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    Salam. Saya ada membeli template utk diguna bg majlis sekolah. Tp bila saya nak buka file tu ada popup kata ada references yg missing dan saya kena install. Saya baru nak belajar2 ae ni. Saya rasa mungkin sebab spec laptop yg x support cs6 ni. Jd kalo nak mintak tlg tuan buatkan, berapa kos dia ye. Ada 2 template

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    PHP page for Webshell 6 hari left

    One page I have I need reduced to only features and only working with host instead of having GUI and having popup windows working with local. There is one folder path for working recursively, on a host. No javascript for it yet. This has a login to alter somewhat and not really sure about it having users or not, it can be deleted if not. I am looking to process all the features through URL. [log m...

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    Need wordpress web developer and web design with more than 6 years of experience. Need to upload to our server from envato theme and put in multi language. Thai/ English. Developer need to integrated with payment gateway and mobile banking. Need to create Autoship system and integrate with social login. Need to create promotion popup banner.

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    Hi there im having a wordpress website using the following plugins : Theme = MyListing - Directory & Listing WordPress Theme + Elemetor zoom = Video Conferencing with Zoom: Version 3.8.6 | By Deepen Bajracharya total poll = [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I need someone to help me fix 3 issue on my wordpress website : 1. Responsive issue with zoom on mobile screen ( when expanding to full vie...

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    I have a POS plugin for woocommerce based on react. this is the plugin [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This plugin allow "sellers" to enter sales. When user add a variation product, a popup is displayed to select option. I want to have this same feature but for custom product fields. So if a product have 3 or 4 custom fields, these fields appear on POS plugin before add to cart.. Custom p...

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    I have a POS plugin for woocommerce based on react. this is the plugin [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This plugin allow "sellers" to enter sales. When user add a variation product, a popup is displayed to select option. I want to have this same feature but for custom product fields. So if a product have 3 or 4 custom fields, these fields appear on POS plugin before add to cart. I attach...

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    Hello, I need to setup google or firefox extenssion for auto axies buy from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for example, if the price is below 0.05 eth, the buy it. the order of axies is done buy 2 steps, first click on the product, the click on the external confirmation popup.

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    Web Application 4 hari left

    Hi All, I have web application that is more than 70% completed(website is completed and api some work left). The frontend is reactjs and backend is in java spring boot rest api and mysql database. It is online freelance content writing web application. I am searching for someone who can use existing code , modify or write own code for all the tasks list below. Work has to be on time and tip top. ...

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    * This can be a permanent / frequently recruiting job for you if you do well * I need people Who knows any of these such as: 1) Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads....and even popup ads in random websites 2) Create a website for the product/ service and maintain it (on some cases only) RULES: 1)You should have experience in any one of them above. Even if you don't know the other we wil...

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    I'm a web designer and have built some banner ads in Adobe Animate 2020, but I'm having issues with the clicktag. Normally I just add the clicktag code to the html file and the whole ad becomes the clicktag but in this instance I need to just make the button the clicktag and also have a link below the button that opens a different frame of the ad showing T&Cs. Like a modal popup. ...

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    The develope who can make 3D globe like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and add popup message from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] This is a starting point of long term relationship. Best regards.

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    Hello, we have a marketplace where our customers (merchants) receive orders that are placed in our website by users. We need to notify the merchant in their computer desktop with a Custom Branding Popup and a sound when the order is created. We need the notifications every 5 minutes until the merchant opens up the order. The merchant itself is a user that can access the backoffice and see all t...

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    We are looking for an innovative ListView to display conversations in our Android chat app and perform certain user actions such as multiple select, Delete and Popup menu for an item

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Open this link. I just want to same popup form. There will be only 4 questions just. I should receive the details at my email. Can you create the popup?

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    Hi everybody, a not so expert dev I found outside Freelancer.com has created a custom plugin after I've suggested him from where to start developing it from scratch by using a discontinued WP plugin no more available. Unfortunately he didn't tell me that to take it always updated he needed to check and maintenance the plugin for 15$/month in order to guarantee that the plugin code is alw...

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    Hello, I need to make my website more responsive and compact on mobile and to fix an issue with a popup that is not showing after the users press 'login' on my site.

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    Build Shopify 2.0 Theme 2 hari left

    Hello, I am looking for an experienced Shopify theme developer, who has already familiarized himself with the new Shopify 2.0 theme Dawn and the respective coding requirements. You will code a new theme according to a design that will be provided. The design will include all relvant pages (home, produt detail, product category etc.) For inspiration look at the Impulse theme: [log masuk untuk me...

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    I have implemented push notification logic in my project by using firebase and receiving notifications successfully. Now I want to show bell icon at the top right of app bar in my activity and show number of notifications received, when we click on bell icon - open pop up which shows list of notifications received in time stamp order with green color circle for unseen notifications. when we clic...

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    I need an android developer that has experince in layout inspection and accessibiltiy Service. I'm not able to get a popup and not sure if it's possible.

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    A customized E-commerce website developer specialist. Only specialist in Magento 2 ecommerce apply. Project Overview 1) There are 10 Static pages including the consultation form, 20 dynamic products (Products will be mostly same just the content and minor design changes, only 2 products will be different design wise). 2) Blog will be in 3 pages - landing page, blog content card and blog modules ...

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    Simple app development 1 hari left

    The project is a social app focused on the location of the users. What I'm imagining: The main view should show a map, locked to the current user position and rotating with the phone rotation (sort of Pokemon Go approach). Other people should show up on the map (their avatars, basically) on their respective coordinates too Touching an avatar should open its profile view Users should be able ...

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    custom fitness apps 1 hari left

    Hello We have thoses apps: - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Then we have this apps: - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We need fitness 7 minute workout apps work with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We need to add those points in our apps (fitness 7minute workout) : Point #1: We need to add login and regis...

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    Trophy icon UI Redesign of 3 Pages 18 jam left

    I have developed an Angular app with 3 pages, Schedule, Strategy and Scanner. The presentation of these pages needs improving. Screenshots of the page’s components that require redesigning within the PDF. The task is to produce 3 improved page designs, along with an improved popup design (and camera export, see 2.4). Below are 3 videos of each page: Planner page video: [log masuk untuk meli...

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    AS per our chat earlier

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    Multitenant WebRTC platform 1 hari left

    We’re looking for a developer or a developers team who can help building a multi-tenant WebRTC management system for VoIP purposes. You have to understand VoIP very well. You should think along with us, and help us developing this platform with expanding more features in the future. If we notice a perfect fit, you will get hired for longer terms if we need you. The code you write will be 1...

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    Gen2 WPF C# 20 jam left

    WPF project, Intro/logo window, app window, gridlines with slider expansion Similar to GridLinesWpfApplication but want gridlines on canvas on app load), click on canvas/grid open popup menu, select option drop a user control (image + text) on canvas, right click UC popups up menu option, select edit, opens popup with fields (Name), repeatable, save option, saves contents of canvas to drive as x...

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    I need to delete a notification and it takes the id and the name but I only want to display the name in the popup eg Rule NAME is successfully deleted but now I have hard coded and it shows the name and the ID

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    I’m looking to build upon this project: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Please also take a look at the branch here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Here’s a video of the dapp: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] You must be familiar with Polygon, Chainlink, React, hardhat and all other tools used in this project. Please look through the code and make sure you understand it and are able to bui...

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    Need Popup Image on Click using Magnific Popup

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    Show and hide popup animation, customized. If you are interested please contact me to explain it better.

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    1- Change currency according to geographic area (Algeria (Dzd), Africa (euro), asia middle east america north south (dollars)) the price will also change according to the geographical area (IP address) example: 30% reduction for North African countries, 60% reduction For black African countries be able to change the currency by the user in a bar USD EUR DZD screenshot 2- Display a popup contain...

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    I need to create a slpash screen and a progress bar. The splash screen should make a JSON request to the service: "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]", and get the parameters and save them in order not to make more API requests again. Once it obtains the json data, it will pass to the home activity, where the Json data with its corresponding values will be shown at the bottom. Also as you can...

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    ONLY Experts and Professionals can apply. Requirements: 1) Creativity, Responsive and Goodlooking Website Layout and Design. 2) 7- 12 Pages: Home page, Services, Blog page, About us, Contacts us, 404, Video layout, Site Map, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, etc, eBook download feature, popup, and others. 3) Mobile Support & Compatibility, Quick Load & Convenient 4) SEO optimized with Alt tag...

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    hello need api to popup window from my pbx

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    hay ineed popup window forom my pbx

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    I need a solution which can receive a call and let the caller enter a "case number" and based on this case number it should route to the appropiate department. This means a lookup in a database to search for that case number and lookup the corresponding department, when found, route the call to that department. The receiver should get a popup of some sort to see what case number was e...

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    Hi. We need a company or individual to help us set up an email marketing campaign for an online travel magazine. We will be using mailchimp. Need great English skills. You should have experience setting up automated campaigns. You should be able to make high quality design templates that mesmerize the reader and are readable on all devices. Experience with automated campaigns related to trave...

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    We need to add a feature to Odoo which require OTP confirmation sent via SMS on some button actions. The user scenario is: Once the user clicks on a button action that have OTP confirmation activated a popup windows appear to enter the OTP code he received by SMS and the action should only be able to perform the action when the entered OTP is validated server side. The technical scenario is: W...

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    Here is issue one. Please see the image and the video to show you the issue. It is to do with a mouse click trigger to create a popup.

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    1. I need one HTML page (Photo Gallary Page). 2. Photo gallery will be displayed on landing and a photo slider will be added here when I click on any photo. 3. Photo popup will contain the same options like unlike, share photo, comment. 4. Page should be in bootstrap and compatible with mobile. Only HTML & CSS Work, No Jquery Wok. That's It.

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    Ethereum wallet with these features as follow: 1- Staking for an ERC20 token called "Happy Doge" Symbol "HDT" (No smart-contract just database programming) 2- Swapping ability between ETH and HDT 3- Admin control on the price of supported HDT tokens in the wallet & exchange rate between HDT/ETH. Detailed Breakdown: (1)-Staking (2)-Token Swap 1- Staking for an ER...

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    Hola busco que el registro de este plugin sea mas amigable. se manejan 4 rankings independientes [log masuk untuk melihat URL] es decir cada uno tiene sus propias canciones - lo que se busca es que cuando las personas quieran votar [log masuk untuk melihat URL] salga un popup para darse de alta porque actualmente te lleva al backoffice [log masuk untuk melihat URL] y esto no se quiere, se quiere q...

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    Once the user fills in all the details in the form, the data should go on my webmail, meanwhile, a popup is generated and show a message to the user "Thank You, We Received Your Inquiry"

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    Hello, I need some changes to my existing WP website. 1. Design and add 4 extra pages 2. Interlink all pages accordingly 3. Change photos on my website 4. Add popup contact form. 5. Other small changes.

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    Hi, Need help in external component communication. just need to bring popup without route Regards

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    i need to build popup the vistor can select there lang location, also the popup open (once) if the vistor location is not in the right lang page

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    I run a blog on substack and need my own website now. A simple website with certain categories under which articles will be published. A newsletter signup popup will be required too.

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