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    ...with an innovative medical device, that offers remote patient monitoring for orthopedic physiotherapy clinics and hospitals. The device is used by the physiotherapist to prescribe physiotherapy sessions and monitor the results. The system consists of two hardware sensors that are connected to a mobile application which is further connected to a secured

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    We have build a most easiest way to work in our Billing Software whatever customer prescribe

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    Hi all, I want to set up a Java Lambda function that is provided by AWS to use their Rekognition API. This L...running correctly I will then set up per your instructions / changes. I have included the AWS tutorial to set up the Lambda function so you can see the steps they prescribe. You may need to debug these steps /code.

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    ...reporting architecture and provide recommendations for reporting technology - Leverage automation, cognitive and science-based techniques to manage data, predict scenarios and prescribe actions - Collaboration with other subcontractors (plugin developers), Software development skills are required - Pre-sales on the services, expose the results obtained

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    ...jpeg I'm very much not a Photoshop expert, so there are likely better/easier ways to do it. The above process is given to illustrate the level of quality I expect, not to prescribe how to do it. This project will just be a small initial project to validate our working together. I will immediately have 100 more photos, and a few hundred more shortly

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    ...the door on my face so I know very well how it feel to get no answers. I do how ever have experience with mental or day to day health issues. I am not a doctor nor can I prescribe medication but i can help you figure out your issues 100% before I refer you to a specialist after we have put together a chart full of information that the doctor will need

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    I am having major problems being indexed. I need an expert to evaluate and prescribe a fix.

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    prescribe IT windows service project

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    i want to make a website like a platform for doctors and patients where patients can ask and doctors can prescribe.

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    I need an Expert Diagnosis system that will be able to diagnose an patient and tell the patient this is what is wrong with the patient. The system will also allow the patients to key it their symptom if not on the symptom database uploaded. After which the system will take the patient's input and diagnose and also prescribe drugs and treatment.

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    ...taking any doctor's appointment. do and Report Automatic Placement and Relayed Doctor's App Pay Per Click. And the doctor could check that digital report. Medicines could prescribe And through the same app, the medicine can reach the customer's house, not 40% to 80% discount on that and generic medicines. And if a patient needs blood, you can make blood

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    Prescribe It project #2

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    ...headline is-- (Stop Adverse Drug Reactions from taking its toll on your Patients--and your profits!) My target clients are owners of nursing homes for older people and when they prescribe the wrong medications it hurts the patients and cost them money. A good design would incorporate old people in a nursing home setting- pills or medication bottles and losing

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    Telemedicine platform with video chat, e-prescribe and basic EHR capabilities, scheduling, patient portal and payment processing. Must be HIPAA compliant. Web based. The EHR component will not be seen by patients or webpage visitors only by treating providers. Please see I would like all components of this website in one platforms

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    ...What is their business model? What services they offer? Which insurance companies implement digital health programs? Which countries today adopted laws that allow doctors to prescribe medicine through digital consultations? How does digital medical consultation save add value for insurance company? Reference links: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    ...nutrition specialist. I am currently making meal plans by hand for my clients but the work is too time consuming. I am looking to create a website with custom software that will prescribe my meal plans to my users. the software should tailor the portion sizes based on my clients height weight age and sex, there are already pre- made equations for this. For

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    I would like to create an app for my fitness clients. I would like to include meal plans, writ...meal plans, written fitness workouts, exercise programs, and video workouts. I would like each client to have individualised meal plans and exercise programs which I can prescribe them through the app. I am also looking for payment plans through the app.

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    ...answers should be presented in an easyily read manner by the admin. The administrator is a doctor wich then, if he/she conciders the answers to be of an healthy character can prescribe the choosen medication with another plugin called e-recept (plugin exist). More information will be presented to the developer if it sounds interesting. Looking forward

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    PHELIX is a drug therapy management tool helping doctors instruct patient-specific drug therapy plan according to the patient's DNA data. It offers the doctor the ability to prescribe the right drug to the right patient at the right dose from first time It offers the doctor the ability to detect and prevent unnecessary adverse effects due to prescribing

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    I am a postgraduate student need help on how to build ontology that will prescribe herbs in a specific domain

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    12 bida sold for more, that the buyer could potentially build/buy a bigger more expensive house. Think of the show 'list it or love it' on HGTV. Also that when their buyers prescribe to our value-driven approach to sell real estate that the transaction selling the buyers old house will go much quicker and smoother leading to a shorter closing time with

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    10 bida sold for more, that the buyer could potentially build/buy a bigger more expensive house. Think of the show 'list it or love it' on HGTV. Also that when their buyers prescribe to our value-driven approach to sell real estate that the transaction selling the buyers old house will go much quicker and smoother leading to a shorter closing time with

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    ...if any other client requests for a room, the above process will continue until all the rooms(resources) are all occupied. When the patients are admitted, the doctors can prescribe medicine to the admitted patient. An accountant will calculate the cost of treatment that is need to be paid by the patient. Please check the doc file for further information

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    10 bida ♣ Referring Physician Name ♣ Referring Physician Phone, email o Employer ♣ Employer • Doctor OPD Module: Here Doctor will add notes to the registered patient, prescribe with option to select pre-filled notes (Will be available in Admin Module to create Note/ document prefill lines.) and print them. Doctor can view previous reports, upload

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    ...discipline different and how are they similar? With today’s society, do you think these two should merge or stay separate? Do you think psychologists should be able to prescribe psychotropic meds? Explain your reasoning. 4. Psychology relies on research to respond to past behavior and predict future behavior. Stanley Milgram was infamous for

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    ...ethical reasoning that should be brought to bear on the issue. For each theory, if you think that it would prescribe a certain resolution or answer to your issue, state that resolution. If you think that the theory would not prescribe a resolution per se but, nevertheless, would offer some insights into how the case and issue should be dealt with

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    I am a dr practicing in India. I wanted to manage my patient profile and communicate to my patients /prescribe through a mobile app.

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    ...portal - for patients to book/cancel appointments online / to also view documents sent to them by the doctor. 2. Doctors portal - for doctors to document consultations, prescribe, write referrals (which can be emailed to the patient), issue sick notes (which can be emailed to the patient). 3. e prescribing - i.e. e-fax 4. video consultation facility

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    ...Any type of workout Build general sports or conditioning workouts, group training, cardio workouts, interval training, super sets, and progressions. Interval Workouts Prescribe Interval workouts to your clients with a built-in timer, rest periods, and voice-over audio. Create fitness targets Add notes and instructions to exercises that clients

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    Me...consideration of pharmacological intervention You don’t need to discuss every detail of your treatment – just write from the standpoint of a clinical psychotherapist who does not prescribe medication, but coordinates care with physicians who do. Your responses must be 2 pages in length per case. Please include a title and reference page.

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    ...scars, acne, psoriasis, chronic pain, arthritis, back pain, muscle or join pain, and vitamin deficiency are to be referred to a qualified telemedicine Physician to get their prescribe medication. Benefits provided to the patients includes no consultation fees, no out of pocket fees, no doctor office visit and all services are covered thru qualified healthcare

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    ...the logo and integrate that into a identity guidelines and color plate . I also need a design of a central piece of my consultancy it's a brochure like that is used to prescribe for the patient the recommendations , diet, and keep track of goals. Finally , I need a re-design of my central visual guide pieces that is used to help patient understand

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    ...Did YOUR doctor tell you that the medicine you were taking was causing heart misfires and weakening your heart’s ability to help itself? Probably not. They are trained to prescribe drugs drugs drugs when something goes wrong. And top it off with some vague advice about losing weight. Now to be clear, I’m NOT telling you not to take these prescriptions

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    ...Accountable for the treatment plan of the patient o Work either independent or in dental clinics o Use invisible dental aligners for a percentage of their patients o Prescribe invisible dental aligners more than 10 times annually ...

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    Trophy icon Photobooth Photoshop Designs Tamat left

    ...more templates made to onsell to my clients in the future, so the successful designer will need to be able to continue to create different templates based on the themes I prescribe. I'm am paying $20 per design. Most of the designs will be in the categories of; Weddings, Birthdays, Parties etc. The designer will also need to grant me a licence for

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    ...words (3 day deadline) for $40.00 We would like build up a team of 3 to 5 writers which we will work with consistently on a freelance basis for monthly articles which we prescribe to them from within any one of our 4 editorial categories: fashion (sustainable & eco friendly), food (vegan & plant based), real issues (activism & conspiracy) & spirituality

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    I am looking for a freelancer to help me with my project....between $1000 - $3000 USD. The app is to help patients consult doctors through a video chat on emergency situations, allow patients schedule appointment, and also allow doctors prescribe medications. Please show me links of similar projects you have worked on in the past. This is compulsory.

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    ...e-commerce work, will pay as per project. In a month around 500 skus to be uploaded; work will include downloading images, working on excel sheets , filling excel with data in prescribe format ; creating dropbox links etc. PErson who has work on flipkart, snapdeal and amazon sheets will be preferable. Work can be alloted on per sku basis as well as entire

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    ...blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, depressants etc) which stemmed from diet. There needs to be a change in this community and I'm here to provide what no doctor can prescribe. Starting at $150/week - I'll design meal plans suited for you- Create recipes- Grocery shop for all ingredients- Deliver everything to your door!...

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    HI, My website keeps getting hacked repeatedly. I have changed the passwords to the hosting and the DB but still they g...knows how to improve cyber security of sites. Job is per hour as we dont know what we need to do yet and how long it will take. We will analyses the site first and you will prescribe steps and then we will start the project.

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    ...various tests / scans or he may prescribe medicine and assign the patient to the pharmacist. 4. The laboratory department will receive the patient’s information from the doctor and perform certain scans / tests as indicated by the doctor and will send the results back to the doctor. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] doctor will prescribe the medicine and send the prescript...

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    I need a logo designed which I can use on my CV when applying for a job as a physiotherapist. I would love something which reminds of movement as I prefer to prescribe exercises over passive treatments (so no massage or acupuncture-related) :) Furthermore I'm half Danish, hslf Hungarian, but will work in Norway.

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    Trophy icon Design some Stationery Tamat left

    I need an editable prescription pad designed for Doctors and Dentists to prescribe our product. Size needs to be around 100 mm x 100 mm Denta-Med logo to be the header which is most prominent. Peter Mac logo with the following text must be included "ENDORSED BY PETER MAC DENTAL ONCOLOGY UNIT AS THE PREFERRED DENTAL HYGIENE AGENT - BOTH PREVENTATIVE

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    ...undergraduate engineering and technology programs in USA. • ABET has a very formal guideline that you need to examine closely for what it currently prescribes or does not prescribe for the inclusion of creative studies in the curriculum. Here’s a link that may prove useful: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    Please Note: Project development is inclusive of Webapp, Native mobile apps of iOS, Windows and Android. Please PM me to send full pro...future scope is that the application can be mapped into any other operating system and can be used in iPhones, iPads or any other Windows phone. This application will also prescribe home remedies for common ailments.

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    ...future scope is that the application can be mapped into any other operating system and can be used in iPhones, iPads or any other Windows phone. This application will also prescribe home remedies for common ailments. including an SOS button to send a real-time ‘SOS alert’ to your listed Emergency Response Contacts and police station stations within

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    Do a 4 week POC that will involve standing up a Cassandra cluster on BlueMix Infrastructure, tune the Cassandra cluster, troubleshoot and prescribe and demonstrate migration of data into cassandra cluster.

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    ...Nursing Politics and Policies. 1. We learned about our state senator/county legislators and how important it is to lobby and advocate for our nursing profession. 2. ARNP to prescribe controlled substances pass and waiting for Rick Scott signature. 3. Learned about the FDA food company and how they control the food in the market and they are not as good

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    Want to increase sales and customer loyalty for an optical practice, by getting new customers and repeat business from existing customer optical practice, by getting new customers and repeat business from existing customer base. Need to use best marketing. We check eyes for best vision and eye health, prescribe glasses and contact lenses.

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