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    Hi we are currently learning about XSS in class and all that is required is to launch an XSS attack via JS to create a popup. Obvious things like <script>alert("1")<script/> are not allowed because a JS overrides those. The input is stored in string format, however it is encoded (to what i belive xml encoding ). I need help on getting this to work

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    File Restyle Tamat left

    Mobile Area - I need the images in the menu section to be space out 3 Pages - Retsyle, must look like a site reference (Attack, Inventory, Preference) Fix a little line - can't seem to get even as the top line Need this done with in 1 DAY

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed using Java. For example imagine Netflix, you are watching a movie and you want to make sure that the video and audio are not out if sync. If out of sync then the test will fail after assessing the video.

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    ...Sequence 11 ----------------------- They made many weapons and armors using that special technique.... And that made the hands Super Heros...... And the zombies couldn't attack them Sequence 12 ---------------------- They waited for the germs to return Seqence 13 ---------------------- The superhero armies distroyed the germs with their superhero

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    ...carry. Rules of the sport: You play 1vs1 or 2vs2. They ball is allowed to touch the table once during the attack. Afterwards the oponent team has a maximum of 3 touches to defend and attack again. There are no fixed sides, so you can attack in every direction. Here you can find a video of one of our competitors in brasil: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We need to simulate sinkhole or sybil attack using cooja simulator in RPL. Thus, we need to modify the source code of objective function that handles rank calculation. All this must be done in contiki OS 2.7

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    I am going to create chrome extension which download videos from netflex. Netflix has good security. You have to fetch stream and make downloadable link. Serious bid.

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    Hello I am looking for video editor with 3D skills to create some thing like game of thrones into for a plastic surgery hospital the 4- a nose reformation we need as well a music that sounds like GOT intro but not 100% same so it will not got claimed maybe a cover or some thing altered . please attack a sample of your 3D video work .

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    I need a graphic for a project. Edgy, quirky, fun, clean lines. Bomb in place of mountain bike frame. Mountain Biker in "attack" position. Mountain Biker in "Downhill Kit" and Full Face helmet. Rider more of silhouette. "Evil grin" on bomb. Black and white, gray scale color.

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    Trophy icon Draw me a Fox Tamat left

    Hey, my name is Patrick. My dad died a few months ago at the age of 50 by heart attack. That threw me really hard out of the train. Me and my family (my granny, uncles and my sister) we are living really far away from each other, so there are not many chances to see each other. But this tragedy made us feel closer. I want to create a symbol for everyone

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    Please be serious. Only when you can do this job, please bid. Netflix has good security. you have to fetch stream and make downloadable link.

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    Please be serious. Only when you can do this job, please bid. Netflix has good security. you have to fetch stream and make downloadable link.

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    I am going to create chrome extension which download videos from netflex. Netflix has good security. You have to fetch stream and make downloadable link. Serious bid.

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    i wanted to create custom bomber for my personal use. using berserk (manga) armor as a texture on whole bomber. using wings of freedom concept (attack on titan manga) with a twist of red and white wings and without the border red on the right and white on the left. and a customize logo that fits in with initial SN and tagline abyys deep your design

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    I am using cloud flares and aws. My original ip is under attack. I changed ip several times using "private IP" provided by aws, but I was attacked. So I will only allow cloudflare ip on aws. want to set all security for IP impressions. I am looking for a professional to set this up. looking for professionals who can provide detailed manuals in

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    ...requirements stipulated by Recruit4U. Furthermore, it is important that the new design is not vulnerable to any attacks that have to do with IP, geographic , location or any form of attack Recruit4U’s requirements Required services: • File storage • FTP • SSH • Mail • Webmail application • MySQL databases • External web site and web applications ...

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    For a university project,I am looking to develop an online game library (sort of like a Netflix for games). Users will sign up, subscribe to a genre of games (eg adventure, horror, survival etc) and then be able to download and play those games as long as their subscription is active (it is a pay monthly subscription). Any save game data they make will

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    I want make app like netflix for android

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    ...provide photos to illustrate. The name of my business is WhitePaperWolf. The idea for a logo I had was to -Have a white wolf (see photo) (drawn or animated, not sure) -in an attack stance and snarling (see photo) -Has business-type papers in its mouth (see photo) -With the business name "WhitePaperWolf" next to it using the steel-type styling (See photo)

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    We are writing smart TV web apps. One feature causing us trouble is deep linking to other apps, such as Netflix and Hulu. Suppose we want our app to promote the show Tyrel. In the browser, I can deep link to that title with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The problem is that this URL doesn't work on Tizen, WebOS, etc

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    ...Verantwortliche dies noch anpassen kann. - Auf der Plattform soll es eine IT-Sicherheitsprüfung geben, einen Browser-Check mit Passwort-Generator sowie regelmäßige Phishing-Tests. „Die simulierten Phishing-Mails sollen eine wirksame Maßnahme sein, um das Bewusstsein für die Gefahren zu schärfen, die von mit Schadstoffen infizierten E-Mails aus...

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    ...against a pharmaceutical giant. They shall remain nameless. Please depict them as a corporate/pharmaceutical giant. If you want to know just how bad they really are, watch the Netflix series "Dirty Money" episode 3. That organisation is the one I'm fighting. You'll understand when you see it. So this series of 3-10 drawings is about me (the little guy

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    I am creating a An...I need a talented Unreal developer to help me plug everything together I have to compile and more cohesive game, I need things like Stamina bars, Blood loss meters, Health, Attack and defense animations plugged into the models, Basic fighting game things! I have most of the 3d models, animations and Environments already completed.

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    I am creating a ...I need a talented Unreal developer to help me plug everything togther I have to compile and more cohesive game, I need things like Stamina bars, Blood loss meters, Health, Attack and defense animations plugged into the models, Basic fighting game things! I have most of the 3d models, animations and Environments already completed.

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    Cyber security Tamat left

    ...spoofing and similar attacks. We will try replicate a URL spoofing attack. One virtual machine will have the needed Google Chrome version installed. Another virtual machine will have Nessus tool installed, that will help us to determine whether the victim can be affected by the attack. We will use tools from Kali linux, like deblaze package, to spoof

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    we provide the airfoil coordinates, develop the 3d wing and meshing should be done using ICEM cfd, after that with different tempe...done using ICEM cfd, after that with different temperature (i.e. 30 deg, 40 deg and 50 deg) do the analysis in ansys software. total 3 sets of results for various angle of attack i.e. -4 deg to 20 deg interval of 2 deg.

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    Hello I have set on power measurements 27 columns 14 voltage magnitude and 13 columns phase angle colum...and -1 is normal measurements i want to use machine learning unsupervised learning (fuzzy c mean clustering) and supervised learning Recurrent neural network to detect the attack and find the accuracy, recall and precision for the detection model

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    ...user can click on to report a phishing email that email will then go to an email box for an IT person to review to see if it is safe or not. I also need a lightweight portal that a user can login and then see the results of users that have submitted phishing emails for review. Also I would like to send out fake phishing emails to users and record if

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    17 bida that's probably why. I'd like to add a subscription service to the site, disallowing non subscribers from watching videos, with a monthly subscription fee (kind of like netflix). If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then let me know. There are a few extra things that I'd like done to the site, but we can talk more about that once

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    Hi, i want to make an IOS and Android App Similar to Netflix with more attractive design. Regards

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    For 2 sculptures with a attack and idle animation

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    Servidor de peliculas online algo parecido a netflix

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    I want to design a site...Support for google adsense ads. - Collect points by solving quiz questions. - Collect points by watching videos (YouTube - Advertising Videos). - Reward system: (Google play - Netflix cards - Steam cards). - Linking Payment via PayPal - (Credit Card - [log masuk untuk melihat URL]). - Protection against hacking and without gaps. Thank you

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    ...como ÍCONE do aplicativo, preferências para que essa logo seja feita em material design, que seja original e que seja memorável, assim como o são os ícones do google, gmail, netflix,tinder, tweeter... Deseja-se que todas as artes+logo circular criadas sejam assimiladas como sendo do mesmo personagem. As artes referentes ao personagem serão utiliza...

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    ...system operates. Mininet operating [log masuk untuk melihat URL] system that works on the proposed forensic [log masuk untuk melihat URL] proposed system includes two algorithms for intrusion detection and attack using neural networks and artificial intelligence and this requires their operation on a phantom system [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is not recommended to use a laptop because ...

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    We want to build an Android Application similar functionality like Amazon Prime Video or Netflix.

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    View: 3/4 topdown Style: Pixel art Theme: Reference Moonlighter ([log masuk untuk melihat URL] to the monsters. *Note: - Heroes have factions (elf, orc, human, undead etc...) - Heroes have animations: Idle, Attack, Special Attack (skill), Die - Monsters have animations: Walk, Attack, Die, some of them have Special Attack

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    Perjanjian Kerahsiaan
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    Hi there I have recently had a DDOS attack on my website, and some files got infected and need to be cleaned. Please only apply if you are available to start immediately, right now, and also if you have experience with this type of issue. Please tell me about similar experience in your reply. Many thanks

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    I need a movie for netflix, youtube or a watching software.

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    ...following reasons...see which one is applicable to you: 1. Eating wrong food. 2. Mental stress. 3. Physical exertion. NOTE : Often one blames sun to be the trigger for a migraine attack. Infact the body needs rest & rest happens best in quiet & darkness. Hence when exposed to sunlight, body signals its need of rest to you through a headache. Sun is not the

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    Hello I need a website with all the features like the Netflix site. A graphic group is already designed for the site, but only graphic Now I need Android and IOS to build the site and application I need a completely dedicated CMS WordPress WordPress But Fully Customized I prefer a group or person from Asia to do this project for me. I do

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    ...distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack. Phishing and spear phishing attacks. Drive-by attack. Password attack. SQL injection attack. Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack. Eavesdropping attack. All we need is between 1 or 2 paragraphs per attack. For this work all a freelancer needs to do...

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    Goojo TV - is a Netflix like video streaming app customized for African users. The app is currently in development with few milestones left before it's launched in iOS and Android. The mobile app is built using ionic framework (angular), it also has a customized admin backend. We are using Google Firebase Cloud.

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    ...expected to perform the necessary hacking activities (scanning, identifying vulnerabilities … etc.). In order to perform the exploit, you will need an “attack” image. You can use “Kali Linux” as your attack machine. Kali Linux comes with all the tools that you would need to exploit the many vulnerabilities that exist in Metasploitable 2. Other resou...

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    ...sociable, friendly, funny and open-minded. Family is very important to her and she meets them whenever possible or talks to them on the phone on a daily basis. She watches TV and Netflix or does her homework. She listens to music and meets her friends afterwork. She usually goes to work by scooter but when it’s raining she can also order a UBER. She lives in

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    13 bida can see on the sketch The player bases are placed at the end of a map. Units spawn from it and walk lanes down to the opposite side. They attack only other minions or the enemy base. Minion can not be attack directly by heros but suffer from area damage (like throwing heroes around) The player can not Influence which units spawn (ok, maybe there are

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    I am looking for an app like NETFLIX. let me know if you have the expertise . Total budget is $100 + cost of APIs

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    My project is based in power grid and cyber security. Attack on the power grid and forcing breakers to cut off the connection from power grid to houses

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    7 bida way is to get her hitched. She's not unnattractive; in fact she's good looking. She's just a little bit unsubtle. The title is a very clever play on words that will grab netflix viewership instantly. Whats involved is nothing weird, just a fair amount of drinking and carrying on if you choose to partake. Free lodging, share the royalties, maybe even

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    I will need a website and an app to sell psn, xbox live, netflix cards etc. The customer will buy the cards and the card code will be sent to them by sms or email

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