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    ...tab called "Macro"...the output for the Macro is generated on seperate tabs...one for each output. I need to present the spreadsheet to some investors this week and want to add a little "Sizzle" to the substance. I need a very slick, professional looking front end put on the Excel Spread Sheet so that it no longer looks like a spreadsheet, but both

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    I currently have a towing database program that works well but the support is bad and they won't add any features that we want. Plus the program has to many glitches. I want a program similar to the one I have without breaking any copyright laws. Im open to any suggestions. If this works out well it will need future upgrades and changes to suit our needs

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    ...directly, serial port to serial port. It will send a file of any size ok, but it will only read in up to 10k size file on the client side. What I need is someone to add the ability to open a file (using the ofn file structure would be fine) and send the file name from server side, save it on the client side. Send the file 10k or less at a time from the

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    I have an existing file & string encryption library that I would like to enhance. What I need to-do is add RSA PKI 2048 bit encryption to the existing project, as well as secure file deletion. I would also like to add a progress event to indicate progress on large encryption / decryption operations, both symmetrical and asymmetrical. The project

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    ...never completed It has A User Login system i WANT THIS TO be used to be passed to the other scripts seamlessly using there main login. So when some one registers it should add them to the other scripts db. Integrate these items : Payment system - will provide - paypal script Banner system - I have a script will provide Search - Smartsearch install

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    I have a form made in MS Access97 with two sub forms containing linked parent chield fileds if I open the form and scroll through the records I can add, edit, delete, etc and all works exactly as supposed to. However If I apply a filter to the form from another form via a drop down list one of the sub forms fails miserably and will not calculate as

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    ...Estimates. I will include source. I am using a stringGrid with 6 colums. Curently I have got the first colum to add items to it . I need help the stringgrid i need to add items to all 7 colums .Once the items are in the String grid i will meed to add all the items in each colum Example below. Description | Parts | Labor| Paint Time|Mec | R*I Fender

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    ... 1) 2 catagories of users - Models and Other (standard user). We want the ability to add other catagories later. 2) The ability to set expiration dates for non paying users. 3) Model accounts will not automatically be set up. They may sign up, but admin must add the photos etc.. 4) The ability to ad a link to any photo to "Purchase a print" of this

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    ...easily modifyable database **(add/modify/delete items &** other easily modifyable administrative stuff**)** and nice aesthetic designs. Involves lots of asp, need completed within 3 weeks, budget to be determined. **Additionally added: **Other things needed are a payment processor, 10 sec flash intro, auction app, open to other suggestions. ##

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    ... Dealer Warranty Expired ??" We can help Help us to help you with a new car warranty Help us to help you with your auto expenses with a new auto warranty I need 3 email add graphic creative I can mail. I send the image that advertises the form you will recreate. I need these following fields to take data just like this for does and save it in a

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    ...Because I'm very excited with this "venture", and also because I'll be out of home from august 15. My work: 1- Make a template (or purchase one at [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 2- Add products, photos and descriptions The work I request: 1- Integrate the design I'll provide into oscommerce. 2- Install oscommerce and everything else involved with getting

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    ...database: date completed, hours worked, people involved, machine used, and change the status from ‘pending’ to ‘complete’. Main Function Schedule - Add new job to schedule. Pending - display open items, sort by various items. Edit - Update information, change status. Completed - Display history by various sorts. Lots - Manage lot information

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    a combination of open source linux software and some add on coding to capture instant messages like ICQ & microsoft messenger, and others. Please specify which ones you will support. These messages have to be captured and stored as text messages into a folder. Message format: - text - from: ... to: .... message: ... ... It has to

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    ...selects a different DB. 2. Accept an image file (scanned document, or open an existing document in the system) in an object, like a picture box. Save the scanned document as BMP, TIF, GIF, etc, whichever is best for programming and space. 3. Be able to straighten a document or add annotations. 4. Click and drag fields from a listing of database fields

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    ...reporting of real estate market data. The application should include the ability to addremoveupdate data for location and generate reports based upon that data. I would like the application developed in .ASP and prefer ASP.net. The datasource should be MS SQL. I am open to suggestions on the reporting tool used. I can supply detailed screen shots

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    ...the user to create sequences of pattern (path step data) that sprites will follow. In addition the application will keep a set of pre-built segments that the user can easily add on (Circle, Square, Triangle) and also allow the user to take any pattern they are working on and copy it into the library as a segment. Helper functions exist in the pattern

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    ...forward propogation can take 24 hrs across the internet whereas RDNS can take 60 seconds as it is found by querying your dns server** **I need to have a seperate function add domains names simple with an mx record. I will route 1-64000 ips with (ONE DOMAIN!) forward, reverse dns and mx record for 1 doamin and 100 more domains with soley mx records

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    I have an exiting auction system and I want to add the following to this. Check the demo <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> 1. Escrow system like rentacoder has (it also includes the system when % of work complete, so provider has to be paid partially). 2. Change the attachement type from jpeg/gif to zip and provider can attach attachments within

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    ...number of search results per page. Let your customers open their own accounts automatically. It makes it hands-free! You can set-up signing bonuses to stimulate signups Advertisers bid money to get listed, and they only pay every time someone clicks through to their site from your search People who add their links to your search engine can easily modify

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    ...discuss your ideas with me. To make life easier on everyone I have made this a feature auction. Project #1 [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) Site Redesign – (Bids open to Reasonable Amounts) Content script and product pictures will be provided by us. Possible Languages: ASP, Cold Fusion, .NET ASP OS WIN 2000 A)Flash Intro - This ...

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    ...Project needs. Donot Bid** We are looking for a bridal/gift Registry plugin to a agora shopping cart. Person doing this needs to be familiar with Agora shopping cart. We wish to add a bridal registry system into an existing cart located [log masuk untuk melihat URL] How it is to work. bride/groom signs up with registry section. bride grrom updates their information:

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    ...download to their machines. A list of downloaded updates must be kept on the user's machine to check against the online master list. Usage of the program should enable users to add cards to their inventory with few keystrokes. The program should also have a "Search" option to search the user's downloaded data for particular cards the search string appears

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    ...History - Windows Temp - Open / Save dialog history - recycle bin (no user confirm on empty) - clip board Programs --------- I would like a plugin eraser / manager / maker as seen in tracks eraser. I would like you to fill the list with as many programs as you can think of. Obviously the more the better. Custom ------- Here they can add any file, folder, directory

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    ...and look by embedding all the fonts and graphics - Various Compressions (Compact - maximum, High Quality Print, not so much, no compression and web compression - around 50%) - Add Watermarks and Stamps - Set the page size and orientation It will need a Serial Lock, before it's entered it's in a Demo Mode, and after-wards it's in a full mode. In demo mode

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    ...look over that script and tell me if you could implement the following modifications I would definetely be interested in hiring you. 1) Add some additional fields to the registration and have them be searchable. 2) Add some additional profile blocks. 3) Change the who's online to reflect the state location instead of the country location 4) Incorporate

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    We are planning to open a small webshop, with OsCommerce, in the next few days. We need a programmer fast for the following project: I want a TemplateMonster template (1795) integrated in the new Milestone2 version of OsCommerce, exactly like in the attached graphic. Of course, I will provide you the template and all graphics needed. Basically the

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    I hope to find a line of code to add to my webpage which will prevent others from linking my site into a disabled browser window. I think they are using flash or java to open my page into a popup disabled window and I want to prevent this. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source

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    I am looking for a exact clone of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want to add a few features after it is done. But for the most part i want it done exactly like that site. Must have ALL the features that [log masuk untuk melihat URL] does. Please submit a list of all the features as you understand them, that way i know that we agree on the terms

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] just needs to update the YTD, 1yr, 3yr, 5yr, and 10yr numbers (and Morningstar ratings if possible). Just an update on open is sufficient for this one. Stock [log masuk untuk melihat URL] is meant to be a sheet I can add rows to (I am fine with additions being done via a form or even via my hacking into the datafeed query if need be). Ideally price da...

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    ...overwriting a picture on the server while uploading a new picture in oscommerce product field would be wonderful! *A drop down box or check box that could be selected on the add a new product page that includes “Best Seller?? “Free Shipping?? “Free with Purchase?? “Special Order?? “Today’s Special?? “Limited Quantity?? so an icon shows on the pro...

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    ...provide the LSP itself, plus the necessary *installation* program. The work is to be completed in C++. As far as the LSP is concerned, it is to be a skeleton design. I will add my own functionality to it for the firewall program, but as you deliver it, it *must* be able to pass all received winsock calls to the next provider in the chain properly. The

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    ...for SmartSearch. I need the users to have the option to submit their information into a specialized directory upon signup. Say the user comes to the website and chooses to add their website. The signup form should include a sub section for people who choose to participate. The subsection will collect the users: Name, Address, Organization, Certification

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    OSCommerce is an open source shopping cart ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). We want additional functionality for the product attributions section. As it is now, you cannot add a quantity for the size of a product. We want to be able to insert quantities in the admin section, and have them deduct from the catalog section, when purchased. Also, if the product, for

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    ...select the loop and offset it by a predetermined amount (0.25 ft) and hatch the area. Following the hatch creation I would like the module to determine the area of the loop, and add a block attribute label loop to a leader using the initial point as the point of the arrow tip and a second point picked by the user as the note location. The block attribute

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    ...like this for you to work on. Two things are important for working with us: 1. You must be constantly available via instant messenger 2. You must be willing to use a wiki, an open source collaboration tool Please confirm in your bid that you can do these two things. Popup details: Text to appear: Pardon me. I need your advice! to better serve our viewers

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    ...here is a Near finshed Shopping site which allows people to open a shopping site of their own with a personal admin area,url and a choice of paying in £'s or $'s via PAypal. I need several areas of the site completed so the site can run properly. The Sign-up page needs finishing or Doing.. ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) I have tried but not succeeded The index page

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    ...ID. Once admin makes a payment, the account will show paid,date paid, payment method so affiliates can see the process of their requests. If someone has a better idea, I'm open for suggestions. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Additional Info (Added 6/17/2003 at 16:23 EST)... I also need a news feature

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    ...programmer to add a facility that will allow our users of the app to design reports for each of the things (invoices, packing slips, etc) to be printed, have the ability to save those reports, call the reports up when the data has been "updated", select which records are to be printed in a given report, and have them printed out. I am open to suggestions

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    Another "easy money" project from NickTheGeek .....need someone to go through the code to make sure it compiles OK. Also, I may ask for some amendments to the software to add some *very* simple features ... I'd like this done as soon as possible, hence the project will only be open for 3 days ... What are you waiting for VB gurus ... bid already!

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    AutoResponders Tamat left

    ...auto-responder at once. Or he/she can add the “prospects?? one by one in a form. 8. Webmaster has ability to email the entire list of “prospects?? or the entire list of?? follow ups?? 9. There will be a page with pre-made forms and emails that user can use to send out emails to his list….webmaster has ability to just open any of these emails, custyomize it

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    I would like a simple message sending application. How - I just open my site. Type Uname and password. Type the number, and message and then i click send button. That's it. I would also like to add a featre of sending misucal tones from my site. just want to uplead a wav file and send it to a mobile user. For this bid, I just would like to have discussion

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    ...doing. I need 4 hours of website design. I have the template, photos, etc... I need you to lay it out, compress images, add 20 photos to where I tell you to, also I need for the user to click on the photo and a small pop up window open on the page that shows a larger picture of the item. This is very easy for someone who knows what they are doing. I

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    ...be reflected in what the public sees immediately or once I am done making changes. I would also like to be able to add an ezine to more than one group, and I want publishers to be able to pick from more than one category when they add their ezine. I want the publishers to change some information (number of subscribers, ezine description, subscribe

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    ...clicks "buy now". 4.1 F is asked what the primary email address for the domain will be, and to choose a password. 4.2 F can optionally purchase additional email accounts, and add these to his "basket" at Price X per pear each, and his invoice is updated accordingly. 4.5 F is presented with an invoice online ( i.e. basket), 4.6 Fred can remove items from

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    ...yourself. It must have the follow similar features: Trade Leads Product Catalog/Storefront Company List It also must have an extensive admin interface with the ability to add/remove/edit users, html templates, categories, and product catalogs, approve/deny user-submitted sites, etc. It must also have a payment system with the ability to charge

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    ...java code generation and I need to add two buttons on the toolbar. One button is to open a dialog which allows user to choose package name, class name and the first method name. It has Ok and cancel button. After OK button is clicked, the plug-in should check to see if the class is alreay exists in the current open project (using jdt api to do this)

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    ...intergrated - again ASAP! Open a discussion with me and let's get going. Impress me. Thank you. Approximate start date of the project after selecting a bid Immediate (within 1-2 days) Approximate budget allocated to the project Less than $500 How soon can you have a demo for me to look at? What features can you think of to add? What value would those

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    BID AMOUNT OPEN FOR SUGGESTION. IGNORE THE SMALL BUSINESS PROJECT AMOUNT. Create a standalone [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or application (System Manager) which 1. Downloads new update files or patches via internet (FTP, HTTPS) by doing a scan on user software to determine which new updates are to be downloaded and update user software accordingly. 2. Provide a GUI

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    ...reader that has a full screen GUI entirely in DirectX 8. The browser does not need java / jscript or other web based scripting language support, but if it can be included it will add a great deal of value to the project. The obtaining of data must be entirely winsock (or lower level), we cannot depend on any Windows gui based components. This program will

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    ...It should allow HTML and understand double breaks as a blank line. Select "View Page" to see the results CONTENT CONTROLS 1. Photo Gallery Newest posts go on top. Click on "Add" and see fields for headline, date and body. At the bottom of the page is a link that represents the page to be displayed after form is submitted. This second page allows for

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