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    ...Everyone, I am looking for someone to make modifications to an existing script of mine. The script currently searches 2 databases. It searches one database for IP Blocks, and it searches another database for clients that are using IPs. For example, if I tell the script that I own the IP block[log masuk untuk melihat URL], and ClientX owns

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    ...will allow users to maintain and update generic information on hotels. The project is alredy designed and documented with **UML**, and should be implemented with PHP and MySQL on a Linux platform. There is already a prototype for a part of the module, including databse schema, that can be used as a starting point. The code will have to be **object-oriented**

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    Background Daemon to updates MySQL database. Add/Update MySQL database via PHP web forms. Timed C Program background daemon queries MySQL database executes functions and updates MySQL database. MySQL will have three tables: 1. DOMAIN_TABLE (3 fields) 2. CONFIG_TABLE (2 fields) 3. DOMAIN_RESULT_TABLE (2 fields) ## Delive...

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    ...source code of all work done. 2) Installation package that will install the software (in ready-to-run condition) on the platform(s) specified in this bid request. 3) Complete ownership and distribution copyrights to all work purchased. 4)All website software, tools, etc., programmed in-house 5) Maintenance and further coding rates to update and repair

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    ...accessible at Operator level in hotel software : Database of corporate partners Check reservations by two criteria: Bookings with rooms reserved on a certain period of time Set availability for any period of time for all room types Set, change and delete prices for any period of time for all room types. Set, update and delete special offers Set number of adults

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    Hi there: I need a php script that can be used to update many table structures in a single mysql database simultaneously. The format of the function should be something like: function updateDBStructures($dbinfo,$suffix,$process) $dbinfo will be an array with all the connection & database info $suffix will be a common string to search for at the

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    Online Catalog Tamat left

    Update Online Catalog < [log masuk untuk melihat URL] > with 200 pages of JPEG images of clothing. This project requires NO PROGRAMMING of code. It involves mostly Editing of Graphics files and DATA INPUT into the MySQL Database. Data input is done using forms in the Online Catalog Administrator. The site is being developed using osCommerce < http://www

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    I'm looking for someone to do some ASP programming to help me sort out/track my clients and product database. I'm a very experienced ASP coder and run my own coding company but we just don't have the time to do this project. The resulting app. will be run on on our own Intranet. I need a complete client/project/accounts/invoicing application I can

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    ...***Make ad-hoc reports ***Quickbooks compatability (if can be done) Web Side: ***Simple login and registration where users can enter in their information, and update his database with entertainers to use for events ***An admin side with a bit more options The project has to be done by Dec. 22. You can write it in any language you wish

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    ...browser should be able to run in conjuction with php or cgi script and mysql database. I need a script that does basic registration. Name, email, username, password, domain url, hidden url startpage. Then beable to update all info but username in thier user manager. I need an admin that will allow me to update, locate, or delete a user. Possibly with basic

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    13 bida a pre-written PHP PayPal IPN script that does the postback and then updates a MySQL database. I don't really care if it's configured to update MY particular MySQL database, just so long as it has MySQL update code in it. I'll modify it from there. The Deal: Must be pre-wrotten and ready to go right now except ...

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    Based on a MySQL-Database (have to be created) a application has to be developed, to maintain different tables (files) with using the Internet-Browser(MS) as Client.(Realization with PHP or ASP ?) Also a Importfunction has to be developed to import special Textfiles and either add new datarecords or update existing ones. The application have to

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    14 bida If it is not, it should capture the href, store it into a database and assign its pass variable. If the href already exists in the database, it should add a hit and send the same pass code through the pages. I need to track the code everywhere within the website and then update a number of href's on the final 'join' page. For example clic...

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    ...match it to a database of existing referers. If the site exists it will add a hit from that site and pass the appropriate 4 digit code. If the site is new, it will add the ref to the database and assign a new number tracking the hits as 1. The 4 digit CODE should be passed back into the browser or database for output. I need to track the code everywhere

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    ...section to store fantasy stories and world setting informations dynamicly without need to update html nor use ftp access. I seek one talented web developer to do this task: 1-Database developement. 2-User login with cookie saving for the session. 3-Display of database informations with recursivity. For exemple: world "A" have specific informations, name

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    Last Update : 19 Oct, 2002 =============================== Just simple! I know here have many coders have complete their customer's Jobs Site. So I would like to buy your knowledge about such systems. You may upload your specifications for your completed site. In this moment, I have the followed idea for the site, features will include the following

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    Spider Search Tamat left for you. I have the php and mysql shell source code in place already. I can take input from a screen and update a mysql database. I have the display and search already working. I need you to issue the spider commands, put the output on my database for the http's url' found. You have to add the url location to the database and ...

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    I am looking for a fairly simple php/mysql application. I want to be able to have users specify the name of a company, their zip code, and then rate the company on a few different things (i.e. customer service, billing, etc.). This information would then be stored in a database. If a user came to the site looking for information on the company they

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    Mail Blaster Tamat left

    ...Agency and are looking to provide a service that allows clients to send out their resumes to many companies easily. Web Environment Unix/Apache/MySql with Perl and PHP Brief Summary Program will use a backend MySQL DB to store a list of email addresses, and will send out resumes (or other documents) uploaded by the user to the email addresses based on their

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    ...well as complete source code of all work done. *Complete copyrights to all work purchased. *Full instructions on installation and administration. *Instructions for use for my users. *Full compatibility with [log masuk untuk melihat URL], i will update when needed myself, or it will become another project. ## Platform Must be Perl for Win32 or PHP for Win32 and run on

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    Search System Tamat left to be able to update and add to the data available. ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform Our hosting company offers 1 MySQL database (we can have unlimited tables) and has PHP 4 installed on

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    ...will be emailed a welcome email with their login information. This needs to be customizable (maybe [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or something). The information they submit will be added to a database (each webmaster should have their own folder created with their information stored inside, instead of having one huge flat-file DB). The section for clients will be a form

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    ...Requirements : User will go to our site and choose from variety of IE skin displayed on the Skin Gallery . As soon as the user clicks on the Skin ,the IE Skin will update dynamically. For reference and example, please visit an unrelated site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This site demonstrates the basic functionality that we need. Specification

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    ...use of depreciated code and will not compile. This code works with a couple CGI scripts to interface with a MySQL database. I am looking for someone to update this java code to current standards as well as being able to work with new PHP scripts. New code must be able to compile with JBuilder 2.01 and/or Blue Jay 1.1.6. Total Java code<...

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    PHP Solution Tamat left

    A PHP solution is required to allow users to log in to access a MySQL database (exported from Microsoft Access 2000) and provide search and edit capabilities. Specific requirements can be found in the attached files. I am seeking, first and foremost, complete and accurate advice and comment as to the feasibility of this project. Of particular concern

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    ...client. 3. Member area to upload information from form and picture to be recalled by other members thru different querie methods and ability for member and administrator to update add and delete. 4. Member area to post different information from form for retrieval by other members. member and administrator needs same access as above. 5-8. Member area

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    secure entry Tamat left

    small website. looking for code in php and mysql to aloow user to input a number of different fields from a form and upload 1 picture or more for later viewing. Also upon retieval of image will post information below picture. will have various input fields and will need an option page to query the database to narrow down display to a smaller group.

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    ...JavaScript code to update the field "stop" from table "1_internet_act" on MySQL database. I know how to do it on PHP but need someone to program for me the code on JavaScript Please include all instructions required to open and close databases and similar. The code on PHP would be as follows: Couldn't execute the q...

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    2 bida MySQL using JavaScript. I know how to do it with PHP but don't know with JavaScript. I need all lines like: select database, open database, update table set var=x, close, etc. Using PHP would be: $connection = mysql_connect($dbhost,$dbuser,$dbpass) or die ("Couldn't connect to server. Contact your database administrator.");...

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    $30 - $5000
    0 bida built using PHP or the PHP Visual Build Studio. I want this to be an open PHP source/database. Use all existing open source code for PHP. Use existing open source MYSQL database PHP concepts. I want to use as much existing open code out there as possible. Use mysql for an open database. Use all available open...

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    A database done in MYSQL which will hold the data input through HTML templates using PHP scripts. Each record in the database is associated with a customer. Part of the record will be the customer password, used in the login procedure. The templates will be populated by the data in the database on a per-customer basis as the customer logs in, and they

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    ...the php script will take a flat file to store given values. Then it will create a .shtml file that is based off of a template, and will plug in the values in the flat file. The reason why it needs a flat file, is so that in case the vb program will only give one or two paramaters, instead of all that is possible, the php script will only update the

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    2 bida on UNIX server system (freebsd and redhat). PHP frontend for scripts that handles the traffic flow. Frontend script should track traffic with both cookie and hardcoded URL tracking. perl backend for statistics and webmaster management scripts, especially for scripts requiring cron. MySQL database Must interface/import with common 3rd party processors

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    12 bida built using PHP or the PHP Visual Build Studio. I want this to be an open PHP source/database. Use all existing open source code for PHP. Use existing open source MYSQL database PHP concepts. I want to use as much existing open code out there as possible. Use mysql for an open database. Use all available open...

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    8 bida be built using the PHP Visual Build Studio. I want this to be an open PHP source/database. Use all existing open source code for PHP. Use existing open source MYSQL database PHP concepts. I want to use as much existing open code out there as possible. Use mysql for an open database. Use all available open soure d...

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    1 bida be built using the PHP Visual Build Studio. I want this to be an open PHP source/database. Use all existing open source code for PHP. Use existing open source MYSQL database PHP concepts. I want to use as much existing open code out there as possible. Use mysql for an open database. Use all available open soure d...

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    Fan Site Tamat left

    ...mod (how many downloads servered), the download MAY or MAY not be on the server so thats a option for the admin, i would also like a very nice news system, with smilies and BB code, also the membership system will have around 4 lvls, Awaiting email confomation (name says all :P), normal member, subadmin & admin, admin will be incrage of chaing settings

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    ...other services. I need it to access a MySQL Database for Passwords and other information, Users should be able to update their profile and upload/delete/edit/rename/etc. file in their personal directory from the web interface. This will need to be a complete system, including the Database structure and all code and design ## Deliverables Complete

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    Tutor Listing Database Directory of tutors searchable via a form. Seach fields would include - category (pre-loaded drop down with crtl-click for multiple), company name (partial matching), city (pre loaded from database), area code, and description (keyword/ full text). It would be good if there were a mechanism for importing existing data - if this

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    Administrative System that tracks user log in, registration, points, and usage. Database of users as well as database of redeemable e-points Via serial # (ex: xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxx = 20 e-points). e-points database serial #'s deleted when redeemed. Administrative access through web browser with security/password protection. Admin access includes editing

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    ...the following capabilities. The development platform e.g. java, php, c is unimportant, but must be able to accommodate simultaneous requests by different users using cookies. The site is intended to receive stock transactions by email, which will update a mysql/postgres/oracle database. Anyone on the web who has registered with the site will be able

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    Mysql and PHP Tamat left ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) works with mysql and php. We have everything in access database and need to update the database regularly. The blue print can be viewed at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for a clearer picture of what is needed. ## Deliverables I need a php program that will search a database through various criteria and r...

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    We need PHP/MySQL driven scripting for our support site. We need a way for clients to login into a password protected area and access their account information as well as trouble ticket updates, project tracking, billing information (current status, etc...), special instructions (some public, some just for that logged in client), upload/download area

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