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    ...to chaos. A process can be running, runnable (ready), or blocked and can change state when it or another process executes one of the interprocess communication primitives. A pipe is a form of redirection that is used in Linux and other Unix-like operating systems to send the output of one program to another program for further processing. Experiment

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    Structural calculations for fall protection anchors. Structural steel components include plate, pipe, round bar, and fasteners. Typical applications attached for reference. Calculations to be based on AISC ASD and AISC steel design guides (especially steel design guide 1).

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    ...used on my website, invoices, business cards and youtube channel etc. I am a musician that offers a wide range of services including Music Direction, Choral Conducting, Piano, Pipe Organ, Arranging, Production and owns a recording studio. Right now I am using my own name (John Morgan), but would like to use Morgan Music in the logo. I am in the middle

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    Trophy icon Steenburg t shirt Tamat left

    ...similar but clearner design with the man in the other photos. He is wearing Aviator style dark sunglasses and the knit hat. Also important is that he has the bent style smoking pipe in his mouth. The word STEENBURG is above the designs head in large letters and below the design in smaller letters is "Stick to the facts, and never deviate from the facts"

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    i need every product on [login to view URL] put into an excel file with all this information as the columns URL Image URL Cate...with all this information as the columns URL Image URL Category Product Name Product Type Description Materials Pattern Finish Operation Inlet Pipe Type Inlet Size Outlet Pipe Type Outlet Size

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    ...installed by a third party in Sweden but this product could be a pilot launch only. The intention that a third-party API will be installed in Sweden. Were currently running Pipe Drive. [login to view URL] Security and functionality and quality of service are very important for us. References required from similar projects. Looking for a partner,

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    We are working with the Open Social distribution: [login to view URL] We want you to be able enable BigPipe with the latest Open Social version and deliver your solution at: [login to view URL] Background: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] Should be a fun and challenging job for somebody that knows their Drupal 8 stuff. Link to your [login to view URL] account to show your experie...

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for me Tamat left

    ...we can also have wrapped around a vaporizer pen or put on the side of a pipe, kinda like vines(Think elvish design crossed with steampunk). We want it to be classy, but multipurpose for a wide audience. Imagine the audience being the old man in a library smoking his fancy pipe, to the young guy with the hoodie on the street corner smoking his vape

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    There are 3 heat exchange for pasteurizing raw wine with hot water. There should be a version of double pipe and a version of shell and tube flow rate are 10 cubic meter an hour, pressure 10 bar.

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    This is a contract of two years, in supply, construction and installation of oil pipe line for flowing of crude oil from drilling site to the terminal depot and am in search of a professional individual to partner with me as a sub-contractor and the Project Account/Funds Manager, to manage, control, monitor and take charge of

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    ...Salesforce Prepare followup email Update catalogue/website content Customer service (email/quotes) Amazon/ Prepare invoice Keep clients files up to date Stay on top of the sales pipe with Salesforce EBay stores SEO Photoshop Wordpress Excel Word Content write up Know how to do online research Email suppliers for placing orders Email reply to clients

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    ...e-sign docs with automated emails when actions are sent. It will be link with bank accs and xero. It is a full automation of property management so when a tenant reports a leaky pipe in the kitchen, they can fill out a job order in the tenants login and a order will be created and sent to the plumber automatically. This is the level of sophistication I am

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    ...throws the arrow against the apple and the person who holds her up with his head has the safety helmet 4. For irrigation instead play on the phrase: "do not understand a pipe" And put different types of irrigation pipes saying I know the first is for sprinkler irrigation, the second drop 5. Enology ([login to view URL]):

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    Pipe count Tamat left

    Develop software for counting pipes in a photo

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    Trophy icon Design a Logo for a Tape Measure Tamat left

    ...having someone hold the other end. Please check the following website to see the product. [login to view URL] The logo should have the following words: Pipe Friendly Tape Measure I would really like to incorporate the hook into the design. But this is not necessary. After I choose a winner I may need a brochure, business cards

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    hello I need to pipe emails to a PHP script that processes them and store that information in our database and tickets. we have our own customer service help desk system that uses tickets to manage projects. So we basically want emails being routed and put into the database. our emails are hosted with Amazon AWS.

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    Need to analyse, check feasibility and provide a report for a Structure 5m in height and 2m span. The structure will be constructed along the perimeter of a site. The structural members will be Unistrut profiles, which will be completely modular in erection.

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    ...design ten slices of the water tank at these levels 2. Pipes on right hand side of drawing to be animated. Blue fill = On . No fill = Off. you will need to vreate two slices per pipe to show On and Off State 3. Water pump to show On / Off states. On state will show a moving action with in the pump (GIF) files and Off state to show Non Moving. about my

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    ...would need you to design the whole thing, create drawings for manufacturing and source the offthe shelf parts; You should also give your recommendations for the permeate water pipe (to sustain pressure at 300m depth) Targetted depth is 300 to 400m this is just for a pilot project for testing in the mediterranean sea, but the goal is to have a design that

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    I will give you an image this is an gif image of a ball that move. What I need is the ball and all the movemen...image this is an gif image of a ball that move. What I need is the ball and all the movement from this image into a sprite sheet. I also would like the background and pipe in sprite sheet aswell. Can you do it? Thank you Dan

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    Run jupyter notebook on gpu in Cluster via ssh (linux) check cuda/cudnn is correctly installed check tensorflow -gpu is installed correctly

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    ...resources and mature professional production technology. For aluminum products we can produce aluminum raw materials: aluminum sheet/plate, aluminum bar/rod, aluminum tube/pipe, aluminum disc/circle, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip and so on. We can also produce aluminum profiles for building and industries and other fields. Such as aluminum

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    PDMS Trainer Tamat left

    I need someone or experts to train me on the use of PDMS pipe design

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    ...these contain Marijuana? Sketch of two brownies with a line down the middle. Scene 2 – You may be used to looking for these. Draw marijuana items of joint, bong, and pipe Scene 3 – Now Marijuana can look like these Draw gummy bears, soda bottles, wax/concentrates, spaghetti sauce, cooking oil Scene 4 - How will a child tell? Scene

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    ... item of equipment should be a true indicator of its type (e.g. disc s tack centrifuge) rather than a generic indicator (e.g. centrifuge). Each pipe identified by a unique line number and the pipe diameter and material of construction are stated. All valves are shown and identified with a unique number. The type and size are indicated.

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    ...the entire village participates in a communal feast. 8 • RELATIONSHIPS Chakma hospitality is overflowing. Guests are given home-brewed liquor and thehukka(hooka) pipe. The hukka is a pipe used for smoking tobacco. It has a long flexible tube attached to a water bottle. The smoke is cooled by passing over the water before being inhaled by the smoker

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    Problem context: Let's say I'm trying to design a pipe (cylinder) that can stand as much shear force as possible. I'm defining shear force as force that is exactly perpendicular to the pipe, like an upside down "T". So let's visualize the problem as I'm trying to design a pipe, which, if it's suspended on both ends perfectly, will...

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    Need help getting Exim setup - and basic config

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    Just turned up a new cpanel server. Need help configuring exim

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    ...loads: username: steve@[login to view URL] password: df2498z All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data located in the "Loc City" column origin_state --> data located in the "Loc State" column

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    I have STL/Step files of my product (connected to a shower pipe). Need an 3d expert to create an explainer video mainly with full shower in background, zoom in to see assembly of the product and installed on shower pipe, then zoom out to show it working. Water simulated CGI too costly, so graphic arrows or drops moving is sufficient to show water

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    ...scraper written for the following url: [login to view URL] All information needed is available on the main page. The number of rows will vary. The output should be a pipe (|) delimited file with the following column mappings: origin_city --> data located in the "ORIGIN" column after the (,) origin_state --> data located in the "ORIGIN"

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    ...VIEWER ONLY. HI we are receiving error (32)Broken pipe: mod_fcgid: ap_pass_brigade failed in handle_request_ipc function our sql server is going mental with load. we have tried all the methods on google but nothing worked. need your help now. we are running apache, linux with centos and php version 5.7 the error is only on one website. so

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    We require a PHP/Perl script to be used with cPanel. The script will be lunched when the following rules happen (done by us using cPanel email filter) : 1- Subject contains specific words 2- body with specific words once the email meet the conditions the script will start ( using Pipe to Program in cPanel email filter) the Script will do the

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    I need help figuring out the flow rate needed for my current design project and the suggested diameter needed for the pipe. Prefer mechanical engineer or someone who has experience with pipe flow or fluid mechanics.

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    Pipe flow rate Tamat left

    I need help figuring out the flow rate needed for my current design project and the suggested diameter needed for the pipe. Prefer mechanical engineer or someone who has experience with pipe flow or fluid mechanics.

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    Shell script Tamat left

    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux . I need a shell script ...some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Linux . I need a shell script that connects to oracle database and runs a sql and stores the results in a Pipe separated file, and copies the file to amazon S3.

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    We are building a small pipeline for ourselves, which includes a stream crossing. We require some details about how to build the structure for the stream crossing from a suitably experienced structural engineer. This should be a quick and practical solution. It is our first project on freelancer - hopefully we will receive some good bids. Please see the attached PDF file for further details. D...

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    ...making a TOY and need to use or a similar design in the below link with the steps to make a push button. The push button has to be screwed inside the small pipe. measurement space inside the pipe is specified in the attached image. . [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    Trophy icon Design film compagny logo Tamat left

    ...ultimately be used in a motion graphic as a startup panel animation of our productions. Name: Alambik films (lower or upper case, it's up to you) CHEMICAL AND ALCOHOL ICONE WITH PIPE, TUBE OR EVERYTHING LIKE THAT. MODERN and CREATIVE Typographic logo: We want something simple, that can be easily used in color, black or white. Something modern and elegant

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    Hi Aniket. I will upload the details for the 2 but very similar to the STY-35VAGT and the STY-35MID-04 but for a 2 7/8" dia pipe.

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    ...system and cylinders so that the factory is able to produce them without any extra drawings. The need is two types of small, inexpensive hydraulic cylinders plus hydraulic pipe for our products. The hydraulic fluid is glycol, oil or equivalent. The ready system should be so strong that it lasts thousands of pressing periods. Please see the attached

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    Figure out who is buying a certain pipe company's products in China, what products they are buying, and the kind of company they are.

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    $2 - $10 / hr
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    ... looking for additional support to detail concrete formwork and piping for our crews. see examples. job 6788 has an example of concrete pouring sequence and mechanical pipe fabrication drawings Tenant space is for the titan plant that we are looking to create a interactive map that 1) display tenant space with dimensions and location 2) and

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    I run a small engineering firm in Sarasota and certain projects need ACAD design drawings for constructi...certain projects need ACAD design drawings for construction work. Looking for options for production on different projects. Right now I need drawings for a small reclaimed water pipe system for neighborhood and for a pond erosion control project.

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    I need a mini circuit which can energise on 3-6V battery supply. The requirements - 1. The circuit should be a miniature kind. 2. ...The circuit should be a miniature kind. 2. Batteries are rechargeable so a recharging circuit working with the above circuit. 3. Heat transfer should heat the sand in the pipe placed between the coil as shown in doc.

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    Hello - I am looking for talented writer(s) on an on-going basis to write blogs, articles on cannabis (policy to pipe) - the audience is women, with a focus on cannabis being a positive, wellness product both for health & wellness, and for recreation and "living the blissful life".

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    I am working on a water modeling project for a campground and need to have a model designed to see what size pipe we need to install to maintain minumum pressure throughout the system.

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    Myself Shailesh Parmar from Atlantic Exim, India. We are into Export-Import business for Electrical, Metal, Hardware & Safety products. We are looking for Commission Agents / Distributors who can arrange inquiries & orders from clients. Please go through our business website : [login to view URL] for all the product details. (Removed by

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    $15 - $2299950
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