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    Trophy icon Design a Logo 27 hari left

    We have a traditional logo which we like but it could do with a freshen up. Our customers are familiar with the logo which has been in the market and unchanged for 25 years. So we don't want a complete change and risk losing the recognition factor. The brand is for specialised laboratory equipment that punches out paper disks, like an office hole punch, but far more sophisticated and compu...

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    Dijamin Sulit
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    Hello, The main goal of this project is to be able, on a DIY CNC, to milling both side of a wood board by flipping it and repositioning it very precisely (or compute the needed translation/rotation). I have a RPI attached to a CNC and i want to be able to compute real time Z axis rotation / 2D X,Y translation values between 4 holes (rectangle corners) between a reference image of my wood board a...

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    I need someone to help with a project to complete the designs for 60-70 kitchen cabinet carcasses (base units, corner cabinets, wall units, appliance towers each of varying sizes), there may be several iterations for each carcass unit as we produce and test the completed designs. We see the requirement for someone to work on this full or part-time for 6-8 weeks, potentially longer. We have in-ho...

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    Maintenance and update list #1: I have one problem need to be fix urgently On the mune list on mobile Version, the links of categories not click good it is click as hole one not one by one #2 : WooCommerce database update required WooCommerce has been updated! To keep things running smoothly, we have to update your database to the newest version. The database update process runs in the backg...

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    Image Creation 4 jam left

    I have images that want to convert to another type if possible. I would like to convert Image 1 to a type like image 2 if possible. Edit: I need prove of work with one image since i have around 60 images to convert. Then arrange a price for the hole package. If this possible in here. I don't know.

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    You have been assigned with the design of a composite shell for the wing of PC9 aircraft. Under Design Limit Load (DLL), the composite laminate is subjected to given ??, ?? and ???. The laminate configuration based on the aerospace design guidelines is required. Assume that zero and 90-degree plies do not contribute towards the shear strength of the laminate. Part A: Determining failure properties...

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    2D ANIMATION for Transformation Logo. See attached Storyboard Files and Description provided below. Also provided is Logo Source File and Color Scheme. The illustrator file will not upload. I have them. Let me know if you want it via email. (Sound Effect is included. No Voice-over). I will want Point #1 through Point #7 to be between 3 to 5 secs. Then, Point #7 and #8 can alternate for as much as ...

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    Think comedy, open to artists interpretations (Design 1) Goat - "It's been a baaad year 2020" (Design 2) Inspiration from show "Tiger King" - Think cheetah print, outlandish (Design 3) "Having a whale of a time, 2020" mask - Incorporate ventilator hole on mask as whales blow hole (Design 4) Peaceful forest scene - "Lets Escape" (Design 5) Meditation - ...

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    We need a TCP/IP and UDP hole punch process for create a P2P. Need to make a proof of concept and work that a hole punch will work and will keep alive in any kind of network environment. The cloud could be full proof of work in a simple C# application that receive the first communication and keep the socket openned. A second device shall communicate with the C# cloud get the tcp/ip:port and or ...

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    I need someone how as a good experience with the WordPress plugin from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We are almost done but because we have a quite complex setup we would need to modify the core of the plugin. We have 4 different products which all have unique pricing and now we need to modify the core of the plugin to archive our needs. The need is also to modify the woocommerce check out with t...

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    Hi there, I am currently developing an MMO RTS (Massively Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) game which is in an early alpha stage. You can preview the game here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I am looking for a talented freelancer to provide the artwork for the game, which at this stage is mainly the units and buildings in the game that are drawn on the map (i.e. not the UI). You should have ...

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    I want to take an image of a golf course green and photo-edit onto it a sequence of a golf ball flying onto that green, landing, and then bouncing towards the golf hole. I will provide the golf green image from shutterstock and my own hand-drawn tracing of the golf ball flight I want you to create. It is for a Facebook Ad.

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    I want to take an image of a golf course green and photo-edit onto it a sequence of a golf ball flying onto that green, landing, and then bouncing towards the golf hole. I will provide the golf green image from shutterstock and my own hand-drawn tracing of the golf ball flight I want you to create. You would need to insert a golf ball and make it look realistic. It is for a Facebook Ad. Can you ...

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    I need a very simple 3D model made. It's a robot vacuum ramp. It basically consist of three parts 1. A part that you can attach to the other piece. On the left side it needs to have the attaching piece and on the right a hole for it to be able to attach to (Look at attached image to understand better.) 2. A part that doesnt have the attaching piece on the left ( because it's the end) 3....

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    Project As a JavaScript developer, your role will be to create a UI Widget that allows users to create dynamic/scalable images based on content entered by the customers. The ‘content’ rules must be defined inside an HTML/CSS template. The UI Widget must be architected in a way that it is easy to migrate it into a WordPress plugin. Qualifications: Strong Experience with HTML5, CSS/SAS...

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    I have a theme I need to convert to a hibrid app in flutter or Reactnative. Just using webview in one link in wordpress backend, not hole page only backend

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    2D CAD Drawing Tamat left

    I'm going to be seeking a quotation of laser cutting sheet metal from a contractor and want to provide a complete CAD drawing to make quotation easier and also for creation of final product. The sheet metal dimensions are 101.6 mm width x 160.334 mm height. Drawing should represent the laser cutting of 10 sets of holes for (white) and (red) RCA audio panel mount connectors lined up in two c...

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    Design a logo Tamat left

    Bonanza Resort Logo I am the Marketing Manager for Bonanza Resort that is opening 23 October, and we still do not have a logo confirmed for the Resort and will need your expertise to help us design something. We are located in Lusaka, Zambia. Bonanza first opened in 2012 the with a Residential Estate consisting of over 200 5-acre plots, with the centre of the Estate left for leisure development. ...

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    61 bida

    I need to measure the dimensions of a 3D model feature using camera vision in the OpenCV tool and use image processing of that model to gain a better quality of an image. -I need to implement a Convolutional neural network with Keras to predict the futures of the models/objects to gain the Performance measure on multiclass classification accuracy, for train and validation of the object or model....

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    Costum ECU Tamat left

    This for DIY EFI . All diagram already have. Original PCB use SMD part. Want convert to thru hole PCB pattren. and change the designer name. some part need to change the thru hole part number. Need a gerber file and bom list for thru hole

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    1 bida

    A project regarding DNS sink hold along with PowerDNS has to be done in a very minimum budget. Thanks!

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    4 bida
    Trophy icon Build me a Logo Tamat left

    My name is Tom and I work as a part-time web programmer and I need a meaningful logo for my web presence. My company name is called "intet" and it is a derivation of "nothing" and now I would need a logo that reflects this meaning. For example I had thought of a black hole. I would need a logo which I can also use in print (e.g. for business cards etc.) Therefore I would also...

    $118 (Avg Bid)
    347 penyertaan

    I need a simple circuit that 30 years ago I could have designed myself but I switched careers from electronics to computers in 1995 and haven’t designed anything electronic since then. I need a basic circuit that you could probably do in your sleep that has just 2 opto-isolated inputs and one output to a relay via a variable timer all using old fashioned through-hole components not smds. T...

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    18 bida

    I want a plastic molding that resembles the one in the screenshots attached EXCEPT I want the titling to say "LUICID" instead of "CAVEMAN". If you guys think you can do it, I would also eventually request molding castings for all of the other weight sizes as well (35, 25, 10, 5, 2.5) . I need to get those sizes and measurements as well. The molding would have to made so it ens...

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    31 bida

    Hello everyone, I am looking for someone with excellent graphic designs skills to create a door hanger flyer for my radon measurement and mitigation company. The door hanger will be 89mm x 216mm in size. The graphic must flow smoothly around the open hole of the door hanger that goes over the door knob. See template here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I would like the design to be pretty much the...

    $37 (Avg Bid)
    33 penyertaan

    We are an irrigation installer based in the UK, mainly for Fruit Farmers. We need to find a replacement product to a competitor’s system for when we replace to a new system, this is as follows: We are looking for the design of a system including PCB design and firmware/software. The requirements are for a 2-wire encoder/decoder communication that can communicate up to 1000M over the 2 wires...

    $717 (Avg Bid)
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    21 bida

    This is for an action figure head. I want help to extract the head of a full body scan (already in .obj digital form) + add a hole in the head to insert into action figure body. The head model will be sent to 3D print. File 1 and File 2: .obj file view; 3D print model from the .obj file File 3: A sample action figure head with a hole at the bottom (with no neck) Someone with 3D modeling experie...

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida

    Hi Bryan Pashian M., Per our discussion I would like to offer you my project of adding a threaded hole to a miter gear. The $10 milestone will be released by you if the job is not completed within three hours from now. Thank you.

    $10 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Adapt a current PCB that controls an electric boiler to use an HMI. Looking to use GEN4-ULCD-43DT We would layout the functions and flowchart the orders of operation based on a current design. The screens would also be designed by us, including action buttons for inputing desired data or changing screens. Your input into display functionality could be helpful also. We have a good start on this, bu...

    $19 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    24 bida

    please modify any stl for me, the only thing I need is to modify the height, keeping the uniform scale and measure for X and Y I want everyone to have a measurement of 60 mm in Z (height) and X and Y have to be extactly the same, without the screw/hole be deforming it is possible, i provide the stls I provide the original stl , check attach. 1. The base 3dmodel in the file should be delete no ...

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    26 bida
    3D modelling Tamat left

    I need 3D models of the rooms marked on attached plan drawings. There are photos from each/room viewpoint based on which you will have to model window, doors, wall panels and ceiling decorations. Outer walls and windows and doorways is needed for the entire floor plans - even outside the viewpoints. Where possible please duplicate/re-use the windows made form the photos. If not sure about the loo...

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    62 bida

    I need 12 cartoon drawings for a presentation I need to make. The turnaround is September 6th. This is the initial list. - Drawing of a key nailed on the wall (I'd send you the photo of it) - Koala with the corporate t-shirt with standing proud with a cape (color ref: #325E77). - Koala digging hole, with random objects around him, and a unicorn standing not too far from him. - Koala with gla...

    $107 (Avg Bid)
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    50 bida

    I would one picture of the two ladies making a heart shape and only seeing their eyes through the heart hole. They are suppose to be wearing mask, so I would not like their lips or nose to be in the picture.

    $27 (Avg Bid)
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    29 bida

    Please do CAD drawings for all 7 x different sizes of steel pump Base Plates that have been highlighted GREEN in the attached PDF file (notice the 25mm diameter hole at each end of the verticle face, these have been highlighted YELLOW in he PDF attached. there is also an image attached of where they're positioned and what they look like) Please do all drawings in scale 1:1 We require these i...

    $69 (Avg Bid)
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    139 bida

    I need PCB to be manufactured/ printed through automatic machine and send me through courier. For the same I will provide gorber files. Most of the PCB will be mixed design SMD and through hole type with 2 layers and both side component soldering to be done. The interested parties may quote their offers based on the size dimension of PCB or any other quantity of measurement.

    $123 (Avg Bid)
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    17 bida

    I have roughly drawn a diagram of a self closing hinge with measurements for internal components and need to have this drawn up to show clients how it would look and to use the drawings to have a 3D print made. (the measurements are fairly close i need the drawings to show that certain components will align when assembled together. Ie negative channel with a positive pin on the opposing side.) i...

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    13 bida

    We are a small company based on Munich. We are mostly focus on education, and technology industries. We are looking for a dedicated wordpress developer to help us to design our homepage framework. If you are experienced and want to join us please apply with a short cover letter and portfolio. Looking forward for your application. Homepage needs to be something similar like following site! [log m...

    $133 (Avg Bid)
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    46 bida

    Hello i am looking for someone who can make : A Reality app (AR) With one 3D character, (from head to toe 360degrees) 3 option of position for the charachter lay down / Walking on walls / up and down and upload on apple store and android store as well. The character entrance should be looking like he his getting out a hole. thank you

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    11 bida
    Trophy icon Design a cover page for my book Tamat left

    Am looking for a professionally designed cover for my book, titled, "Smiling in Hardships, Lessons from our first failure." I already tried something (attached), but I need somebody to retouch it and propose me something better, I don't really like the BIG blue in the middle. Here is the text that should appear on the front cover: Title: Smiling in Hardships Subtitle : Lessons f...

    $47 (Avg Bid)
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    Para una web de venta de muebles requerimos redaccion de articulo que genere interes de usuarios de 25-40 anios sobre: Tendencias decoracion muebles Calidad de mobiliario Herramientas innovadoras como pocket hole que se usan en la fabricacion que tambien estan a la venta en otra web Se debe incluir al menos 3 opciones de titulo

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    52 bida

    Objective is to design and 3D print 3 turbine blades, fix them to a central hub about 5 mm thick - with a 1 mm hole going through dead centre of hub.

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    39 bida

    hi, I am looking to have a logo for my Plastering Company. my company is called 'Easy As Plastering' i have a pretty clear idea of what im looking for. basically i would like it to be setup like 3 steps of plastering. 1) fixing 2) putting angles on 3) setting i would like the text to be in all caps and 3 tiered and centred , 3D and slightly a skewed back to the left on the (EASY) ...

    $60 (Avg Bid)
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    30 bida

    Looking for personalise stationary including invitations and activities for guests to write on for a memory book for a gender reveal/baby shower. Attached you'll find concept of style, layout and wording that I created using a print company. The changes I'm looking to make are minor style wise. Project will be for an invitation, prediction card, hopes and wishes card, advice and wishe...

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    29 bida

    NEW PROJECT for custom carbon cycling shoes. I'm making a carbon fiber shoes from a custom foot mold, and I need to create a 3model of the hole cleat mount. Which I have to place between the foot mold and the carbon fiber during the process of realization of the sole. on one side it should follow the shape of the foot and on the other side it should follow the LOOK CLEAT curve.

    $164 (Avg Bid)
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    42 bida

    I need an existing website rebuilt. I need you to design my personal website.

    $4 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida

    You have to do calculations for the prediction of Oil Rates as a function of bottom hole flow pressure. Pseudo-code for all calculational process is needed. You have to do the calculations in Excel. More details will be provided in chat.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
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    9 bida
    Web designer Tamat left

    I want a graphic designer for my hole project I need only freelancer they available for me any time .

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    8 bida

    Hello I saw that you have answer for somebody about logiciel poker Mavens, do you know to create a special add on for this soft? However, it has recently been demonstrated to me that it is possible to modify Poker Mavens to allow anyone to be able to see all hole cards at the table! When I say "anyone", I mean that the person running the software has to install a file on the server, and...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida

    Hello mituld, I saw that you have answer for somebody about logiciel poker Mavens, do you know this logiciel and are you able to create a special add on for this soft? However, it has recently been demonstrated to me that it is possible to modify Poker Mavens to allow anyone to be able to see all hole cards at the table! When I say "anyone", I mean that the person running the software ...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
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    1 bida