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    saya ingin decode/decrypt 1 file yg di encrypt/encode menggunakan ioncube. dan script harus berjalan/work seperti seharus nya

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    Python Developer 6 hari left

    We are going to build a script in python This script will be used in our big project and it is built in python. This script will decode any sha256 hash, so you have to be familiar with Sha256 encrypt/descript We have already a basic sha256 hash decode script, but it takes a lot of times. So we need developer to improve the time.

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    Smart Contract On polygon 6 hari left

    I need a 1155 smart contract to allow me to add royalties dual royalties and a token sale with tokens on polygon ,. I have a p2p exchange and nft market place with selling and trading nfts we will use polygon matic for the sales of the nft but the transfer of funds and p2p exchange will use our tokens We need to have tokens and dual royalties option in the smart contract and p2p exchange writting into it . I do not have polygon in my wallet i can pay the entire funds here and then you deliver my contract

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    We are going to build a script in python This script will be used in our big project and it is built in python. This script will decode any sha256 hash, so you have to be familiar with Sha256 encrypt/descript We have already a basic sha256 hash decode script, but it takes a lot of times. So we need developer to improve the time.

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    I have a binary .dat file that I need converted, it represents a timewaveform of 16384 values that I can read using a proprietary software. I want to read the binary into jupyterlab without the software.

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    ISO Consultant Tamat left

    I would need an ISO 9001 and 14001 consultant who can help me to decode ISO clauses as per function and role based debriefing

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    Hello i need to decode a dec hex file

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    Work full time Tamat left

    Looking for a automotive parts specialist person should have knowledge of auto motive parts how to search oem numbers have a stable internet connection able to decode vins and also speak english to a certain level

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    I am wanting to mimic the encoding that a 3rd party application performs on plain text using C#. Attached is a sample of Base64 encoded text that the 3rd party application produces. I have managed to decode this to plain text using C#. Also, I can decode the sample Base64 using the following web page: However, I cannot figure out the C# code to convert the plain text back into the exact Base64 encoded text. Hence, I require the C# code to perform this encoding. If you use the above web page to decode the sample Base64, it returns a zipped file (with name ) that contains the plain text.

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    Python script 1 . I have a text file (Sensor data) that I need decoded e.g. u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000u0000Ï 2. Once you have proved you can decode this succesfully, this data will be read from Azure IoT hub.

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    I am building a new token called human verified token. The website is It works like this Blocks are approved based on solving CAPTCHAs. The CAPTCHA protocol used is hcaptcha. Whenever an hcaptcha is solved, it generates a token signifying that a correct solution was generated. This token will be used to approve the block. A block needs to be approved every 30 seconds. As multiple people will be solving the CAPTCHA and proposing blocks, only 1 of them will be approved. This can be done in some random manner, for example it has a fixed number of zeros in its hash

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    The instruction set for the processor RISC-V should be expanded. Hardware implementation of RISC-V processor with pipeline is already done (There is 5 stages of pipeline: Fetch, Decode, Execute, Memory and WriteBack). VHDL files are in attachment. The task is to upgrade this processor with 20 new instructions. For each instructions there is possibility of appearance of the hazard. Every hazard must be resolved. In the documentation there is explanation for the hazards as well as their elimination. Also, in VHDL files, there is implementation of blocks which remove hazards. Just ADD, AND, SUB and OR instructions are implemented in RISC-V. Current implementation of RISC-V support just this 5 instructions, so update of RISC-V is need it for 20+ new instructions For interactive simulat...

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    I need to know how to amend my smart contract code so that folks can swap for or buy my tokens but not sell, basically restricting the sell function to just me. The reasoning is I want to be able to have them send their tokens to me to be exchanged for ETH and MATIC instead.

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    Get the source code out of a setup version of ours and send it to us, need to decode the setup

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    Construct a simple pipeline with an instruction decoder. Model simple pipeline with the following three stages.  1 stage for fetch (IF)  1 stage for decode (ID)  1 stage for instruction and dependency analyze (IA)  1 stage for branch (BR)  1 stages for addition and subtraction (Execution unit 1: EX1)  1 stages for multiplication and division (Execution unit 2: EX2)  2 stages for memory operation (Memory unit: Mem1 and Mem2)  1 stage for write back (WB)  16 x 4B registers  64KB memory (code for 0‐999, data for 1000 – 65535) is the memory map file for this project.  Instruction formats The pipeline supports 4B fixed‐length instructions, which have 1B for opcode, 1B for destination, and 2B for two operands. The destination and the left operand are always register...

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    Hi, I need two Azure Function apps written in Node.js to decode simple JSON and insert into: 1) MSSQL database table 2) MySQL/MariaDB table. Table structure is very simple device_id : string (<200 characters) sensor_date : datetime/timestamp (valid date format) sensor_name : string (<100 characters) sensor_value : float i.e. e5e93ec2-2108-4b32-92f7-a00a1a0f8825 2022-05-09 15:54 TEMPERATURE 22.44 (JSON attached, timestamp is the time received, data is in the 'result' collection, device is the device id) Freelancer must supply code for the Azure Function apps which can be loaded into our tenancy. Code should be well commented and robust (i.e. sanitise inputs). I expect this would be <3 hours max. Code must be tested in Azure (not generic Node) Thanks ...

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    we are a car buying company that buys directly from private sellers. we would like to offer a service in which the private seller can input their vehicle vin /decode and or information on our website and get a an instant offer to purchase their vehicle online based on trade in value. this trade in value would also need to be created using an algorithm that can gather information on the internet and value a vehicle based on similar listings looking for 1 landing page

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    Revolutium Tamat left

    A token on the polygon blockchain, hyper-deflationary and Hyper Reward. Providing Relfections in Polygon (Matic) I would like the following tokenomics Buy Tax 1 % Liquidity 2% Marketing 4% Auto Burn 1% Reflections in Matic 2% Buyback Sell Tax 1% Liquidity 1% Marketing 5% Auto Burn 3% Reflections in Matic 2% Buyback

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    We need a landing page like this one: Where a customer can choose to pay an amount of crypto (we want to start with SOL - SOLANA or MATIC - POLYGON) to partecipate at the final raffle. There should be: - a countdown - when countdown is active, the possibility to buy from 1 to X "tickets" (each ticket = x.x SOL) - real time display of the amount collected in the wallet At the end of the countdown - we have to show the winners (selected randomly from all partecipants) - see attached screenshot. All variables (like countdown/amount/texts) should be easily modificable by us. Mobile friendly. Super easy interface like example page.

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    Hi, I have a Wordpress site, I have already added a Print button using print-o-matic. I would like a JS dialogue box to appear when the print button is clicked, saying to users to print in Landscape. Then clicking ok to continue to the Print setting screen. Thanks, Ben

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    Im looking for artists that can create characters for our Bitmart NFT Project. The theme of our NFT project is Crypto Mining, Bloc...examples of some art we have done but you will need to give your Character the following 1. A name. 2. a Short Description. 3. Fit it in the template provided so it still looks good but not too small. 4. Dont steal artwork off the web it must be created by you. The Designer that wins will get much more to create for our collection. Let your creativity take over. The NFTs are minted on the Polygon Matic Mainnet and will be loaded onto Opensea. The utility of these NFTs is a card game that will be playable so we will assign attack values to the cards later. You can watch this short youtube video to see what the game will be like .

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    Ditampilkan Dijamin Dimeterai Peraduan Teratas
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    We are developing a polygon web application. When a user clicks 'top up' within the application, a wallet program should generate Matic(Polygon) public and private keys. We need a polygon expert to point us to programs/APIs on how to generate the Public/Private keys. This is a consultation project. The developer need not write any code for the project.

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    I would like to add NFT minting capabilities on my website using the polygon network. Create a smart contract where users can purchase NFT’s using polygon/matic

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    I'm looking for someone who can export data from pink sale, the cryptocurrency launchpad site. I'm looking for the following data for all Pre-launches in 'Sale Ended' status: Token Name Token Symbol Token Description Audit (Y/N) KYC (Y/N) Token Address (not the presale address) Total Supply Token...'Sale Ended' status: Token Name Token Symbol Token Description Audit (Y/N) KYC (Y/N) Token Address (not the presale address) Total Supply Tokens For Presale Tokens For Liquidity Soft Cap Hard Cap Liquidity % Presale % Liquidity % Locked % Unlocked % Burnt % Presale Start Time Presale End Time Presale Duration (Hrs) - End Time minus Start Time Chain (BSC, Polygon, ETH, etc) Amount Sold (BNB, MATIC, ETH, etc) Token value when presale ended, if possible T...

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    If you haven't written a smart contract that is live on the blockchain, please do not send a proposal. Should have experience understanding & Developing Auto Staking and Auto payment on Binance Smart chain, Avalanche, Phantom, Matic & Solana. Also, a web frontend is required for this project. Skills Required: Solidity

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    I am looking for a developer with experience on the Thingsboard platform. I would like to decode the data in the Thingsboard platform that's come from my OBD device. the devices send the data via TCP connection to the platform.

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    I'm looking for two plugins for a Woocommerce-based MVM (multivendor marketplace) for NFTs. -A bulk uploader plugin that allows front-end users to bulk upload NFTs to the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain on our website -A merchandising plugin that allows front-end users to make merchandise with the image(s) from NFTs they've just minted. Can use Printful's API. If it can work with the bulk uploader plugin, so much the better!

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    Hello, I need 4 encode/decode functions to be coded using AES 256; - 2 x PHP functions that can encode and decode an alphanumerical text - 2 x Perl functions that can perform the same - Text can contain any characters from within the utf8_mb4 charset - The PHP function must be able to decode a previously Perl encoded text and vice versa meaning that the 4 functions must be compatible. - PHP 5, 7 and 8 must be supported, Perl 5 is required - High coding standards must be used -> needs to be well coded, documented and well tested

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    Trophy icon Chinese Typo Decode Tamat left

    I received a message that I can not solve. I'll be paying 20USD, whoever solves and proves it. Here is the message: 䁈䁡䁰䁰䁹䀠䁅䁡䁳䁴䁥䁲䁮䀡䀠?

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    i have a link with <base64> so i need a script to host on my redirect website to decode the base64 to raw same time get and pass all query to my redicted website so i get this results <decodedbase64>

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    ...forHTTPHeaderField: "Content-Type") guard let httpBody = try? (withJSONObject: parameters, options: []) else { return } = httpBody (for: request) .subscribe(on: (qos: .background)) .receive(on: ) .tryMap(handleOutput) .decode(type: [Result].self, decoder: JSONDecoder()) .sink{(completion) in switch completion { case .finished: break case .failure(_): break } } receiveValue: { [weak self] (returnedPhotoModels)

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    Hello Well im buying coins from sweat coin in algeria thro messenger and im have cusstomers so i want an auto matic app People will send their coin and i pay them in algerian currency ( dinar ) So i want to make it east for me , they will send from hhe app and upload picture i csn verify and pay them it show paid.. And i will work ln the app more later for the best offer and asap Thank you

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    I want to build an app to merge two videos as input and add transition effects between those videos. You can choose any transition from GL transitions (). With this transition, u can preview it on Exoplayer or any surfaceview/texture view 1. add two videos as inputs. 2. decode it using ffmpeg or android own mediacodec apis 3 . render this decoded video in any surfaceView or textureView (seek option would be appreciated) 4 .apply video transition between videos () using Open GL fragment shader (GLSL) coding 5. preview it and save it Check the attached images for reference

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    there are 7 files in total files size is under 10kb 2 files are php in which some part is decrypted need clean code in end

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    ...looking for a script that can serve as AP2P Crypto exchange, like Pax ful, Local Crypto/Monero/Bitcoins, HodlHodl, etc. As you know, existing P2Ps, like the above examples, are limited in assets they offer. This is generally BTC, LTC, ETH, and maybe a few others, like USDT, DAI, DOT... I want the P2P to be able to offer those, any ERC20 (maybe a tool to add them?), and compatible tokens (BEP20S, Matic network...). I also want to offer privacy cryptos: XMR, ZEN, ZEN... I realize this project may be needing to be done in phases, to start off with a base of tokens, and add more, over time. I would also like the winner of the project to be able to be available for questions, as I present the final project to investors and others, especially for marketing. If you're part of a...

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    I have a .net framework app that needs to be decoded, I can do myself but running out of time. The app is possibly protected by vmprotect with virtualization on. I need the code in human readable format. Please dont just use de4dot and send it to me. It needs more than that. Thank you.

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    Hi Hiren J., I'm developing a GPS tracker application, just to use on my motorcycle and I'm facing a weird problem with concox protocol. The login does not work and I tried to figure out what is happening, but I didn't found. When the device sends the login packed I can decode it, and respond to the device, but the device sends the login again. I'd like someone who has made it work to help me.

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    Between 1:33 I pause too long when I say “charging for their service of providing this room” Can you make sure there are no pauses when I say this sentence? Cut exactly at 3:23 only when I say the word “Matic uh” and restart from “Will need to confirm” After I say “When the multiplier was 24x” at 4:18 cut and then restart from 4:25 “The multiplier is set by the room owner” Cut after I say “unit it reaches one” at 4:34 and restart from 4:39 “In this example” Cut after I say “multiplier of one” at 4:49 and restart from 5:04 when I say “Those who place a winning bet” Cut at 6:09 after I say “24x” and restart from 6:12 “Bob got in” Pause at 8:13 after...

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    TCP Packet Decode TCP packets have a number of things that are interesting. The first is the source and destination ports. Also, the sequence number and acknowledgment number are useful for tracking the TCP connection process. Finally, the ACK, SYN, FIN and RST fields are useful for tracking connection information. All of this information should be printed in a neat way. The four flags only need to be displayed when they are true. UDP Packet Decode For UDP packets there is not much to report. For each packet print the source port, the destination port and the UDP packet length. Port Numbers For port numbers less than 1024 also print the name of the service that the port corresponds to. The getservbyport() procedure will help you with this. message me for more details....

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    Print the pasition code on the the position code via decode 180 images per second. - Design the algorithm of the encode and decode position. - Decode the postion code via camera image

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    Polygon to BSC and vice versa token bridge

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    We want this Rust crate's decode function to return a vector of bytes Vec<u8> instead of a UTF8 string. We expect that to be achieved without any unsafe blocks. That's it. We also need an HTTP server with a single POST endpoint that will receive a JSON request in the form {"img": "..."}. the dots are a PNG image that's base64 encoded, the image will be received and decoded. If a QR code is found return the result (a Vec<u8>) as a JSON object {"res": "..."}. the dots are the base4 encoded vector. If no result was found, return an HTTP status other than 200 to indicate that.

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    Metamask reset Tamat left

    I have few wallets in metamask & most are protected by Ledger Nano S. However, one wallet which is not protected by a Ledger Nano S is having a bit of problem. I can interact with the platforms however, I can not send my Matic tokens from this particular wallet to other wallets within my Metamask. When I try to send it fails instantly with the attached file " MM problem 1". MM support is saying I need to adjust GAS but to no avail . Also, when I unlock/open my MM this wallet will not connect to Web3 ( Plz see "MMproblem 2". I would appreciate it if anyone can fix this problem. Cheers, Jee

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    I need a nft marketplace solana, cardano, matic metaverse website. Kindly bid inother to share you full details. Thanks

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    ...have been working on other coins or tokens in the past already and these need to still be actively listed on e.g. the portal coinMarketCap. If we get close to signing with you, we will need proof that you really worked on these projects. We need to make sure that we can get quality work and that you are reliable. You should be experienced in creating tokens from scratch based on ETH and Polygon (MATIC). Basic Token Features: -> Limited to a certain number of tokens -> By acquiring NFT in a gaming app, the used tokens are being burnt. -> Users can generate a limited yearly amount of the token (play-to-earn) -> Some tokens are reserved for development and marketing, but need to be blocked for some time until they can be used for trading -> The project is still bein...

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    Need to create a C or C++ program that mimics behavior of MIPS CPU. It implements a 5 functions namely fetch, decode, execute, memory, writeback. More details available. Expecting thorough knowledge of C/ C++ programming.

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    ...+ ICO sell ICO tokens to investors and allow them to claim tokens after ICO as well as claim Tokens according to the Vesting of each different investment round, with daily statistics. Function to create accounts by connecting wallets like Metamask, trustwallet, coinbase. Connect on ERC-20 network, no KYC required. Users buy tokens to pay with ETH, BNB, MATIC, USDT, USDC, and BUSD. Users pay into wallets on the 3 chains of ETH, BNB, and MATIC and must listen to the balance that each wallet transfers and update the user data to allocate the token. The feature allows investors to go to the website to claim tokens according to the schedule, the investor will pay the gas fee themselves. This means that when a user connects the wallet, the website automatically creates an acc...

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    Integrating a present website (example from WIX) in to a web3 platform, operating as a Launchpad with dApp utilities. Private sale (ICO) funds raise where existing Token holders can participate in upcoming private sale (example need to hold at least x amount of token) and be able to pay with BNB USDT USDC BUSD MATIC SOLANA AVAX ETH. Also I would like if only me can lock their Liquidity on a DEX platform. I need that option because in case of a rugpull or scam I'll unlock and sell Liquidity, this way compensating investors from Liquidity funds. The whole process needs to be well secured and only the project owner wallett (ME) can have power over start, processing and finalizing the whole Private Sale process and Liquidity lock. Optional: Would like to offer for everyone pos...

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    we are a car buying company that buys directly from private sellers. we would like to offer a service in which the private seller can input their vehicle vin /decode and or information on our website and get a an instant offer online based on trade in value. this trade in value would also need to be create as an algorithm that can gather information on the internet and value a vehicle based on similar listings looking for 1 landing page

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