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    Using the Acrobat SDK the new code will allow the opening of a password protected PDF and control the reading and printing processes.

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    ...error log. Progress will be reported to STDOUT. A stub Perl script is attached, with more details within, along with sample log files. If for any reason the batch is aborted, detailed information needs to be available as to which files have been modified, so the process can be restarted without duplication or data loss. ## Deliverables

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    I'm trying to do something for the first time and falling flat on my face. I'd like to figure the average hours of operation per day for a business. Here's what I have: Private Sub Form_BeforeInsert(Cancel As Integer) Dim CurYr As Integer Const conLeapYrWks = conLeapYrWks.285714 Const conLeapYrDays = 366 Const conWksYr = conLeapYrWks.142857 Const conDaysYr

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    use C Program puts prompt "How many" on the standard input. The user types an inter,NN at the [login to view URL] your program types a prompt "SLEEP". The user then gives the argument to be put in the sleep command (start with 0) in your program. use 0 to start with. The program should generate two processes, PRODUCER and CONSUMER. PRODUCER should generate expres...

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    ...failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/opcenter/bind/[login to view URL] line 34. Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/opcenter/bind/[login to view URL] line 38. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/opcenter/bind/[login to view URL] line 38. Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib/opcenter/bind/add_zone line 41. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib...

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    ...perform some other operations. I am getting an error on read. Here is the error: perl: constitute.c:2015: ReadImage: Assertion `image_info->signature == 0xabacadab' failed. Aborted (core dumped) The assertion is coming from an imagemagick c file, but many people successfully use perlmagick regularly so this leads me to believe there is something wrong

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    ...0.0.1] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/[login to view URL] line 27. [Fri May 09 16:01:19 2003] [error] [client [login to view URL]] Compilation failed in require at /opt/lampp/htdocs/browse/cgi-bin/smartsearch/[login to view URL] line 41. [Fri May 09 16:01:19 2003] [error] [client [login to view URL]] BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /opt/lampp/htdocs...

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    ...trying to run a perl script that requires [login to view URL] I am using ActivePerl I run the script and get this error -- Can't locate ESS/[login to view URL] in 'at' INC -- script aborted. Can someone help me to install the module -- I have the [login to view URL] file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    I need a program that will help to target youth, in our area, and what they would like to see done in our town. The targeted ages would be 15-19, as there are other services for those under and over this age limit. We then would like to provide the service. the kids in this age bracket have absolutely nothing to do after school and so they get into trouble. We want to find something that will not ...

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    I need recursive procedures (void functions) that perform insertion and retrieval operations on a sorted linked list of integers. Using these procedures a program needs to be written that inputs a series of integers, inserting them into a list until 0 is entered. Then a second series of integers is input, until 0 is entered, and the position of each integer in the list is displayed. Example: Enter...

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    ...the user is prompted for media if it is not present or if more media is required. If an error occurs on a given script file item, an error message is logged, that item is aborted and the next item is processed. While the process runs a progress form shows a progress bar and the script data being processed as well as a display of how many script items

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    ...VB Script application that returns the following error when a record is added or updated: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e21' Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done" You can view the error online by visiting here: [login to view URL]

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    I simply need an app that will be able to control my company's data flow meaning that it should be ab le to keep records of my suppliers and atockist e.t.c ## Deliverables Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. Complete copyrights to all work purchased. ## Platform win9X/2000 ## Deadline information phas...

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    ...the court. (15 marks) A ball that bounces off the side walls. (5 marks) The ball bounces off each bat. (10 marks) For minimum flicker of moving images. (5 marks) The game is aborted when the 'Esc' key is pressed. (10 marks) The score is displayed at the top of the screen. The screen is cleared & restarted whenever the ball hits an end wall to score. The

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    1.)I would like to completly brand my search engine with my companies logos and names etc. 2.)43. I also want to beable do a quick books export of all money made lost etc and want it to also download the customer info so this way I can easily keep my quickbooks updated.(this includes what is made from partner engines) 3.)Would like to beable to provide text links to our affiliates on our system ...

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    We purchased the smartsearch search engine and need to ad some modifications to start with to bring it up to a professional level. 1.)We need the database system converted to mysql from flatfile. 2.)We want to beable to intergrate partners search listings via xml and for those listings to be view as our own. ex. if we have some on our engine bid .01 for a posistion and somone on our partner engin...

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