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    Ok, I have a site [login to view URL] that I need to build a form . I have pretty much made the for. You can see this here [login to view URL] But what I need to happen is: The person need to fill in the details. All fields mandatory, then upload their document which will be pdfs, or word files (i think). I think we need to allow for 5 documents to be uploaded. Once they have uploaded the do...

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    We have a site We are a Christian Ministry... We need a programmer 30 hrs a month guaranteed. We want to pay $5 a hour, give you a project to do now and see what you know. we have had bad experiences with so called experts. If you work out, you will be our consultant and programmer. We are a fast growing company.

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    need somebody help me to complete a a task in Gravity Form.

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    We require few PHP based forms to be developed for a business application. Initial scope is 2 medium and 2 low complexity forms. Datamodel and UI designs are ready for a developer to code.

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    For intersting project required highly skilled developer

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    Design si functionalitate il avem trebuie doar partea de programare php mysql: pe scurt se introduc date prin forms dupa o anumita logica dupa care se genereaza si se listeaza pe imprimanta pdfuri, se salveaza datele introduse in baza de date de unde pot fi incarcate din nou pe baza de cautare.

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    ...meaningful project. Custom Gravity Forms feature has been developed and functions well (product addition in WooCommerce). The task is to make sure it successfully survives the latest vendor module update. Gravity Forms experience is a must. With you bid please submit at least one (2 max) most challenging Gravity Forms project you successfully completed

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    ...the site though -- cropping, cutting out the background, etc There are complex forms in the Estimate Form and We're Hiring sections, but those are already done -- you can just insert the PHP into the new site, without any changes (I may be looking to overhaul those forms also at some point, but that would be a separate project). It's possible I'll

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    URGENT To begin NOW - PRESTASHOP fix add to cart problem - complicated bug = we have installed a module of configuration product in frontend, after cliet choose size and all others configuration, it display a different price, but when add to cart it add the wrong price ! You must be HIGH experimented in Prestashop

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    Hello, i need someone who can design me a complicated circuit, i will give him links to sensors and stuff i want on it and you have to design it to work. It will have to work by Bluetooth, and will be controlled by app.

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    We are a scientific organization, we need to have develop a registration system and connect it to our websites to : - Create their own profiles. - Register for our activities. - Modify their registration, meet people, send and receive notifications and emails. - Allow the admin to control and see registrations as explained in the attachment.

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    Seeking a development team to create a custom website, with complex database and buyer matching systems - to include buyer/vendor dashboards, instant messaging software etc... The company will serve as a private real estate sales platform. I want a professional team, capable of completing a top quality job.

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    Support making info path and sharepoint software into highly professional site. InfoPath form and sharepoint design has been done but needs branding and someone to help make it professional packaged product

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to fill forms on my website. To enter data that I'm giving him and submit. Really simple. - YOU WILL CONNECT TO MY COMPUTER AND DO IT FROM THEIR. YOU WILL CONNECT WITH TEAM VIEWER

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    48 bida 3 forms: 1. Web App (JS/CSS/HTML + PHP) 2. Mobile iOS (JS/CSS/HTML=>Convert) 3. Mobile Android (JS/CSS/HTML=>Convert) The application will take a single input in the form of a video URL. It will store video metadata (this is simple), then it will allow a user to modify the video start and end times (video cropping, more complicated), and

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    i need a python project with t k inter this is for my semester so it should be complicated .

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    Hello, we run the world's largest scavenger hunt website and need somebody who can fix our tasks/event part of our site, including the admin panel where those tasks are added. A "task" is a statment for the person to complete, they submit proof via a photo or video and submit it to the site. Our emplyees either approve it or decline it. If approved they recieve the points and are a...

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    Hi, This a project for arround $3000 !!! But here you apply only for first step described in bottom This is a very complicated project, if you are not expert and at least 5 years experience, go away ! We are very very strict, project must start TODAY, and EVERYDAY you must work on it, EVERYDAY we must have your progress report If one day we

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    We have a number of application forms in pdf that we would like converting to interative pdfs with Adobe echosign functionality. There are 10 forms with approx 3-4 pages in each.

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    I have xml config files for IP Phones, I need a database that manage them and export the xml file in the correct format. I have worked with this but I can not get the VBA code correct to property export the xml file. I want to be able to manage the phones and use a form to modify information that needs to be changed based on the specific phone and generate an new XML config file. The file needs ...

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    Client Side Validation and Effects depending the client options selected using JQuery, Java Script, BootStrap, CSS 3, HTML 5

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    Will explain further later.

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    I have built a c# winform application that needs to access real-time updates. I need to access this real time data from more than one API and manage the data on multiple threads. I have done most of the work I just need to understand the architectural patterns required.

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    My partner and I have designed these complicated flowcharts and we need someone to put them into a digital format. There is probably somewhere over 200 digital photographs of our handwritten charts to convert. None of the charts are a direct line but rather they each have various tangents which have to be created. The topic matter of the flowcharts

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    I need to get a website codes. All pages have alrwady been designed in psd format. I just want to code it in help with talented designer. The website is a bit complicated not like simple 5 pages website. It is a design contest site as same as [login to view URL] and All functions are as same as 2 websites mentioned earlier. The corder will

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    Skeleton is written out already. Pm me for specifications.

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    I have the following Gravity Form with a page: [login to view URL] I would like this document converted to PDF with all content shown, not just the fields! I would like once submit button is clicked that : 1. The document is automatically emailed to administrator 2. A download to PDF option is shown in the thank you page for the person who filled out the form.

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    I have a complicated oracle query i want to write, but without using stored. Simply I have a transaction table and I want to generate reports showing the customer position on a daily basis

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    I need to create job description and performance appraisal forms for training manager and training officer based on the tasks and competencies in the first part of the project. I need complete job description form with job purpose, responsibilities, job authorities, key challenges, key deliverable and KPIs. Also the performance appraisal should

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    I have a complicated query im trying to make. I need to query a database, add up the total sale costs, divide it buy how many sales there were (giving me an average), do the same thing for buys, then work out the avg profit, all this needs to be grouped by id's and within the last 24hrs. Im looking for someone to help me do this quickly, i can

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    This is a basic customization to an already custom plugin i wrote. It has to "schedule daily" the syncing of a gravity form to an internal database. This connection is now continuous. It has to be recallable with a cron service, or on deband.

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    There is a field that is not sending correctly from the form. It takes information from all the fields and collates it into one entry.

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    ***********BEFORE BIDDING ON THIS JOB, PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION THOROUGHLY. I WILL BE MAKING A NEGATIVE RECOMMENDATION FOR YOU IF YOU BID ON THE JOB, ACCEPT IT, AND THEN PRODUCE SOMETHING NOT AS PER THE DESCRIPTION BELOW. NO EXCEPTIONS!!******************** I have a project which requires scraping from the following website [login to view URL] The details I require need to be as pe...

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    I would like this excel spreadsheet to be simplified and also to be more appealing. At the moment it is dated and the fonts and links don't work. I would like it to be as simple as can be, in a similar format but withtall the same information in it.

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    I have two javascript files that need to be deobfuscated into normal readable javascript. I've already tried JsBeautifier and JSNice and I am not getting a...javascripts has obfuscated code that is numbers / letters + binary code which I've never seen before. This needs to be done with someone who is proficient at debugging complicated javascript.

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    We have several pre-printed forms we need converted to Excel and we need a Excel/Word quote template finished.

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    I already developed a mobile app and want to add the attached functionalities to it using JSON web service, the max. budget is $75

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    Currently we have 4 sites running as independent sites with their own WordPress installations. We are using most of the same plugins for each of them, and using DIVI as the theme. We have 20+ more sites that need to be developed and/or upgraded from existing html. Every time there is an update, it takes too much time to update everything. My understanding is that you can create a multisit...

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    I am looking to have a logo designed. The logo is fairly complicated. I will need someone who is really great at making items look 3D and real. This definitely is a job to be done in Photoshop. I am looking for something *exactly* like the attached logo. #1. Please take a look at the attached files to see the style we are going for.

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    I have Godaddy Premium DNS. My website is hosted on a company that doesn't host email (for security and speed purposes) so I need separate hosting for my email account. I tried Office 365 but can't stand it so I want to simply use my old hostgator account and send through squirell mail browser interface or perhaps even a desektop app. So I need help adjusting the settings in my Godaddy p...

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    HI, PLEASE RED AND FULLY UNDERSTAND BEFORE MAKING ME AN OFFER. And when you do making me an offer, please type me you understanding of the website, etc. I wil open a dropp shipp supplement store, but i do not need a drop ship template, there is not an oportunity to conect with my distributor. SO i wil need a normaly webshop, with some modifications. My distributor have 250 brands, and ...

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    Hi, Here is a complicated and urgent project We have a website where we display articles (contents), each article have differents images and text and menu The dev who did that made something very complicated !! Because he have to create article + plugin + too much settings + upload image in FTP !!! You have to do a better and easy editing

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    Short article on compilations in learning

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    I need to create an Excel formula that will display the number of days until a designated date (listed in another cell), however, this date will be dependent on one of two values listed for each day elsewhere in the spreadsheet. Days given a "1" should be counted, days given a "R" will not be.

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    I need someone that knows how to: -search in Google -send messages through contact forms -copy and paste -follow simple directions

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    Need custom fixes and creation or modification of forms, db, validation and integration into existing CRUD application. Must be fluent in jQuery, core PHP and MySQL. You need to pass live competency trial on Skype with share screen. We provide the code necessary. Must speak excellent English and communicate via Skype voice (no text)No laptop

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    This is a hard one, we need to design an advertisement or a graphic concept that will be used in many things (stationary, booths, exhibition, wall branding) The medical concept is related to cancer to I prefer we chat first The cost below is a tentative, can go up and down as per your judgement

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    [login to view URL] [Contact Us Form] [Order Form] They Function, but I donot get a E Mail in my in Box.

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