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    EbookClub Site Description PHP / MySQL The site is for an ebook club. It is designed to be a co-op, which means there will be profit sharing with the members. So the affiliate program will essentially built into the membership. Each member will login to their own member area and just like an affiliate program have access to earnings, ads, referrals

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    1 bida based on Php and mysql. I posted again, but because of unpresendeted things that happened I wasn't here and I just came 3 days ago and wanted to pick a programmer, but the project was cancelled by Please bid fast and be sure you are able to finish the project in time and bugs free. I ONLY HAVE $30.00 IN ESCROW FOR THIS PROJECT AT RENTACODER

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    ...and mysql. --------------------------------- here is the link to what is already done: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] According to the programmer the project was almost complete with missing features and debugs to be done. Here is what's need to be done according to what the programmer said he was missing: . Unsubscribe . Fix mysql database to

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    10 bida but to no avail. This is how the personals site is currently set up: A member may register his profile for free, search through other profiles for free, view other members' photos for free and receive replies regarding his profile for free. However, in order to contact a member on the site or to respond to a reply, he must be a pa...

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    I want a simple application that will allow users to create tailored Palm and PocketPC applications designed for mobile/remote sign-ups and petitions. Once installed on an individuals Palm/PocketPC it would allow them to gather e-mail addresses from friends, petition signers, etc. via their handheld and have the results sent to a specific server determinied

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    3 bida have a working "shell" of what i need. It has to be using a mysql database which will have 2-3 tables and a dozen entries every which will be in the attachment with the bid. I basically had a working copy of what i wanted in asp but server contrainsts i am forced to use mysql. Now for the information needed 1 - It needs to have a login page, if no

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    We need to save orders we get via ClickBank in an online MySQL database and we need a web interface with all common functions for db management. It should be able to manage unlimited products/software titles. We already have a script (flatfile db) running, that we will provide to the selected coder. It has many of the functions we need, and you can

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    3 bida them a commission. The RFP follows: Terms: ProfessorX: Apache Server Cyclops: MySQL server Dream Account: This PHP/MySQL program allows for subscription payments and/or one time payments for access to password protected directories on the ProfessorX server for a predetermined period of time. It has a web GUI that makes it easy to .htaccess protect

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    ...would like to convert [log masuk untuk melihat URL] into a fully searchable database. Currently all new entry's and updates are done by hand, you can only imagine the nightmare and time required. I am learning PHP and MySql myself but I would like to hire a programmer to do some sample templates for me and interface scripts. Here's what I need: - a PHP interfac...

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    ...panel for easy maintenance of all settings. 3) Full search, edit, modify of users profiles from admin. 4) Snoop login to testrun any members without anyone can see from admin panel. 5) Guest, Registered or paid member profiles. Paid members can be 1, 3, 6 or 12 month. Recurring members billed monthly until they cancel membership. 6) MySQL database for

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    1. Select and apply current and emerging standards in the development of server based Web solutions. 2. Integrate Web server and Database functionality. 3. Deploy Web technologies for state and security management. 4. Describe and implement enhancements of server function to extend Web site service. WEB Based Message Board Outline You are required to

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    ...will need to sign-up ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), create locations, add billing data and pay for each of the 22 sites their listing appears on. The billing will be automated via credit card with discounts available for longer commitments(1year vs. monthly), etc. Businesses will be categorized (hotel, restaurant,ski-resort, etc) and

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    This Linux Based C++ program which involves two phases: Phase A Assighment ??" Reading the file efficiently for parsing line by line for Syntax Checking and further processing. Given the following Sample ASCI file with an invoice, the program has to read an entire data file Which can be from less than 1 K like the following, up to an unlimited size

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    ...sent to an online database everytime this addy is killed its counter is increased, when it reaches a defined amount of independent clicks the address is automatically place in users text database. # Purpose if 1,000 users kill an address, The rest of the users would never have a chance to block the popup as its already in their database, The system would

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    ...possibility for more programming in the future. Details: 1) Private Member's Area with affiliate/admin features similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] , but with the following exceptions: - Content displayed to members will depend on the member's status. (either Free or Paying) - The number of tiers would be set by Admin. (10 max) - Database used

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    ...this free search [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and offer advanced ssn verification records for registered users. A client who clicks on the advanced ssn search option will be propmted for a username and password. If they don't have one, they can click on a link which will take them to the signup area and setout the requirements for opening

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    ...there are 1000 users in the database, they shut be "get into" the modify script. In the existing script is a languagefile "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" I want to translate it later to other language --and set up in the same database --so write all new text in this file --that I can change it easy. In the german Version I only change the MySQL table&#...

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    ...had bids from $1000 to $5000 for this project. Please help me by keeping this project costs down. I want a website similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL], but instead of "FreeLancers" and "Buyers", I need "Buyers" and "Sellers". More details down below.*************** Hi. Thank you for looking at my project. I am looking for so...

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    Need the following client frontend and perl code modifications for an autoresponder service. Currently using Maxsponder autoresponder software. This is setup on a pentium 3 1 GHz dedicated server running Redhat 6.2 and MySql software. Webmin is installed. The service IS NOT LIVE so there is no worry about crashing a live site or corrupting existing

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    I have a database consisting of 5 tables that I want to be able to Add, Edit, Delete, and search through on my website. My webhosting supports CGI, Perl5, PHP4, MySql, and WAP-driven sites. I want 5 pages (1 for each table). Each page should have a Add, Edit, Delete, and Search button for that particular table. The search should be able to search through

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    ...needs to be as fast and stable as possible whether that will mean Perl only or Perl + PHP I am open to suggestions. the script is for a dating / people matching / community site... needs to centered around a Mysql database there needs to be a login / signup system which requires email verification site will have a special questionaire/test, the

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    1 bida start with to bring it up to a professional level. 1.)We need the database system converted to mysql from flatfile. 2.)We want to beable to intergrate partners search listings via xml and for those listings to be view as our own. ex. if we have some on our engine bid .01 for a posistion and somone on our partner engine bids .02 then the listing

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    ...would like an admin that will allow for creation and modification of the main categories and a subcategory system to manage all recipi's under the main category. The addition of a category or sub category should allow for input of a url to the image that is displayed next to the main category. No need for image feature for the subcategory. the admin should

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    Hi, I am making an enquiry for an estimate for customization to MaxSponder that I am going to buy to setup an autoresponder service. MaxSponder system allows webmasters to signup for autoresponder accounts like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] does. The database is Mysql and the scripts are perl. SCRIPT URL [log masuk untuk melihat URL] To see CUSTOMER/WEBMA...

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    1 bida, pay a fixed fee for each page they wish to have and then be given a password. Ideally I would like the user info to stay within a database, I expect many repeats, so that they can enter a name and password and not have to enter credit card info repeatedly. Users will be given one page for each fee (hence, separate passwords for each page). On their

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    ...maximum should be a few hundred dollars, people posted in the thousands once again. Just a note for the ones that did, because its not very professional to quote without reading all the messages posted, especially by me. ## Deliverables I am looking for a client/server program in which users access the client (whether accessing it from a web site

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    We are looking for an offsite Web Developer to work on an upcoming project. We would like the following: - An estimate for the tasks below - Examples of your work - Your availability Tasks 1. The client will have Miva Merchant installed on a Linux server. You can go to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to see how it works. I think we can use this to implement all

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