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    | | **Overview** | | The range of values of an integer in the C++ language depends on the system. For example, some systems represent an integer with 2 bytes, while others represent an integer with 4 or more bytes. If an integer is represented by 2 bytes, then the range of values is -32768 to 32767 (one bit used for the sign). Your job will be to write a large integer class. This class will be ...

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    We need a billing and invoice presentment system developed. A very good model to research so that you understand the full breadth of this project is PLEASE RESEARCH THIS SITE AND UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE YOU BID. A GOOD GRASP OF OF THIS CONCEPT IS CRITICAL TO YOUR SUCCESS. Attached to this posting is a .zip file with a slide show which gives a general overview of the process we will...

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    OVERVIEW: Modification and addition to web application based upon PHP/MySQL. The current web application allows teams of students to perform and submit creative work online for subsequent feedback and evaluation, a process previously undertaken via paper booklets and traditional mail. Current code involves extensive use of original PHP classes, OOP, and MySQL interaction. Additional programming MU...

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    Linked Lists Tamat left

    Overview For this assignment, you will be implementing a singly linked list to store polynomials. For instance, the polynomial 5*X^4 + 3*X^3 + 7*X + 10 will be stored as a linked list made up of 4 nodes. The first node will contain the coefficient of 5 and exponent of 4. It will be followed by a node with coefficient and exponent of 3, a node with coefficient of 7 and exponent 1, and finally a n...

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    **IP DELIVERY SOFTWARE BRIEF Overview **Software will be designed and operated on PC’s to send out a customised message to an online IP address in any country using the Windows Messenger platform. Software should allow for ability to change the message as required; change delivery IP ranges based on country or region; change message based on pre-defined intervals; allow for Statistical...

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    **Overview** This project will create self-contained online booking system which will be added to an already existing website. The purpose of this system is to enable visitors to make reservations (“bookings??) in realtime, and to provide their credit card details for billing purposes. Additionally, administrative users will be able to view and print details of bookings, as well as manage ...

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    **Overview of requirement.** A legacy application contains several directories with numerous variable (I think) record length files. The data has been compressed with a [log masuk untuk melihat URL] by a Delphi application. A requirement exists for an application to cycle through the directories and decompress this data, using the [log masuk untuk melihat URL] which will be provided. For every ...

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    Compact/External device for Video Storage: Platforms: it will be necessary for programmer to understand the Macintosh programming language/IPOD scripting as well as understand basics of software/hardware communication. Overview: The objective is to enable the IPOD macintosh storage device to accept input of raw video footage. The previous versions of the IPOD have a firewire device that will al...

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    Student Loan Consolidation Program This program is used for processing student loan consolidation. A general overview of the steps involved are: 1. User Logs into System (at least 4 levels of security with logins) 2. Purchased Leads are imported into the system via text/excel file. 3. A Dailer list is created from those leads and exported to CSV file. 4. A successful call is looked up...

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    Below are the basic requirements that we are looking at: From a new, clean and unique design created internally and supplied to you as layered .psd files and .pdf visuals (I will provide the copy for the various pages too) * 8-12 pages (the product pages will need to be dynamic, so they can be updated online) * Need a booking form (optional: credit card payments - please include as separate esti...

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    **Assignment 3: Data Compression** _**Overview** _**In Part 1** you will implement a locally adaptive data compression algorithm, for compressing a sequence of bytes. This algorithm makes use of optimal prefix-free codes (Huffman codes) for a certain set of weights. **In Part 2** you will write a utility for archiving a directory (and all of its subdirectories recursively) into a single file. ...

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    I am looking for someone to create Vbulletin Templates for my website. Here is a sample website. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need: Site Templates. Main Site banner. 2-3 site related logos. Qualifications: must know how to work with Vbulletin Script, and intergrading correct tags. Winning Bidder will receive access to the VBulletin Script to upload y...

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    **Overview **This project is for a web site design / template. The site is for a home inspection company. Content for the most part will be entered by me after the site is developed. **Design **This company already has a logo and the site will be centered around this logo and it’s colors. The customer I am working with prefers the light and d arkblue shades in the logo but other colors ...

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    Java applet using **Java 2 Platform Std. Ed. v1.4.2 ** prefer implementation using java swing (compared to java awt) Overview >> Design and implementation of a multithreaded animation using Java threads and 2Dor3D graphics . >> Programmer should design an applet that contains 2 threads in which that allows 2 pacman(animation objects) to travel along seperate and ...

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    The purpose of this project is to commission the development of a corporate web site. The Corporation, A . C. Just, Inc., is a professional products and services company specializing in software design for business automation, and business process outsourcing. A. C. Just, Inc. caters to retail business, as well as small and large business. Accordingly, A. C. Just, Inc. is in need of professional ...

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    E-Invoice Tamat left

    E-Invoice project. I would like to automate the invoicing proces with the following functions : * Select (or enter manualy) the addressee (by Customer nr.) * Easy Invoice customization * Keep all invoices stored in database * Print / Mail button * User Custumer ID + password printed on the invoice for weblogin (overview of all invoices) * Easy overview of outstanding invoices an totals per client ...

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    I want to sell domains which have been registered by myselves, domainns of other people should not be advertised. The site does NOT have to contain the following functions: appraisal, sell adomain, domain parking, hosting solutions etc. However, it should have the following functions: an overview of the available domains, make an offer, minimum bid, number of bids. Awaiting your offers with int...

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    Transcoding of Speech Overview of Outline: Investigate transcoding between the two popular techniques of Waveform Interpolation (WI) and Mixed Excitation Linear Prediction (MELP). WI is an efficient algorithm for coding speech at low bit rates. High quality speech has been produced using a WI coder operating at 2.4 kpbs[1]. MELP is the US military standard for speech coding at 2.4kbps[2]. Altho...

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    I have an existing website that I would like modifications to. The site is an E-commerce site but the most technical portion of the site has been completed. The shopping cart, the SSL and the server certificate are all in place. What I'm looking for is to modify the site for changes that were overlooked in the initial design of the site. To give you a brief overview of the site, it is a site ...

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    This is a two-tier membership program. Overview of Main functions needed for our website/ business: 1) website replication 2) admin area (includes ability to disable, enable members accounts, turn on or off advertising co-op, email all members) 3) two-tier payment structure working exclusively with Paypal and Stormpay (however if a customer does NOT have both Paypal and stormpay, they shou...

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    Overview: We are using a Windows 2000 server with a file share. NTFS permissions are applied to certain folders and subfolders and allow certain Active Directory user groups to perform certain functions ??" read/write/change/full Our files are arranged by jobs with a common set of sub folders under each job. I need a utility that scan all folders looking for this common set of folders. T...

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    AssetLink2 Tamat left

    AssetLink is a database based directory for listing assets/services that other people can use. To see a similar idea in action please check Trademe shares similar design ideas in the way it has categories for assets and how you can see details about those assets by clicking on them. AssetLink does not require the auction facilities that trademe has. Each category in As...

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    I need a coder to put together two programs for me that will comprise a peer-to-peer network and a master server. The client program needs to be written in Java. The server program can be written in any language but must run on Linux or *BSD. The server program will also interface with either MySQL or PostgreSQL (your choice). Please view attach documents for complete details. Here i...

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    Hi, 1st off, I've already created a webmail application available at <[log masuk untuk melihat URL]> Now heres the thing, i wish to let users sign up for my email service. Process listed below. 1) Sign up, save username and pass to MySQL database 2) Create a POP3 account for the username 3) Default the email space to 3MB per user 4) Sign up form will take in name, age, countr...

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    ***Overview*** Web-Narrator Version 1 is a Visual Basic application that currently only supported on windows XP. ***Requirement*** We would like Web-Narrator ported to ATL in Visual C++ and developed for Internet Component Download so that it can be deployed on 98, NT, 2000 and XP. This version will only require American English to be spoken. ## Deliverables Downloaded from [log masuk untuk...

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    Overview: An Intranet application to aid the control of inventory, both incomming and outgoing, along with Client management (i.e. past, current and pending orders) Detail:building a (web) application for the company to control both incoming and outgoing inventory. The structure of the company is basically this: Materials are shipped to a contracted "assembler", then the finished pr...

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    **Overview: Make the file** **[log masuk untuk melihat URL]** **work as indicated by writing the necessary classes. This project involves the construction of classes Schedule, Course and TimeDay.** **Requirements:** **Make the supplied main program work by creating the necessary classes, splitting the classes into .h and .cpp files, putting all of these files and the supplied main into a s...

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    **Objective:** I need a printer driver designed for the Olivetti PR2E model dot-matrix printer to be used on Windows XP Professional. An overview can be found at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] **Environment:** We are running Windows XP Professional and printing reports out of a Microsoft Access 2002/XP database. These reports are custom paper sizes, one at 5?? X 7?? and the other ...

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    Hello, This project is made to give you an overview of what we need but nothing really detailled in-depth. I would like to receive your ideas/references and a roofly price quote. Further details will follow but not at this time. So, the issue is: we run a business of domain names + hosting since a few years. Our sales and support process are not correctly automated. We will move into a new system,...

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    This is just a _brief_ overview some of the things we would like to do with this site. My partner and I need an entire website done in **php** for a Xbox Live tournament site we are planning to launch. This site will need member **sign-up/login**, **forums**,and the most important piece of the site is a **bracket system** for the actual tournaments. The bracket system needs to be able to be c...

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    This is a Clinic Management system which has two system that will be netwoked to perform different functions. The Nurse system and a doctor's system. This system has to be stable as a commercial system and will be needing further updates in the near future for further enchancement so I would like the work with a coder who can deliver good stable program and with a vast knowledge of programmin...

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    We need someone to add products to our online website. This entails copying photos and text from a manufacturers website to our own, downloading & renaming the products image and tidying up the product's html before previewing and inserting into site. Images do not need to be resized just downloaded, renamed according to our product list numbers, then uploaded to our website. Preview, and...

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    VB/Excel Developer - derivatives project I currently work of a City based Investment Bank, and I’m looking for a VB/Excel specialist to help with an ongoing derivatives project. If you have experience of modelling equity option pricing formulae, this will defiantly be an advantage, although it is not a necessity. A small amount of input will be required from your end before I can receive form...

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    This website will provide a method for us to upload and/or download files to/from others. See attached file for more details. *While the attached document is a good overview of what we want, the final project should be developed according to mutually agreed final specifications.* ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete...

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    Overview: Process large quantities of credit cards using the DPI batch processing format. Need to have a firm understanding of PHP file functions and csv handling. We need a script written to allow us to process thousands of credit cards a month utilizing the DPI batch processing format. We can supply the text manual for the format and structural dumps of the sql tables. Each batch will be base...

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    I am in need of a design, and only the design. I'll do the coding. The design is ment to be for an youth portal, and the theme of the design should be sleek and stylish. Here's what I need it to be like: * It has to be built up like a portal * Must provide a good overview * Must have a logo that can be used in all relations * Must have a visible section on the front page for last post...

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    This is a Clinic Management system which has two system that will be netwoked to perform different functions. The Nurse system and a doctor's system. This system has to be stable as a commercial system and will be needing further updates in the near future for further enchancement so I would like the work with a coder who can deliver good stable program and with a vast knowledge of programmin...

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    NotifyofNew Tamat left

    Script Use: Web Application/Server App Script Proposed Name: Notify Of New Script Language: ASP, PHP, similar, whatever works best Script Idea: I transfer a number of files into my client directories on a daily basis and don't always have time to write to them individually and tell them they have new files to download. Script Overview: The script should execute at a predetermined interval...

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    I'm creating a virtual DJ studio. It's all no problem for me since I have experience enough with these things. However now I want to re-design my GUI. Therefor I want customized round turn-buttons, and sliders. So basicly I want my GUI to look like a real mixer and DJ studio. Here is an example of a real Dj Mixer: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Here is an example of software sliders (...

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    We need someone to add products to our online website. This entails copying photos and text from a manufacturer’s website to our own, downloading & renaming the products image and tidying up the product's html in our integrated html editor. Images do not need to be resized just downloaded, renamed according to our product list numbers, then uploaded to our website. Preview, and then...

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    1) Need to build a templatable system that is an replica of [log masuk untuk melihat URL] with ALL features and functionality currently on friendster. Please make sure you clearly understand and can demonstrate a thorough understanding of the intricate details of friendster and the email communications and other details. For the backend adminstration, you should use your common sense, but in your ...

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    I have a Linux Redhat 7.2 (I think laptop) loaded with Oracle 9.2i, Java, JBoss, and an J2EE based application. Typically this takes about 8GB on the hard disk. Loading Redhat, Oracle and the rest of the software is a long and painful process, which often goes wrong. We want to be able to distribute/port this setup to remote (even international locations). We already have a solution for a Win 2000...

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    OVERVIEW The output from this project is an email containing the poll data. The input to this project is a list of web URLs or specific sub-page defined as polling targets. "SET UP" PAGE 1. POLLING FREQUENCY: Frequency of polling on a per-target-page-basis 2. EMAIL OUTPUT FREQUENCY: Number of minutes between output emails. 3. EMAIL TARGET DEFINITION: A...

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    **Online Banking System. **You will be required to Advise of all software needed to create a working model, A Server PC will be Setup for you to Install and configure what is required. pcAnywhere Will be needed by you to login to the server. You will need to create any Logos needed for the website. Overview of System SQL 2000 Server to host all the Customer and Transaction...

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    Chat Program Tamat left

    Overview - Develop a basic chat based program. Need a client and server program. Client's will require to login to the server and server will need to autherise the login and accept if username and password is correct, if wrong reject users. **More Infomation is contained within the attached file...** Note: Coders who bid for this will need to keep in mind that both server and client...

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    OVERVIEW Create an application that scan the pixels in another application window and detects Characters. The program will scan a specific window and find a set of up to 12 Stable characters, meaning these characters do not move around, they are always in the same place. Once the program detects these characters it should store the string in a class Cstring variable. The program will also need to...

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    We are looking for the creation of a sophisticated Dating/Matchmaking website. We need all the standard features found on major dating sites like [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL], … The site will be PHP/MySQL database driven and we would like extensive use of templates to enable flexibility and easy admin changes to t...

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    I want a clone of the script found at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] you can try a demo of it at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to see exactly what I want. The script lets a person login and edit the web pages of a web site in their web browser with a WYSIWYG web site editor. ---------------------------------------- BASIC OVERVIEW OF HOW I WANT IT TO WORK: --------------------------------...

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    Travel agency web site with the following pages: Home Special Offer Personalized Reservation Request About Us Travel Tips & Links Book It Yourself Customer Travel Profile (log in, store data, edit profile, etc) Web site design from ground up. The customer wants a fast loading site, so light on graphics, use CSS to pretty up the site instead of graphics, where possible. Site will use forms, MyS...

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