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    Active X Controls: 3D Wireframe mesh bound to alpha-numeric X, Y, Z, cartesian coordinates, accessable through query. Open and scroll through a 3 x 3 array of files(Accessible though lines and columns with specified delimiter. Wiremesh rotatable through 2 poles and scroll by 2 directions. Create movable polygons with cental x, y point and relative coordinate

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    ...search the whole forum and even the admin center and see what I am looking for. The forum that I want to be made WILL NOT be template based like vBulletin yet. I am keeping this open for about 1/2 week so please give me your quotes. When I do decide to go though with this I will contact the 1 or 2 coders. Dark Shogun ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    Internet Explorer tabbed interface add in The idea behind this utility is once you have it installed any new IE window will open into another tab on a toolbar in the main IE window. This must be coded in VB.NET or C# but feel free to use COM extensions A right click menu option should be present to open a new instance of IE Much like

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    ... Need a program that sign up, logins in, extract emails (DOES NOT NEED TO SEND THIS ISNT A SPAM PROGRAM). Off webbased email services, using winsock (am open to any other ideas). Must be able add new sites easily, using a convinent gui (using a class to define these services would be preferable) **Part Two** Need a program that given a url

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    ...does it. Doesn't need to have FTP or anything special. Just needs to be able to browse the web. (5). If a user right clicks, and selects to "Open in a new window" or if a web site uses Pop ups, they must open in another mdi child window inside the program. (6). Needs to be able to set itself as the default web browser automatically and check for that

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    ...for the description above, I'm open. If you're good enough, junk it and use your imagination. Just make sure you're prepared to provide either a demo or written concept that follows the sense of the description above. I will probably want upgrades to this work later, so code as generically as possible to facilitate add-ons. If good enough, will look

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    ... In otherwords, when you open MSN Messenger, it has menu options of File, Actions, Tools and Help. I want to add another menu title with some menu items next to Help. This is to be done in VB 6.0. I do not actually need a full application written - I just want someone to do an example so I can see how to do this myself. Add a menu called Test and then

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    ...powerpoint in the future. It just needs to be started, i can add screen shots/graphics in .jpg form. I would like to have different sections eg. beginner, intermediate, etc. for levels of advancement. Maybe also I would like to have word open from within the program to have her go along with it. I am open for ideas and suggestions and will also accept any samples

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    ...quantity and sku number, look up from the server database, add to the item list, if tax is available charge that, then remove quantity from the inventory. You will then be able to pay with a number of different methods. If cash is selected, it will send an IO signal to the parallel port to open cash drawer. All transactions will then be recorded in database

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    We are in search of a script that will allow us to open a site similar to this one: [login to view URL] The service will allow users to sign up and put a code for a popup box on their site which will give visitors the option to join a list of newsletters. We also want to the add the option of letting the users purchase extra 'credits'

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    This is an Outlook Add-in The add-in would use to send SMS msg's from Ooutlook. there are three things that the add-in should do- 1) The add-in should create a new button on the contacts tool bar and when pressed after choosing a contact or contacts it should open a window so a message can be entered and when in that window, a Send button would be pressed

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    ...Perl, I could probably figure it out after awhile, but would gladly pay someone to get this code running right away. The code will also need to be invisible if someone were to open this email within an email cient that does not use HTML format. The header image, footer image and scripting must default to text only. I will forward the HTML file for the

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    ...high quality flash gurus who can do this sort of thing. For this first demo, I'd like a user to see how to "add a patient" to Amazing Charts. The flash demo would show the program and the mouse click on the rollodex card which would open the add patient window. A few fields of a test patient would be added and the Save Info button clicked. The demo would

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    Here's my idea. You download a file or want to add a description to a file, either a password,etc. You would right-click on the file and on the right-click menu would be a command that says something like "Add information..." or "Add data..." This will open a small textbox to add some informaiton to the file. Maybe with fields for date or...

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    Hello All We are creating a local Directory of links. We have extracted the category structure and links from the Open Directory ([login to view URL]). No we need a script, program or what ever to put it into our MYSQL database in a certain way. We will provide a MS Access file that has the info that was extracted. It has two seperate tables.. 1 table

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    ...to his/her subscription. This counter counts the number of newsletters received by a subscriber and is reset to zero when a change is made. For example if somebody decides to add the Accident Report newsletter to its subscription this particular counter is set to zero. This needs to be fixed so that is does not happen any more. 4) The newsletter is created

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    ...this project to another programmer only to have him tell us that he couldn’t even figure out how to open the database. He couldn’t figure out what format the database is in. Because of this, we are now requiring that all bidders PROVE to us they can open the database. If you bid on this project, you MUST tell us what format the database is in and provide

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    I am looking for someone to help me add some functionality to my current site or design a new site if it can be done. My current web site is located at [login to view URL] and we are a consulting firm that specializes in Telephone and Data Cabling, Network & Telephone design and setup, Web Site Design and Web Site Hosting. I lost my

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    ...to modify and build on a pre-existing multi-tab “Opera?? like Web-browser (for visual reference look at the enclosed screenshot), written in pure VB6. What you would need to add is a comprehensive internet advertising filtering and blocking capability, which should be user friendly, and would serve the following 5 functions: 1. Block pop-up / pop under

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    ...I need a clone of SmartSearch v4.13 with everything that script has plus these additional functions. 1) Must be as fast as possible. I notice most are asking for PHP but am open to suggestions. 2) My chosen XML feed(s) must integrate seamlessly with each other by adjusted cost (see 3). This includes my customers cpc's as well. I’m not set on what feeds

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    There are many programs on the market that are add ons to Kazaa and Grokster, which use the FastTrack network. Some of these are: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] There are others as well. We're looking to have an application created VERY QUICKLY

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    In a nutshell, I plan to emulate a bulk email software package like [login to view URL], add data merge and database connectivity capability; and run the package as server based rather than client side. I need a consultant to help me select that programmers that will do this and then transfer knowledge to the programmers. The consultant

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    ...the access level, the user will have the option to open a PDF proposal, PDF proposal and Work Order or PDF proposal, Work Order and db data editing tools. The database will also contain about 700 items to be used in a Bill of Materials for the Work Order. I need the working frame which I would add the inventory items and polish. Once we make arrangements

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    ...code. Some of the people that enter information do not have Javascript, so I want server-side VB Script validation/formating in "2. Add Data" improved to equal the current Javascript validation in this Input form. 2. Add Data ASP - This ASP currenly does some basic server-side validation that needs to be improved (see #1). After data validation, another

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    ...version of notepad , **7 bugs fixed , totally no bugs exists now, **added so far "Goto" in addition to oldies 1)new file . 2) open. 3) save,save as . 4) print. 5)cut,copy,paste,delete,select all (fixed) 6)undo. (fixed) 7)add time/date to the txt file . 8)find,find next . 9) choose font . (fixed) 10)choose font's color. 11)Goto line. (added) ## Deliverables

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    $-1 - $4
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    SOMEBODY SENT ME A COMMENT THAT EXPLAINED THE FONTS THAT WERAE NEEDED. NO NEED FOR ANY OTHER RESPONSE. I'm a newbie and think I need a font but not sure. When I open the attached file in Adobe Illustrator, get errors. Contains PDF objects that have been reinterpreted Missing type 1 fonts have been substituted with the default font Fonts with foreign

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    I have a fax program (with source) that faxes any image file (.jpg,.tif, etc) or .txt file. I recently asked the coder to add the ability to send multiple pages (it was just 1 page). Now when the program sends a multi-page fax to more than 1 recipient, there is an error after it sends a couple pages. The log file shows that the program sends/ends the

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    ...to add a feature so that the user can change the "Quantity", and the new price will be returned to the user. I was thinking that perhaps there could be a "Change "Quantity" button next to the "Quantity" field that spawns a small pop-up window in order for the customer to do this, just like at: [login to view URL], but I am open to

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    I am looking to add a small 'price finder' feature to a website. The way i want it to work is:- The page will be standard html with a table description like, Stock Code Description xx409xx Metal small cog yy450tt Metal large cog when you click on the 'Stock Code' it will open a small pop up window that displays the price. I

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    $200 - $300
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    ...used to enter data into the database. Some of the survey questions will be yes/no/don't know, some will be a numerical values, some will be multiple choice, and some will be open-ended. The important thing is that we must be able to pull up and sort any combination of the data from all the records and all the survey questions. We must be able to sort

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    I want to disable the print screen key when my chm (compressed help file, a MicrosoftHTML help file I created with RoboHelp2002r2))is open. I think the best way to do this is to add javascript that will re-map the print screen key. The CHM will run through IE6.0. I have script that works to re-map any other key, but doesn't work for print screen. I

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    ...schemes Ability to Block 'referrer' strings Ability to Single Click Cookie Cleanup. Ability to Automatically add all detected pop-ups to black list. Ability to Customize the ad database Configurable warnings alert when a site attempts to open a pop-up. Ability to Clear browsing history Ability to filters adds by size, URL, Java. Ability to block Web

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    We need a complete travel system -add, edit, del, view, etc, categories, sub categories and sub sub categories -add, edit, del, etc. tours, travel services, etc. -Posibility to make reservation on line -Diferent features on reervation with diferent price but the same tour. Example one europe tour has a price for single room, doble room, triple, etc

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    ...The site will consist of Home, Company, Members, Support, Affiliates, FAQ, and Forums. I would like to Utilise an Open source buletin board such as openBB. The main thing that i require is a fully working website along with Graphics that add to the feel of a hosting company. I will also be purchasing Modern Bill([login to view URL]) which is billing management

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    Windows add-on (DLL) Right-click image Viewer.. The Add-on Right-Click will support at least 35 image formats-preview movies and sound files with most popular formats. -The ability to save images when opened and convert them to Other formats. -It must have features similar to this one here: [login to view URL]

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    $30 - $110
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    ... It must be capable of: -recieving orders from a client (via a signup form), and taking them to the payment gateway. The payment options must be reasonably modular so I can add other payment methods - I currently accept PayPal, NoChex and Revecom (PaySystems) so it must be able to accept them. -Allowing me to verify orders before activating the account

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    ...just open the PMB I'll get back to you in a matter of hours. It's an emergency situation. Please only bid if you can do it by thursday. I will certainly will start early for this project. If your works meets my requirement. I will use your service again next time because I am going to have an improved version of this battleships. Please open the PMB

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    At 2hr intervals, Send a command to the serial port (ascii). Retrieve the reply (ascii)add it to a file. Do again 15 times. Then save the file. Do again next interval. Rename old file. Create new one. Kill files 90 days old. The command to send is Q01L...Q02L...Q03L up to Q16L The replies are 5 to 15 lines: 230,123456 232,123457 234,231456 up to 15

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    ...removed) to be filled out later by the consultant when he's done. When he fills out his time card the system emails an invoice to the client and any other email addresses we add for that client. 4. FRONT END - ** IMPORTANT ** there's not enough room in this box for me to put the entire description - please see "deliverables" for info on front end. 5

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    Internet Explorer tabbed interface add in The idea behind this utility is once you have it installed any new IE window will open into another tab on a toolbar in the main IE window. This must be coded in VB.NET or C#. A right click menu option should be present to open a new instance of IE Much like the web attack browser but with more of

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    ...tab as shown on [login to view URL] which would lead to the "All Stores" page of the first paragraph.. -- The default of the ByStore page should open on 0-9 and not on the All tab. 2) Each store and category in our database should have it's own title, meta tags and comment fields. The default title, meta tags, and comments

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    ...the end-user will have 2 options at this stage: A. Back This will take them back to screen 2 B. Forward Pressing this will tell the system to not only remember, compile and add the values in screen 1 but also to transfer those in screen 2 to screen 3 - even if screen 2 is blank. SPECIFICATIONS (3 of 3) The last screen will compile all the information

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    ...like all the same features and a couple of additional ones such as Site Search and Web poll and I want to be able to easily add additional site templates at will… My server is running Windows 2000, MS SQL, and Cold Fusion. I am open to alternatives within my budget. ...

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    ...like -be able to add a small banner on the bottom -faces icon, webcam, voice chat -add favorite links -small banner -chat realtime -file tranfer -status (online,busy, away) -oraganize contacts in different categories -conversations with multiple users. and any other feature that you would like to add I am open minded. Where I can add and update my links

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    ...want it to be done completely in PHP with a MySQL backend. -The site will need to have all the functions of [login to view URL] (PayPal payments will do) -We must be able to add new Open Work categories Additional PHP programming work is available for the right candidate. We will not reply to any bids that doesn't include an example application similar

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    ...What we want now ----- * Administration page (add remove bookings etc) * * A different calender/page for each boat. Information and a picture of the boat(s) should be presented on a site from where you can choose the boat of your liking. * * The Ability to Add/Change pictures, prices, floorplans. *

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    ...used to enter data into the database. Some of the 30 survey questions will be yes/no/don't know, some will be a numerical values, some will be multiple choice, and some will be open-ended. The important thing is that we must be able to pull up and sort any combination of the data from all the records and all the survey questions. We must be able to sort

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    ...has successfully logged into the system, they will be able to use the following features: [login to view URL] a new trouble ticket [login to view URL] a trouble ticket (open or close) by input the only ticket number. [login to view URL] open trouble tickets only. [login to view URL] closed trouble tickets only. [login to view URL] past sloutions according to problem category. [log...

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    ...my website, it takes them to the news article on yahoo in a new window. Yahoo uses links like "/news?tmpl=story2&ncid=716&e=1&u=/ap/20020811/ap_on", so I need the script to add the rest of the url where neeeded to make it like "[login to view URL]". The next piece I need it to pull is on this

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    ..."gimme" project where all you have to do is copy a few files from the tutorial, add a few tweaks, so that it's compatible with my database / file management program and send it in. Addenda: 1) Several coders have told me that using two sound cards is much easier. I am open to this approach. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s)

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