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    Hello, our website was running very fine untill there was a new PHP update 2 days ago. Our hosting is on Cloudways. Since then our website is extremely slow. No issue of photo optimization as it was running absolutely fine untill 2 days ago. our website is Can you help to fix the issue?

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    Import musical score csv file and make visualisation. We can discuss details in chat.

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    I want a website & app hybrid design on react native, modern and advance design for a furniture rental, sell and purchase website. Should be elegant, modern and responsive. Backend will be made on node.js/python and APIs will be provided. Just need to make front

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    ...files will all be in the same path. Script part 1 - Building the database 1, Database name 'Main_Database' (there will only be 1 db) 2, Table name 'user_data' (there will only be 1 table in the database) 3, The table will have 1 column 'Email_address'. 4, Must Create Unique index on 'user_data' (Email_address) [The DB will hold a lot of data so want searching to be as fast as possible] Script part 2 - Input data to the database I want to be able to add data periodically to the database from .txt and .csv files. The data will always be in this format. EmailAddress:SubscriberType. Only insert unique values to the table and only insert text in to the column before the first instance of ":". The unique value is based...

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    hi, as the title suggests, I need to create a python script to recreate the file that I am attaching with the reportlab library (I chose reportlab because it is optimal to minimize the file size)

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    I have Python strategy and want to connect and automate to Tradestation.

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    i want an e commerce regarding shopping app with AI specialization of GAN library of python. And i want to build this app in 125$/10000 rupees.

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    Trophy icon Boat Name & art Tamat left

    This design is for a Boat named, "Daddy's Nauti Girl" we are looking for name plus art or art integrated in the name. The name is a kinky as it sounds, open tonsome playful art, sexy silhouettes, without being R-rated

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    Looking for an experience Python developer who can write unit test cases for existing python classes using unittest lib not pytest.

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    IT 114 Project Proposal Your Name: Project Name: Chatroom Project Summary: Project will be a global chatroom where anyone who joins can communicate in the chat. New joiners will not see the previous chat history. Users can break out into separate rooms. Github link to project folder in repo: Requirements: A server that can handle multiple simultaneous clients Handle sending data back and forth more so than just a simple string Gracefully handle disconnects and server shutdowns Provide the ability for the users to do something Milestone 1: Server can be started via IDE or command line and listen for connections Client can be started via IDE or command line and connect to the running server Client can send messages to the server Server can broadcast messages to all c...

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    Hello everyone I am looking for a Data Analyst Trainer who comes with a teaching background and who can teach theory +practical Knowledge +real time projects to set of audience every month BI/Tabl 4.Python/Tableau Please reach me to discuss further

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    I am using Angular 14 as front end and Laravel 8 as backend. Using Firebase for the chat function. Problem is, chat history is being shown in Laptop/Desktop and Android Phone, but it is not showing in Iphone. Screenshot attached. Type **angular chat** so I can see that you have read the project and can do it. Regards

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    Hi looking for expert trainer to teach Python to implement BC to do document validation for student project.

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    Need to create an IDE Page supporting (java, c,c++,python,javascript) these languages for coding practice

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    Looking for Expert Trainer to train Python to implement BC to validate documentation for student project.

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    1-month project running until 17th December, immediate start I'm looking for someone available to start this week asap and do daily (Most days) for about a month. You must be available for about an hour between 9am and 12pm (UK time) to do this job. You...blank out any personal details (As will be described in your training) 2. Export the file as an mp4 using the settings that you will be given in training 3. Upload the video file to vimeo (Login details will be given to a master account) 4. Edit the vimeo file setting as given in your training. 5. Pass the project on to the web team. Please say in your bid if you also have WordPress experience or not as this would be a big added bonus if you could upload to a WordPress webpage as well. Thanks for taking the time to bid on...

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    I need to deploy 2 azure ml models , both have to be deploy with real time inference on my local pc , one was create using python sdk notebook , the other with azure ml design , can you do those 2 deployment ? ,

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    hi, I wanna help in writing my code I'm a beginner.

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    It is a multiplayer live quiz gaming mobile application where users have to pay an entry fee to join contests. After the game prizes will be distributed based on some percentage. Front end : Flutter Back end : python Fastapi framework

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    ...You have experience with C++, R, Python, Matlab, Tableau, Solidity, Hyperlegder, Stellar, Ripple (at least a few); You have good communication skills and you can work well together; You are willing to continuously train yourself; You speak Dutch and you also master the English language in word and writing; You breathe IT and you have the ambition to stay in this corner. * High-Tech features * Whitepaper Writing * Involvement of latest techs & tools * High Security * Smart Contract Development * Easy Transaction * Cost-Effective * Technical support * Fork a Coin * Quality Assessment * Time-Effective * ICO Development * Deliver projects on time * Support for the project even after the successful launch Wireframe - A rough graph of the token WhitePaper - It is...

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    Name: Clover Veterinary Clinic Logo: Clover leaves ( 3 petals) Maximum color : 3 colors Theme : Clean and professional

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    Installation, preparation and training of ERP Next is required. The required modules are: 1. Management of the accounting system and general ledger 2. Purchasing management 3. Warehouse management 4. Sales management 5. Personnel management 6. Asset Management 7. erp next . online store 8. Electronic archiving management 9. Quality management 10. CRM Management 11. Project management 12. Delivery management 13. Connect the erp next with other OpenCart stores Note: Those who have previous work and experience with ERP Next

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    Hello. I am going to make a educational website . I want a simple and unique website name logo using some words like - kamlesh , sihag etc.

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    A project that needs to be developed in python and executed on a Windows OS. PyCharm editor will be used as an IDE. Hardware Requirements: Processor: Pentium i3 or higher. RAM: 4 GB or higher. Hard Disk Drive: 20 GB (free). Peripheral Devices: Monitor, Mouse, and Keyboard. Operating system: Windows 8/10. IDE Tool: PyCharm Coding Language: Python 3.6 APIs: NumPy, Pandas, Spark, Matplotlib • Users will be able to search for applications that have been previously entered into the system. • Search results should display any exact matches first. • The system shall offer three user roles: Fraud Analyst, Fraud Investigator, and Fraud Manager. • The status of an application will be feasible for review and updated by the relevant users if necessary. •...

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    Looking for team to develop SAAS based Project management tool in python and nodejs

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    hello , i need help to deploy 2 azure ml models , both have to be deploy with real time inference on my local kubernetes , one was create using python sdk notebook , the other with azure ml design , can you do those 2 deployment ? , thanks .

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    Hi!!! I am looking for an expert who can help me to crack my coding technical interview question. So I am looking for a person who has strong programming language skills, especially in Java and Python.

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    Front end : HTML, CSS, Vue.js Back end : Ruby, python and good communication skills

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    requirements; 1. POI/ROI and gestures based on the SDK 2. Gesture animation mapping 3. Class integration with the existing project Archer with bow on Kinect V2 () ## Bow movement and animation ## Target collision with trajectory (no reference) ## Target movement ## Archer movement my budget:

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    - A PDF and Excel server with template support which should be capable to create large files without too much latency. - Endpoints (POST) injection with return as file binary. - Template: should be able to change header body and footer as per template mapping for each endpoint. Programming language : Python, C++, golang, nodejs, C, rust, lua. Sample report format attached, we need same format for both PDF and excel.

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    Need python FlaskApp setup using docker in ubuntu

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    I need an expert for my project. I'll share complete details in chat

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    I have one Data in that data we have two type of Roaster like for pickup and drop details and then we have to make only those that we wanr for ex ID, Address, Shift time, Shift type , One more ID to create base on shift time + type + id and after that we want to check how many pax is there how to count . count with there one more id so if 2344 has double then pax count 2 in one row and then split into horizontal way 1 ,2 so understand which is first and which one is last

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    Hello, Please message me if anybody can make this .

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    I need to create a power automate work flow in which attachments ,title and all the information is sent in form of email to multiple people on the list item in share point

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    Hi Karthi, I would like to hire you for one hour class on schematics development based on the conversation we had

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    two Small Python Script needed ASAP. I will share more details over Chat. Thank You.

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    I need the python coder needed for multiple jobs. Details will be discussed

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    $7 - $67
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    I need a logo for my company and product. We deal with tiles. The name of the brand shall be UNICORN Tiles. Must be something original and not copied from the internet. Simple modern and easy to recognise. If possible incorporate the gold color with either the unicorn head or the whole body, and make it classy 3D if possible.

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    I need to complete a Python post request code to send webkitform text, thanks

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    Hello , I have codes written in python, It was working with other PC, when I run it using my pc, I faced issue I think related to the version of python , installation ,, etc ex. "Node: 'model/block1_conv1/Relu' DNN library is not found. [[{{node model/block1_conv1/Relu}}]] [Op:__inference_train_function_3173]" Also, I have other code found it in kaggle and according to the author , it is working I need some one to shaw me how to run it and fix issues if needed. My budget is fix and it is 10$ total ( including all taxed and fees ) Thanks

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    Opencart contact us form not working, I need someone to fix it

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    I want to convert a Java file to python which uses IBM MQ properties.

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    Quiero crear un programa de computadora.

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    I need to deploy to kubernetes from django. i.e all the deployments are stored in a django model and deployed via kubernetes python api. I need this setup on a simple django project. It should include a way of authenticating with kubernetes api without loading config from the host machine.

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    Coach Pooh coach man coach o coach liv coach cutty and golden child with logo

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    El proyecto es un poco grande, solo para personas serias y con suporte en el futuro ya que se haran modificaciones a la app, consiste en costruir un app de 4 modules -Iniciar secion por medio de usuario y contrasenia -4 modulos principales: Proveedores, Bancos, Gastos y Corte -Cada uno debera guardar datos en objetos para luego ser manipulados con graficas -Contara con una lista de proveedores que tendra una barra buscadora Horas prodedio de trabajo: 7-15hrs para la gente que este dispuesta a trabajar estare contactandolos, ver documento de PPT tiene que darle presentacion (F5) para entender el proyecto

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