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    I'm looking for a PCB designer to help build a converter chip for me. I want to take PD 80W power from a power bank and convert it 5v4a and 15v (have a bridge circuit or something to switch between the two). $50 to help design it, and another $50 to assist in getting it manufacturered

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    design a HDMI PCIE card 4 hari left

    Card specification The card should be PCIEx16 compatible. The card will use onboard power (could use SATA but preferably not). Have an onboard HDMI splitter (PI3HDX414) Have an onboard HDMI-CAT6 converter. The card should have two HDMI outputs. One of the outputs will have a female HDMI port connected to it. The second port will be concerted to an onboard HDMI splitter through the PCB the outputs of the splitter should be as follows one Female HDMI and the other three outputs connected to HDMI-CAT6 converters. The output of each of the HDMI-CAT6 converters will be connected to a FEMALE CAT6 Jack (RJ45) you will need to design the Schematics and PCB for this project.

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    I want to make pdf converter website like ilovepdf is it possible to make any

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    I want to make pdf converter website like ilovepdf is it possible to make any

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    Design a PCB using KiCAD 1 hari left

    Make a PCB using KiCAD with * ESP32-WROVER-E-N4R8 * SHT41 * TCS34103M * Power supply through micro USB - design a step-down converter yourself All parts used must be available from Digikey.

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    Necesitamos crear una app en ios y android basada en wordpress con este codigo ademas subir a nuestro host el panel de admin para poder realizar cambios y enviar notificaciones con firebase. Las aplicaciones están basadas en flutter necesitamos crear las dos app que muestre un wordpress. La documentacion del codigo

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    Hi, I need a very proficient HTML+CSS modern layout converter from design pictures to modern RESPONSIVE Pixel-by-Pixel HTML + CSS, but FOLLOWING the code that I will send you and only overriding existing classes. Only creating new classes if necessary. Please do NOT quote if you are not going to be doing a HANDCRAFTED job. NO AUTOMATED OR SEMI-AUTOMATED TRANSFORMATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Please include this word on your quote to make sure you read all: handcrafted.

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    Looking to convert TV Channels to IPTV and stream it via App. If you can develop or recommend converter along with developing such an app for streaming than contact me for more details. The proposals will not be reviewed until you pm me for more details.

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    We are looking for a high-performance, multiplatform sample rate converter in C++ with the specs below.

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    Fix phpbb issues 18 jam left

    Hi Bryar G., phpbb fix payment

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    Hello, We need a email to Json converter, with a imap mailbox, you have to parse it and create the json of attachments: cc: charsets: from: html: sender_ip: subject: text: to: Should work with inline image and attachment. Process of the script 1. connect to the imap mailbox 2. parse the mailbox with imap_search 3. Create the json of each email nin the box

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    Here are instructions for a new sheet i would like to work on. please let me know if you have any questions. 1. Delete column C 2. Insert a blank column between columns A & B 3. Copy column A and paste into column B 4. Now we have two identical datasets in column A & B 5. Insert a blank row in row 1 6. Name the columns as follows: A =...paste into column B 4. Now we have two identical datasets in column A & B 5. Insert a blank row in row 1 6. Name the columns as follows: A = DATE B = NOTES C = IN D = OUT E = DESCRIPTION 7. In column C cut all negative numbers and paste into the same row in column D but paste as a positive number (strip out the minus character) 8. Output filename “Wells Fargo Output ” 9. The converter file name should be “...

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    Currently using unoconv for conversion in Moodle which is not able to disregard characters such as smart art etc. I

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    We are using Zapier and I need phone number string converter to our fixed mask. Code can be in Javascript or Python. We have different forms across our websites and we are asking people to insert their numbers. sually people insert their phone numbers in that style: 031222333 031 222 333 031-222-333 031 - 222 - 333 31 222 333 31-222-333 +386(0)31222333 +386 (0) 31 222 333 0038631222333 00386 31 222 333 or even in any other style. I need to be output exactly like this: +38631222333 +386 - is fixed string and it's our country code 31 - are first three digit of number, but 0 shouldn't be there 222 and 333 are last 6 digits of phone number I will provide you Zapier login and test environment.

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    I have a pdf document that I need to be re-typed into Word format, using the same paragraph formatting etc as the original document. I don't want the job to be done through a pdf. converter program - it needs to be a proper re-type so that the document is fully editable.

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    The project is to make a design that uses inexpensive parts that are ready available/in-stock for a power converter/controller to drive three phase motor on 48 VDC. The controller will have a microcontroller to implement the control algorithm, and a power converter to perform fast switching three phases (upon switching signals) handling about 1 kW total. The switching scheme will follow classic asynchronous switching with three states: positive, zero and negative.

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    I will share more detail via chat. First task, pdf to word converter and Second pdf editor like Thanks for your reading.

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    I need Full website. Front end and back end. I need build website (forum) build with phpbb like clube do hardware will be a forum to discuss the linux topic. must be in Portuguese Brazil pt br the site needs to be responsive. mobile device friend I have Domain.

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    I want to build a dc to dc converter with minimum losses, less ripples, less noise, fully protected against short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, reverse voltage, over load , the nominal voltage is 48v, and input voltage range is 30 to 60v and output voltage is 12 v nominal and peak power of 400w and nominal power of 360w

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    I have 2 online converter website, i need a parmanent guy who can do SEO on monthly payment.

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    my phpbb forum isn't loading style and when I get into the styles in cpanel this message appears " Information Could not get the style configuration file for: Volare"

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    ...anything attached.** Here is the overall view of my project: I have everything working on a breadboard and corresponding separate modules. I would like to have all modules incorporated on one PCB Board. List of Modules: - ESP32 Wroom-32 - RS485 to TTL - SD Card Module (HW-125) - RTC module (HW-084) - Quad Bilateral Switch (CD4066BE) *to control Relays* - DC-DC Voltage Step Down Power Converter (12/24v to 5V) Need to add the following: - Battery Charger - LCD Screen (Easy to Move) There are ESP32 modules that have this incorporated like the TTGO T display module but the LCD is not detachable. On my research Found the following: - TTGO T Relay Board - ESP32 Touchdown Board https://github

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    Tenho arquivos de planta de residencia (*.dwg;*.pdf) gostaria de converter para

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    File converter Tamat left

    File conversion has a manual process via other application, this needs to be automated through python scripts

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    Neew to Wordpress Code to HTML Code Converter. & Done to do this work in 1 month. NOTE:Only give quotes to an experienced developer of 3 years My Website URL is:

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    PDF TO DWG Tamat left

    Redraw of a plan from JPG to DWG, no automatic converter. All in one layer, to scale 1:1 metric units. Hatches, quotes, words, furnishings, symbols not required.

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    The board will have 2 main functions. First, 4 gpios will be used to send PWM signals to a 4in1 ESC to control 4 brushless motors. (Wired control thru an ADC pin set) A tri-state 4 channel bus converter will be needed for outputting 5V PWM ( something like 74ahct125 ). Second function will be controlling a linear solenoid with onboard MOSFET and diode.(Solenoid power consumption Vout<20V, C~30A) The solenoid cycling speed/frequency will be controlled by a second pin set of ADC. 2 additional switch pin header will also be required to act as on/off to each circuit. Plus A USB C port alone with a reset and boot button. I want the PCB to be as small as possible. Less than 25x25mm/30x30mm. P.S. I want to have direct solderable pads on the board for Vin,GND and Vout GND for the sole...

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    Looking for PrimeFaces JSF expert + DataTables + Custom Converter

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    I'm looking for a developer with good PhpBB Forum experience to update my version and undertake a couple of other minor tasks (add Robots txt file, insure adserver is carried across, replicate colour theme being used on current forum) - so nothing major but would prefer somebody with good experience. Thanks

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    I am looking for a technical content writer who has a good understanding of SEO & Website development tools. Content mu...friendly, upbeat style that keeps the reader's attention. Content-Length for each artice = 1000 words. My website for which I want this content - ******** TOPICS (20)********** 1. Website Hosting Checker 2. CSR Decoder 3. WordPress Theme Detector 4. URL Encode Decode 5. MD5 Hash Generator 6. CSV to SQL Converter 7. Sitemap Generator 8. Generator 9. Word Counter 10. Moz Rank Checker 11. Base64 converter 12. Base64 image converter 13. Case converter 14. Bcrypt Hash generator 15. HTTP Status Code Checker 16. Keywords Suggestion Tool 17. Random Password Generator 18. Meta Tag Generator 19. Meta Tags Analyzer 20. Website Screens...

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    i have a 2 monitor setup with my gaming PC, i have just upgraded to a new PC Geforce RTX3060, and now the second monitor wont work. i have VGA and HDMI port in the monitor, the HDMI is connected to Elgato HD60 to capture gameplay on my PC for my switch, i tried going direct VGA to VGA from monitor to PC didn't work, i tried going Display port in the PC converter to VGA didn't work, i then brought a new monitor Asus gaming one and went display port to display port and still wouldnt connect nor recognise the display port, removed the HDMI from the Capture card and tried HDMI to HDMI wouldnt detect. i have tried all the reccomended steps to try activate the monitor to get it working an nothing has worked. first monitor is HDMI to PC

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    For the application use the following controls: a group box,four radio buttons, two panels, three labels, two text boxes, two combo boxes, and a button as shown in figure note that this unit converter contains four unit categories: length, mass, time, and temperature. A unit category is selected by clicking/checking an appropriate radio button. When a radio button is checked an appropriate text will be shown in the label e.g. “Convert Length”, “Convert Mass”, etc. and the corresponding unit’s options will be available in both combo boxes for the user to choose from. In addition, all existing inputs/selections/results in both text boxes and combo boxes should be deleted, and the focus should be set on the first text box. After selecting the unit categor...

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    I need a client-server socket based application where a client uploads a file(from stdin input, full path or the name of the file), then the file is transfered to the server, and the server process that file and converts it to pdf(if it's possible, maybe more format converts, like word, jpg, etc., but it's not mandatory). The converted file should be sent back to the client. The client needs to create an account and login before doing the file conversion. All the accounts should be saved in a text file. The server is written in C(server.c for example) and needs to be multithreaded. Two threads should be for INET regular clients, and 1 thread for a UNIX administrator client. The 2 INET clients are the regular users, which login to an account and then converts a file. 1 client shou...

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    Preciso converter uma view de mvc para blazor.

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    Having 200 pages pdf file and need to convert it in excel this can not be done through pdf to excel converter so please avoid if you are thinking about that Need this work till tonight 8 pm IST Budget 1500 INR.

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    1 year experience pdf converter in world

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    ...layers, 2nd testing with 555 players and finally 3rd testing with 5,555 players. Dear Developer, We are creating a similar platform like - reference Theme of website to be like this animation website I like the line moving around the box and I also like how the plane/lorry/van image moves up n down with that 3d shadow. 1. Auto currency converter so people from different countries can see price of game in currency from their country, and they will get pop up saying what will be deducted from there account balance. 2. For players between 16-18 will have to open a “minors account” from adults account, adult will create “minors account” which the adult can control weekly and monthly spending. 3. Adult can send money to child gaming account

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    Hi Momal Q., , I noticed your profile .I just want to know that did someone sent you a message from_ image to word converter and typist (Digiworldinc)? Plz tell me is it fake or real? Waiting for your response

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    Hi Sobha K., I noticed your profile .I just want to know that did someone sent you a message from_ image to word converter and typist (Digiworldinc)? Plz tell me is it fake or real? Waiting for your response.

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    ...want to see is woman's running shoes listed not woman's joggers or woman's shoes. only woman's running shoes. The store will need a measurements area meaning how to measure for shoes, and how to measure for clothing. The store deals with Big and Small body types as well as average individuals. The store will have a multi lingual language throughout the store the more the better and currency converter as well meaning USD GBP EURO AUD etc... The overall is this is not a Niche Store it is a world eStore Front for Drop Shipping. The Independent eStore is a department that utilizes members or shop owners that buy a space on the eStore nd open up their own shop aspect this is their rented monthly space. Which means independent stores from individuals are spaced...

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    Need Java Class for custom JSON conversion as shown in attached example file. Rules: + data starting "${=..." is replaced with "@$.field name" + data is transfered without any conversion + Structure is recursive - classic json + output must be in same order as input json + subnodes are translated to + arrays are translated to [idx].node Delivery: + Java Class performing conversion using standard libraries available on Maven repo. + Using Java 8 - 12 syntax + example json input + example output converted with class Available budget 30$ + reward for speed & quality

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    Photoshop (PSD) To Google Docs (Editable) Converter Design Expert Link of the 5 pages with fonts Convert these pages to fully editable google docs I can supply all font files and all page files in either full psd or full pdf whichever you prefer. 5 pages total. all needs to be editable in google drive exact same looking as psd. I need 2 versions 1 with all pages 1 with 4 pages instead of 5 (page 3 removed) Thank you

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    Making a website for Crypto currency to host a PHPbb forum with live statistics of the crypto market.

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    I am in need of a BPMN2 to Cypher converter written in python and deployed in Docker. Input :1 to n BPMN files Output: 1 to n Cypher files There are 2 existing github repos - one that converts BPMN2 to Networkx () , another that converts Networkx to Cypher (). I would like these 2 repositories integrated and deployed in Docker. The output cypher will be used to create the equivalent graph model of the BPMN2 model in a Neo4j database which I will handle. I will provide additional BPMN files for testing as well. Most of the code is written, so this is primarily an integration and Docker repackaging exercise.

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    I receive pdf files via email, I then manually enter the data into a website. Looking for a software (rather than an online service) that can convert pdf's into EDI x12 files, with preconfigured format.

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
    16 bida the app to understand the functions and write the content with your own words. The text is used as store text in Google Play and as well for the pictures in the App Store. I know that a contest is not the best way to do this. Goal would be as well to find a good writer for a long-term collaboration as there will be more apps and websites, which needs text. About the task The app Crypto Converter is ready and published. I have written a row text about the app content. Your task would be to write an attractive text for the store. Additional I have added 7 Screenshos. There I need a title and subtext for creation of attractive store pictures. (see picture sample 1 and sample 2) App on google play for reference

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    I need to re-design the user interface of an online photo/video converter. There's lots to do, but in this contest I am asking you to solve one task. This will allow me to see if you understand the problem and can find a solution. The winner is guaranteed to receive the prize and also could be hired for entire project if I like the solution. The task: user has images in 360-degree format (google "360-degree equirectangular image"). In a special viewer this kind of images can be rotated and viewed from different angles and with different zoom levels. See this flickr example to get an idea of how these viewers work: Not all sites support these images, so the user wants to convert one or multiple images into a video where the view is moving between

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    We are offering purchasing service to help resellers to purchase products from Chi...purchase from it. Our service is to act as a middle man to bridge between the and Shopee resellers to purchase from Now, we want someone to contact the sellers, and the sellers must meet the following conditions: 1. The seller must be preferred or preferred+ seller in Shopee Malaysia. 2. The seller's listing must be in Electronic Accessories category, like USB to micro USB converter, Apple phone charging cable, apple wristwatch bands, etc. For candidate, we only want Malaysia locals for communication efficiency. When candidate bids the project, please specify how you can do the job for me and how you charge the fee. This is not a high tech job, high fee bidding will be ignored. Th...

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    Hi all, Looking to develop a custom WordPress WooCommerce site. We have the designs ready for the same(attached 2 sample Pages). Only 3 products, will be purchased on a subscription model. Features required: 1. Woocommerce 2. Payment gateway integration 3. Currency converter needed for £$€ 4. Invoicing 5. Order confirmation via email. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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