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    I am looking to complete a a research study with my new company and we have designed a series of assignments and tests etc ... for Computer Science students so we can measure results for our purposes. The Student must be in the TORONTO area only. Please let me know if anyone is interested. Thanks ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    $500 - $2000
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    ...above expertise. There will be frequent communication between me and the successful bidder. I need the step by step technical details on the project, during or after the completion of the project. Professional quality is desired. You need to create a database with tables. Name the database as "College" and the table or stored procedure is up to

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    Design a web browser based system to allow the classroom recording and searching of a students attendance record Current system •Requires lecturers to pass around a sheet of paper to be signed •This is later entered into a database in the faculty office. New System •Secure system All areas of the site password protected. ***_Thr...

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    this program stores student information in a file, we can track the student information based on student's last name and social security number. it also performs some operation such as add student, delete student look up student by last name and ss#, delete course add course, view record and qiut program. The course should

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    Hello, I need a tudent rgistration program in either visual basic, java, or c++ or any language that will add astudent delete a studet, look up a student by both last name and ss#, i need to be able to print out the courses that the student is taking and all of their information. I need to be able to add classes delete classes and quit. i can...

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    My business, 'Grimshaw Student Accommodation Services', requires a logo/brand image/signature for all brandable products and materials. The logo must work for business cards, stationery, website, clothing merchandise, small brand reminders (such as post-it notes, coffee mugs etc), and brochures etc. The design must use standard font(s) or at least be

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    To build a website of approximately 6 to 10 pages in length. Very simple at this time - no 'bells or whistles' required - but future developments envisaged. Images, artwork and text supplied. Buyer to have complete ownership and copyright over all work purchased. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form

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    1)Design a class Course Registration. Each object represents the enrollment of a student in a [login to view URL] should be included for a course identifier, student identifier, number of credit hours and course [login to view URL] should be included as appropriate. 2)Add methods to course registration to read course registration field values...

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    design and implement a database of the students for the Maths and Computer Science Department. The information about the students in the department will be managed via the departmental office using the information accessed from the database. The database will also have the ability to perform other functions that the department requires such as: add

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    I would like a student housing site to advertise houses on the internet. The user pays to advertise the house for a period of time after which it expires and is deleted. There will be a need for some actegories such as Location (Which university its near) as well as rent price and contact information etc.. there will be a need for the foll...

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    I need this code asap...if possible within the next 24 hours.,.. ----------------------------------------------- 1)Design a class Course Registration. Each object represents the enrollment of a student in a [login to view URL] should be included for a course identifier, student identifier, number of credit hours and course [login ...

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    $10 - $15
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    Student Loan Consolidation Program This program is used for processing student loan consolidation. A general overview of the steps involved are: 1. User Logs into System (at least 4 levels of security with logins) 2. Purchased Leads are imported into the system via text/excel file. 3. A Dailer list is created from those leads and exported

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    hi need something like this * * * to show on the screen 100 200 202 300 304 308 400 406 412 418 500 508 516 524 532 600 610 620 630 640 650 700 712 724 736 748 760 772 800 814 828 842 856 870 884 898 900 916 932 948 964 980 996 1012 1028 800 814 828 842 856 870 884 898 700 712 724 736 748 760 772 600 610 620 630 640

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    ... For this assignment write a program for keeping a course list for a student. (Next assignment, we will add a class that keeps a collection of students). The solution to this problem will require implementation of several classes. A Student has a name and a list of courses. Each Course is represented by another class. A...

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    I need a C++ program to store a single students marks for 7 subjects. Each subject has its mark split as follows: un001 assign:50%, labs:20%, test:30% un002 assign1:25%, assign2:25%, assign3:50% un003 protfolio:40%, group work:60% un004 assign1:30%, assign2:30%, assign3:40% un005 assign1:30%, assign2:70% un006 project:50%, test:50%

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    This is a ***personal project*** I am doing, to make a web page that covers the fun side of our work, more like a student site to help people see fun of learning and working here. I need a website designed with a public and private section, that has a modern high-tech/fun/clean look, perhaps a flash intro (not if it pushes the cost to...

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    We need a Student Information System, using jsp. Must have follwoing features: Attendance Course Registration Time Table/Course Schedule Test Results FeedBack etc. This is a college assignemnt and as usual we are running out of time. So, we prefer the system already developed. So, pls bid if you have a system already in hand

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    Hi need help with a school project. If you download the following program... I need to be able to do the entire routine in the "Select Operator" Frame. My ini file hase exactly the same layout as this program.[ [login to view URL]][1] Please help me asap! Thanks in advance Regards Max

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    I need a C++ program to store a single students marks for 7 subjects. Each subject has its mark split into 2 parts (50% Exam & 50% Assignment). The program requires a base class for member functions to: -Enter marks for each subject. -Display a chosen unit marks & any marks still required in that unit to obtain a pass (40%). -Display all un...

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    Write a simple menu-driven program that can be used to create a list of student information records. Each student list may contain several courses and some related information, such as marks, name of instructor, etc. You are required to implement this list of students using two different template class linked lists. This program must incorporate with

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    java Assignment ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Windows 2000 Professio...

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    ...are required to write a project which allows storage and retrieval of information about Student data. The functionality you are required to provide should include the following: ? read data from file. ? provide a search function that allows us to find for example, all UG students or all Grad students in the database. ? print a complete list of the students

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    You are to develop a simple Java program that implements the requirements described in the problem specification. There are two components to this assignment, a compulsory and an optional component. Below are descriptions of each component: the program has to be done by 16th may 2003 friday donot need high quality of GUI as it is a small courswork for

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    I need a stand alone application that will allow me track special education students' daily progress on behavioral goals using data gathered from behavior point sheets they have each of their teachers fill out for. I also need to be able to use this data to generate reports sent home to parents and for my own records. I would like to manage student demographic

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    Our school frequently scans student test results into text files. We have a set of PHP scripts someone in the tech department wrote that reads these scores and stores them into a MySQL database, but the system is good, but not as easy to use as it needs to be. We would also like to have this system fixed or replaced, and the scores tabulated and output

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    20 bida written in Visual Basic 6. I have partially completed the form and I can send you the .exe file on how it is supposed to work. I can't figure out how to write the code. I need the source code and visual basic form. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work

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    Assignment: To create an online student registration system using the following products: Microsoft Frontpage Microsoft Access Database ASP Details: I will supply the database with all the relationships, and i will supply the screen designs showing all the functions i want able performed. This will all be basic stuff like..Display records from database

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    A new website designed for Bath's 20,000+ students is launching in Bath soon. A launch party is planned, an we would like to come up with some cool, snazzy footage to play on plasma screens and/or projected onto screens. The idea is something that appeals, but that also gets the message accross about our products and services. Just a short promo film

    $200 - $300
    $200 - $300
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    Hi I(you) need to write a program similar to an advanced calculator in C++ 5.02 or any. it needs to do matricies,simple functions such as sin,cos,squar roots,exponentials,power and .... object and class diagrams are ready. very simple,easy money! KEEP IT SIMPLE due on March 24th! ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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    42 bida

    Need to develop a website whereby student/parents can search through the database to find a tutor that sutis them..and vice versa. look at [login to view URL] Soemthing like this but leve out the billing system some e.g. [login to view URL], [login to view URL] Your job is to

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    This is a small Perl project using some calculations and, the way it is set up now, may require the use of arrays. It is an embellishment of the original assignment. The HTML form displays a listing of 8 television sets in a table. Each has a textbox (for entering a quantity) and a checkbox (to select the item for ordering). There is a button to pla...

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    This is a simple E Bookshop. This is a student project for an assignment so this is not needed for upload as a commercial website it is just neede to be burned in a CD for prsenttation purpose and just to look at the source code for marks. The whole detail of the project is listed below in the attachment file. Please have a look and give a reasonabl...

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    I am a student who is currently doing or trying to do a project in ASP.NET using VB.NET and because I am soooooo incredibly bussy, I need someone to do or at least help me to do this project for me !! Its a student results Datbase which is to run on the college website ([login to view URL]Castlebar - check this out first) ! In the college most of the mach...

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    Develop a system to manage registration of students at the watchmaker's institute, Tick Tock Tech, subject to the following: --Look AT FILE-- ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run

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    I am a faculty member in an allied health profession. We are required to document students' performance on 700 skills while on clinical rotation. We need a database to track the information. We also need to create assessment tools on the university's network and PDAs with results automatically entering into the database. ## Deliverables 1) Complete

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    To create an online student assessment program that can be used over an Internet/Intranet. The program will be created in ASP/PHP (preferably ASP) The program will have the following stipulations: 1. A student must log-in to the system. 2. The student can then make alterations to a document (any format) that was uploaded by the lecturer. (An upload

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    I need a program that will read a file of data and will be able to print out different types of information from that data. The structures and Definitions should look somewhat like this. struct CourseRec{ char courseNumber[8]; char courseName[20]; int creditHours; char grade; CourseRec *next; }; //CourseRec struct StudentRec{ char name[30]; int courseCount;

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    I currently manager a student website called [login to view URL] which I want redeveloped to have all the "downloadable coupon" functionality as seen on [login to view URL] (login under username=ecampus, password=demo to see what I am talking about). I need an affordable, reliable, quality PHP/ASP programmer who can get the job done quickly.

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    I need to have some modifications made to Student2.c. The modifications are as follows: 1. A course should be deleted by the course name and the course number. [login to view URL] search function should ask for the social security number of a student if there is more than one student with the same last name being searched for. Only the record of the stu...

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    $30 - $5000
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    Create a new, user-defined class named 'Student' in a file named '[login to view URL]'. This class will have instance variables named 'id' and 'courses', one constructor which creates a student with default values for id and courses, a second constructor which accepts values from the user, and methods named 'add...

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    A student registration database to register students that does the following: Functional Menu 1. user choices to add a new student, look up a student from an existing record, to delete a student , or quit. 2. to add a new student by entering first and last name, social ( no dashes) , and courses with course number, session numbe...

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    ...this program you will implement a class student with the following members: Name GPA ID Grades[3J ComputeGradeGPA( } // computes the GPA of the studentsfor the 3 grades ComputeGP A ( } Enterlnfo( } //gets info from user (keyboard} Showlnfo O Ilshows info on the screen use a vector of students. How to compute GPA GP A of each course is computed using

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    ...system allows students to search for teachers in his/her physical area. 1) Teacher Registration 2) Student Registration 3) Teacher Search Functions 4) Good Site Layout 5) Affiliates program 6) System Administration 7) User level administration (student and teacher) 8) Automatic email notification system More information available in text form. See attachment

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    ...sql and Mysql. I need a small example for both databases. From what I understand I need LDAP JNDI,DataSource class to use connection pooling. I want two very small servlet utilities that show me how to setup connection pooling with JNDI and the DataSource class. I would like this as a utility so that I can use it again. There is a good example of what

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    Project??" To construct a web page-based student dictionary. Dictionary web page accepts submissions for new terms and definitions and updates itself automatically. Three web pages' HTML and associated scripting needs to be produced. 1) Dictionary page, which alphabetizes new terms as they are submitted, 2) Submission page in a new browser window which

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    STUDENT WELFARE SYSTEM :- Chat module. · Online events calendar. · Student profile search. · Online registration. Student Welfare System is an exclusive university and school application that is intended to keep track of student data and serve as a link between faculty, students and parents. All personal and academic data can be safely stored...

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    Student Record Tamat left

    1. Using a C structure to store a least 5 students records including name, home work grades(1,2), test1, test2, midterm, final exam, bonus, and attendance. Eg. John Smith 67,80,78,79,90,58,90,90 2. Calculate the final grade for each student and write to a file. Home work(20%),test(20%),midterm(20%), final(30%), attendance(10%),bonus(5%). If total>90

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    Create a distributed Grade Inquiry and Submission System so that students can view their grades residing in a server and professors can submit grades to the server. The server side stores information of students, professors and courses (in a file). A client can be a student or a professor interacting with a GUI. In order to view grades or ent...

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    9 bida

    I have to do this student registration project for a computer class I have taken. I'm changing my major , so I don't want to spend my time on this project in C++ anymore.. It consists of two phases, first(due April 11th) involves the design desicions and next one the implementation. Second phase (due April 20th)requirements will be given after first

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    1. Create a List Template that maintains objects in sort order. (One member of the object is a key field for sorting and searching. Objects to be inserted into the List (let's call these ListObjects) must support the relational and equality operators · The list class will contain only a single item type (an object) · Store the object in a dynamically

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