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    Hi xray15418, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. This is related python plotly dash

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    Trophy icon Need GUI elements for a RPG Cafe 13 hari left

    I need a game designer to help me design some UI elements and a font that would be suitable for my mobile game. The mobile game is a pixel / diner dash cafe style game with RPG characters. The UI elements I require are: 1. Clickable Icons: Menu, Upgrade, Shop, Customers, Settings 2. Food Menu: A side scrolling food menu with different tabs for each

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    ...dog owners, a main area that enables them to track their dog, see their walks, see route information, request photo and video updates, book future walks. For dog walkers, a dash board that allows them to manage their walks, keep track of earnings, keep in contact with the dog owner. I'm looking for someone who can help me create the brand. A simple

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    Looking for somebody to produce two videos - one is a 30 second demonstration on a Dashboard cam...being installed in a car, demonstrating the ease of using it, as well as the perks and benefits. Would also need a second video, which needs to be footage collated from US dash cam feeds available online, edited into one, embossed with our company logo.

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    ...characters. I will provide examples and detailed instructions. Examples: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I'm researching the applications o...building a model to predict currency data using machine learning. I need support in 2 hour coworking sessions (using a paid environment in AWS) from someone with experience in Pandas, Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting NB: This project is entirely not-for-profit and will result in an academic publication

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    Need enhancement and improved functionality and GUI from an existing Python based app based on dash.

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    Hello freelancers, I have a pandas project that requires Pandas DataFrames to be used recursively. I need you to implement just one function that passes all the test cases. I need the project done in a couple hours time.

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    I have included 8 popular track bags as an e...a list of words that can go on the bags. I used Adventure Font from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and included 4 different bags I am able to decorate. Stride nonstop power range ahead dash finish lead pace time surge mile fast racer cross country 5k 10k 3k 8k fartlek interval hill athlete champion

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    I'm currently doing research at university and I'm building a model to predict currency data using machine learning. I need support from someone with experience in Pandas, Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting NB: This project is entirely not-for-profit and is non-academically examinable

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    ...algorithm to react to certain value changes, right now we are using pure Python for calculation results but would like to start using data analysis libraries such as Numpy and Pandas for faster compilations. To make multiple tests changing variables we will need to optimize our code/model with vectorization or with better data preparation in general

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    I'm currently doing research at university and I'm building a model to predict currency data using machine learning. I need support from someone with experience in Pandas, Machine Learning, Time Series Forecasting NB: This project is entirely not-for-profit and is non-academically examinable

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    Python Excel 4 hari left

    I have some time-series excel files that I want turned into pandas dataframes so I can manipulate them.

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    Trophy icon Flyer Design Akan Tamat left

    ...clients. We are a bank and would like to develop something very visual that relates to each of our packages. I want something that is inspiring, back, white, greys with a dash of orange. Please use these are references as I like the design layout [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    hi :) im looking for someone to design my labels for 4 products. I have some sample label...someone to design my labels for 4 products. I have some sample labels which i like im just hoping to take them to the next level. i am going for high end clean -simple - with a dash of playfulness FOR A HAPPY HEALTHY SMILE YOUR TEETH AND GUMS WILL THANK YOU

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    Data Analytics 3 hari left

    1. Be able to analyze data using Excel. 2. Be able to analyze data using Python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy. 3. Good knowledge in SQL. 4. Strong in data visualization tool Tableau.

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    I have a dataset (two tables), I need to clean them.

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    ...characters. I will provide examples and detailed instructions. Examples: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...00:02:00 0.2935 2010-03-28 00:03:00 0.2938 2010-03-28 00:04:00 NaN 2010-03-28 00:05:00 0.2939 Will provide you with a sample csv with 100 rows of data. You should use Pandas Python library. The script should be able to pull in a csv file, iterate through the data (for i in range (0,num_rows)) and fill in blanks like I've shown above. Some cases

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    ...the check-out page. From there on We will communicate with customer directly and process the order. Then the item will be shown sold and the same will be updated in the user dash board. 4. We should be able to send the E-receipts instantly to the customer once the order is processed. 5. Customer database to be collected in order to send seasonal greetings

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    I’m tryn build a dog grooming app for iso which is similar to door dash I would like for a grooming from around the world to join my app

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    Crypto Exchange 1 hari left

    I need exchange the same [log masuk untuk melihat URL] the same funtion but support BTC LTC ETH XMR DOGE DASH XRP BCH that have also this funtion admin - manager user - manager order - manager kyc - manager support ticket order - order - notification - login history - 2 factory - ban email domain (exsample i add blacklist email domain tempoarally) - 2 lenguage italian

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    Hello! I am a novice with python and wrote a script that processes reporting from google ...a jupyter notebook that I would like your help updating that processes these reports using pandas dataframes. If you've worked in pandas and would like to help me out, please let me know. So I know you read this, start your proposal off with the word Pandas.

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    ... The classes must be able to read from an H2 database. The data is read on every invocation of a method that reads a particular table. The method will load the data into a pandas DataFrame and return it. In addition, I am looking for charting capabilities using matplotlib. There will be 5 charts that will need to be created using data from these 23

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    develop a dashboard as per given instruction

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    develop a dashboard as per given instruction

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    What I'm Trying to d...end_date="2019-5-1", fields='close_price', frequency='minute') #change times to be the market time and not UTC time prices_et = prices.tz_convert('US/Eastern') #Use the pandas 'between_time' method to select the time range. #Fetches closing minute and the first hour of the market open prices_et.between_time(&#...

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    Are you experienced in working with Python Dash for dashboards and Plotly library for data visualization? If yes, I have a project for you. Let me know.

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    ...Facebook Ads 2. Get basic metrics - Read only - ( you can get any basic metrics , I am happy to provide guideline ) .Basically an API call to read Metrics . 3. Store them into Pandas Data Frame . The script is a proof of concept for connecting to these channels and getting data. It doesn't matter which metrics you pull , because eventually we will take

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    Write a python function that takes as input 2 dataframes: (a large full dataset with 50,000 rows and 10 columns, and a small dataframe which will be a single row with 10 columns) both dataframes are of the exact same format (same column names and format) 1) The function should count the number of rows in the larfe full dataset where all 10 values in the small dataset match exactly, if the count i...

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    ...downloadable pdf 4- The available number of seats appears to client in front end as well 5- Arrange tour based on months In fact a booking system and organize tours in my dash board I have attached a screen shot from the booking dashboards I have I both themes & in which one I can add the additions I have scribed above I would like to know if these

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    ...file itself+2 sheets of excel 1+ 1 sheet of excel 2 file) Attached with this project can be considered as sorce excel1 and excel2 files tried so many packages like xlwt,xlrd,pandas,openpyxl but nothing wrks out especially when my src files have images. Copyfile of shutil works but for loop on src excel files just overwrites the data of last excel file

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    ...inclu¬ding Balance sheet, Expense report month¬wise, yearwise and dataewise etc. ü 4. Exam Result Module ü Create and manage Ex¬ams. ü Enter scores of exams ü View Assessment dash¬board and set grading levels ü Result Preparation ü Examination Notices ü Marksheet Generation, Certificates and tabulation and summary sheet. ü 5. Admi...

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    ...own hosting services) 6) the website will have a banner that doubles as a reference link to bitmex (see anti-liquatiy for example) 7) Donation address: will be btc, eth, and dash publickey+QRcode (probably displayed into the footnote section at least not to prominently) 8) Build a mock up of the bitmex position and leverage tool as we describe it here:

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    I have a Angular Application Which shows Status of my Service In three ways: IX Up or Ix Down or Ix Indeterminate (Screenshot 1). M...nodejs) Whenever my Application Opens in Webserver, My nodejs should trigger and execute shellscript from my client server and The output of the server should be related to the Dash Status shown on Screenshot 1 2 days

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    I need a script that connect each 5 minutes to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and receive last trades of each pair with this information need ...quote and in base) new columns with % variation in price between 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 6 minutes it´s only this table but good done please . only pandas, numpy and python I think should be enought

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    I am hiring a person who can help me to setup server and a adminpanel for adaptive streaming like mpeg dash, m3u8 technology..

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    ...artists: Retrieve the recommended tracks using the spotify.get_similar_tracks() function. Print the retrieved tracks to the screen in some coherent format (consider using a pandas dataframe for this). Ask the user if they want to email the tracks to someone, and if so, send an email of the list of track recommendations. Use the spotify.get_formatted

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    i need to track my fleet of cars and log their duty time. need an app for the drivers and a web os dash board to view the fleet live on map.

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    I have a script which calls a series of URLs (based on an excel sheet), extracts a certain piece of data, then writes the data back to the same excel sheet using pandas. I want to edit the script to utilize threading so that I can call several URLs, extract the data, and write to the same excel sheet all at the same time so that I can shorten the time

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    Single sign on setup with JAVA application...Dash Board Customization and permissions.

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    Trophy icon Create a python function Tamat left

    I need a solution on this pandas dataframe. As you can see from the images the column 'pre3' should contain the 3 previous values from 'Brand' column including the same row Brand value.

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    ... princess/young girl and a golden ball to be shown in the composite, along with the title 'The Frog King'. Please read the story for a more clear idea ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]~dash/[log masuk untuk melihat URL]). Photoshop specifications: a4 portait, Adobe RGB (1998), 200–300 PPI. For this project, referencing is necessary, in a separate document, please include the...

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    Looking for a solution for collecting data and displaying it on a separate page. I will explain a bit more. We have product codes, description and revenue ge...website and enter the SKU code which will be added to the total sales. 3. Display the total revenue of the individual sales people and the total revenue of the branch. ( Like a dash Board).

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    Hi I need a tutor who can teach me the basics of deep learning and cloud computin...need a tutor who can teach me how to use machine learning from the scratch using python, keras, tensor flow etc. I need a tutor who can teach me web development with django, dash, flask, tableau, angular [log masuk untuk melihat URL] that i can develop a web interface which is interactive.

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    I need a python data analysis work using pandas,seaborn library..

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    • Expertise in python with experience in libraries like NumPy, SciPy, spacy, rasa, nltk, keras, tensor flow, pyspark, scikit-learn, matplotlib, pandas, JupyterLab • Hands on experience using containers, big data platforms like Hadoop and Spark and/or cloud infrastructure covering technologies like HDFS, Hive, Impala, ElasticSearch, Docker, Kubernetes

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    1 - I'm looking for pandas/python solution to summarize/group items in an invoice, based on it's main code. please refer the first attached image. (Refer [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) 2- each item value (price X qty) which has a MainCode should be added to the the item # total. Look for the Similar color. (Please Note some items may be repeated. eg : Green & Blue )

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    ...800!8m2!3d54.1319915!4d-6.3568904 Google Maps We are looking to modernise the exterior of the house through rendering or a combination of the existing features ie pebble dash, brown brick and painting. The house basically needs a "facelift". We are getting "Oak" PVC windows and front door fitted at the weekend. I would like the house to be white/off-white

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    I need a logo Tamat left

    My business name is Skin with Cristi. My logo doesn’t necessarily have to have the “with” in it. It could be a line or dash or something creative. I don’t like girly curly fonts I like modern minimalist fonts. I like just a black and white logo. Or something that can have a hint emerald green. Here are some inspiration of what I like. It would be

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