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    We use a CRM that requires us to use an API integration to send new contacts with specific data from a spreadsheet to the CRM. They provide code examples for bash & PHP. I believe this should be something pretty simple for someone who understands API. Here is the information and examples provided by the CRM: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...particular offer that we may be providing. The broadcast voice service in an ideal world will have a pathway to create a chatbot type environment where based on a predetermined spreadsheet upload the message would be able to be personalised that when a particular phone number is called it recognises the owner of that phone number as David and states, "hi it's

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    I have been a coder for a long time, but in things other than PHP. Thats minor issue. I have too many other more paying thing to do so I abandoned a wordpress project about half-way through to get a matured freelancer to take over and do. For our mutual peace assume nothing is done, yet you will be able to find reading the enclosed Excel Workbook that

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    I am in need of a PHP developer to help me add a few small features to my website, make some minor changes and correct a few bugs. My website is an educational website and its primary focus is to automate assignments made up from textbook questions. As the developer you will need to get a complete understanding of the entire website and the database

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    ...and therefore needs a few finishing touches. There are 3 tasks that need to be done, they are: Task 1: I have old code of a PHP calculator that I need to be re-written to match the formulas I have in an excel spreadsheet (both of which are attached). For the calculator there are 4 fields that data needs to be entered into: • Property Type (drop

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    Create CMS PHP - nice clean interface to manage Buy/Sell Transactions Logins & Roles Admin Login Mandate Logn Intermediary/Trader Login Buyer Seller Features: be able to download all transactions as a spreadsheet Intermediary/Trader can be also be a Mandate to the buyer or the seller So 1 login he can see all

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    ...program. This application will consist of a large number of input fields that need to flow easily, display correctly on desktop and mobile, as well as export to an excel spreadsheet. The application will need to communicate via API to various financial institutions to collect real time account balances. The application will need layered access roles

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    ...AVOID ME WASTING TIME!!! I was creating a simple Google spreadsheet for predicting the amount of ingredients needed for creating a cocktail. But I found that it'd be better to have a small web-based system which does the same, so I'd be able to extract data in the future. So the system is quite simple as the output will be the quantity of ingredients

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    We have a simple Drupal 7 portal with a few custom modules. The portal is used to store the company’s products, manufacturing instructions and customer orders. The portal is not publicly accessible and no VPN will be provided. The company is an instrumentation company specializing in geotechnical applications. When viewing a certain node type, we

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    ...excel spreadsheet which calculates prices based on a number of variables. I want the spreadsheet transferred to php and mysql and the functionality to store and send a quotation to email addresses as well as saving the customer details to the database. This is to be done from a simple web page front end. In detail: Convert Excel sheet to PHP and MySql

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    I want a spreadsheet (Google Sheet, or MS Excel), with current price information from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and I need Ask and Bid live prices for these: XRP:EUR BTC:EUR BTC:XRP The spreadsheet needs only 6 cells: XRP:EUR (in Kraken) BTC:EUR (in Kraken) BTC:XRP (in Kraken) XRP:EUR (in Bitfinex) BTC:EUR (in Bitfinex) BTC:XRP (in

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    ...connect the conversion data with Google Adwords and with Bing Ads. For Google Adwords it's simple - I can just point them to a google spreadsheet with the data and no longer worry about it as long as you keep the spreadsheet updated. Now I have a similar spreadsheet for Bing: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...available under [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ? You know how to modify the package, so a intermediate UI is showing on setup in Plesk? You also have the skills to develop in bash, php? Great to show us your expertise explain us, how you would solve these outdated projects to get a fresh version of the packages into the repository: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...sort event and attendee data; • Associate venues by course to reduce steps in administrator workflow; • Modifying presentation of attendee and event data in the exported spreadsheet file. Other Customizations There are also several minor customizations that have been made to Event Espresso 3 that the code can be provided for easier integration with

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    We need a simple file/system to: 1. Provide the ability to select multiple photos from the computer 2. Provide the ability to select a spreadsheet 2. Resize down each photo proportionally to 1500 pixels wide and save the file and the spreadsheet 3. Process the photos against the free OCR API at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 4. Match the data returned

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    we search for a company/freelancer who could build us some simple wordpress plugins. For this job we need a plugin, which listens to the common Wordpress actions and traces out details of the originating userid. Your Task - on saving a page we want to log the userId, the page name, the pageID in a log file (we do NOT need to see this logfile

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    I would like a spreadsheet converting to an online inspection form - my website is simple php and mysql. I require an Inspection Form to be added to the admin area of my site I require dropdown options for the property address as well as the conditions (both exist on the spreadsheet) - there also needs to be an area where I can modify/add these dropdown

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    Conversion of a excel spreadsheet to a web based PHP application for sales team to manage pipeline and close sales. - Total of 3 tables (1 main + 2 for product group and product type linked with cascading lookup). - some simple calculations on the web form. Please check with me for details. - Easy to add columns on demand and create different views

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    We need a php/mysql script to do the job. The script would do following tasks : 1) Get the file from the website, via curl or whatever. 2) Analyze the data to retrieve appropriate information, as described below. 3) Inject the data in the database, after saving the existing information Analyze the data : as you will see the spreadsheet has 15 columns

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    I need a very simple php script to be able to receive contacts either from an Excel or CSV file or txt file and then allow me to build a simple text only message to send to my recipients using any of the imported records. The idea is very similar to a MS Word mail merge except that it would be done in webpage. So here is how it would work: ===

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    PROJECT DESCRIPTION I am looking for an Android app developer that can convert my excel spreadsheet into an iphone/android app. There are some variables and simple formulas but no VBA code currently built into the spreadsheet and is mandatory in order to operate correctly. Part of the job will be to ensure the app is clean and suitable design wise

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    I am looking for someone knowledgeable with the Joomla site workings, PHP and SQL to create a script or module for our website that is capable of automatically distributing pre-created serial keys/codes to our members. The keys are received in the format of a spreadsheet, but can be uploaded to a database table prior to use if required by the script/module

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    I currently use an Excel spreadsheet to track clients, projects, and invoices. I've well-and-truly outgrown it and I've recently purchased an open-source CRM (called Perfex) to take its place. Perfex is written in PHP (with a MySQL database) and uses the CodeIgnitor framework. Perfex does ticketing and invoicing, but is weak regarding timesheets

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    Converting VBA macro supported Excel spreadsheet to HTML/PHP code that can be posted on a regular website. This project is intended to be used for a non-profit organization that largely relies and monetary and labor contributions from its members. More specifically, this web based version of an existing Excel program will help managing the volunteer

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    The project has to be developp whith Laravel open source PHP framework and Angularjs. 1. BACKEND It's the Administration Interface. - Complete Users Administration (allow, accept ...) - Complete Printers Administration -> developp all the necessary options for server printers administration. (add, modify,delete, make, models, option, gps

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    I need an HTML php page that would ask a few simple questions and then provide the answers that go with those responses. All the data is static. I have provided the excel spreadsheet with all the data, and a word document with examples of the questions and answers.

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    Looking to convert a large excel spreadsheet with 150K+ lines using multiple VLookups into a cloud-based DB app with a simple web UI using PHP. The UI must provide the ability to upload csv files and return specific report information which we can discuss further should you be interested in pursuing this project. I have a hosted linux server available

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    Please only reply if you have a good command of English language. Please only reply also if you have the skill set required as below: PHP, MySQL with framework of CodeIgnitor and Angular JS, GitHub for website changes/uploads. Hosting is on AWS and access and uploads to the site is via GitHub branch. There is an AWS staging server to test site

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    A simple PHP function which reads/writes text to a specific Google Spreadsheet in the given fashion. gswrite($row, $column, $worksheet, $spreadsheet); gsread($row, $column, $worksheet, $spreadsheet); And another function to provide row count. gscount($column, $worksheet, $spreadsheet); Here $row should be an integer and a natural number.

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    Web Developer Tamat left

    ...experience in the following skills: * PHP * Node.js (Javascript) * Swagger * [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (websockets) * REST * [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (websockets) * TCP / XMPP * MongoDB * MySQL * PostgreSQL * Linux The first project will be to create a very simple website with a login page to view data (in a simple spreadsheet format) uploaded ...

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    we have a basic spreadsheet with over 14-16 colums data we need a cms built with login using PHP and mysql So allow : enter data, search date, sort on column Search the entire spreadsheet sort by date, display by date option and allow integration with current DB also should also to modify and edit each record data allow quick search

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    ...experience in the following skills: * PHP * Node.js (Javascript) * Swagger * [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (websockets) * REST * [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (websockets) * TCP / XMPP * MongoDB * MySQL * PostgreSQL * Linux The first project will be to create a very simple website with a login page to view data (in a simple spreadsheet format) uploaded ...

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    ...experience in the following skills: * PHP * Node.js (Javascript) * Swagger * [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (websockets) * REST * [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (websockets) * TCP / XMPP * MongoDB * MySQL * PostgreSQL * Linux The first project will be to create a very simple website with a login page to view data (in a simple spreadsheet format) uploaded ...

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    Hello I have a excel spreadsheet with formulas that I would like to convert to PHP with mysql as a database. The inputs are the cells in the spreadsheet and output is the calculations based on the formulas in the spreadsheet. This is for keeping track of a golf player progress. Essentially There is a player profile with his name and summary stats

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    ...provide spreadsheet content to a user via an internet database. Spreadsheet content should be stored as string (not as files) to search through all data easily, preferred as xml code, and most preferred as OfficeOpenXML code. Content: values, formats, cell format/styles, simple shapes. Database shall be MySQL and store besides spreadsheet content also

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    I need to convert a excel spreadsheet with 4 tabs to a simple webapp with CRUD capabilities. Excel, PHP, MySQL

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    ...their staff to our servers. You need to write a simple web service that will receive POST submissions of data, and update appropriate database tables. The data will be sent as a tab-separated text string, with entries for successive people separated by newline characters (as though pasted from a spreadsheet). There will be a number of fields per person

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    I think what I need is pretty simple but time is fairly important and I need to turn it around quickly. I have lists of links in an Excel doc (but can easily be moved to Notepad so let's assume it's there). I have proofed all the link in the spreadsheet. I now have pulled all new link data and need to determine which are the new links and have

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    Sila Dafter atau Log masuk untuk melihat butiran.

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    I want a spreadsheet (Google Sheet, or MS Excel), with current price information from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The spreadsheet needs only two cells: 1. Bitcoin/USD price 2. Ethereum/Bitcoin price That’s it. I do NOT want a php script, or any other variant of this. Just a spreadsheet, which has updated prices in it. To be considered for thi...

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    ...import a spreadsheet with columns for name, phone number, email address, and mailing address into the database. PHP and HTML to create web workflow. What I need it to do: I need to be able to view a profile of one row of the spreadsheet. Here I will be able to make notes on it, categories it, and hit next to see the next lead. Very simple work, basically

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    ...The produced deliverable can be a CSV spreadsheet, or a HTML table. If the latter, I would suggest using the free Flat UI library to guide the UX ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). My preference would be for it to be run via shell (to allow for better error reporting) and exported in CSV. Preference for a PHP-coded solution so that I can better

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    My company has a proprietary Excel macro-based spreadsheet that makes complex calculations locally on the sheet. I would like to create a simple prototype that demonstrates how a Excel spreadsheet can export about 20 variables to a secure web-based program, and have that program return a solution matrix of about 30 variables (some as an array). This

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    Dear Sir, I noticed your profile and would like to enquire if you would be able to do a small PHP/MySql project for me. It is recording a few items of data for each Sunday during any given year and doing a few basic calculations on the data to produce a small report. This information is repeated for different church towers in the same year. This is

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    ...before we get started: 1. Send me a complete module breakdown of this MVC platform in an excel spreadsheet... • [log masuk untuk melihat URL] • [log masuk untuk melihat URL] 2. What Plugins, Themes, and Mods would make this site awesome? (Features

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    ...Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP software (often referred to by the initials LAMP) all of which are Open Source and so free of any cost to acquire or use. The reason I would suggest using these components is that there are many developers with experience of them and marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and others provide ready written PHP software to interact with

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    ...programmer who can convert a completed iPhone app into a mobile responsive HTML version. It's a simple app with all graphics and information supplied and ready to go. The app takes user data separately from two screens, references information from one spreadsheet and outputs the result to a new page. After this page is displayed, the user has the option

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    Convert a simple spreadsheet into a php

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    What i need is a simple self service checkin system for my local church sunday school. Front end checkin terminals are 1024X600 pixels resolution, so keep this in mind, I've attached an image explaining how front end works. it also works as an example of how layout could be, Backed, has to be a basic manger of families, and kids, it has to have

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