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    lulu help book fonts issue 3 hari left

    First I want you to understand that I know how to upload a book on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that’s not a problem. The problem is they keep rejecting my book because of the fonts that’s not embedded and the size they require. Also the book cover. So if you could help me fix the fonts, the size , and the book please let me know. Also begin your massage — [log masuk un...

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    10 bida problem 3 hari left

    Instagram Hashtags: Scrape Insanely Targeted Emails Based on Hashtags [log masuk untuk melihat URL] something simple must be programmed in

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    9 bida

    About this Job We are seeking a interns with a solid work ethic, talent, and common sense. Skillion is raising capital to fulfil orders for our first product. We need help to build this product. We need to leverage this position to complete this product, find new markets and close new customers. You will need to have solid coding skills, ability to problem solve independently and work remotely wi...

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    Its not possible use the product variation if its adds using API.

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    5 bida

    We decided to update the website because it is CRITICALLY outdated. My partner took it upon himself to try to do it and he got pretty far. Everything needed updating from PHP to WordPress, Plugins, Theme and many other things. At the beginning everything broke but he slowly got almost everything to work. we need your help getting the last few things fixed and here is what we need: 1. The origina...

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    I need a website where students will upload problem and get solutions from teachers.

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    15 bida

    I am looking for system admin who are expert in cpanel and centos. I have got a problem with my firewall because when I am trying to send the email using phpmailer, it say 554 security failure. I am unable to use open port 587 as i can use only 465. And i am unable to send the email to different smtp using 465 as it get blocked. I can only connect to my own server to send the email. I want to conn...

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    Using Apache PDFBox version 2.0.19 or newer, lines can be retieved rather easily. The procedure is as follows int resolution = [log masuk untuk melihat URL]().getScreenResolution(); double scaler = (double) ((double) resolution / 72.0); Matrix s = [log masuk untuk melihat URL]((float) scaler, (float) scaler); PDPageContentStream cs = new PDPageContentStream(document, page, [log masuk...

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    Hi I have a problem with my wordpress website. I don't know why but I got a double blog on one page. I mean, at the very top I have a menu, then an article from 2 days ago, then articles, and then a menu with new articles plus old articles appears again. So I have a blog, and then I have another, current blog again. best regards

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    36 bida

    Machine learning problem using python

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    23 bida

    Hi, I have a very visited site in Italy ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) and I would like to improve the quality of my home page. The home page should have the following characteristics: - A searchbar - A call to action for a neuropsychological evaluation - A "Game of the week" box I could manually update - Quick links But most of all: - The ability to access articles. This is the main pr...

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    build me website 3 hari left

    Hi, I have a very visited site in Italy ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) and I would like to improve the quality of my home page. The home page should have the following characteristics: - A searchbar - A call to action for a neuropsychological evaluation - A "Game of the week" box I could manually update - Quick links But most of all: - The ability to access articles. This is the main pr...

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    cpp coding 3 hari left

    Scenario: It is the year 20XX and the tech firm Orange, Inc. has discovered a significant breakthrough in teleportation technology. Orange is able to build a network of n teleportation stations to allow people to quickly traverse the cities that they live in. A test network is being built in the Montgomery, AL area, and you have been hired to design the software to manage the route data. While tel...

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    Hi Need an Expert Python developer with very good communication to help me clearing an online exam together. There will be 3 problems and You need to give the solution in 1 hour. Only Python Coder needed. Do let me know your fee. I will give you a test problem to check your coding ability. Thanks in Advance

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    17 bida

    Hey there! My social media marketing agency is looking to hire a new virtual employee for $2 an hour (starting wage) to help us with the following tasks: Prospecting on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Etc… (All you have to do is copy and paste messages where a prospect is asking for more information) Copy and Pasting Emails Hop on daily zoom calls (Must have workin...

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    Digital Marketing 3 hari left

    Please see below write. attached file for promo and website. Looking for DM on Pay Per Sale basis. No retainer fees The Problem We ALL know NOW that under the UNLOCK there is BIG need to encourage and educate our citizens about social distancing and fight against Covid. It does NOT mean that we continue to stay at home. One cannot afford to do that endlessly nor can our economy sustai...

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    7 bida

    Hi, I have a YouTube channel called AnyTech - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] And a website for my youtube channel - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need a lot of things done for my channel, including: 1. A channel banner, I like the style of his: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. I need things for my YouTube videos, like number intros for when I do a top ten, so I will need things like a nice anim...

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    25 bida

    Hi, As IT manager of an association that sells documents, I need a solution to deliver downloadable products on the fly. The documents are built with option values provided in the orders. So the basic download functionality of opencart won't satisfy. The customer specifies options like : output format (PDF, EPUB, KINDLE...), addenda to include, document geometry (height, width, margins...), ...

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows.

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    Natural Avatar 3 hari left

    All old you see in the video and movies and other digital media ,A rich colony of their why ! ALL Aciantpeople in the form of team just like Ant,tribals people and At the time slowly-slowly its also a machanic problems,for explain a Evolution,make change the world and in solar system .It causes the that human changes the change into its working [log masuk untuk melihat URL] are all faces just like...

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    I have a Macro (attached) that is downloading a xls-file from the Web-page. After download, I get the Message: "do you want to open or save this file?" (attached pdf) I want to click "Gem" (Save) from VBA, so that the file is downloaded.

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    Please read the document attached before bidding, do not bid if you are not familiar with Artificial Intelligence/Optimization problems. The deadline for this job is before the 3rd of August.

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    7 bida

    Please read the document attached before bidding. This is an optimization problem that needs to be solved before the 3rd of August, I have an example of the work from someone else to have a look. Please only bid if you understand optimization and AI.

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    10 bida

    The purpose for the system is to find new listings from auction site (detailed specification attached) according to the user search terms and monitor found results until the auction is ended. Purpose is to monitor interesting items and to collect market information. System should work in cloud, e.g Google, we are open for suggestions. The project would appreciate fluent usability with mobile dev...

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    48 bida

    Hi Miraclesoftsolutions, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. This is my new ID, there was some problem in old one

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    opencart support 3 hari left

    hi, i get some errors now then with opencart, and need some help

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    21 bida

    I can't adjust the height of a section on a wordpress theme.

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    96 bida

    (!) IMPORTANT, READ BEFORE POSTING ANY RANDOM BIDS! We currently are hosting a website (h#om#ra . #nl remove #) for one of our clients. The overal loading time of this website is fine, most pages load under 1 second. But sometimes, on random moments, pages take up to 5 seconds to load. We can't figure out what the problem is because it is so random. Also, adding a product to the cart takes...

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    46 bida

    i have aproblem on my source code please help me

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    38 bida

    Hi, I have a python script that is running on my EC2 instance. The script does a webscrape and saves in an AWS RDS database. The problem is that the script stops intermittently and I have to restart it manually. It usually says this: "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]: (1064, "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right...

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    18 bida

    Hello there, My English is not very good, so please feel free to contact me if there is something I am not clear about. I need a crawler expert to help me crawl all the listings in a certain city on so what I need is the python source code that can achieve this purpose. Here is the details: Let's say Shanghai, there are roughly 50,000 to 60,000 listings. I need the code to be a...

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    20 bida

    Once I'm importing the PDF file into Inkscape which is containing just a text, the Inkscape creates a green border lines (outline) around. This makes no problem at this point but when I'm going to use my pen plotter extension from AxiDraw V3 it starts to draw those outlines first which I need to avoid and then he comes to draw the text which this file is including

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    34 bida

    Using jmeter and the websocket sampler plugin I need to listen to ongoing messages from server. No problem in connecting and geting websocket connection id, but what is the next step. Can't get it to work and strapped for time, payment upon successful solution.

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    Bug in @swimlane/ngx-graph 3 hari left

    Description: We are using ngx-graph for our project. Things work out well in development. Building for production also works. Running the app where the graph is shown in production will give us an error that stops us from using the ngx-graph. We are currently using @swimlane/ngx-graph: "6.2.0" on angularv6. Recreating the Problem: It appears that the problem exists only if we build the...

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    7 bida
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    8 bida
    Full stack Developer 3 hari left

    Hello. I need to have a system developed that integrates OpenCart ( includes POS, Google Print, Reservation, SMS notification ). There will be two things for which i need to have a PHP developer predominantly for. The first is development of a desktop ordering website. The second is for a developed that ties in utilizing the Siberian CMS mobile app platform via module. The link below will have ev...

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    51 bida

    I have a couple of cases that put you in a management scenarios and then ask a couple of questions. total of 10 questions the first 8 questions can be answered in less than a page and the last two will require one page minimum. (Project size MAX 6 pages ) EXAMPLE: John Gill is a busy man. No matter how fast he works, it seems he’s always behind. Consequently, when an employee brings G...

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    24 bida

    Hi, I am putting together a short report that I would like designed to look amazing and professional. I will provide all the content I am just needing it to be displayed well. I will attach some examples of the kind of style I am looking for. The problem is I will need it back by midday Sunday at the latest. Let me know if you can help, thanks Jessica. (no printing required)

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    18 bida

    I have an Android code project app that is a browser which loads my website, it is very simple and for the moment the app doesn't do more than this. Now I want to modify a little bit the code project because on my website there is a section where the users can download our Android apps. Now, when the users press to download one of our apps from our browser app (which loads the website), the ...

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    10 bida

    Hello everyone i am looking for a website of my dreams and finally in a position to start the process. My website i want created should accept cryptocurrency and a few of them and it will be mostly like an auction website but with crypto instead of traditional payments. I will implement all others when it becomes a success. The design i am not too sure i really need someone to help and guide me wh...

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    Newsletter, quarterly 3 hari left

    We are a dilapidation survey organisation who require a punchy newsletter on a quarterly basis aimed at the Australian commercial building and construction industry Our potential and existing Australian based customers include but are not limited to major Australian building companies, body corporate companies managing strata titled residential and commercial properties , property managers of com...

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    14 bida

    While upgrading my old WPF project, I hit a strange error saying "[44732] Designer process terminated unexpectedly!". The exact error message snapshot is attached. Please check it out to get a clue. I searched internet and the same problem has been reported but I cannot find working resolution of it. In this project, I want someone who can fix the problem by accessing my machine remote...

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    13 bida

    Before I tell you what I'm looking for in a full-stack dev, let me tell you about us. My name is Mitch. I've been a partner in a small online publishing company for 10 years. I've been working with devs for 10 years. While I know there are exceptions, I know that devs prefer to be shut in a room, writing and deploying code. Cool. We don't have a lame company culture. We&#...

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    16 bida

    I have a MySQL and WordPress multi-network the DB is up and down i need some one to help me to solve this problem need some one have experience on 1- WHM 2- MYSQL 3- ENGINREON

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    15 bida

    Code has to be in c# Can be compiled easily with no bugs

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    Hi Muhammad, today there was a problem with a redhat update and our virtual machine stopped working on google cloud platform. We need you to fix it thanks

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    I am using an MCP3424 ADC in a project (a simple Arduino shield), and see it fail more often than I would like it to. I would like someone to take a look at my schematics and PCB design, and check that there are no obvious errors that could lead to the ADC chip being damaged. I have some suspicions that the problem could be related to either ESD damage or spikes on the power rail, but don't k...

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    hp 15 laptop charging problem 2 hari left

    when i plugged in laptop the light come on and it start to charge. if i wait it fills the battery no problem. when i power on like this, it turns on but power stops charging. when battery is out, the light for power comes but the laptop doesnt turn on

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    Full Stack Developer 2 hari left

    Full Stack Developer Job Description: We are looking for a highly skilled computer programmer who is comfortable with both front and back end programming. Full Stack Developers are responsible for developing and designing front end web architecture, ensuring the responsiveness of applications and working alongside graphic designers for web design features, among other duties. Full Stack Develope...

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    47 bida


    $14 (Avg Bid)
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