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    ** Payment released only after finalizing the project and sending firmware to test the operation. I need to send and receive incoming and outgoing information through the serial portal. I already have the hardware developed. 1) When making a combination of 4 keys, I need the combination to be sent via the serial. example: pressing 1111 or 1234 keys If you do not press the 4 keys, wait for 4 se...

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    I'm using CF7 on a Wordpress website and would like to validate a textfield if it contains 9 digits and with the so called 11-check. That's an algorithm to validate Dutch SSN (BSN). It works likes this: Let's say we perform the 11-check on BSN 123456782 1st digit = 1, 9 * 1 = 9 2nd digit = 2, 8 * 2 = 16 3rd digit = 3, 7 * 3 = 21 4th digit = 4, 6 * 4 = 24 5th digit = 5, 5 * 5 = 25...

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    Hi there, I have a website made on Wordpress and I'm using wpforms (paid version) to collect customer information. The paid version ensures that the phone number provided has right area code and it's 10 digits long. However, I am receiving a lot of numbers which are either dead or go to auto hang-up. I want this fixed, the form should only be accepted if the user has entered the ri...

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    hello, i need dynamic angular wizard (stepper) form. all form informations(labels, fields, field rules, must, order, step info, etc.) will be stored in database. for example, if number field should be min max and sensitivity(digits after dot) . i do not need backed side, just you can use jsonserver or suchlike. in short, you can work with dummy data. if you are interested, we can discuss o...

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    I have an online Javascript, HTML and CSS project. It is an online game and experiment with two parts. In the first part, the player is tasked with using instructions from a generated language to place different coloured blocks in a specific order. In the second part, the player then looks at each task, and writes an instruction on how to complete it. This is the link to the current deployment: [...

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    Your task is to develop a C program, called ascii2bin, that reads a string of 1's and 0's as ASCII digits, and outputs the equivalent decimal number Your program must exercises the read() system call to read a single byte, at a time, from stdin validate that the read byte is appropriate for conversion, e.g., it must be either an ASCII '0' or '1' converts each byte i...

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    Per un mio ecommerce ho acquistato e installato un tema della Leotheme, purtroppo però di base si presenta mooolto diverso da come lo vorrei (e da come si presentava). Essendo inesperto, ho provato a smanettarci ma avendo poco tempo da dedicarci vorrei un supporto professionale... Parlo solo dell'aspetto grafico. La situazione è questa. Ho un ecommerce fatto da me nel lontano 2...

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    Ashwini, I have an osCommerce shopping cart with numerous custom scripts, and have a list of things that need to be done. I would like to discuss this with you. Thanks

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    Using the IDE of your choice, write a program that takes in a highway number and lets the user know if it is a primary or auxiliary highway. Note: U.S. interstate highways that are numbered 1-99 are Primary. highways that are numbered 100-999 are Auxiliary. Auxiliary highways service the primary highway indicated by the rightmost two digits. Thus, I-405 services I-5, and I-290 services I-90. ...

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    Need very simple system Online under our domain PHP/MYSQL basically a look up table for part A 1. Find Sender Email ------------------------------------- Code # | Sender Email example 1123 email _______ set(button) 27210 email __________ set(button) on Top of that above put Find Sender Email: Enter Code:____________ FIND SENDER SUBMIT and will Show the sender Email and t...

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    Hello Everyone our company is hiring some experienced web developers, for a ong term project. To apply please give me a solution of the above exercise in html css javascript and mysql! Good luck! . . . . . . . . Uses HTML, CSS, JS, SQL and PHP. The Fines database contains the following tables: Vehicle: id, owner id, license plates, make, year of manufacture Person: id, first name, last name, Pers...

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    Hello, I have a C assignment about reading through input text files and counting simple things about each file (words, bytes, lines, digits) in C. REQUIREMENTS: - Cannot use square brackets ANYWHERE IN THE CODE, including comments and function declarations! - Must use ALL functions required in the assignment, pipe(), excl(), etc. - Must be done in 4 days, preferably before March 6th.

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    Hello, I have a C assignment about reading through input text files and counting simple things about each file (words, bytes, lines, digits) in C. All information as well as a sample input text file can be found attached. Can you help me? Please let me know asap, thanks!

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    Hello, I have a C assignment about reading through input text files and counting simple things about each file (words, bytes, lines, digits) in C. All information as well as a sample input text file can be found attached. Can you help me? Please let me know asap, thanks!

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    No digital firms please, only independent developers. Please introduce yourself with this 4-digit pin. It helps us weed out the auto responses. (4-digit number in which the first digit is one-fifth the last, the second and third digits are the last digit multiplied by 3, and the sum of all digits is 12) Please see the attached user story and provide a call flow and logic diagram for how you wou...

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    NAN error in JAVASCRIPT 3 hari left

    i have a php script, if i add 3 digits number to product price, it's showing NAN in ORDER SUMMARY, anyone here to fix this issue?

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    This is a fairly simple data entry job. We need 615 files linked to the matching entry in our CRM. This involves the following steps: - select an entry from the list, note an ID (3-4 digits) - find the corresponding file. the same 3-4 digit ID is part of the filename. - Upload the file to the entry this probably takes 20-30 seconds per entry, so in total it's a few hours of work. Detailed...

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    Need someone to customize Address Fields to match Local Requirement. To be Matched on Front End, Back End, Mobile Field Field Type Mandatory First Name Text Yes Last Name Text Yes Phone Number Text (8 Digits) Yes City Drop Down List (Shipping Rate Base) Yes Block Text Yes Street Text Yes Building Text Yes Avenue Text No Governorate Drop Down List Yes

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    I have a blockchain DApp ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) requiring a couple of fixes. Firstly we wish to include wallet integration connection type Web3 modal ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) with a simple connect button in the top right corner of the page (see [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for a good example of how this was implemented) Secondly, we want the react flip counter (one of the externa...

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    I need 3 things done in the attached document: 1. ORANGE: break out all the addresses in Column I to Columns J-M like you see for the 3 examples I have done. No web searching required, this is just data entry. 2. BLUE: try to search the web for the mobile phone number for that person listed in Column N or the company names in Column B & C. I only need mobile numbers which are always 10 digits ...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] system displays a set of 10 digits; A={0..9},in the form of a regular numeric keypad with two split colors, chosen from P, in each numeric key and the four color keys are showed at the end of the keypad. 2.A color is chosen at random from P and fills 5 random splits of distinct keys. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] split could be either upper or lower one. 4. The remai...

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    I'm interested in pre-authorizing payments on Stripe. I found this code and tried to test it on my own card in terminal but can't figure it out. The pre-authorize code is to put a hold on the funds and the capture code to make the charge days later: Pre-Authorize curl [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -u sk_test_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: -d amount=1099 -d currency=usd -d "payment_m...

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    We need a PHP developer to Add Bulk Price Discount functionality to our catalogue, featuring over 200,000 items. Task includes website testing in checkout. We have 29 categories (see screenshot attached). We would like to be able to apply bulk discounts to each and every category (i.e. 5% off all Apparel). The discount will need: - allow discounts in either $ or % form (ie. $5 or 5% off) - allow ...

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    The TokenBridge is deployed on specified validator nodes (only nodes whose private keys correspond to addresses specified in the smart contracts) in the network. It connects to two chains via a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) and is responsible for: listening to events related to bridge contracts sending transactions to authorize asset transfers

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    We need a PHP developer to Add Bulk Price Discount functionality to our catalogue, featuring over 200,000 items. Task includes website testing in checkout. We have 29 categories (see screenshot attached). We would like to be able to apply bulk discounts to each and every category (i.e. 5% off all Apparel). The discount will need: - allow discounts in either $ or % form (ie. $5 or 5% off) - allow ...

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    Looking for a proof of concept for a python flask app integrated to authenticate and authorize users with auth0. App should also have an api endpoint which requires auth0 token authentication for authenticated and authorized user. Outside of the app should be another microservice, another flask app just as a single api endpoint which receives call from the main app, but should require auth0 authen...

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    We are looking for a virtual assistant, project manager, and researcher for about 30+ hours a week. We use a number of online tools. We are a fast-paced team that works on a lot of interesting ideas and projects. Google Sheets Google Docs MS Excel MS Word Insightly Todoist Social Media MailChimp And other online platforms Some of the tools you will not be familiar with but you need to have the a...

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    I have registration forms similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that I want the amount in the TOTAL field to be charged to their credi card via Authorize.net. I have several of these forms, so I want a solution that is 'portable' - separate files/includes that can be used for several forms. This project is to make it work for one form, then we can see what needs to happen for other fo...

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    Need to set up Formstack form for online payment via authorize net and PayPal.

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    I made many online purchases from a website and need to reconcile my purchases and sales with my Credit Card Statement. Attached are several PNG files from you 2 accounts. Most PNG files have 10 items, when entering the data please note item 1 of 10, 2 of 10 in the column named "Item #" Please note: The Contract Address is spread over two lines on the PNG but is to be one line (no carri...

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    Investigate server load issues in osCommerce website. Server load running above 100%.

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    MasterCard offers various services using their API. We need a simple C# program which would show us how to authorize and consume their free sandbox service. So far we've figured out that it's necessary to: 1. Create a free account on [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and follow their instructions to register a new project, enable e.g. "Account Information Service" API and genera...

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    I am looking for expert photo editor, who available to do changes in digits with Arial fonts category. newbie also welcome.

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    Looking for a highly skilled Roku channel developer to help expedite our development process. Great documentation of code is a must. The channel will stream audio and video. Content will be organized by Type (Podcast and TV,) Shows and Episodes for each. We’ll also have a Series section for video where uses can select the series and see all episodes in the series. Large leaderboard graphic...

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    Wordpress developer wanted to create new e-commerce website for dropshipping purposes. Developer must have strong understanding of dropshipping model, and advise and implement automated synchronisation of stock, price, quantity and image data updates from suppliers. PROJECT TASK: To duplicate existing “mother” website as template (currently in Oscommerce custom php) and convert to ...

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    We need to upgrade out PHP payment module (authorize net aim) to include some additional security features as requested by our payment processor: Add a Captcha code to your checkout process. This will deter computer programs attempting to use fraudulent cards. Limit the number of payment attempts to two or three. After two to three declines the sale should cancel out forcing the customer to start...

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    Hello We need code to implement for the provided lexical definitions. Lexical definitions Case sensitive Each scanner error should display "SCANNER ERROR: " followed by details including the line number if counted Alphabet all English letters (upper and lower), digits, plus the extra characters as seen below, plus WS No other characters allowed and they should generate errors If you ar...

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    Looking for someone that can make an addon based on Simple jQuery fullscreen Image Gallery for OScommerce CE Phoenix I have a clean Oscommerce CE Phoenix installed as a testsite to make the addon possible. jQuery is already incorporated in OSC. The job to me seems to change the original imgageslider (Lightbox) with Simple jQuery fullscreen Image Gallery and to made an addon for ...

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    Gracias por interesarte en mi proyecto. Tengo una pequeña tienda online desde hace 14 años que, digamos, ha sido un side business / hobby. La he desarrollado yo en OsCommerce, y me gustaría invertir en marketing digital para ganar audiencia y así conversiones, de cara a las ganancias reinvertirlas en migrar la tienda a Shopify. Llevo varios años "metido&...

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    Jade will be contacting the short list she makes of the proposals this week. If you have anything to add to your proposal please do so prior to Wednesday February 17th. Project Details ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1. Add an Expiry Date to uploaded listings on the website. IE: On the listing a required...

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    I have pdfs of old credit card statements. I need the data from those statements put into a google sheet. I need the transactions and payments entered, . I need these columns inputted: last four digits of the card, date of transaction, description of transaction and amount of transaction. I've attached an example spreadsheet of the columns. I do not need starting or ending balances.. just...

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    We need to extend the functionality of registration and authorisation in wp sites. We have created the native pages for user registration and authorisation. After filling registration form the app is sending api requests to WordPress site to register or to authorize the user. Now we need to send the same requests and not to one WordPress site, but to the list of WordPress sites. The list of WordP...

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    Filelink [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Could you please complete a report and send us the findings to include the following data on a stock by stock (the individual unique stock codes are given in the first column) basis: * Mean time between trades * Median time between trades * Mean time between tick changes * Median time between tick changes * Longest time between trades * Longest time...

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    Hi, I have a module in OSCommerce 2.3.4 to update specials products in bulk. I added to the module the possibility to add specials price by country, so each country have a different special price. Then I added multiple selection drop down, so we can select multiple countries and apply discount on it all. But I don't know how to complete the MySQL query job for this multiple selection. The ...

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    Hello, I have purchased this Flutter project [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I have also purchased this plugin for SMS OTP login/registration on WordPress [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I have purchased the Rest API addon as well. Docs : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want you to integrate Digits Plugin via API with Flux Store so that user can directly login/register via their phone number. A de...

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    Write SWI-Prolog predicates that will read a file containing positive integers, will sum all the integers found in that file, and return the sum to the environment. The following are the specifications. · The “main” predicate the user will call shall be named fileSum/2. The first argument will be the filename, and the second argument will match with the sum of the integer...

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    Hi, I'm after a script including very simple UI window to do the following: UI with two buttons: 'Apply' and 'Reset' User must select an Editable Poly object and then click the 'Apply' button. (If no object is selected, an error message tells user "Please select an object". ) If object is selected, the script totals the number of Material IDs used in...

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    Objective of the program is to read a string and determine how many digits, uppercase letters, and determine if the string is palindrome or not. Three threads need to be implemented for each of the tasks above.

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