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    I need a VB6 program to programatically fill in the forms on HTML webpages. The app must be written in VB6, use the webbrowser control, and be able to programatically fill in the web forms, submit the filled in forms, be capable of clicking on links or buttons, retreiving form values, responses, text, and the html source. The app will be able to easily record form filling in actions (mac...

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    Hi, I’m looking for an app which is an advanced web crawler that enables me to extract information from the Internet. I don’t need a whole website but only some data such as the name of a product, the price, and the product’s features. Take an example : I put the website url (such as : <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]>) in the app, select with my mouse what data I need on...

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    Arch Layout Example Having trouble understanding some basics of ASP.NET and need to an example of a specific framework layout, so that I can get back to work asap. ## Deliverables I need to make an Intranet of different Modules/Apps -- very similar to iBuySpy example, but not exactly -- hence my questions: Base WebSite There is one Base Web application called IntranetPortal... ...

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    I need to post data from a form in Visual Basic to a website. I am open to all suggestions. The application will read a text file and a set interval and post all of the text in that file. I want to collect this data in an Access database to be displayed on the web. My web host supports ASP. I want to post from the VB app if I could. Open to suggestions. Thank you!! Mike ## Deliver...

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    Bidders are required to show demos/examples of what I need: The last developer on this project was a COMPLETE FAILURE. Don't bid if you don't know PHP or VB or MYSQL. I am looking for an application written in VB that will sit in our users task-bar tray after they download the windows app. The windows app will act almost IDENTICAL to MSN messenger except its NOT an instant messenger ...

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    I posted this once already, but the programmer selected never did the work, so now I have an EMERGENCY need. (if you can't do it now, don't bother bidding on this one) I Need a set of PHP scripts (ONLY PHP!) ASAP to collect and verify optin-signups. Consist of several scripts: all information required to operate and install these scripts, such as paths, file names, etc. will be put in ...

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    This is basically a rework of an app that I wrote in VB a few years ago, and now needs upgrade for using through a web-browser interface. I have already a website running PHP/MySQL under Linux, so those are part of the requirements. There will be three kinds of people using the PHP script: Admin, supervisors, and candidates. Admin use cases: (This will be me!) - Login. - Track supervisor usage /s...

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    This project is to develop our company's web site. The model for our website is: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The site will also have a contact us form and a signup form for downloaded whitepapers. All resulting pages will need to be uploaded and tested. Please provide link(s) to what you have to offer via the message board. This projects is a one of many projects coming forth. Fut...

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    **Please do not bid on this item unless you can professionally complete this program. This is to be a clone of Live Person. Please check out the website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and download the demo. Once you have downloaded the demo, make sure you have used the demo and that you will be able to include the same features before placing a bid. The functionality and feel to the program mu...

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    I need an entire website done for a rug gallary web site. The features include a backend database, shopping cart, product page, contact info., lots of links, a location finder, educational info (to be given), a calader of events, a registration process (with verification), promotional emails to send, easily modifyable database **(add/modify/delete items &** other easily modifyable administrati...

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    I need an installation program for a web application (e.g. an icon on the start menu/desktop/icon tray to launch my website) I also need a lightweight IE wrapper so the web-app can appear without the toolbar or explorer panes, etc. All I want is a title bar, min/max/close and my webpage displayed in the window. Since I have several web applications I would like to be able to customize th...

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    We need the following. An Application developed preferably in VB that allows our client to manage inventory. The purpose of the project is to allow the client to create custom private label catalogs for sales reps. The client needs to add, edit delete inventory from about 40 manufacturers. The ability to upload images and print out catalogs based on parameters that he chooses. For instance, one sa...

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    I need a web-bot/data miner to query a single website via POST form. There will be approximately 5300 querys which change one field on every request from a predefined data set. App. must retrieve results from every query and save as a text file. I prefer all results to be saved in a single merged text document. Some querys will result in 20+ pages of returned data. App. must be able to retrieve &a...

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    We need to upgrade our website and want to make it so that we can update it frequently without having to know html coding.. we also want to add a ecommerce area for users that we invite.. there will not be a merchant account attached just Purchase order info... the ecommerce area will also need to be a catalog that we can update daily with pictures and information that we place or pull from a webs...

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    I purchased the attached application in order to implement multiple choice web quizzes on my website. It uses PHP and MYSQL for creating the quizzes. It gets the job accomplished but there are a few things that I need modified. 1. As it is now, you must enter each question manually by typing, or cutting and pasting, along with each possible answer choice. You can imagine how tedious this is, espec...

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    im a developer of an great mp3 application and need a killer website. something friendly for searhc engines and with a very serious but modern look. take a look on my app from here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] download it and try it, take a look on the help file. i like dark colors (black, blue, gray per example) because its a music related software. I like interfaces (high tech) but not as a vi...

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    A Quick screenshots, text, and more info. Basically I would like a Contact Management System. The company basically does party planning for companies. The user will collect information, sends out invoices, makes reports, and get email back and forth. We would like the following: GUI Side ***Complete integration of email (exactly like Outlook) where we can put in user-na...

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    Whenever you visit a website, the owner of that website can see a logfile entry for your visit. Usually something like this, for example: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - - [29/Oct/2002:03:02:41 -0800] "GET / HTTP/1.1" 200 17775 "-" "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.0)" I understand what MSIE 6.0 means and what Windows NT 5.0 means. But la...

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    We are out to build a hosting directory that is as good or better than anything out there on the web today. We have listed a lot of different url's to directories below. Before you place a bid, do your reasearch, take a look at these sites and tell us what features our site will have. 1) We am pretty sure we want designed in PHP 2) We need both customer areas and admin areas to be full fe...

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    Ok, Im a newbie. Lets get that out first. =) Ive been trying to get a good grasp on Programming. Im also very interested in web publishing. Ive mastered the BASIC programming language (LOL) and Ive gotten OK at Visual Basic. I learn very fast! I want my web pages to come alive. I use flash and jscript but they dont do exactly all that I want. So, I took a look at other people's pages and they...

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    I need a small logo wide and web site header620 pixels(app), for a web site and small business called "the critter place " . I want a logo with some nice colors i can build a website around and a vector impression of the same logo for tee shirts etc. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Co...

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