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    Hi, I have a report of 2500 words due tomorrow, and I have a fixed budget of 50USD. If you agree over the price and will be able to provide with a good quality of report, then bid or else don't. Further Details will be given to selected candidate. Happy Bidding!

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    I've a case study with me on project management and need some help on it. You should have a solid understanding of project management concepts like PERT, Gantt, ISO 31000, NTCP framework etc. will share more details over chat.

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    I'm looking for someone that is an expert in Python and has worked with machine learning and classification techniques

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project. The skills required are Building Architecture, Caricature & Cartoons, Illustration and Painting. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is ₹12500 - ₹37500 INR. I have not provided a detailed description and have not uploaded any files.

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Java.

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    Hi, i am looking for somebody who can enhance an existing linkedin profile by describing the profile better and advice on tehniques to make profile stand out. Pls give a fixed bid price and your past work samples to get shortlisted

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    I need a technical writer with experience in coding to write a 100-120 page dissertation on any topic of choice in computer science (Preferably in computer networking, P2P or network locality awareness). Please note: I am a tech guy and know what I'm doing hence if you have no idea how to do technical writings do not apply. Also, you must know how to code as this task requires some level of ...

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    Pour le compte d’un client, novancy one recrute des profils Leaders Techniques et Développeurs Mobile iOS. Expérience requise de 3 ans au minimum sur des projets purement IOS, et très bon niveau sur IOS (IPhone, IPad) et Objective-C. Offre en CDI basée à Rabat. Démarrage ASAP. Possibilité d’intervenir également en freelanc...

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    VANET routing techniques

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    ...advanced business analytics techniques (for example; optimisation, forecasting, simulation etc.) can be employed by a business analytics department, to inform organisational decision making, once the data warehouse is fully operational. You can use actual data if available or simulated data to illustrate the separate techniques. I need a demonstration using

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    9 bida techniques (for example; optimisation, forecasting, simulation etc.) can be employed by the business analytics department, to inform organisational decision making, once the data warehouse is fully operational. I'm looking for someone with good knowledge on excel and data entry to write me a few paragraphs explaining how these techniques work

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    I need an article on analysis techniques related to entrepreneurship that MUST include an industry. The industry I have been assigned is related to security which I have named as “Security Solutions”. It must include an abstract of boundaries of industry, STEEP Analysis (which includes Social, Technological, Economic, Ecological, and Political Factors)

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    solve problems in an organization utilizing distinctive strategies characterize the necessities for a framework create business model using MS Visio

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    I want you to do 2 things: - Create more than 500 backlinks for my website - Add more than 10 positive 5 stars reviews for my local business in Google Adresses

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    CUDA program optimization techniques. which are best for the (Iteration CUDA program)

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    secientific text required on CUDA Program Optimization and commonly used techniques. How to optimize a CUDA program and which technique is more efficient to implement for fast processing.

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    Expert in quantitative techniques and statistics needed for some work

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    I need a writer who know FXCM and could give trade recommendations for EUR-USD

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    full report on the project

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    ...sells a personal electric massager. We want to send a short e-book as a free gift when people purchase our product online. The e-book should detail three different massage techniques that can be done with our massager (please see attached photo). I will hire a separate freelancer to illustrate a few drawings for each technique. Work count breakdown

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    I have a stored procedure that carries out 4 separate INSERTs into 4 different tables. The issue is that 2 of these tables frequently have other locks on them which means that the tables are locked and the INSERT has to wait; so the entire storedprocedure takes a long time to complete. I want to decouple these two INSERTs, so if these 2 are blocked the stored procedure still continues. I want ...

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    I want someone with medical background to make power point presentation about diabetes education and counselling techniques ,,

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    50 bida a service that helps web agencies and freelancers to identify potential customers by analyzing businesses online presence, I need several blog posts explaining sales techniques that could help them selling their services. I will need 4 posts the begin with, the subjects are the following: - Cold calling, how to call prospects - How to write

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    I need you to write a report for something. The report requires you to apply relevant techniques (such as linear programming and matrix operations) to real world datasets for the purpose of conducting quantitative analysis of economic issues.

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    I am looking to a freelancer copywriter who can write me a...copywriter who can write me a unique, plagiarism free article about "Idea Generation Techniques". Requirements: - gramatically correct text - plagiarism free, unique content - engaging and simple language - between 800 - 1000 words - include at least 8 idea generation techniques Thank you!

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    Facebook Messenger/ WhatsApp/ Telegram

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    I need a model essay answer to the question 'Consider how you could balance both intensive and extensive reading in your TESOL teaching. In what ways could you use both to strengthen reading comprehension skills of the students in your teaching context?' 4.5k words excluding bibliography, footnotes etc., due 07/01.

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    Looking fr a person with research background and must have publications

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    This is the Mechanical engineering project specialized from production engineering, the task is to analysis the applications of preventive maintenance schemas and techniques to automated production system operation... For know more details about this project please find the attachment.

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    Hi, i need a help with a task which is to implement one of the standard A.I. techniques in HTML 5, with JavaScript and Canvas. I need the work by Wednesday midnight.

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    We are an investment firm specializing in Turnkey Real Estate and would like to get our SEO going on our Wordpress site.

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    It is a Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics. I will give the details later.

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    speech database as input fusion techniques are used at feature level extraction and decesion level also. for feature extraction purpose need wavelet and MFCC ram is attached herewith For classification need neural and SVM. DETAILED FLOW OF PROPOSED FLOW block diag

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    Need a document with comparison of classification techniques for each data set.

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    classify speaker using fusion tqchniques, use fusion techniques in for feature extraction purpose and for decesion level also

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    Hi, I am looking for an excellent writer to join my publishing company and produce interesting and high quality books about personal development and business. This is a location independent job — you can live anywhere or travel around the world. The job would require you to produce well researched, excellently written books about personal development and business for Americans. ...

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    I need a project using data mining techniques (decision tree, neural networks,apriori algorithm) which helps to resolve real time issues.

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    We need project using data mining techniques for college presentation and preferably credit card fraud detection using data mining techniques

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    ...directories, good quality content and 21st century white hat SEO. I don't want low quality spam links. I need a content writer who has good English. Please advise me what your techniques are and how they fit in with 21st century SEO. Ongoing Project. Proof must be shown of work. English SEO company currently working so I expect immediate increases.

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    You are required to specify and estimate a model of vacancy for Central London offices and a model of rents for City of London offices using multiple regression analysis. Carry out appropriate tests to support their strength and/or their limitations and interpret and discuss the implications of your findings. REQUIRED: EViews (for modelling) Data: Excel (1 sheet)

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    Looking for a 600 word review of the techniques available to enhance diode laser beam quality (down to wavefront error level)

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    Preparing a presentation on Pavement monitoring and maintenance techniques aspects: Presentation structure - Presentation style - Illustrating the concept using an example - Coverage

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    Academic Writing - data mining techniques used in heart disease Prediction (using Mathlab )

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    ...editing styles, techniques and methods used in the movie. DISCUSS What EFFECT does these styles, techniques and methods have on the narrative and characters in the film? How does the styles, techniques and methods impact the time and space in the used in the film (such as the 3 chapter approach to the film)? How does the styles, techniques and methods

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    Mainly, it has two main phases; namely Map phase and Reduce phase. In each one of these, you have sub-phases. Briefly, on a cluster of nodes/cores, during the Map phase, the cluster nodes running the map program should emit key-value pairs based on the split chunks of the input file. These key-value pairs will be consumed by the cluster nodes running the reduce program. The reduce component usuall...

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    What to do? Create a Video from my vacations using advanced editing techniques What kind of video? Very similar to the following videos in regards to the pace, music, duration and editing style [login to view URL] [login to view URL] It has to include music With what? I will provide several

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    i have project that need you to have sound mathematical background , and able to have problem solving technique

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