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    ...present a still uploaded image or the clients/user image as live video from webcam. I will need monetization of the app for clients depending on size of the backdrop image. The backdrop image will be 360 panoramic. Clients will have the option to switch through multiple rooms with users and client "joined" at the bottom of the window of the app to keep track

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    ...concept for a multiple stage project. Create a program to import log files in to a database. Each piece of equipment will have a different name and will need to be kept in a different table of the database. Data logs will be similar but may have some different wording and not all will have the same fields. From the front end GUI I need to be able to

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    my site in maintenance site name : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] drupal version of site is 8.5.4 i need to add new feature to my site: 1- pdf viewer a- can read file from internal url, external url and google drive b- compatible with PC and Mobile c- flip appearance look at this example here : [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Create a CSV file from multiple files, Need to copy and paste

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    my site in maintenance site name : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] drupal version of site is 8.5.4 i need to add new feature to my site: 1- pdf viewer a- can read file from internal url, external url and google drive b- compatible with PC and Mobile c- flip appearance look at this example here : [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...4-6 separate commission reports that are all either CSV for excel files. They all have multiple columns of information but I only need 7 or so columns from each spreadsheet. Each column is named differently and in different orders between the reports. I need to extract the 7 columns that I need from each report and combine them into one master report

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    I am looking for an experienced Qt/C++ programmer to create a simple program which will read from and write to a csv (comma-separated-variable) file. I will be able to supply some sample files for testing. The GUI will consist of 3 global fields and a table. The global values will be a pathname (string), scale factor (int) and a layout (string).

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    ... I am looking to create a script that does the following: 1. Read a CVS/Excel file with multiple links 2. Download the files from each link (csv files) 3. Create some extra columns in each CSV file that was downloaded to add some concatenated data 4. One of the columns in the CSV files is a Category column, do a looku...

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    my site in maintenance site name : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] drupal version of site is 8.5.4 i need to add new feature to my site: 1- pdf viewer a- can read file from internal url, external url and google drive b- compatible with PC and Mobile c- flip appearance look at this example here : [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I need a simple tool (for mac), which can create multiple images, by using data from an uploaded CSV file. This is how the tool should work like: 1. First I choose a location, where I want the images to be saved on my computer. 1. Then I upload a CSV file in to the tool (See attached [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 2. Then the tool should take the ...

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    I need three simple scripts to reduce data (information about mutations in proteins): All the scripts should work in mac command line and with a random input files, e.g.: python [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Random_file_name_1.csv Here are the scripts: Script 1: Reduce [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file to generate [log masuk untuk melihat URL] file by ...

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    Dear all, I need to edit my python script (or create a new one) to analyze multiple sequence of proteins: I have two sets of data (see attached examples): 1. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] files (contain aligned protein sequences) 2. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] files (contain information about organisms from which protein sequences in [log masuk untuk me...

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    ...Character Recognition Analysis Engine that can identify from a still Image (Video captured image or Camera / Scanner or Fax captured Image) all the parts on that image. We need to utilize Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Deep Learning techniques along with mathematical algorithms to optimize the detection of these on an image. The identified

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    I need to create a VBA macro that enables me to go to my website (ends with aspx if it matters) and automatically input the start and end date. Next, it selects a option from the dropdown box then click on the "excel output" button to download the file into my desired folder with the filename being that of the option selected. This needs to repeat

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    Hi, I need someone to build a Database that I can use to add products to and then export those products and product information as various different CSV files. A product will have various options, variables and inputs. e.g. Input for Product Name Input for Product Description Dropdown for New or Used product Dropdown to select from multiple

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    ...have large CSV files with multiple data points. I would like to create a script that takes two columns and graphs them. I need two graphs, one in linear scale and the other in log scale. I also need equations for lines of best fit for the data that is graphed. Much of the work is already done. I have a script that can read the CSV file<...

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    Hello, I am looking for an experienced software developer to create a program that will take user information such as: First Name, Last Name, Address, Zip Code, City, State, etc. and export it to various different types of .txt, .csv, .json, etc. files. These files would have pre-established templates. The program would have to be integrated

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    ...XML files from a sales tool for each sale, I would like to run a powershell script to flatten them, merge multiple files in a single one (all headers would be identical per batch) and then convert to a csv file, The files will be grouped in a custom folder per job. I am fine with the merging of files concurring after they are converted to csv...

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    ...track our inventory better and need a custom app for the purpose. All of our assets are tagged with a unique asset number and barcode. We need an app that will allow our installers to enter a job number and then either type in barcode numbers by hand or scan them in by using the device camera. (preferably multiple barcodes at once, without having

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    ...goal of creating such web application is to create some text datasets for NLP research or in other words some json files with certain data inputted by the web application user. I simply need a tool so I could be able to create large json files with certain fields and be able to review each entry by multiple reviewers. The tool should be something

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    ...Requirement: I want to create a solution to load a dynamic csv file to SQL table. Following requirements need to be met: 1. The input CSV/TXT file could have any number of columns. 2. Column Delimiter of input file could be comma(,), pipe (|), tab (<tab>), basically it could be different for different file but will be standard in ...

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    We need to create a Wordpress plugin that will easily allow us to upload a CSV file, and update the relevant information in the database. The front end of the website will then take information based on the database and display it for the customer. The columns in the database are; 1/ Name of cinema 2/ Movie Name 3/ Showing times All that information

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    ...recursively. Create folder structure and corresponding CSV files for all product listing tables in each of the links in the column Market Center Details. The final folder/file structure should look something like this: /Stocks/North America/ArcaEdge (ARCAEDGE).csv /Stocks/North America/Bats BYX (BYX).csv ... Each of the CSV files shou...

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    Need a small software for bookkeeping, time tracking, and invoicing application. It will be fully SAAS and auto deployment friendly. There will have a app launcher to install on pc. It will run through API with web. So if no internet it can run but sync will be off, But when internet connection will be available it will be sync with cloud system. It

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    I need a php coder to take some code and amend it to suit my needs. I have found a page that explains what I need to do; [log masuk untuk melihat URL] All I need is for someone to take this code and create a page that allows me to upload a csv file and then click a button that runs this code and shows the results. ie

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    Each day we receive a sales order file in excel format which contains multiple orders. In order to put each order into our system, we need to do the following: 1. For each order (i.e. each row), create a separate CSV File (e.g. for 10 orders, we will need 10 separate CSV Files; 2. The Headings for each column will need to be...

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    i need experimented developer for create a webapp (or mobile app depends, only in the case some function is not compatible with webapps, for example scan qrcodes) for a simple but powerful system capable to manage users, accounts, collects, commmissions, and registering transactions. i need it in 7 days or less. my activity is http://doobi.c

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    I need a OpenWRT or LEDE-based captive portal configuration that allows anonymous user logins using pre-established voucher codes with data and time limits for Internet access. For example, a user should be able to connect with a multiple-use voucher code for 1GB of data transfer valid for up to 12 months from first use. By 'anonymous,' I mean

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    I need a software, script or anything that can do the following tasks: EXTRACT DATA 1. Open one or multiple pdf files from a given folder. 2. Recognize text from specific area in those files. The text is in the same place all the time. 3. I should be able to select the area, and to tell the software to search in: a. all pages b. only on

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    ...and suppliers and from some miscellaneous items that I might create and provide a costing to in my own small database table. The merchants price files are available in generic formats such as CSV files for easy importation into programs such as MS Excel and MS Access. Typically, these files are set up with several fields including a unique item number

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    ...with the Introduction to Data Analysis course, but depending on your background knowledge, you may not need to take the whole class to complete this project. Introduction For the final project, you will conduct your own data analysis and create a file to share that documents your findings. You should start by taking a look at your dataset and brainstorming

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    21 bida base. Here, it would be cool that several digits were available, not just 0 to 9. It’s important to have a flexible interface where I can create the surveys with multiple levels and load the audio files with the questions. Possibility that the Client rates service by voice message, For example: We then thank them for their time and ask them to

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    I am a systems integrator and therefore I work with multiple systems all with their own databases. I find myself always writing macro’s for a spreadsheet that creates various .csv files as imports to these various systems. I would like to do away with the spreadsheet solution and build an application that will take it’s place. My idea is a windows

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    ...each of the 4k organizations. You will need to built the database from multiple csv files that I will provide. The data for the database is generated yearly so there will need to be an admin section that will allow for the annual updating. The old data will be kept and a new years data will be used to create an additional DB. There are also images

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    ...person ho create "centrum app". Part1 and Part2 its a job reserved for mt4 coders. but i need C# programist ho create me vision ;) I'll show you my conversation with a programmer Programers MT4 SAY: OK i will explain again. MQL language CAN NOT work with multiple sheets as you want! Only one sheet per excel file. You...

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    I need a script which can pull details from a CSV file and arrange it similarly to the figure 1 image. I'm not too familiar with programming languages etc myself so to keep it simple it will just be exactly that. Pull details from CSV files and put it into a clean printable A4 format. What software you use to create the script/software etc is up

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    Using python, need to create IIF file for import into QuickBooks (QB) from a JSON formatted file. I will provide a JSON file that has hours worked on different projects by our team members. I need someone to create a python script that will take those hours, match them up to a billable Full Time Equivalent (FTE) count, rate, type of FTE, project and

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    ...various files to be outputted to a single xls or csv file in the fastest most effluence way. We receive multiple Customer/Lead lists in xls, csv. Data is not standardized we need to consolidate and cleanup and create a standardized output file in xls or csv. Feature List Mac & PC compatible. Standalone or Web based. Importing E...

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    1. Need to create an app to accept lists of barcodes and feed them to this service: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] .... then take the resulting data and create Excel compatible files (the files can be CSV, TXT (tab delimited), or Excel... As long as easy to import into excel) 2. the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] API has multiple ways to search for...

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    Objective= I have application which is written in C# which takes multiple input files and merge them into one and generate the output. It has some hard coded features which need to be modified. Below is the modification of feature requested? 1. MASTER FILE OPTIONS CHANGES: a. CURRENT LOGIC: Currently User chooses between these options on main

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    ...have a CSV file with multiple information of over 4000+ products that are scraped from a website. I need the information of all of these products converted in a way where It can be filtered and displayed in each category seperately. (Please message me for more info). I get multiple excel files like this with of over 4000+ products daily, so I need...

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    Description of Project There are some data need to be processed, which is .csv format. One is named Single, and the other kind is Multi. Both kinds are made up of several .csv files and separated into the belonged file. Besides, the data structure of the same kind stays no different. Single Only covers enterprises’ data. Every single line per

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    1.) The attached Excel file "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]" contains a macro ("DataImport"). 2.) The "DataImport" macro finds .csv files in a specific PC location (C:bookmarks) and pulls in data into columns A-G; it gets data from multiple .csv files based on text string in the file name(s). 3.) The "PC import&q...

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    ...clients are a debt collection agency and need Vtiger to be customized into a debt collection system for our use. Our Client collects for multiple types of vendors 1. They have unpaid receivables or delinquent accounts (DA) which we are tasked to collect. 2. They will need to import the data from CSV files provided by their Clients 3. Reporting

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    Project: Download a set of files once a month from a government website. Requirements: Web hosting I need to know what kind of web hosting to complete this project. Import Interface Users will be able to keep track of multiple list. They should be able to add a list of employees, Physicians; volunteers (Allow the user to customize this

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    ...upload a specific .csv file, and then the Tableau Dashboard that I build will connect to their data and show them visualizations pertaining to that specific data set. Multiple clients will be uploading single .csv files, multiple times daily. There should be a button on my website that opens a file dialog, and the chosen csv file...

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    ...require a programmer to create a simple program which will search an Excel spreadsheet for the parameters of the data required and then search in a CSV file to find the data then insert the data into the relevant area of the Excel spreadsheet. I will need to be able to choose the CSV file to search as there are multiple files that I wou...

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    ...Excel CSV file into more usable data. Create a repeatable process (macro) to output specified statistics from this variable-sized file. Bonus target of being able to combine multiple files, or results created from past files. I have a monitoring system that records data every two seconds in the form of a CSV file. I have to s...

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    We are in need of a data extraction (E) + transformation (T) tool -- the importer -- that converts information stored in various file types (such as .csv, .xls, .xlsx, .mdb, .accdb, etc.) and structures (wide, long, dyadic, etc.) into a standardized .json format based on an already established data schema and built off an existing prototype. Information

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