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    food ticket system 5 hari left

    i am missing an android app Frontend: User scans his nfc tag he can look at a tablet if food tickets are approved or rejected (red cross) by reject and an explanation why it is rejected green checkpoint if approved. if approved, a printer POS will print out a food ticket The electronics food card works like a clipboard system it only works once a day everyday on the weekend it doesn't work...

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    42 bida

    App using NFC or other method to exchange social media handles

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    (I need this to be done in an hour) Price: $30 ~ $50. We have an app in React Native, web and all API's are working but we cannot get the app to scan NFC tags. This is the backbone of the entire project and our current developer is exhausted doing this. We used Expo for build project and "eject" to add more things as needed. App and UI/UX are done. Currently, we just need someone ...

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    I am looking for programmers to make an product of which one can recieve payments throughout NFC. It will use the NFC that is connected to POS or app, to recieve several micro transactions in standby of which the holder of pos and nfc manually takes all the harvested details from credit card and completes and process the payments where app/program do this one by one.

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    Hello, We are looking for a senior Android app developer. We have a Android project to be added a few features. If you're go well we will hire you again for the future tasks. Our budget for this project is $50. Please bid as $50, otherwise we will ignore. Also only bid if you have a NFC device to test. It's required. Required skills: - Java - NFC - RESTful API Thank you

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    CORDOVA NFC PLUGIN FOR CASHLESS SYSTEM So plugin should be like this. 1. Read byte data from MIFAIR Classic 1K card (with authenticate) 2. Write byte data to 1K card (with authenticate) 3. Set authenticate key 4. Fuction increase/decrease 5. Format card

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    Se trata de una aplicación realizada en Android (concretamente para su versión 6). Esta aplicación es un tpv de cobro para tiendas. Está conformado por unas 6 ventanas y tiene que leer tarjetas de crédito y debito con banda magnetica, chip y contactless (NFC). Una vez realizada la lectura, hace la conexión a través de pasarela de pagos (Redsys) y un...

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    Develop new functionality for an existing NFC mobile application using Apache Cordova as engine to create hybrid application. The plan is to increase the functionality of the application adding QR reader and a robust framework to be used in different industries

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    We are looking for a mobile app to be developed for both Android and iOS that will have the ability to hold ETH and ERC20 tokens. The right person must have experience with encryption and reading / writing to and from an NFC chip. Will provide more details to the right person. Requires front end and back end development to be completed as well as the interface. Required will be the ability to sen...

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    Hello, I need an Android app to read and write a NFC Mifare 1k. let me know your best cost.

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    A new Information Technology company in UK is looking for sales representatives who can help in generating new leads, selling products and services , managing direct sales with customers, opening new sales channels & new markets Offering excellent hourly rates ,commissions , transportation & traveling allowances Expecting you have: - At least 2 years of experience working in sales and ma...

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    skills are list below Mobile App Development (4+) - Native: Java, Kotlin (Android) Swift, Objective-C (iOS) - VCS: GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket - Experience: POS system based on NFC/QR code, Chatting app based on Twilio, Social app

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    App para android , funcionara offline, la finalidad de la app es tomar registros o controlar el horario de buses de tranporte

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    Je suis le président d'une association. Je cherche à créer une application qui permettra aux membres de payer leurs cotisations mensuelles. Et surtout d'acheter des points qui leur permettent d'obtenir certains droits. Le principe est le suivant : Le membre achete des points avec de l'argent (20€=20points) auprès du président. Une fois p...

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    Hello, We are looking for a senior Android app developer. We have a Android project to be added a few features. If you're go well we will hire you again for the future tasks. Our budget for this project is $40. Please bid as $40, otherwise we will ignore. Required skills: - Java - NFC - RESTful API Thank you

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    I'd like to replicate this app with my logo: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Majority of the work has been done already and apple has provided all working files to create the application: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We only want "SCAN & LAUNCH" functionality, not Scan and Show. I've been told that this could take only 1-2 hours to do.

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    I have a requirement for attendance tracking software along with app , it is not a simple concept it requires great experience in sensors and Tagging as well as RFID and NFC , if you do not know these terms kindly do not apply on the job i will take an interview before proceeding . There are lot of competitors doing the same thing so i want to have a quick response.

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    26 bida

    I would like to build a restaurant table ordering app for multiple restaurants We only want to work with a company who has built one before and can prove this to us, so don't bid without being able to prove including providing a link and show the back end Our big question is, how do we tell the app the table number? 1. manually enter? 2. QR code 3. ibeacon 4. NFC 5. other? Specification to...

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    140 bida

    Desarrollo de app con NFC control de registro de llegada de autos, se necesita que imprima en una impresora termica, solo es para android

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    Connect to private wifi via NFC or QR code please see [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for reference

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    Creating a code for PN532 in combination with Raspberry pi. Code must be able to work as a function from other code. Code must be writen in Python3. As soon as the function is called from my code, the PN532 is activated and wait for reading a tag. Once a tag has been detected, it will be returned NDEF text. The tag to be read is a NDEF message like text/plain. As Tag we use an Android phone with ...

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    Hi all, I want to create RFID payment system for my upcoming club where people can pay drinks contactless using 125KHZ/13.56MHZ RFID card/ring/bracelet... that will also be using as ticket on entrance. That is, I want that person who have ring register at our database, can set money for making a payment in a club and also use the same ring for checking in at the gate. RFID system would need ...

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    Hi to all , I need the develop of a private blockchain on a google instance ( hyperledger or substrate are preferite ) . The data to stored on the block chain is a sequence of numbers that is the Unic ID of a nfc tag , the smart contract rappresent the certification of the NFC Tag and should be readable only from the Ip of our website through a dedicated dynamic web page.

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    10 bida

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java. I want software can read nfc tag secure and can write copy whit same uid I want software use easy. Thanks for your answer.

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    5 bida

    Nfc software. Hello I would like to make a software on Mac, Windows, Linux that can read the nfc tag bank card and then cloned them with identical iud on a blank nfc card. I want the software to change iud original automatically when I write the tag on the blank card. I want the system to work like minidx3 (magnetic stripe card software) a play button, a write button, an erase button. I wan...

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    1 bida

    Se requiere realizar una aplicación que sea instalada dentro de la terminal TPV Verifone VX520C El recurso deberá contar con lo siguiente : - Experiencia en el desarrollo de aplicaciones en Verifone - SDK o herramientas de desarrollo necesarias para crear la aplicación - certificaciones requeridas para poder instalar y ejecutar la aplicación en los equipos - Firmas...

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    11 bida

    the main idea is : we have a stand machine ( windows pc machine with screen ) will be put in the public places, to allow the visitors to make donation through their "Mada" prepaid-card through a machine support the card through nfc connection 1- we built a web app (PHP) to be a nice interface for the clients 2- we have SDK in C# with TCP/IP Communication to make we need a C# programme...

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    25 bida

    Android / iOS app that can open / close NFC / RFid door locks

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    45 bida

    Desarrollo de app con NFC control de registro de llegada de autos, se necesita que imprima en una impresora termica, solo es para android

    $189 (Avg Bid)
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    19 bida

    Desarrollo de app con NFC control de registro de llegada de autos, se necesita que imprima en una impresora termica, solo es para android

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    8 bida

    We need an app that reads NFC info from phone to phone so to share specific fields info. Need to connect to a server for database back up and have both versions: iOS and Android. Also it needs to be able to get GPS position to share info by position, not NFC.

    $1219 (Avg Bid)
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    45 bida

    I need a component for my Android APP to be able to read credit card information via NFC.

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    29 bida

    I need a nfc code which works on iphone natively.

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    7 bida
    Food Truck App Tamat left

    Necesito una pwa para puntos de ventas de comida con las siguientes cualidades. Necesito el freelance para crear wireframes. Geolocalizacion Multiusurio Multiempresa (Varios establecimientos) Seccion de empresa seccion cliente acepata pago con tarjeta de credito o efectivo facturas con o sin NFC Ranking de item Ranking de establecimiento Location de establecimiento Mantenimiento art...

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    119 bida

    GY-521 +Bmp280 +sim800l +nfc +Lora WI fi technology. Send SMS to get info from device and display I've internet

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    20 bida

    I will DELETE YOUR PROPOSAL, if it's detected you are a robot or copy-paste punch line. You need to read my description before sending a proposal. Only for those who read the description carefully and already install and research about TimeTec Patrol & NFC system I only work with professional, honest, and skilled freelancer I need an application developer who is able to create a patrol...

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    32 bida

    P2p data transfer to cloud based app running on ios or android.

    $470 (Avg Bid)
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    39 bida

    Hello I am looking for someone who can write empty Mifare Classic NFC cards, with some badge details and a photo, to be recongnised by Android Phone application. Please let me know what exactly details you need to complete project. Thank you.

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    10 bida

    Hello, I'm looking for a PIC18 AND mfrc522 module expert to solve few problems

    $29 (Avg Bid)
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    7 bida

    - transform curernt cordova POS app to native app -> keep as much html & js as possible - integrate ACR1222L NFC reader (read tag uid) - integrate SIBO NFC reader (read tag uid) - integrate SIBO LED (set color on demand depending on current url)

    $1273 (Avg Bid)
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    13 bida

    we have an existing cordova project, we need to run it on a SIBO tablet with built in NFC reader (serial connection). Our current plugins are not compatible with the reader. We have the manufacturer native code etc.

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    6 bida

    We resending this because we want to make sure our needs clear. Most bidders that contacted use did not understand exactly what we are looking for. We advice bidders to please go through the details bellow before reaching out. Also, companies and indiviuduals that have got similar applications, or working on similar Fintech or money transfer application would really make things easy and faster. W...

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    97 bida

    I want an android APP for security gate, which will be able to scan QR code and NFC (capable to read data from both), and store the entry or exit timestamp with user id in local database (SQLITE). Also the APP needs to show name, company and photo of the scanned person. Data stored in the database will be synchronized to our server whenever a connection is available. Source code is also needed, f...

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    37 bida
    nfc program Tamat left

    I want to build NFC,RFID program along with application I want to start new solution company

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    8 bida

    С помощью NFC сканера прочитать данные с чипа биометрического паспорта и экспортировать их в текстовый файл и базу данных

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    9 bida

    Firmware C coder with experience wanted! Our NFC chip can read the UID number of ISO 14443A cards and also I-Code cards with the ISO 15693 library. We need to read the UID number of HID iClass cards as well. We have this chip on our electronic: CLRC66303HN_HVQFN32. This project need a coder with experience. The firmware is written in C.

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    2 bida

    I need someone that has built a NFC App for Offline payment using NFC Cards or Wristband where people can load it online and use of offline payment.

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    33 bida

    To create simple Android app, capable to read a NFC tag, then send to a HTTP server received ID (using GET or POST method) . HTTP will return some data parameters, and next is to reflect these values on the screen. Will need simple screen with the button READ, and as usual on top corner settings icon. Under Settings: URL to HTTP server; Authentication (will be included in sending); About; Sequen...

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    28 bida