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    Essay artifical intelligent dilihat dari segi hukum Ada footnote serta daftar pustaka yang akademik Diutamakan sudah lulus kuliah

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    Menulis sejumlah artikel Cerpen naskah drama essay ilmiah

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    An experienced legal academic Writer to write criminal law research essay on the topic related to Structural Criminology, No more than 10% plagiarism, APA referencing, high quality work, turn around time 12 hours from now

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    Requirement: 1. Must be well versed with computers 2. Needs to have very detail knowledge about computer hardware (I will scrutinize your work as I am myself a technology writer.) 2. Needless to say you MUST have a good command over English Language. 3. You MUST be able to write in conversational tone - not technical, not essay format Note The article will be published on the internet with a pseu...

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    Write an essay on roller skating. Setting is as follows. Professional speed skater is inspecting the track like a race car driver for his upcoming race. Be creative use a informal and friendly tone. 200 words. The essay should make it seem that the writer knows the ins and outs of roller speed skating. Talk about the technical aspects.

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    In a critical essay, you will select a country of your choice and will compare your chosen country to KSA in relation to the factor endowment theory. For each country, discuss: What is the impact of resource endowments on comparative advantage? Is the factor-endowment theory a good predictor of trade patterns? What additional trade theories can be applied? Explain their main insights and challeng...

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    Hi Omar I have a voice recording interviews I need help converting the audio recording into written text The total record duration is approximately one hour I need to be writing in the English language Many Thanks

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    hello, i need help with essay writing about Arabic literature and poetry please let me know if u can help

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    Help with creative writing essay . Entrance essay for prestigious college. Goal is to creatively express an aspect about themselves or who they are or how they see life or a life lesson

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    I need this paper for a class. Please reach out and I will give more information. Thank you!

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    Short paper 6 hari left

    This essay should analyse the topic- the classical theories of public administration. I want an essay that touches on the following- How would you summarize the theories, concepts, and issues discussed in the papers in an accurate, clear, coherent, and concise manner? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the theories, concepts, and arguments in these papers? If you were goi...

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    You will trace this theme/concept through at least 3 different eras of American literature, exploring how it has persisted and evolved through the different eras. Over the course of the paper, you will need to quote from at least 5 different authors we have read throughout the course to illustrate and support your ideas. Organize the different parts a/o paragraphs of your essay around the differen...

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    I’m working on a English question and need guidance to help me study. Times New Roman, 12 point font 1-inch margins all around Double-spaced Black ink Works Cited page (if outside sources used) No separate cover page On only the first page, in the top left corner, one below the other, put your name, my name, ENGL 1301 and the date the paper is due On EVERY pa...

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    The project requires writing a 2-3 page essay describing how the colonists ethically and civically addressed England prior to the revolutionary war. The essay based on that premise in this style-It is called a rule of 3 essay organization. It’s supposed to use Turubian style referencing as opposed to APA or MLA style papers. I attached screen-shots for reference.

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    Econmic essay 6 hari left

    You are required to write a 1000-word essay for each of the following questions Explain the Monetary and Fiscal measures to control an economic trade cycle of a country. Discuss the negative effects of the COVID 19 on any ASEAN country’s economy.

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    Hello, I have a writing assignment ( classification essay ) due on 4th of october. And I was wondering if you could help me with it.

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    Hello, I have a writing assignment ( classification essay ) due on 4th of october. And I was wondering if you could help me with it.

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    Hello, I have a writing assignment ( classification essay ) due on 4th of october. And I was wondering if you could help me with it.

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    I have completed an academic essay (in the domain of literary studies) and I would like to submit it to an academic journal. However, I require an editor to ensure that the format meets the requirements of the submission guidelines as well as look for any typos, spelling mistakes etc. The essay is just over 3,000 words.

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    Trophy icon Response Essay 1 hari left

    I have to write a response to the article; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] No longer than five paragraphs.

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    Hi, I am having a really hard time writing my essay and I need help. It is for econ and it is about Total Federal Budget, Mandatory and Discretionary Budget.

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    For this essay, you will revise and rewrite the founders' final draft of the Declaration of Independence ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] ) to align with your own visions and values of a new United States or a completely new country. For the two introduction paragraphs, you may change words, sentences, syntax, length, organization, capitalization, italics, bold, etc. However, it should serve...

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    I'm looking for someone (with a great command of English) to paraphrase a database of >2.5k-word articles I have. The articles should be paraphrased while retaining the actual & accurate meaning of the content. The articles must also sound coherent. It's a bonus for the candidate to have a brief idea of Singapore's education system, because all of the articles are related to...

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    I would like someone to write a 7-8 pages essay about clinical psychology. There should be at least 9-11 references included. I will be sharing more details upon bids. Professional English is a must. Experties in writing essays is a must. Experience and background info about clinical psychology is a highly recommended.

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    Essay Writing 5 hari left

    I am looking for someone with good writing skills who can write me an essay of a page. Send your proposals with your previous work and I'll get back to you with more details.

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    Stonewall Riot 5 hari left

    Needs to be a informative essay talking about Stonewall Riot this essay will be my speech, needs to be 3-8 minutes long.

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    Cynthia Sheppard painting Briefly describe her process, incorporated course terminology into your essay. What do you find surprising or unusual/unexpected about her process, and why?

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    I have 4 essays of about 300 words which have to be written on the following topics, I am ready to write drafts which would then need to be modified to fit the word limit and be application worthy. The application has to be submitted by the 5th of October. Please note this is for a personal application for a fellowship at a venture capitalist firm so knowledge of business and entrepreneurship is r...

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    Essay Writing 4 hari left

    I have some topics on "about myself" and want 4 essays on that.

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    I am having the following scenario : I am having the object "Project " - API Name : pse__Proj__c On the Project I am having the field : Planned Hours - API name : pse__Planned_Hours__c I want that every time the Planned Hours field is edited or information is added in this field to ask for a note creation , like an error message to popup . I know that this is not achievable with Validat...

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    Need help in writing essay 4 hari left

    ***Read Everything carefully then only apply, dont waste your time and mine if you are not sure about how to do it need it done in next 24 hours TOPIC FOR ESSAY (1000 words) What is the best way to structure a democracy that has many distinct ethnic groups? Consider what would influence the participation of these groups and how contested elections would be once political parties are involved. I...

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    I’m looking for contractors to help us migrate our legacy Analytics code written in Scala to Python. These are not AI/ML codes, but simple rules-based logics. The work will require 3-4 individuals for 3 months, where two of these with the strongest backgrounds will act as team leads. Looking for folks who are proficient in Python, with 7+ years of experience in writing production-ready cod...

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    respect starts with yourself then to your parents and or family members then you can respect others. Our class was very disrespectful throws our substitute teacher

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    I need an essay writer about the Scientific method

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    A 2000 words Essay 4 hari left

    Place a bid and I will send you the details. Please only place a bid if you are willing to do a 2000 word essay within the range of $20-30.

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    Few short essay questions (5-9) for marketing expert (30min quizz).

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    My essay is a causal argument essay and it’s about how college enrollment is going down because of the costs and because the costs are going up it’s causing less people to be qualified for jobs and this is causing more people to have to depend on the government

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    Topic: Who won the long peace that followed the surrender at Appomattox in 1865, particularly if one considers the period from 1865-1920? ( directions attached )

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    At l'Institut de Musique de Paris, we are looking to grow our blog, so we need to work with a French or bilingual writer who has a vast knowledge of piano playing. We would be looking at doing an article a week and the topic will be given to you each time.

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    Essay Prompt: In a well organized and insightful essay, discuss and describe why the short story, "The Yellow Wallpaper" is sometimes considered essential reading in Feminist Literature. What are the qualities that make it representative? Essay Parameters: Minimum: Three typed, double spaced FULL pages in 12-point font (Times New Roman) using MLA Paper Format EVERYTHING you state to t...

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    book written 4 hari left

    I’m just lookin for a Chapter on fear how fear creates hatred in fear creates chaos also how to overcome fears and how to look for signs of fear . This will be my 8 character and I’m looking at someone else eyes. NOTHING about: , social injustice , the president , or race .. I have subject on it

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    Guernica essay 3 hari left

    Guernica essay Find your own Rosen article min of 6 sources including the painting of those 5 sources one has to be a main source. all peer reviewed sources. Use your main source and make it an argument on if you agree with it or not. The Guernica bombing included in essay, Rosen article,Picasso, and Spanish civil war but mostly about the Guernica painting. 3-5 pages all mla format. Make sure not ...

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    Hi, I have ten (10) websites i need scraping. The websites contains information about rental apartments. Most of the sites show a list of apartments. Clicking on the apartments brings up more details about the apartment. The detailed information shall be parsed and stored to CSV. Every time an apartment is scraped it shall result in one new line in the CSV file. Every time the scraper is run it...

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    Hello writers, happy Monday! I am looking for mid- to long-form content for a website that provides marketing solutions to small- and medium-sized HVAC companies. The content should be focused on the HVAC niche, suggested topics include, but are not limited to: ~ 2020 market trends round up ~ 2021 market trends prediction ~ Post Covid changes to the market (e.g. increased visibility of and desir...

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