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    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built.

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    Hello! i need a plain site (no design/css needed, just the pure graphs) to display following graphs through the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] API ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) If possible, also include the switch toggle between 30 days view, 60 days, 1 year etc. below every chart. If not possible please set all charts to default display "1 year" - Market Capitalization ([log masuk u...

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    Please fill in an excel chart with 222 entries. I will provide you with a website that lists Festival information. I would need you to fill in 12 columns (i.e. festival name, contact name, email, phone, date, etc) Please have an attention to detail, While this is an easy task, please do not rush, and make sure you input the information correctly.

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    Features: Timely completion of projects. Managing projects within targeted costs. Inventory control. Tender and bid mangement. Site management. ERP Admin Creates Master setup for companies. Create users and manage password. Define statutory setup for companies. Finance Manages your financial day to day activity. Manages your Chart of Accounts (COA), G...

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    Seeking someone who can make a professional infographics presentation from the information and a template. There are around 20 slides in the deck. I will provide after the first vetting. Its for a executive board meeting. The presentation MUST be professional. The is an intellectual property so after the first vetting, we will provide statistical data to be embedded in the chart and also a templat...

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    Seeking someone who can make a professional Powerpoint with embeded infographics presentation from the information and a template. There are around 20 slides in the deck. I will provide after the first vetting. Its for a executive board meeting. The presentation MUST be professional. The is an intellectual property so after the first vetting, we will provide statistical data to be embedded in the ...

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    Seeking someone who can make a professional Powerpoint presentation from the information and a template. There are around 20 slides in the deck. I will provide after the first vetting. Its for a executive board meeting. The presentation MUST be professional. The is an intellectual property so after the first vetting, we will provide statistical data to be embedded in the chart and also a template....

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    My name is Chris Ogbonna, and I work for a relatively new company in Denver, CO. One of my coworkers developed a Macro Workbook on Excel that we use to log data but he's not in our department anymore and has been relatively busy but I need the code updated since our operations requirements have changed a bit. His workbook is used to log data and calculate . I'm not looking for help with ...

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    we will provide api and psd designs need to know sql lite import the db and store local salute db from server when connect internet . do crud operations. of any crud operations need to sync erp splash screen login , signup, forgot password, otp authentication local authentication both passcode, pattern,fingerprint dashboard (line chart) qr code /barcode scaner. camera gps location module in...

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    Hi there, This is an emergency situation. I know it is incredibly last minute, but I still believe for someone who knows JavaScript, this should be a couple of hours of work. Please, contact me for more details. The work involves mainly adapting a short js file with a D3 js visualization into reusable components using JS classes, appropriate constructors and Get and Set methods for properties. Co...

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    Neonatal pain management. Reviewing compliance on a neonatal pain management guideline by completing pre and post chart audits

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    My cleaning website ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) requires some changes. I have listed them all below. I NEED YOU TO BE EXPERIENCED WITH THE FORMIDABLE FORMS PLUGIN. All pages - Change the loading sign to spinning sparkle Bookings Page - Make the changing price the same as on the front page Bookings Page - Move the forms up Bookings Page - Show error if no options are selected on each booking ...

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    Hello, I have an approx 1m 30 second audio recording (explaining my business) and how it helps businesses get more customers through marketing. I would like to have an animation video created so that I can put it on my website using my voice recording. I would like the animation to have my logo and also have these sections: - show business chart growth going upwards - show customers looking fo...

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    Need: a customizable calculator plugin for wordpress that will have the below mentioned fields and calculation options available. The basis is a mortgage calculator. See screenshot for idea of how to split the fields and what is expected (with examples). Also see the example image attachment for an idea of what what i would like the report/result to look like. Must haves: - Title sections - Tex...

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    Hi I wanted to create a pie chart and bar charts for the mock, using a sample json data I would need a help to create them ,any one who is working on tibco jasper studio and have an idea of how to do, please respond to me . Thank you all.

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    This is for a coaching site. I have two sites as examples. There is also a graphic chart to respect and some recommendations. I had yet a couple of designs done but none was satisfied. I need a proposition with a nice design translating graphic chart. Please include the word WEBCOACH in beginning of your answer.

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    I need help with updates to my website and I will only hire someone with lots of positive feedback on similar projects. On requirement is that you understand formats in the United States, such that you won't have the address formatted incorrectly. I also want to make sure that whomever bids on the project reads and understands the requirements, so I request that you briefly restate what I...

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    Dear Writer, We need the content writer for our on going SEO and Other Development project, where he can work with us on salary basis. We need Blog, Article and Press releases for our client. Our Budget is - 150-250 INR per Each Blog/ Article Our Budget is -250 - 350 INR per Each Press release Our Budget us 200-300 INR per each web content assiginement Note: The exact value can be assigined ...

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    I am looking for someone that can help me build a wordpress website that will function as a booking site to reserve horse stalls. It needs a stall barn chart designer. Similar to the seating chart designer in event brite. I need anyone to be able to create an event and create an account in stripe connect to receive payments. Social sharing, The ability for the promoter to send messages to the p...

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    YOU MUST SPEAK AND WRITE IN ********RUSSIAN******** We are looking for a FULL_STACK digital marketing manager. OVERVIEW: • The individual in the social media manager position must have a strong grasp on communication skills, current marketing trends, and marketing technology. We are in need of an in-house team member with social media and video production skills to work full-time in crea...

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    gantt chart Tamat left

    I need to make a Gantt chart. I have all the data.

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    Aslam O Alikum I have a single page to be redesigned. I want to give it a professional look. Can you do it? Below is the website details. Login credentials are also provided. Landing Page Color Scheme should be followed. (I am talking about the page which you will see immediately after the login). You can understand the work flow of the page by selecting a product from left menu and adding it. W...

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    I want to set up a webpage for my drop shipping website and need a logo. I want to cal it Alegra’s Window and want a logo that has a window in it, maybe like a bathroom window since I’m selling facial products and across the world Dow I want it to say Alegra’s Window or maybe underneath or on top depending on how it looks.

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    I want to create a Crypto/Forex exchange platform with unique features. A platform like [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], I need a good responsive site for this. The website will have many unique features and functions that will make it standout from other Forex/Crypto platforms. Inclusive of multi languages, affiliate programs, investment others an...

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    I have a list of data inputs that I want to run through Excel to measure data and produce charts. The list of inputs, takes data from /links to Bloomberg. I need to run these charts daily (about 400), so want to install a button, or set up capability, so it can be done automatically / with one click. This should be pretty straight forward for a computer guru ;) Thank you!

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    Revamp the UIX for a PHP system we have developed , changing the JS and chart object to a more intuitive design and friendly for both web and mobile. System was orginally developed using code generator framework and we would like to move forwards removing any trace of it in the code. Source code should be kept highly confidential.

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    Something like this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - Drag and drop - Zoomable - Collapsible tree with auto sizing - onmouseover effect on the point with a tab containing a description - data file not visible client side (used only server side) - configuration readme - ready to use

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    draft and flow chart review , cover letter , patent preparation and filing.

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    Looking for someone to write me a cryptocurrency business plan. It must include information like: A marketing plan A forecast budget calculation for the first three financial years List of Hot/Cold Wallet Addresses A corporate structure chart You must HAVE some knowledge in writing business plans. I will share more details with you if I award you the project

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    I need 10 buttons added to my chart trader window and added to my Right Click on Chart entries to Buy and Sell. 1. We are trading Spread orders so when we click the Buy Button it will need it programmed to Buy one Index and Sell a different index at the same time at a Market price. 2. Sell Button will Sell one index and Buy the other index. 3. CLOSE Button will close out both positions 4. The...

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    I need to you to get the logos from 5 different websites and convert them to PNG. I need: - each PNG have a height of 40pixels - the PNG needs to be TO SCALE and cropped - each PNG to be delivered in the normal colors as well as in grayscale - a PNG with each of the logos next to each other - I also need this in grayscale as well The logos I need are from the following companies: Dow, [log masu...

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    Hi I am Looking for Excel Programmer to create Sheet calculations for Chicken Farm Things i need to add Chick Purchase Price,Date,Quantity Chicken Mortality Count ( with Date of Death ) Weekly Average Weight Chart ( i use 15 to 30 Samples to Calculate Average ) Daily Feed Consumption per Chicken Chart ( i use total Weight in Kilogram and need to divide by total Live chicken ) Feed price pe...

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    1- Simple Standalone application 2- Error free 3- Coding should be simple clear and well commented for reusability and development 4- MVC object oriented model 5- SQLite database 6- Security (runs only on specific computer activated manually) 7- includes drag and drop data , conditions , simple calculations, chart 8- output files in pdf and excel and save more details on chat

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    We have about 100,000 member files, and they're all formalized documents. We needed an expert to help us build an automated OCR system that could automatically scan every file and identify, specify specific tables, visualize data(Excel Chart ), or generate Excel reports. In addition, this data must be automatically saved to the access file or mysql system.

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    Do you know how to create data chart race videos? I am looking for someone that can create different data racing chart videos around the topics I provide, and if the topics I provide can't be done then provide me another solution. The final product is to look something like these; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This is going to be a long relationship so only ...

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    Hi, Distinguished Freelancers, I need Actual Performance Ratios on for 450 TECH IPOs Companies on NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) from 1999 to 2020. Showing Analyses for 1. Dividend Cover 2. Earnings Per Share (EPS) 3. Price Earnings Ratio (P/E) 4. Industry PE Ratio (IPE) 5. Return on Net worth (RoNW) or Retrun on Capital Employed (ROCE) 6. NAV per equity share (Rs.) The above perfor...

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    Before you submit a bid, please read the entire document ---- (Summary) What it does now: I have an existing Discord bot that integrates with the Fortnite game client which allows users to queue for matchmaking in Discord channels according to their geographic region. When the queue pops, the bot automatically selects the 15 highest "MMR" (matchmaking rating) players and invites them t...

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    I need a freelancer have experienced with dash-plot (plotly-dashplots framework), to do a simple task that shows a multiple charts based on SQL Alchemy database MS SQL server (multi variable chart with drop down filter)

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    I want expert in trading view chart and Bid who already have done this work and the amount would be fixed. only remote work

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    I need custom wordpress plugins built Currency converter Currency exchange rate table and live chart

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     This project is about the training needs in the organization for the employees.  In Balmer Lawrie & Co. Ltd. the MBO (Management by Objective) process will be used for Performance Management. Managers and employees jointly set objectives for the employees, periodically evaluate performance, and reward according to the results. 4) Data Management:  Performance Appraisal form process.  Dat...

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    I need to have two transitional slides developed ASAP. Quickest time to finish will get project . Presentation Content (Data in textual form) - Brand specifications & Design requirements - Logo for Color scheme details attached We would like the two attached slides recreated and in usable source files (ppt). We would both of them to be designed in a similar format to the first slide, and...

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    Doughnut Chart Tamat left

    Need an expert in excel to do a very simple doughnut chart, showing when the percentage of work imcompleted and as progress showing the percentage completed

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    rebuild nodejs backend api of a create-react-app into a wamp/mamp stack using php to handle app's requests and responses. (emails, phone verification, zoho and chart data).

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    From a hand drawn sketch I would like a flow chart diagram to be designer, similar to this image: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The diagram MUST be produced as an Adobe Illustrator compatible vector file such as .ai, compatible PDF or SVG.

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