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    Look at the javascript on the page driving it. You need a cookie that only gets placed on the computer if you have the correct password. You need to automate rotating a VPN to not get blocked ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). Some information I found: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    This is an updated/revised post from our original listing. We made some updates which i think will clarify a few things. Our company is an adult oriented drop shipping store that has been built with WOO/WP and built on this Impreza theme [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Its safe to say that you have to comfortable in this niche as we dealing with sexual oriented items. However 100% of the items c...

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    Hi Guys I am looking for a web developer who can customise ResellerClub SuperSite according to my specification. Required skills HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

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    Hello. My project is developing a SDK (library) for my API. Here is the OpenAPI 3.0 specification, documentation: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Can you develop a SDK to consume my API in Python? And can you estimate a cost for this job?

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    Hello. My project is developing a SDK (library) for my API. Here is the OpenAPI 3.0 specification, documentation: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Can you develop a SDK to consume my API in Python? And can you estimate a cost for this job?

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    Hello. My project is developing a SDK (library) for my API. Here is the OpenAPI 3.0 specification, documentation: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Can you develop a SDK to consume my API in Python? And can you estimate a cost for this job?

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    The Mini Factory is a project linked to our web agency. On one side we have the agency, offering to build website ; developing the SEO etc. On the other site, The Mini Factory will be an e-commerce website, with the purpose to offer quick services that our Web Agency is not offering. We are looking for an expert who will be able to develop this e-commerce website, accordingly to our specificatio...

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    I need someone to collect exam questions online related to GCSE specification, I also need general admin tasks doing. Someone with an education background and/or knowledge of computer science will do. Ongoing work for the right person throughout the year.

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    Design ER & EER model project 4 hari left

    Draw an EER diagram according to accurately represent the design description below. You can use any tools to draw the EER diagram, indicate all the super classes, subclasses, entity sets, relationship sets, cardinality ratios, participations, attributes, and primary keys. Clearly specify any reasonable assumptions if they are not specified in the design specification.

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    I need to build a progressive web application for a system that has been designed with a complete specification and screen designs. I need a developer to code the application. I specifically require a code that is clean, well structured, and modularized to enable micro-services since the features of the system will scale differently. The number of screens to be developed is 26. I will share spec d...

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    I need to build a progressive web application for a system that has been designed with a complete specification and screen designs. I need a developer to code the application. I specifically require a code that is clean, well structured, and modularized to enable micro-services since the features of the system will scale differently. The number of screens to be developed is 26. I will share spec d...

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    The specifications we need to match are in the link below. Please only apply if you have experience with this. [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    An android java prototype app is in development using base specification. We need help with reading from and writing to a bluetooth connected hardware device. Base code has been developed but needs further refinement. A pre-defined connection protocol document is available. App development has progressed enough that once the bluetooth connection and commands are tested and working, further devel...

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    Health IT services project scope: Development: Android Framework Development for creating health specific Android apps. Framework will consist of discrete modules based on Object-Oriented Protocol, and power both clinician and patient facing apps. Involves communication with a "standardized" RESTful Server transmitting JSON data models. We will provide API specification and a server...

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    I would like to know if it is different from a general purchase tool. If you have a track record of purchasing tools, please make a suggestion. Also, I'd be happy if I could write in Python, but if there is a specification problem and a specific programming language is required, please tell me the reason.

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    Conversion of document to to text/jpg and jpg files as per the given specification and document

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    The project is dedicated to estimating prototype stability based on the extended Arrhenius equation - so-called ASAP (Accelerated Stability Assessment Program). Experience in: coding, statistical analysis, kinetics, stability as well mathematical models evaluation. Equation: ln k = ln A – Ea/RT + B(ERH) What I need: Code is written in Python Main goal: estimation of time required to reach ...

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    Product Design 1 hari left

    I need an experienced product designer who can turn my imaginary product into reality. The design will be of certain shape and specification. Only experienced designer is required.

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    ТЕКСТ НА РУССКОМ ПОСЛЕ АНГЛИЙСКОГО! Text on russian is below english, if you speak only english just disregard that part it, but read till the end your part !! Hi there My name is Archie and I am a co-founder of an IT solutions development agency [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I will be brief I am looking for a Strong Middle developer to implement this small project with the possibility of conti...

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    Build a Remote Sensing/Earth Observation App Tools: Python, R, Google Earth Engine, Prerequisite: Experience working with any or most of the following programming languages and/or platforms listed above. Summary: Develop a platform that can generate a time-series map of an area using open satellite images like sentinel. A user should be able to draw a boundary or upload a boundary and gen...

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    The scope of this tasks is a simple c# desktop application, written in native .net / c# that will receive a 17 characters input (Serial number), and send a query with the input to the following web page: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and display the html content result in a textbox on the c# form. You can use 5TDBSKFC7MS034570 as a test input.

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    Hi, how are you I'm CEO of BlueHorizon.Art. We are developing a DEFI meets NFT place. At the moment our developers were unable to complete the tasks to create an online NFT marketplace / minting platform because of a number of reasons. We are looking for one or two freelancers to complete the project. It's imperitave that - the freelancers are available full time - there is good commu...

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    This prototype project consists of designing a high-voltage (15 KVDC) charging circuit, charging and isolation of a high-voltage capacitor, regulation of a high voltage capacitor-powered spark discharge and charge flow-direction regulation. Familiarity with MOSFET/IGBT very likely necessary. Project consists of reducing concept to circuit design and component specification and sourcing. No PCB des...

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    SCRUM master Tamat left

    Need a SCRUM master and or a person writing an SRS. Software Requirement Specification Please mail documents showing your work in the past.

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    FTE Data extraction specification Goal: To create a web data extraction software to extract data at scale from any website The software should also be responsible and respect the crawling websites. The software should be able to run under proxy IPs and be easy to install and manage. The goal is to extract data from 100+ websites globally (India and US to begin with). Requirements: the time to...

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    Hi, Thank you for reviewing my project. I'm looking for a skilled programmer to extrct reports from a free government website and to inclue them is a database so user can view and copy them. There are 600 reports and to manually extract them is not only time consuming, the user is required to setting up different email address, given that only three reports can be extracted using one email...

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    We work in the Foods/Food supplement industry, and I have around 150 product formulation/specification sheets (usually pdfs) in various different suppliers' formats. Each needs to be transcribed into a preformatted internal tabular template (Word), so that the presentation of data is in uniform format, so that call-centre staff can access it quickly, rather than have to read/search through t...

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    Specification - Good hands-on handling APIs. -Have good knowledge about Exo Player. -Familiar with Retrofit Java/Kotlin.

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    Salient Features of the Software Phase-1 1. Global Masters-: Company, Training Centres, Courses, Clients, 2. infrastructure Management - · Infrastructure Management a. Infrastructure Specifications Details b. Class room Details (With all Parameters, starting from dimension, number of seats) c. Facilities with all Required Parameters Matching. (e.g. Park, Canteen, Hostel, Bathroom with...

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    Throughout the semester, we will have coding projects where we create portions of a programming language. By the middle of the semester, we will have completely implemented one language, and then your groups will design and implement a language of your own. The language we will all study together is called "funlang", so named because it is fun to program in and because it has rudimentary...

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    Hi, I'm Dan I am looking for a Drupal solution. I have a specification document and have uploaded it for your review, and so that we can discuss the project. The server side is complete. We would only require that you provide some page templates to layout the graphic elements. These will be Agent Bio pages. The agent uploads their information and the page is populated with images files, ...

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    Google Business Page | ADDING 100 Products PSD of Product Listings provided * you must edit all the new ones to match the provided specification ** see examples provided Excel file contains ALL URLs for each Product Listing * copy & paste into Google Product Listing (as shown) Product Listing Entry * see example provided + red lines EACH will be Added to the Google Business Listing EAC...

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    Origami cabin Tamat left

    We need an inspirational design for a 30-40sqm cabin on a property with 270 degree views but high Westerly winds. Looking to have simple but elegant roof that protects the cabin and outdoor space and provide for accessing huge views from within the two room plus mezzanine space. Knowledge of Australian building standards and specifications an advantage. Need floorplans and elevations, finishes ...

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    I am looking for a person to create a home page using Revolution Slider. The specifications for the appearance come via HTML template (HTML and CSS). In addition, the menu should be created according to my specification.

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    Trophy icon Single Page Website Design Contest 4 hari left

    We are looking for an original and exciting UI design for a single page website. Please use the link below to access the requirements specification document, website content, logo files, and our mobile app screenshots. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You must come up with design for desktop, tablet and mobile formats and the winning design must handover all design elements, and transfer copyright ...

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    proxy server Tamat left

    I will explain my idea better I will buy a high specification proxy server But the company told me Thank you for your request. My name is Gela I am on the sales team here at Leaseweb US. I see you are interested in a proxy server. While we don't offer proxy servers exactly we are able to offer you a server and IP addresses single or in subnet ranges that you can then convert into proxies on...

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    Your technical background: • Bachelor or Master degree in computer science. • Experience of 4+ years working as a Software Tester/ System Tester. • Work experience in one of the below areas is desired and willingness to learn the others is a plus: ▪ In writing code for Developement Boards ▪ HIL development for example automated control for DMM or Power supplies. ▪ Work experie...

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    We are to expand out team with some talented Unity Developers. You should have experience in creating hyper casual game prototypes. You will need to be able to create from a specification within 1-2 weeks. Be available 5 days a week. Ideally have skills in Unity 3D (a must) photoshop, blender and using mixamo animations etc. We are looking for the best talent on a paid monthly basis. Full t...

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    Write a concise but comprehensive essay that comprises of three paragraphs (about two-page long) for this case study: A condominium project was undertaken by a relatively inexperienced building company. Two blocks of 15-storey condominiums could not be finished on time due to frequent variations in specifications requested by customers. The condominiums were finally ready for handover some 15 mont...

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    Responsibilities: Write clean, secure, test driven, easily maintainable and modular codes. Database designing and maintenance. Build reusable code and libraries for future use. Troubleshoot and debug applications. Perform UI/backend tests to optimize performance. Collaborate and work with frontend and mobile app developers on the backend needs of projects. Adhere closely to development plans and a...

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    I am looking for web designer who has good skills in web designing by XD. Please don't apply if you can't understand [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or she should understand Japanese well, because specification is written in Japanese. I am looking forward working with him or she for long term. Please write " I can understand Japanese" at the start of your bid sentences if you...

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    Our brand is DUMBBELLKING. We are a UK home gym brand. We are the only supplier of 50kg dumbbells on Amazon Prime in the UK and we are ranked number 1 on Amazon UK ‘s Best Seller list for plate trees. We are now looking to expand into gym towels. We are seeking a Design For Manufacturing (DFM). This is an exciting opportunity for a textile designer who wants to work on a new product in ...

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    Are you looking for a video of your product for Amazon or Facebook or Shopify or Dropshipping? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We provide eye-catching video advertisements of products in all formats. We create only high-quality video with premium video a...

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    Need an experienced business analyst to create FRS (functional requirement Specification) for my project.

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    I need someone highly skilled in web designing to REDESIGN my website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] we want it like this website [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Website Map: 1. Home Page 2. About us 3. Services 4. Projects 5. News & Events 6. Contact Us 7. Career Portal The web page should be with good graphics, images and texts. Should be searchable in any search engine with text descrip...

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    Hello everyone! We are looking for a team of developers with some experience in developing an online platform for Online Courses. We have the specification and all the requirements. Please, text me and we will discuss it in details.

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    I need several graphic elements created to my specification for use in an A5 paper size product brochure. These will range from images containing our products, through to simple things like radial colour gradient backgrounds. Must be able to be instrumental in helping achieve a professional, modern look

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