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    Tidy all translations into the Master template file given to me by engineers: 1. Dutch 2. French 3. Spanish 4. Turkish 5. Chinese 6. Polish 7. Italian 8. German - NEW 9. Arabic - NEW

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    Working content: Make recruitment post on social media(including making recruitment stragety) Requirement: Be familiar with Turkish social media

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    We are looking for designer to design the following 1. re-design the current logo 2. business cards 3. uniform (t-shirt & apron) 4. take away packaging for two types of products attached are samples of the packaging the packaging for sweet showing in the photos comes in three sizes (but same design) 8, 16 and 30 pieces the second packaging is for a waffle sandwich (similar to Turkish baked ...

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    We have 3 woocommerce stores, we need to optimize speed of these websites. Candidates should speak and write in both English and Turkish

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    Need translation service for 6 documents, in total 8 pages.

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    Hi, We are a new furniture brand, based in Helsinki, that will launch in Q2 2020. Our investors include some of the biggest names in the furniture business. The concept is similar to Campaign Living. We will focus on selling high quality innovative sofas. See an example product page here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We are looking for a rendering company to partner with to make the renders fo...

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    I want to convert the Java class in the link below to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] should convert it in one day. You should get the same result for the example usage in Java. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Example: Deasciifier d = new Deasciifier(); [log masuk untuk melihat URL]("Hadi bir masal uyduralim, icinde mutlu, doygun, telassiz durdugumuz."); [log masuk untuk melihat URL]([log ...

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    ONLY TURKISH SPEAKERS Merhabalar Yaklaşık 8-10 dakikalık bir kısa film editlenecek Kurgucunun edit,ses,renk yapmasını tabiri caizse anahtar teslim film vermesini istiyorum Önceki kurgu film örneklerinizi eklemeyi unutmayın.Uçuk fiyatlar yazmanızı önermiyorum,mart ayında 2-3 kısa film projem daha olacak o zaman yine görüşürüz :) Gerekli malzemeler pay...

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    Requirement: 1. android user [log masuk untuk melihat URL] speaker in Turkish or polish

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    We are looking for native speakers for the translation of 6 religious (Islam) books from Turkish/English/Arabic into all European and South America languages: • Swedish • Hungarian • Greek • Lithuanian • Danish • Norwegian • Estonian • Czech • Slovakian • Icelandic • Latvian • Finnish • Croatian • Macedonian • Catala...

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    We are looking for native speakers for the translation of 6 religious (Islam) books from Turkish/English/Arabic into ALL languages. If you have experience of translating religious books and/or university education in the field of Islam, you are welcome to apply with your price for 100k words translation and editing. Please no agencies and do not apply if you cannot do this. It is highly technica...

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    We are looking for native speakers for the translation of 6 religious (Islam) books from Turkish/English/Arabic into all Asian languages especially the following ones: Dhivehi (Maldive) Vietnamese Burmese (Myanmar) Japanese Tamil (Sri Lanka) Sinhala (Sri Lanka) Filipino Tagalog Thai (Thailand) Khmer (Cambodian) Tok Pisin (Papua New Guinea) Mongolian Taiwanese Mandarin (Hokkien) Tibetan Nepali...

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    We are looking for native speakers for the translation of 6 religious (Islam) books from Turkish/English/French into all African languages especially the following ones: Amharic (Ethiopia) Oromoo (Ethiopia) Yoruba (Nigeria) Sranan Tongo (Suriname) Akan (Ghana) Kirundi (Burundi) Tigrinya (Eritrea) Swahili (Kenya) Malagasy (Madagascar) Shona (Zimbabwe) Chichewa (Malawi) Kinyarwanda (Rwanda) Sangho...

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    Hi, We are looking for native Dhivehi Maldives, Japanese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Swedish, Korean, Bengali speakers for the translation or editing of religious (Islam) books from English/Turkish into said languages. If you are a native speaker of the above languages and have experience in the field of religion, you are welcome to apply with your price for translation and editing for 100k words. Th...

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    Hello! I need help with translating a sentence from English to any (not all) languages listed below: Japanese Mandarin Russian Ukrainian Hebrew Finnish Spanish French Turkish Persian Mongolian Bengali Hindi Abenaki Zulu German Korean Urdu Farsi Albanian Romanian Irish Polish Portuguese Armenian Bosnian Catalan Czech Dutch Estonian Georgian Greek Italian Livonian Serb...

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    Hey There, Thanks for being interested in our idea. The idea is simple, we need a website that connect local grocery shops (vendors) with the users. There will be three parties involved on this project. The users, the vendors and a delivery company. • The Vendors: Each vendor will have their own page on the website (created by the admin). Where they can manage their products, promotions, pr...

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    I need a module to integrate my orders with Turkish Gov E-invoice service. The orders/invoices will be integrated to Turkish Gov e-invoice service. All order changes at prestashop will be sync to Gov e-invoice DB. Regular prestashop module zip file to be installed with enable/disable/unistall options

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    We have a big web site, we need native speakers-professional translators for a big project: Eng-French Eng-German Eng-Italian Eng-Spanish Eng-Chinese Eng-Serbian Eng-Turkish Rus-Ukrainian Eng- Montenegrin

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    Merhaba, Web Tabanlı ERP Yazılımı tasarlatılacaktır. Stok, Cari, Çek-Senet, CRM, Barkod, HR ve diğer ürünler istemekte. Fiyat temsilidir, esnek olunabilir. Yalnızca Türk Freelancerlar kabul edilecektir.

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    I need A E-Invoincing and E-Document System suitable for Turkish E-Document System. Those who do not know about the subject should not send offers. It should comply with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ​​APIs. Sample Systems: Foriba, Paraşüt

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    1- The admin panel's language should be changed into Turkish. 2- Google Recaptcha security step doesn't work well. (New customers can't see it while registering, so they can't register.) 3- Our default currency is USD and selling price is (TL) Turkish Lira. So, I need to show 2 currencies on backend and frontend. (*Kindly check the screenshot in attachments.) 4- I need to add &...

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    Hi Folks, I am turkish wholesale exporter who is willing to sell face masks to China or other south eastern countries. Your task is simple, you will be paid highly. All you have to do connect me with chinese face mask buyers in China or neighboor countries. Product: FFP2 type - M3 Brand - face masks Quantity: 35000 Please let me know as soon as possible, I will pay handsomely. Thanks.

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    We are looking native and professional translator for our long term [log masuk untuk melihat URL] only native bidders .No agencies or firm. Note:Place bid if you can provide a short test for checking your quality of translation.

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    I require a translator in Istanbul to translate Turkish to English the work is required from 26th February to the 6th march from 10am to 9pm daily the role will require making bookings and travel arrangements .

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    24 bida

    I require a translator in Istanbul to translate Turkish to English the work is required from 26th February to the 6th march from 10am to 9pm daily the role will require making bookings and travel arrangements. It would be a huge plus if you can drive us through the city. We'll pay for lunch and dinner.

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    - Need a checker for news articles translations from English to Turkish - Turkish native speaker - 2-3 articles have to be checked 250-400 words each - Criteria for the checking are: 1) Grammar and punctuation 2) Wording (Choosing words and phrases according to the style) 3) Sentence Structure 4) Titles (The facts must remain unchanged, but the means of translating those facts to the target a...

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    Hi there. we are providing private Vip transportation service and daily city tours with our Mercedes Vito Vip cars. l want to post a page on Facebook which includes pictures of those places we go and its prices as a special offer one page in English and one in Arabic. l want my page to include the following: ENG Our Special Offers: ⭐Daily Istanbul city tour 90$ ⭐Airport Transportation 35$ ...

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    Hi, I would like a feedback/survery app for android that I can use to my hotel and restaurant. As a referance I really like zonka feedback app. I need an app that i can easily modify the questions ( like 12 of them on 3 languages english - turkish and romanian) and i would also need some sort of raports viewed from web. If needed i can provide a domain with hosting. Thank you!

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    This is a one page cytogenetic analysis report of a patient.

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    We are seeking an experienced Translator that is bi-lingual (English and Turkish) to translate a couple of Excel files so that we can attract and retain more Turkish speaking recording artists, composers, and record labels.

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    60 bida

    English to Turkish translation 500 words $ 10

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    111 bida

    Similar to 9gag but I Turkish. If needed I can translate it myself. Website needs social sharing. Daily uploads main page seperated daily. Downloading enabled without login.

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    44 bida

    I need a native Turkish speaking or at least a very good Turkish speaking to call a shop in Turkey and ask for the price of a product.

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    3 bida

    the content is regarding tourism and travel

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    104 bida


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    I will share the file on chat later

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    25 bida

    Hi We need a hostess in Frankfurt Messe between 8-13 March. turkish speaking is preferable.

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    6 bida

    Requirement: 1. android user [log masuk untuk melihat URL] speaker in Turkish, Arabic(Egpyt), polish

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    42 bida

    Hello! We're looking for NATIVE SPEAKERS that will be able to translate a short text from English to: Arabic Italian German French Portuguese Persian Indonesian Turkish Spanish Thai For every language, we want a native speaker from that country. $5 per one translation. Contact me in chat if you are interested

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    I need a Turkish--- English interpreter for a business call on skype.

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    Requirement: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] speaker who did not participate in recording before [log masuk untuk melihat URL] user only

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    hello, hebrew font needed- we need a: 1. logo [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] card of a culinary trip to Istanbul. colors: red wine with Turkish touch. can add pics of Istanbul but must be trendy respectable and inviting.

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    SEO project Tamat left

    I have a restaurant website, need to optimize for Dunedin, New Zealand. I want to see my website on the top page whith following key words Dunden restaurant Turkish food Dunedin Late night food

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    I need help finding a reliable supplier in Turkey that has a large stock of Surgical Masks available. I will need you to communicate with the supplier/ manufacturer to make sure the desired stock is available. I will work on negotiations of price. This job is for someone based in Turkey. I will give a bonus if sourcing is successful.

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    Need a native translator on both languages for our long term project from Arabic to English [log masuk untuk melihat URL] only native bidders. Total page:171 pages. Budget:$3/page. Deadline:25 days Note: If you are not agree with our budget and deadline then please ignore this project.

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    9 bida

    I need you to write a report for something.

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    Hi I need to translate about 1.000 words from English to both Turkish and Arabic.

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    I have Real Estate Company . I am selling apartment and villas international people. I want to sell my properties. Who can find for me clients / leads .

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    We are the software company and we need to buy open source plate recognation sdk or dll for our projects. We are using c# in our projects, so sdk or dll can be include to our c# project. Turkish plates will be our first goal for plate recognation.

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    We would like to translate a 400-word file from Turkish into English. All applicants must be native speakers of English and must possess a strong command of Turkish and verifiable proof of translation expertise in the language pair. GOOGLE/MACHINE TRANSLATIONS ARE PROHIBITED. Proposed offer: $8.00 USD, turnaround: immediate. NO TEAMS OR AGENCIES, NO EXCEPTIONS

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