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    We need project using data mining techniques for college presentation and preferably credit card fraud detection using data mining techniques

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    ...directories, good quality content and 21st century white hat SEO. I don't want low quality spam links. I need a content writer who has good English. Please advise me what your techniques are and how they fit in with 21st century SEO. Ongoing Project. Proof must be shown of work. English SEO company currently working so I expect immediate increases.

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    You are required to specify and estimate a model of vacancy for Central London offices and a model of rents for City of London offices using multiple regression analysis. Carry out appropriate tests to support their strength and/or their limitations and interpret and discuss the implications of your findings. REQUIRED: EViews (for modelling) Data: Excel (1 sheet)

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    Looking for a 600 word review of the techniques available to enhance diode laser beam quality (down to wavefront error level)

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    Preparing a presentation on Pavement monitoring and maintenance techniques aspects: Presentation structure - Presentation style - Illustrating the concept using an example - Coverage

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    Academic Writing - data mining techniques used in heart disease Prediction (using Mathlab )

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    ...editing styles, techniques and methods used in the movie. DISCUSS What EFFECT does these styles, techniques and methods have on the narrative and characters in the film? How does the styles, techniques and methods impact the time and space in the used in the film (such as the 3 chapter approach to the film)? How does the styles, techniques and methods

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    Mainly, it has two main phases; namely Map phase and Reduce phase. In each one of these, you have sub-phases. Briefly, on a cluster of nodes/cores, during the Map phase, the cluster nodes running the map program should emit key-value pairs based on the split chunks of the input file. These key-value pairs will be consumed by the cluster nodes running the reduce program. The reduce component usuall...

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    What to do? Create a Video from my vacations using advanced editing techniques What kind of video? Very similar to the following videos in regards to the pace, music, duration and editing style [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It has to include music With what? I will provide several

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    i have project that need you to have sound mathematical background , and able to have problem solving technique

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    irrigation runoff system to model Machine learning technique Multiple linear regression and regression tree NRCS simulator for data collection please read the detail in upload file . I can give the equation as well

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    9 bida

    Hi, Improve SEO on my website (Spanish language site) - I need quality backlinks, report, suggestions. etc. Ethical techniques only. No blackhat. Please send me details of work. This is my first SEO work request as employer. If I see results I will request you more SEO works for many other sites.

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    Planar geometry: expected area of random triangle, expected area/degree of convex hull. According to these instructions: A project will consist of a programming component (your sampling program) and a paper component (your report). There is no length requirement, but 10 pages should more than suffice for a typical report. The report should follow the following outline: Problem statement: what p...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Project Description: Searching for a certified penetration tester to conduct vulnerability analysis and exploitation techniques in online ethical hacking test environment. Must possess intermediate skills in technical writing to produce guidance documentation for an audience with entry-level penetration testing experience. Applicant Skills: The

    $23 - $193
    $23 - $193
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    searching for english tutor who can increase my confidence and set different milestone to increase my english speaking must be available at least an hour/day no rest on weekend i need your services for at least two weeks

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    Merci de lire le ficher ci-joint

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 Avg Bida
    1 bida (including comprehensive references) on the use of geophysical techniques in maritime archaeology. The review should be formatted as an academic paper with the references in Harvard (author date) system). The literature review should include sections on each of the major techniques (including magnetics, sub-bottom profiling, side-scan sonar, multibeam

    $258 (Avg Bid)
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    44 bida

    Project Description: Searching for a certified penetration tester to conduct vulnerability analysis and exploitation techniques in online ethical hacking test environment. Must possess intermediate skills in technical writing to produce guidance documentation for an audience with entry-level penetration testing experience. Applicant Skills: The

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    requires knowledge of math in optimization

    $91 (Avg Bid)
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    Seeking highly qualified person(s) to design and then conduct a 1-3 day intensive course on latest AI themes abs techniques. Course will be held at location in Odessa, Ukraine.

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    3 bida

    Rédaction d'un cahier des charges de spécifications fonctionnelles et techniques d'un site web et d'application existant

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    5 bida

    I need a expert who knows how to do design of pv system and filtering techniques and then after designing he should model the system in matlab simulink. Filtering techniques like active power filter ((for example fuzzy logic controller or other ),statcom, three-phase RLC shunt filter and Static VAR compensator, dynamic voltage restorer. The project

    $8 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    4 bida

    This is the Mechanical engineering project specialized from production engineering, the task is to analysis the applications of preventive maintenance schemas and techniques to automated production system operation... For know more details about this project please find the attachment.

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    UML, Use Case, ERD, Class Diagram, Design Patters, Sequence Diagram and J2EE expert is needed!

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    Looking for a stable new developer that has experience in PHP, cakePHP, API techniques (instagram,youtube,facebook,mobileapps) Looking for someone who would be able to take API Documentation and connect it to my website, many of my projects will be working with API. Do not be A MOODY developer, i do not like working with moody developers who

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    I am a HR Manager working with a BPO company in India. I am supposed to deliver a 4 hour training program on "Effective Interviewing Techniques for Managers". We are facing a problem where we are losing our front line staff to competition especially people who complete 1-2 years with our organization. Moreover we also face high number of exits where

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    it is to create code for Record Matching Techniques Written in C# .

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using C or C++. C# search techniques in ( AI )

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    12 bida

    Compute and analyze existing business sales and expense reports and We will provide certain reports, and we would like you to make computations, formulas or apply business accounting,

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    i want to took about printing tshirt or fabric - 500 words in article and use keywords t shirt printing - I am looking for few native strong writers who have experience with SEO-writing

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    I need a proposal for an IT project with the above topic. IT experts only. More details to follow.

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    Cоздание раскадровки в соответствии с прилагаемым сценарием и музыкой; Создание пластилиновых персонажей (до 10); анимация персонажей согласно утвержденной раскадровке; видеосъемка анимированной сюжета (по сценам) в формате Full HD (до 3-х минут общей продолжительности). Storyboard creation according to supplied script and music; Clay (plasticine) characters creation (up to 10 characters); han...

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    We are looking for an individual or a team as partners to working on SEO projects in long term.

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    In order to restore original image without affecting the noise-free pixel values, a new image statistic scheme is proposed. This image statistic scheme is basically an impulse detector. It decides whether the input pixel is corrupted by impulse or not. An impulse detector performs noise detection, which takes the output from sum of rank-ordered logarithmic differences between the central pixels va...

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    Looking for help in researching and writing an online reference book titled "50 typical sales objections and how to handle them to close/win a deal". The idea is to convert it into an app in the future so titles of each objection is important. Unique content. only experienced writers apply.

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    Hi, I'm looking to partner with someone to help with link building for my logo design website. While I'm aware that link diversity is important, this project is specifically dedicated to QUALITY > QUANTITY. I'm not interested in low quality links. I'm looking for do-follow, niche related, indexed, permanent, high PR links. I'm only interested in White Hat soluti...

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    It is to use Computational Techniques for intrusion detection in wireless sensor network.

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    descriptive study about the best techniques of big data

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    ...sujets : Actualités de Dagoma Articles techniques & tutoriels sur l’impression 3D, l’usage de nos imprimantes Conseils sur l’impression 3D Interview d’experts de l’impression 3D Inclure et créer des vidéos tutoriels le cas échéant Etre force de proposition sur des sujets pertinents d’actualités ou

    $37 - $309
    $37 - $309
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    Write about stealth techniques, such as how to walk quietly etc. Doesnt have to be amazing, but decent. At least 5000 words. Fill space with words but make it somewhat decent.

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    Explore by reviewing the Techniques and Technologies behind the networked applications for instant text, voice and video message over internet? Find a problem case study in the topic, and apply your critical thinking on the Architecture Style, Protocols, and underlying infrastructure requirement and configuration to support and manage Skype, GoogelTalk

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    Writing a report on "Design Techniques and Architectures for Low-Leakage SRAMs" Only academic writing, where required pdf and guidelines document is attached below.

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    Writing a report on "Design Techniques and Architectures for Low-Leakage SRAMs" Only academic writing, where required pdf and guidelines document is attached below.

    $25 (Avg Bid)
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    14 bida

    This task requires people with background of machine vision, computer vision, machine learning and research skills. The project is to identify, and justify, techniques which may be used to measure the depth of an object. The details of this task is in the description file attached.

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    This assignment is marked out of 100. It has a 10% weight on your final assessment. Taylor Furniture produces and sells three kinds of speciality mattresses; Nealy, Tersa and Pelta. Production is a machine-intensive process. Taylor’s variable costs are direct material costs, variable machining costs, and sales commissions. Marion Taylor, the owner, is planning production for the coming yea...

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    Urgent- Should be delivered in 2 days. budget (50$-150$) To model a wireless communication system in IoT environment with 1 receiver (AP) and 4 transmitters (things) of different specifications. data will be transmitted from all 4 links using different modulation schemes (BPSK,QPSK,8PSK,QAM,16-QAM). channel is AWGN with Rayleigh fading and log-normal shadowing. Need to include channel coding (con...

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    I would like a website designing where i can post about my bushcraft experiences, others can comment on it. Drive a reasonable amount of traffic to the site daily and to then be able to monetise the site in the sense of Affiliate marketing or advertising links etc. I would be also willing to pay a good amount more if the affiliate marketing side could be set up once i have seen it is working.

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