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    Fulfilindo Tamat left

    Hi, saya Yeni dr Fulfilindo, website kami adalah yg kami buat sendiri di platform Kami ingin optimize website kami khususnya utk target audience luar negri.

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    -completely customize and manage an entire marketing strategy that works -set up Facebook Pixel correctly and track all visitors -find the right audience for the business -create and test different ads for FB/IG (graphic design and copy-writing) -optimize website conversion with A/B split testing -create consistency between FB/IG Ads and landing pages -build a sales funnel for a webinar/call/physical product -rapidly scale-out and maximize your revenue

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    Saya sudah mempunyai website tetapi saya ingin menambah extension opencart. Saya ingin mengupah sesiapa yang boleh mengajar saya cara memasang beberapa extension percuma dan berbayar, set ftp account, multistore dan optimize seo.

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    Saya sudah mempunyai website tetapi saya ingin menambah extension opencart. Saya ingin mengupah sesiapa yang boleh mengajar saya cara memasang extension percuma dan berbayar, set ftp account, multistore dan optimize seo.

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    as discussed to communicate with you on the project of translation. 12. Portuguese 13. Danish Thai 24. Czech 31. Gujarati 33. Hebrew 34. Mogaliya

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    as discussed to communicate with you on the project of translation. 12. Portuguese 13. Danish Thai 24. Czech 31. Gujarati 33. Hebrew 34. Mogaliya

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    Experienced Amazon FBA Expert 6 hari left

    ...closely with Amazon for seamless logistics execution. 3. Listing Optimization: - Create and optimize product listings to ensure high visibility. - Manage product descriptions and titles for maximum impact. 4. Customer Services: - Provide exceptional customer service. - Handle inquiries and messages promptly. 5. Documentation and Coordination: - Generate labels and invoices as needed. - Keep track of order and shipment details. 6. Return Handling: - Manage product returns efficiently. 7. Account Health and Reputation Management: - Monitor and maintain the health of the seller account. - Implement strategies for account reputation enhancement. 8. SEO Optimization: - Optimize the seller account for improved search visibility. 9. Seller Fee...

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    ...existing Elementor templates and get familiar with their structure and style. - Adjust the design elements of the templates to correspond with the branding and aesthetic requirements for Oklahoma and Ohio, ensuring they maintain a cohesive look with existing pages. - Incorporate the provided content specific to each state into the new templates while maintaining a clean, user-friendly design. - Optimize the landing pages for performance, ensuring they are fast-loading and responsive across various devices. - Communicate effectively with our team to ensure that the final products meet our specifications and quality standards. **Requirements:** - Proven experience and proficiency in using Elementor to design and edit WordPress websites. - Strong understanding of web design princi...

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    I am looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my new company in the "Other" industry. I am open to suggestions regarding the specific colors and design elements for the logo. However, I would prefer a logo. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong graphic design skills - Ability to create visually appealing and unique images - Experience in logo design - Creativity and ability to think outside the box - Good understanding of branding and the ability to capture the essence of a company through a logo.

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    vendas online 6 hari left

    ...Services for National Market I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with setting up the entire online sales process for my services. I am targeting the national market and need someone with the right skills and experience to help me achieve my sales goals. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in e-commerce platforms and online sales strategies - Experience in setting up online payment systems and secure checkout processes - Knowledge of digital marketing techniques to drive traffic and conversions - Understanding of customer relationship management (CRM) systems and sales funnels - Ability to optimize product/service listings for search engines and improve conversion rates - Strong communication skills to engage with potential customers and handle...

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    ...objects and each object’s movements are calculated in a separate thread. The objects must be able to collide and bounce off each other. The objects should also be confined to the space around the center of the scene and cannot just float off into space. You are free to use your own objects if you prefer I already have the necessary folders/files needed and have done many of the requirements. Mostly need help with spinning the objects and moving them around. ...

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    Project Description: Social Media Marketing for Astrology I am looking for a social media marketing expert to help promote my astrology services on Instagram. Specific Platforms: - The focus will primarily be on Instagram, as it is the preferred social media platform for my target audience. Primary Goal: - The primary goal of this social media campaign is to prom...audience informed about my astrology services. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experienced in social media marketing, specifically on Instagram - Knowledgeable about astrology and the target audience - Creative in designing visually appealing and engaging posts - Proficient in using social media scheduling tools to manage posting frequency - Able to track and analyze social media metrics to optimize campaign p...

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    ...successfully generating leads for educational programs or courses - Familiarity with the pre recorded courses market and able to tailor lead generation strategies accordingly - Ability to analyze data and metrics to optimize lead generation efforts - Creative and innovative approach to reach and engage with parents effectively Project Deliverables: - Generate high-quality leads of parents interested in K-12 pre recorded courses - Provide detailed reports on lead generation efforts, including contact information and demographics - Constantly track and analyze lead generation metrics to optimize performance and achieve desired results - Collaborate with the client to fine-tune the lead generation strategy and adjust as necessary to maximize success Note: Please include rel...

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    content creator 6 hari left

    I am looking for a content creator who can help me with Social Media Posts. The ideal candidate should have experience in cr...create engaging social media posts for various platforms - Collaborate with the marketing team to understand brand guidelines and target audience - Research and stay up-to-date with industry trends to create relevant and timely content - Edit and proofread content for grammar, clarity, and consistency - Monitor and analyze the performance of social media posts and make necessary adjustments to optimize engagement and reach If you are a creative content creator who is passionate about social media and can deliver high-quality content that resonates with our audience, we would love to hear from you. Please provide samples of your previous work along with your...

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    Bug Fixing: * Identify and address existing bugs or issues within the Bootstrap Laravel website. * Debug and troubleshoot any functionality or display problems. * Ensure seamless user experience by resolving issues affecting the website's performance. 
Layout Improvement: * Enhance the overall design and layout of the website for a more polished appearance. * Optimize the arrangement of elements for improved user navigation and aesthetics. * Implement responsive design principles to ensure a seamless experience on various screen sizes. 
Code Clean Up: * Review and optimize the existing codebase for better efficiency. * Remove redundant or unnecessary code to enhance website performance. * Organize and structure the code to improve readability and m...

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    Docker Project 6 hari left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me with my Docker deployment project. The purpose of this project is to deploy a web application with backend using Docker. Skills and experience required: - Stro...backend using Docker. Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge and experience in Docker deployment - Familiarity with web application deployment - Ability to work with different base images in Docker, including Alpine and Ubuntu The ideal freelancer should be able to: - Set up and configure Docker for deployment - Select and customize the base image based on project requirements - Optimize the Docker setup for efficient and secure deployment If you have the necessary skills and experience in Docker deployment and web application deployment, please submit your ...

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    Need Subscriber // -- 2 6 hari left

    Project Title: YouTube Reel SEO Optimization Project Description: First watch the video and then send me the letter I am looking for a skilled SEO specialist to optimize my YouTube reel for increased views and subscribers. The main goal of this project is to improve engagement and interaction with my audience. Subscription required Keyword Research: Although I have a rough idea of the keywords I want to target, I would appreciate some guidance and assistance in identifying the most effective keywords for my YouTube reel. Content Type: My YouTube reel primarily features entertainment and comedy content. Therefore, it is crucial that the SEO specialist has experience in optimizing this type of content for search engine visibility. Ideal Skills

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    I am looking for someone who can teach me how to create quiz videos with only text, countdowns, and AI speech. I have no prior experience with video editing, but I am willing to learn. I am specifically looking for an AI expert who can explain to me how to make tik tok videos in less time, because now they take too much time to me. I would like to learn how to create 1-3 videos. I already have the back ground I just need to place text, speech and audio effects in an easy and no time consuming way Skills and Experience Needed: - Proficiency in video editing software - Experience creating quiz videos with text, countdowns, and AI speech - Knowledge of AI technology and its application in video production - Ability to explain complex concepts in a simple and understandable way ...

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    I am looking for a copywriter and graphic designer who can create social media posts and ads for my project. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in copywriting and graphic design - Knowledge of so...advertising strategies - Ability to work with specific ideas provided by the client - Creativity and the ability to provide creative input when needed Project Requirements: - Create social media posts and ads on a daily basis - Use the specific ideas provided by the client to develop engaging and visually appealing content - Ensure that the content aligns with the project's goals and target audience - Optimize the posts and ads for maximum engagement and conversions If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal with relevant sample...

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    Project Description: I am looking for a creative individual who can help me find a catchy name and design a unique logo for my social media app. The app is aimed at all age groups and focuses on photo and video sharing. Skills and Experience: - Strong creative and branding skills to come up with a compelling and memorable app name - Experience in logo design, with the ability to create a visually appealing and versatile logo - Knowledge of current trends in social media app design and branding - Ability to work collaboratively and receptive to feedback and suggestions

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    33 bida me with setting up and running ads on my Facebook and Instagram pages. I am currently facing low engagement on my ads and have issues with post boosting. I need someone who can resolve these issues and improve the performance of my ads. Target Audience: - My target audience consists of young adults (18-34), middle-aged adults (35-54), and senior adults (55+). Targeting Options: - I have already set specific targeting options for my ads. Skills and Experience: - Experience in running successful Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns - Knowledge of ad approval process and troubleshooting low engagement issues - Ability to optimize ads for better engagement and reach - Familiarity with post boosting techniques and strategies If you have the skills and expertise t...

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    I need someone who can have multiple web meetings with my client, understand what she need in her ecommerce website and create a good looking mockup for that.

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    We are looking for an AWS expert to optimize the cost of my low-usage taxi app. The attached image shows the existing billing. The app usage is very low, with less than 1000 orders posted and less than 30 completed orders per month. But the scope of the app is to handle minimum 60k to 100k in the next 3 months. the upcoming months to handle 500k+ WE need an expert to: Analyze the current AWS usage and identify areas where costs can be reduced. Recommend the best server configuration for the app. Implement the recommended changes. Requirements: Experience with AWS cost optimization Experience with AWS server configuration Responsibilities: Analyze the current AWS usage Identify areas where costs can be reduced Recommend the best server configuration for my app Implement ...

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    Meta ads manager 6 hari left

    Project Description: I am looking for a skilled professional to run ads on Facebook Ads targeting a specific age group. Requirements: - Experience in running successful ad campaigns on Facebook Ads - Ability to optimize ads for maximum reach and engagement within a limited budget of less than $500 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in setting up and managing Facebook Ads campaigns - Knowledge of targeting specific age groups and demographics - Proven track record of achieving positive results and driving conversions through Facebook Ads If you have the expertise and experience in running successful Facebook Ads campaigns and can work within a limited budget, please submit your proposal. Y'all can send DM to me on ig @ To discuss about the project or can contact ...

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create an informational website for my recycling tires company. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating interactive forms. Here are the project requirements: - Design and develop an informational website for my recycling tires company - Implement interactive forms for users to submit inquiries, feedback, and requests - Create a visually appealing layout with custom graphics that aligns with the overall theme of recycling and sustainability - Ensure user-friendly navigation and functionality for a seamless user experience - Optimize the website for search engines to improve online visibility and attract organic traffic - Integrate social media sharing buttons to encourage the sharing of content and incre...

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    I am looking for someone who can help me sync all the products from my active and fully functional Shopify store with my Amazon seller account. I don't have a specific deadline for this project, so I am looking for someone who can work at their own pace. Requirements: - Experience with syncing products between Shopify and Amazon seller accounts - Familiarity with both platforms and their APIs - Ability to handle product details and descriptions, as some are already prepared but others will need assistance If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to discuss further details and pricing. Thank you!

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    ...current Laravel 5 database structure to align with the requirements of the Flutter application, ensuring data integrity. 4. Authentication and Authorization: - Robust authentication and authorization mechanisms will be integrated to fortify the security of the application. 5. State Management: - The Flutter developer will choose and implement an appropriate state management approach to optimize the performance and responsiveness of the application. 6. Testing: - Rigorous testing will be conducted to guarantee that all features of the application function flawlessly, free from errors or inconsistencies. 7. Documentation: - The developer will update the developer documentation comprehensively to ease future developments and maintenance. 8. Create DockerFile: - A...

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    I am looking for a translator who can translate text from English to Portuguese on an ongoing bas...The ideal candidate should have basic fluency in Portuguese and should be able to accurately translate the text. Skills and experience required for the job: - Fluent in English and Portuguese - Ability to translate text accurately - Previous experience in translation projects - Attention to detail - Strong communication skills This is a continuous project, so I am looking for someone who can commit to providing translation services on an ongoing basis. The translator should be able to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality translations. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please provide examples of previous translation work and your rate per word or...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can optimize the speed of my website, The current loading time is less than 3 seconds, but I want to further improve it to 1-2 seconds. The entire website needs speed optimization, so I am looking for someone who can optimize all the pages and elements. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in website speed optimization - Knowledge of techniques and tools to improve loading time - Familiarity with website performance analysis and optimization - Ability to identify and fix performance bottlenecks - Proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to optimize code - Experience in optimizing images and other media files - Familiarity with caching and content delivery networks (C...

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    ...merchant tool and ads, and have a track record of improving conversion rates, I would love to hear from you. Please provide examples of previous projects or campaigns you have worked on. At this moment Google merchant tool: Small issues: 1. Limited performance due to missing identifiers [gtin, mpn, brand] Add a brand and either a GTIN or MPN. If this product is one-of-a-kind or vintage, you don't need to add an identifier. ============= 2. Missing value [age group] Add this attribute to your product data ============= 3. Remove all promotional text and only describe your product so customers can better understand your product ============= Plus Google Ads Campaign: Small issues: 1. No product or listing group Create a new product or listing group to start showing...

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    I am from Galactic Crows S.R.L looking for someone to play and test my Steam game and provide gameplay feedback. Specifically, I would like the tester to focus on specific levels or areas of the game. The testing period should be around 1-2 hours. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Experience playing and testing video games - Strong attention to detail - Ability to provide constructive feedback on gameplay - Provide a feedback (pos itve) on steam

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    Blog Writer 6 hari left

    ...seeking an experienced blog writer to create daily informative blog posts for my website. - The desired word count for each blog post is more than 1000 words. - The tone of the blog should be informative, providing valuable information to the readers. - The frequency of posts needed is daily, requiring consistent and timely delivery of high-quality content. - The ideal candidate should have excellent research skills and the ability to write in a clear and engaging manner. - Strong knowledge in the subject matter and the ability to conduct thorough research is essential. - The writer should be able to present complex information in a digestible and easy-to-understand manner. - SEO knowledge and the ability to optimize content for search engines is highly preferred. - The wr...

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    Seo Content Writer 6 hari left

    ...articles that engage and educate the target audience in my industry - Strong understanding of SEO best practices and how to optimize content for search engines - Knowledge of keyword research and ability to identify relevant keywords for the articles - Excellent research skills to gather information and data for the articles - Attention to detail and ability to deliver error-free content - Strong communication skills to collaborate with me and understand my requirements If you are a talented SEO Content Writer who can help me create informative and optimized articles for my specific industry, please reach out to me. The service is active at "". The pages that you need to update :

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    I am looking for a social media paid campaign expert who can help me increase sales through targeted ad...of successfully increasing sales through social media campaigns Specific requirements: - Develop and implement a strategic paid campaign on Facebook to drive sales - Conduct detailed audience research to target young adults (ages 20-35) - Create compelling and engaging ad content that resonates with the target audience - Monitor and analyze campaign performance, making necessary adjustments to optimize results - Provide regular reports and insights on campaign progress and performance If you have a solid understanding of Facebook advertising, experience in targeting young adults, and a proven track record of increasing sales through social media campaigns, I would love to hear...

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    Project Description: Facebook Ad Campaign for Ecommerce Website Target Audience: Both genders - The Facebook ad should be designed to appeal to both men and women, ensuring maximum reach and engagement. Main Goal: Boost product sales - The primary objective of the Facebook ad campaign is to drive conversions and increase sales for the ecommerce website. Budget: Less than $200 - The client has a limited budget for the Facebook ad campaign, therefore cost-effective and efficient strategies are required. Skills and Experience: - Experience in creating effective Facebook ad campaigns that have successfully generated sales for ecommerce websites. - Proficiency in targeting and reaching a diverse audience, including both men and women. - Strong knowledge of Facebook ad platform...

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    Performance Marketing 6 hari left

    ...focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We are looking for a partner who is confident in their ability to generate tangible results and is interested in a profit-sharing arrangement. This role is ideal for someone who is passionate about sustainability and has a proven track record in leveraging social media for impactful performance marketing. Key Responsibilities: Develop and execute high-ROI social media marketing campaigns, primarily on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Craft compelling ad creatives and copy that resonate with our eco-conscious target audience. Manage and optimize ad budgets to maximize ROAS. Analyze campaign performance, providing regular reports and insights, and making data-driven adjustments to strategies. Collaborate closely with our...

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    ...developer who can help me improve the Core Web Vitals performance of my WordPress website. The current performance score falls between 50-75, and I need it to be passed successfully. Specific requirements: - I need recommendations to pass the Core Web Vitals as all the pages on my website are underperforming. - I do not have access to the website backend, so I need a developer who can provide me with recommendations and solutions to optimize the performance. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in optimizing Core Web Vitals for WordPress websites. - Familiarity with performance optimization techniques and best practices. - Ability to provide clear recommendations and solutions for improving website perfo...

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    15 bida within 10 days - Target Audience: Middle-aged adults (25-45) - Budget: Less than $100 - Desired Outcome: Increase product sales Skills and Experience Required: - Expert Performance Marketer with proven track record in Facebook ads - Strong understanding of middle-aged adult consumer behavior and preferences - Experience in creating highly targeted and compelling ad campaigns - Ability to optimize ad performance, targeting, and budget allocation to maximize conversions and sales - Proficiency in analyzing ad data and making data-driven decisions to improve campaign effectiveness - Knowledge of Facebook ad policies and best practices to ensure compliance and maximize ad reach - Excellent communication and collaboration skills to work closely with the client and provide r...

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    I am in need of someone who can provide a comprehensive review and step-by-step guide on how to improve my website. Please note that I am not looking for a new website to be built, but rather improvements to be made to the existing website. Areas of focus: - Design and layout - Content and messaging - SEO and search rankings My main goals for improving these areas are: - Increase user engagement - Improve visual appeal - Boost search engine rankings Please see the attached word document to demonstrate the points I need covering - additional areas that you feel are not covered in this document should also be included. I would like to receive the comprehensive review and step-by-step guide within 1 week. Ideal skills and experience for this job...

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    ...the U.K., Ireland, Australia and New Zealand: Pakistan. India. China. Russia (banned from my projects entirely). Ukraine. Azerbaijan. Japan. Korea. Israel. Skills and experience needed: - Strong knowledge and experience in modding Arma 3 - Proficiency in multi-threading and performance optimization techniques - Familiarity with the game's graphics rendering and AI systems Key requirements: - Optimize the game's performance to make it run smoother and faster - Identify and address any bottlenecks in the game's code - Improve the overall gameplay experience by reducing lag and improving frame rates Additional information: - There is no specific benchmark performance target, I simply want the game to be better overall. - Any suggestions or advice on how to achieve...

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    ...skilled freelancer who can increase the speed of my website. Current Loading Speed: Moderate Areas to Improve Speed: Entire Website Additional Features: Yes, design improvements Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in website optimization and speed improvement - Proficiency in optimizing website performance, including reducing page load time and optimizing code - Knowledge of caching techniques and content delivery networks (CDNs) - Experience in optimizing media content loading, such as images and videos - Expertise in front-end development and design to enhance the website's visual appeal while improving speed Please provide examples of previous projects where you have successfully improved website speed and design. Please, optimi...

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    Heat exchanger 6 hari left

    Heat Exchanger Design and Analysis I am looking for a skilled engineer who can design and analyze a heat exchanger for my project. The heat exchanger needs to meet specific requirements and specifications that I will provide through data upload. Key Requirements: - Pinch design method to be used for the heat exchanger design - Ability to analyze and optimize the heat exchanger performance - Expertise in heat exchanger sizing and material selection based on operational conditions Skills and Experience: - Strong background in mechanical engineering and heat transfer - Proficient in using software tools for heat exchanger design and analysis - Experience in working with different types of heat exchangers, such as shell and tube, plate and frame, and air-cooled - Familiarity with pi...

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    Project Title: Can someone solve this CPP DSA Problem | Check attached file All Information About problem : Description: I am looking for a skilled and experienced CPP developer to help me solve a data structure implementation problem. The problem is of advanced complexity and requires a deep understanding of data structures and algorithms. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CPP programming language - Strong knowledge of data structures and algorithms - Experience in implementing complex data structures - Familiarity with algorithm analysis techniques - Ability to understand and analyze the attached problem file - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail The project needs to be completed ASAP.

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    Project Title: Canva One-on-One Training for Graphic Design Beginners (Less than 5 hours) I am looking for a skilled individual who can provide one-on-one training in Canva specifically for graphic design purposes. As a beginner in Canva, I am seeking guidance and knowledge in utilizing its graphic design capabilities effectively. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Canva, with a strong focus on graphic design features - In-depth knowledge of Canva's tools, templates, and design elements - Experience in creating visually appealing and professional graphic designs using Canva Training Requirements: - The training sessions should be tailored towards beginners in Canva, focusing on graphic design techniques and best practices. - The duration of the training should be less than 5 h...

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    E-commerce Store or App Development with Shopify Skills and practices - Experience in inventory management for e-commerce stores Project Requirements: - Develop an e-commerce store or app using Shopify - Implement inventory management feature to track stock levels and manage product inventory - Create a user-friendly interface for customers to browse and purchase products - Ensure seamless integration with payment gateways for secure transactions - Optimize the store for mobile responsiveness and fast loading speed - Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the store Timeline: - No time limit, flexible completion timeframe Note: If you have prior experience in Shopify development and inventory management for e-commerce stores, please provide relevant samples of ...

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    ...knowledge of Instagram algorithms and best practices - Creativity in designing and curating visually appealing content - Strong understanding of target audience and ability to tailor content accordingly - Proficiency in using scheduling and analytics tools for social media management - Excellent written and verbal communication skills - Ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions to optimize content strategy - Familiarity with current social media trends and emerging platforms Responsibilities: - Develop and implement a content strategy to boost engagement on Instagram - Create and curate high-quality, visually appealing content consistently - Write engaging captions and utilize relevant hashtags to increase reach - Monitor and respond to comments and messages in a ti...

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    I am looking for a Youtube marketing expert to help me increase views and engagement for my channel. Target Audience: No specific target Content: I need all content created for the channel. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in successful Youtube marketing campaigns - Ability to create engaging and high-quality content - Knowledge of current trends and strategies in Youtube marketing - Familiarity with SEO techniques for Youtube - Strong communication and collaboration skills - Ability to analyze data and make data-driven decisions to optimize the campaign

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    I am looking for an expert Android developer who can create a video streaming app with the following requirements: - Live streaming feature only - The app should support live streaming over SRT, RTMP, and UDP protocols - The project n...streaming over SRT, RTMP, and UDP protocols - The project needs to be completed within 1 month Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong proficiency in Android development, specifically in video streaming - Experience with integrating live streaming APIs and protocols - Knowledge of SRT, RTMP, and UDP streaming protocols - Familiarity with video encoding and decoding - Ability to optimize video streaming performance and handle network challenges If you have the required skills and can meet the project timeline, please submit your...

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