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    I'm looking to customise an open-source game engine (Godot or Xenko) to fit my specific requirements: 1. User launches custom version of the engine 2. User imports file (FBX/OBJ) 3. User saves file (can be engine specific or custom format) 4. User launches Virtual Reality "viewer" and loads the file to see it in VR From my understanding, the requiremen...

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    ...section” to my main application Programme : C# WinForms Project Description : I have on going project about ship engineering calculations. In programme, I read input (*.txt) files and make some engineering calculations background. I would like to add a 3D view section in my project to visualization. 3D Model file extension may be *.sat, *.obj. etc

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    A few years ago I wrote an application for my Mac to automate the process of creating Microsoft Word files using a series of Applescripts. The application also maintains a database of the files it creates. The application allows a user to ender data and select an image and then a Word document is created from that user input. At the same time a record

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    Need a drawing created in photoshop converted to a 3D model created in OBJ or STL format to use a 3D printer

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    ...freelancers, I’m looking for someone who can do 3D modeling (+ texturing) on a 3D mesh I'll provide (see [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) , in order to achieve the look you can see in the reference images. The end result should be .fbx / .obj file. It's a mask made with flower petals. I also need, as part of the mask, two black eyes (like in the pictures). I don&#...

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    Check it [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Hi, I need a 3d brain with glowing effects similar to the video. You must submit OBJ file. All the best.

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    hello, im looking for Disney infinity game 3D models in fbx/obj format with textures. if anyone has please bid. Thanks

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    Looking to have a 3D CG .obj file made of a simplified car design I've drawn for an animation. Does not need to be colored. If it can have an outer line like it does in the drawing, that would be preferred. Thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

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    I need a simple, web-ready 3D model of a retail store. It should look exactly like the photo I am attaching, except a logo is not required. Model should be provided in GLTF format including textures.

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    Looking to have 3D models generated with texture. File format needed in fbx. Its artificial costume jewelry. We will have several other products in the future, so looking for a reliable connection. Key Points: 1) Will need fbx and obj files. If you cannot provide fbx, let me know. 2) High quality model with low Polygon count. These models will be

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] a 3d obj file with inputs from user on certain metrics(such as chest, bicep, arm length etc) and using body Morph to have the person obj/fbx dynamically display this in a web browser 2 Implement clothing on the obj/fbx with its appropriate morph values, not the same as body morph. for example, a formal shirt may have a sleeve length of 20...

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    SAMI MARIO 1 hari left


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    Trophy icon 3D Modelisation of a seal bag Tamat left

    ...with zip lock ( Please DO EXACTLY as the exemple in photo ) * The dimension required are 80 mm x 60 mm * We want the format to be one of those: .OBJ / .FBX / .STL / .SKP * Make the model in BLACK We want the bag to have a little bit of volume so it give the impression that there is a product inside. ( LOOK at the picture attached ) Don't

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    I have a DLL and there is a method inside a DLL "action()" . I need to call this method using the object. Like : [log masuk untuk melihat URL](); obj is the Object with all the member variable populated.

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    The job consist in receiving complex 3D models of houses or buildings (we provide obj+mtl+texture from scans) and creating simplified free hand versions of these models. You need experience using blender.

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    Create a detailed 3D model for the picture attached in fbx, obj. The Khanda is made of swords. Please google Khanda for more details.

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    I would like to update the script. The following jQuery will take over the profile image (preview) and upload functionality. Currently the image is only displayed when the user has updated the browser! <script> jQuery(function(){ $("#updateprofil").on('click', function(e){ [log masuk untuk melihat URL](); var value = $("#usrForm").serialize(); $.ajax({ ...

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    ...mass of the object are (LxØ): 53x15 mm. The object is only needed for Element 3D in After Effects. It should include a short animation (open the capsule by turning it). We need OBJ files. The object must be tested in advance in Element 3D. Pictures see attachment. German: Das Objekt besteht aus vier Teilen. Ein Schlüsselring, eine Kapsel mit Gewinde und

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    ...1. OpenGL ya da Vulkan ile 3D/2D-CAD programı yazılması, line polygon, freeform objelerin oluştutulması. 2. Belli başlı modelleme formatlarında yükleme yapılablmesi, örn. *.obj, *.3ds, *.dae 3. Standart menülerin oluştutulması, Yeni, Kaydet, Print, Kes, Kopyala, Yapıştır vb. 4. Undo/Redo Özelliği yapılması. 5. Standart 3D/2D CAD özelliklerinin yapılması

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    This job is for someone to create images of the packaged goods, with the following specs: 1. Bag (B): W120mm x H195mm + 65mm (label size: W90mm x H110mm) 2. Bag (D): W160mmx H230mm + 80mm (label size: W110mm x H125mm) We need a 3D model (2000 x 2000 pixel) in an .obj file format. The job will be given to the person who provides the best sample (one

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    ...character modelling artist with good texturing Skill. Need to have PBR texture workflow. Using Substance or any other texture creation software. It will be used for a AAA game, so make sure you know the PBR work flow. Also, we have the model created along with some texture. We need you to re-topo some parts of the model and texture it and organize

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    create 3D Objects based on floorplans/blueprints like in the attached picture. Output needs to be OBJ or 3DS

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    ...Skill. Need to have PBR texture workflow. Using Substance or any other texture creation software. It will be used for a AAA game, so make sure you know the PBR work flow. Also, we have the model created along with some texture. We need you to re-topo some parts of the model and texture it and organize it. Final Submission need to be in .OBJ or .FBX along

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    ...game "Silkroad Online" into a obj format to be imported into 3ds max or maya or any 3d game engines like Unity or Unreal Engine 4. This specific file format is actually ".bms " . More details regarding the formats for this online game is available here [log masuk untuk melihat URL] To make it easier , the header

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    I need a 3D model just as it is on the attached picture with materials in .obj or .fbx format

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    this job is about denoising/surfac...(noisy gold like) photogrammetry scanned small statue 3D mesh .obj. Lots of reference imagry is provided so the surface can be referenced from all angles. The final step is to duplicate and mirror the mesh so 2 statues in replica quality can be printed that can look at each other to rebuild the real life scene.

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    I have a pyth...339, in decode obj, end = self.raw_decode(s, idx=_w(s, 0).end()) File "C:UserszzzzzAnaconda3libjson[log masuk untuk melihat URL]", line 357, in raw_decode raise JSONDecodeError("Expecting value", s, [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) from None [log masuk untuk melihat URL]: Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) I'm looking for someon...

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    3D Modelling Tamat left

    ...looking for a 3D modelling with obj file for 2 pillows size 45 x 45cm and 50 x 30cm. It should have 2 materials: Front and Back. I will provide the texture file. I also have obj file which I can provide you if that makes the work easy for you but it only has 1 material covering whole pillow. My budget is very limited. Feel free to contact me if you have any

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    I need local demo webapp with openlayer. 1. local web app or desktop app using openlayer to display 3D map fixed area (*) 2. 3D map fixed area: downloaded some zoom 3D data from Gmap. 3. Fix some identify point (IP) on map, when user click IP will be display popup with detail infor and image of IP.

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    Hi, I have a very simple 3d model (see attached) which we bought from hum3d. We need you to position it vertically by default and add textures to obj. Attached is image of 3d model. We need this asap

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    - Model and texture the dress in th...(light/colour/material/shadow baked game purpose diffuse map) - Other textures AO Map, Normals Map, Specular Map - Make None Overlapping Logical UV map - Models format will be obj and all quads, Texture maps will be png format at 2048 pixel size. - if you know Marvelous designer software this is a very easy job.

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    ...downloaded from the link below: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We want is to measure the volume, area and length of the wavefront objects. The objects varies every time. But the client should be able to measure the volume, areas and length. For more details contact [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting

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    Looking for someone to prep my files for sale. I have allot to get done. I provide a file .dae or Blender 1. Make renders : - Multiple view simple clean renders that show each side (at least 4 but more is better) - One or multiple views of wire frame Some examples : [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ... This file is they used with out 3d printer to print the file. We have working software, what we are looking for is to clean up the GUI make it more user friendly. We have a proposed ui that we would like it look like for layout and functionality. Second is that with our software we can add supports to the 3d model which are exactly that supports

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    I have a very small project I would like transferred from obj-c to swift. Here is the link to github: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...PressHandler); [log masuk untuk melihat URL] = true; [log masuk untuk melihat URL](); [log masuk untuk melihat URL](); } private static void ButtonPressHandler(object obj, ButtonPressEventArgs args) { MessageDialog md = new MessageDialog(null, [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk...

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    I need someone to explain source code written in Obj C & Swift. I need someone who speaks very good English and can explain the basics of an semi advanced mobile app, so I can understand it a bit better. I do have some experience in Xcode, Swift, Objc but very beginner level. I need someone to explain the overall application in terms of code now

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    ...game, so it needs to be a reasonable number of polygons. I want those rounded edges/corners, but the faces shouldn't need many polygons. The model should be 1 unit in size with the origin at it's center. - A texture showing standard pips (dots) and a normal map so the pips seem sunken in. Opposite sides of the die should add up to 7. (6 and 1 are

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    ...helps the production managers to ensure that their machines run as efficiently as possible. Lyla discloses the data from the machines to presents it in a central dashboard. The video: The video will have to take place in a machine factory. 3D solidworks drawings of the machine are available and can be supplied as .obj. A 3D fatcory hall can also be

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    .USDZ model Tamat left

    ...you 8 3D models in .OBJ (or another) file extension so you can convert them into .USDZ file. Here's the important: I NEED THE .USDZ TO BE A REAL-SCALE MODE, so dimensions of the objects will be sent and need to be considered when creating the .USDZ file (please refer to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to take a look to a few good examples

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    Recreate attached image without the setting, stone, or clip/hook on backside. Just the cross. Dimensions are 2-1/4" long x 1-3/4" wide. Back is fla...backside. Just the cross. Dimensions are 2-1/4" long x 1-3/4" wide. Back is flat. Note. the arms of the cross are curved on the surface both length and width End file should be OBJ/STL for printing

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    Hello, we are working making an AR app with unity3d in vuforia plugin, using .fbx or .obj models. We need help in coding specific areas of the project and need a unity3d programmer who has worked with AR, preferably with vuforia plugin. Please contact us with any past work you have done in unity3d with vuforia and we can discuss.

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    I have a number of lifesize human heads that I need to be 3d printed. I have already had them made on zbrush as obj files from 2 artists but am not happy with the quality so I am back. I really need a super professional job so its looks almost identical to a 3d scan. Below is a link to a google drive containing 2 of the models. Each models has photos

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    Project for Lantern. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] OBJ unwrapped. Low poly as possible to keep nice shape.

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    ...scene) of 22 cm x 7 cm, with no possibility to fall down. The camera visual on this area will be fixed and placed on the long side (22cm) and it must be ortogonal to the pathway of the animal. IMPORTANT: the movements of the animal must be as real as possibile (watch the video attached). When i twill get next to the end of the surface it should stop and

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    I have an existing OBJ file 3D model of a pony, I require some amendments to make it into a unicorn. Tweaking its hair and body and add a unicorn horn. I will require in 3 days. $$ between $50-$80

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    I need a cad ready drawing (STL, IGS, IGES, JT, SAT, STP, STEP, SLDPRT, PRT, CATPART, DXF, AMF, IPT, WRL, OBJ, X_T, X_B file formats only) for my Litter Box of The Future. The first prototype didn't turn out so well, so I want to try Mark II. All dimensions should be straight forward on the drawing, but I can clarify any questions you have. The only

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    6 bida

    I need to create photorealistic renders of products. Products are made of gabions ( steel cages to fill up with stones ) . I will give you 3d models (.obj files) . You need to add rocks, greens etc. and render it. I am showing examples in attached graphic. You can use recycled materials or whatever looks good :-) and arrange it however you like

    $166 (Avg Bid)
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    27 bida

    I need to create photorealistic renders of products. Products are made of gabions ( steel cages to fill up with stones ) . I will give you 3d models (.obj files) . You need to add rocks, greens etc. and render it. I am showing examples in attached graphic. You can use recycled materials or whatever looks good :-) and arrange it however you like

    $36 (Avg Bid)
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    6 bida