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    ... make the collection and print with zebra printer (or any other printer ) 5. get back to office within wifi LAN and import all the collection made. Please let us know the possible time invested and the possible amount that will be charged. The connection is to a filemaker server database. Iphones we are using are iphone 5s...

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    I want to sell clear cases online for iPhone , and I have few ideas of design but I need help and I need to know how is work to print them cos my supply is from china, I need all type of help im so beginner in this

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    ...the freelancer help us with the source code and publishing app live on the app store -Every Login should be completed in a maximum period of 7 days. -The app should work on iPhone as well as on iPad -The developer needs to sign NDA with us for not publishing the source online or selling to anyone else. -Support Milestones have been kept as well, which

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    I need someone who can design, develop, and create a mobile app with recipes from a cookbook. Simply, the app will be a cookbook but avail...cookbook but available on app store, and have recipes and photos from a short cookbook, with about 20 recipes total. The cookbook is already written in print and Kindle e-book formats. The app will be for iPhone.

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    I have a Wordpress Website, I need to print receipts from this website to a Bluetooth thermal printer on a mobile phone Andriod and/or Iphone. I have been able to send the website to a thermal printer application and get it to print. However I am hoping there is a way for me to print from my website directly to the thermal printer. The freelancer

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    ...Request/Opportunity 1) Design a cell phone case for: a. iphone X b. iphone 8 Plus c. iphone 8 d. iphone 7 Plus e. iphone 7 2) These designs will be 3D printed: a. I will need STL files for these designs (Source files required; I will pay for them) b. What is your policy on failed designs that didn’t print correctly. Basically, will you go bac...

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    So i need iphone app that can create labels for a bluetooth printer. very easy see pdf for details. NOTE i need completed in max 2-3 days !! as i must use it at fair this comming weekend.

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    ...Sign-On, Finger Print Sign-On, Gyroscope for turning screen orientation). Required Functionalities: 1. CMS: Content Management System - The ability to easily make updates via web portal 2. User Sign In & Registration – Custom Registration Form with Dynamic Invitation Code. Simple Sign In featuring several options: “Remember Me”, Finger Print Sign-on (iPhone

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    I simply need a new Wordpress Blog site template amending, designing, populating a...and after images I will require a suitable plug-in incorporated that I can regularly update the site with these images and text from my iPhone as I work. I have a basic logo but no original art work do I need print ready file back for printing of business cards etc.

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    I want 1 slide created (for PowerPoint and to be able to print out on a large format printer), and apart for the title with NO text, which shows the process taken in a "snapshot" style for a new app I am designing. Obviously the first part will show an iPhone and the last part will show the finished product, but I have to capture the complete flow

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    ...ticketing support for End users devices that might include but not limited to WinPC laptop and Desktops, Apple MAC laptop and desktops, printers, accessories like monitors, Apple iPhone, Office Fixed Phones. Note: on-site support might include UK stores and any other client location if requested - Lifecycle hands on tasks delivery: for WinPC/Mac laptops

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    Hi, you did a script for me back in 2011. However, I am need some updates and for it to be in something that will work on iPhone 6 to iPhone X as well as Android devices and desktops. The old version you created no longer works. It basically is a script that will access a phones camera to take a picture or access a picture saved already. Once

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    ...these websites to get an idea: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] and many more if you type in google 'cash for iphones' or sell my iphone. My project will be a little easier as we will only focus on iPhones, Ipads and samsung s8, s8 plus, s9 and note 8 only. So basically I will be buying used and broken

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    ...be created and generated. We are a company that buys used mobile phones from carrier trade in programs and need to have a simple software developed that will be able to print and generate our own labels displaying data such as: Phone Model, IMEI #, Date Scanned, Scanned by, Right now, we receive the phones in individual plastics bags and each

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    ...visit these websites to get an idea: [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] [login to view URL] and many more if you type in google 'cash for iphones' or sell my iphone. My project will be a little easier as we will only focus on iPhones, Ipads and samsung s8, s8 plus, s9 and note 8 only. So basically I will be buying used and broken

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    Design project Tamat left

    I need a 3D model of something. I'd like a design file that can help me 3D print a simple box made from gray plastic modeled after the graykey iPhone hacking box. On thingverse. I want to make an iPhone charger that looks like the box, with 2 lightening cables coming out the front; a USB cable going into the back; 3 LED light holes; and the raised

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    I have a subscription company and need to be able to do the following (all on my iphone): 1) When a client subscribes, I need to be able to fill out a quick form (as the one attached). This one pre-populates certain items after I fill in the info - you can see in the excel file (VBA). I need it to do the same. For instance once I know the age, the

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    ...have my electronic gadget's prototype done using Raspberry Pi 3 and it is working very well. I also have the casing design of the gadget completed. I will be making a 3D print of it. I will provide the drawings for the casing in your preferred format when i award you with the project. The device runs on linux OS and will boot up when the power

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    The contest will include designing real estate business cards to send via iphone to clients. So the size has to be appropriate. I would need the adobe editable file. ONLY Creative entries will be considered! I don't want stock houses or vista print designs. Show something different and modern. Aroob Basit Licensed Real Estate Agent Serving New

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    ...hosted on the users phone . • Option for later syncing with a server - WEBSITE • A backup feature to export, print and sync to Dropbox and Google drive. (See the app “Genius Scan” )or use other backup feature or API. • Compatibility for iPhone (iOS ) iPad Tablet and Android phones and tablets. All resolutions must be adjustable for perfect viewing

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. The app should do the following: 1-Connect to an online server and browse files on it. 2-download selected image file to the device and open it. 3-image file can be zoomed in/out into like a map. 4- when clicking on a point of the image an arrow should be plotted on that point and getting its orientation (head and angle

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    ...number which is used in odoo data in "invoice reference" field. - Search for the correspoinding invoice number in odoo db and print it in column 10 if an invoice number is available, leave column 10 empty if none can befound. - print CSV to PDF with title specified. - NOTE: May need this module two times with slightly different column numbers to be deleted

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    ...to be able to be be listed as links with each form submission. • Images need to be able to be renamed after the serial number associated to the form submission. • Need a print button on each database submission • Need an export button to export as CSV • Continue form button that brings you back to the form page with all already filled out sections

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    ...date). - client history window. Printings We ve got two different printers, one thermal printer used for printing tax receipts/invoices and one epson tmu200 used to print receive/collect receipts. So on tmu 200 we need 3 different printings reports. an item bring in receipt printing with a note if the cilent has already paid or he will pay

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    8 bida

    ...item/s for repair from the client. Printings We ve got two different printers, one thermal printer used for printing tax receipts/invoices and one epson tmu200 used to print receive/collect receipts. So on tmu 200 we need 3 different printings reports. an item bring in receipt printing with a note if the cilent has already paid or he will pay

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    I need an iPhone/iPad app. I would like it designed and built. I am looking to build a two way application (e.g., customer and business login) which allows a customer to log into a diary data in a standardized template to be verified and confirmed by a business user. Confirmation and verification to be done via business’s app or website either using

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    ...circle to fit a specific size in a circle - add text and rotate text on top of uploaded picture - adjust the color and font of text - print from mobile device or save and print elsewhere - must be high res so print has no pixilation and crystal clear printed picture at exact size Attached is the old script, but does not work like I want it to.

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    I need an App Tamat left

    ...implement the database To be displayed in the iphone/smartphone/tablet/pc: What I need not all only the selected labels To be extracted only selected labels as exemple: All the services made from the driver XX (or supplier or guide..) per day/month/year customizable With the total sum To be print or pdf to be sended by email Different levels

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    Book donation Tamat left

    ...need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. This app is for borrowing and tracing the books people donated. Three parties will be using this app: the donor, manager of the book station that stores the donated book, and book borrower. This app will provide the following fuctions: 1. Donor can generate a barcode that he/she can print out and

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    21 bida

    Hi, I am after an iPhone app. The app is for customers to order products from their iPhone, then pick the product up in the store they ordered from. They will only be able to order from the store who also has the app. As the buyer (iPhone user) - I can search for a store that is close to me, I can then order & pay for my product on the phone

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    75 bida

    I have a revolution slider and I need it to be responsive to all devices. (Ipad, IPhone, android tablets, etc.) This is the slider: [login to view URL] Must be completed in 1 day.

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    14 bida

    ...screen for iPhone 7, 1pcs of iPhone 7 screen needs to be deducted from inventory. ) - Ticket receipt (When a customer walks in, we create a ticket and want to be able to print a ticket receipt for the customer - Reports (We want to be able to search for a specific period of time and i.e number of sales of iPhone 7 screen replacement, or iPhone 7 battery

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    55 bida

    ...buttons on the website is not working with ssl, i need to fix these issues. and add some options to my app: 1- you can use your finger print to sing in to my app and make it applicable with face print for Iphone X 2- (2-Step Verification) SMS while singing in 3- add comments and highlight on the pdf from the app ------------------ this app using

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    10 bida

    ...vertical position. The file must be ready to print (high resolution, bleed lines etc). We have our visual identity created already, please use our main colours and a retro touch as references to your creation ([login to view URL]). I have some product photos made by me 8-) on my iphone... So, please choose which one you find it

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    66 bida

    ...should also save these print files (without compressing them) so that we could use them for printing on phone cases. I hope you get the idea. I also have a PSD file with a mock-up - do you think that could be integrated into this plugin? Please see references of the idea here: [login to view URL] [login to view URL]

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    23 bida

    I need an iPhone app. I would like it designed and built. The app is : 1- Customer can login/create account using email /gmail/facebook. 2- he can browse the services. 3- he can choose one service. 4- Then he can choose date and time (future appointment) or (Now). 5- he can follow up his order. 6- after getting the service,he can rate the service provider

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    ...compression level. The image should include ONLY the blueprint (not the buttons on top). (you need to generate this image any way possible, such as a screenshot or a photo with an iPhone. but ensure the 200kb size is respected and the photo looks reasonable! The functioning of the buttons on top needs to change. Currently when we add a user to the

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    Trophy icon Design project Tamat left

    ...creative logos has been deigned yet, so for creative ideas you may design 1- An IPhone X with fingers holding it included in the IPhone X vector itself see attached pic. as a guide, to be taken in consideration the scale of the Iphone to the fingers. 2 - Combination of finger print and face recognition technologies, see attached files as a guide but to change

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    Linux -- 6 Tamat left

    Debugging print features on Android mobile. My existing developer has done 5 x documents with print pdf features. But the print functions only work on laptops. I want it to work on mobile devices like iphone n Androids. It must print pdf document on screen so that I can see all the pages nicely (before I submit the document)

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need add real time multiple product mockup generator to my Shopify ...changes to an existing website. I need add real time multiple product mockup generator to my Shopify website. Like Redbubble and caffepress. The product could be print, canvas, tote bag, or iPhone case etc. not sure about the cost.

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    We are a government department. We have safety cards that we print out which states our emergency procedures as attached. We are going through the process of refreshing the card content. Instead of getting heaps printed, we thought we could just develop a local app for staff to upload and have sitting there on their phones. When details change we change

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    ...werden. Verwendete Kamera: weitgehend iPhone 7 Plus. Einzelne Texte werden eine geringfügige Kürzung/"Deaktualisierung" benötigen. Hauptaufgabe: Serielles, einheitliches, minimalistisches Pro-Layout mit verschiedenen Seitentypen, Gewichtung/Priorisierung, Auswahl der Key Visuals. Ergebnis: Indesign-Dateien, ready to print PDF's (für Blurb oder Wh...

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    ...regardless of the song) People should be able to capture videos without selecting a song (remove “Please select a song” alert). In this case, users will record audio from the iPhone microphone Songs that are not stored locally (Apple Music iCloud Library songs) should not appear in the music list Username over videos should be clickable and redirect

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    14 bida

    ...this app by multiple iPhone/iPad. User needs to login and can use the app. If user login by same account on multiple devices, check-in scanning can be done by the multiple devices. This mobile app can be used under both online and offline. Under online, data will be auto-synchronized. If iPhone A scan 3 person, and iPhone B scan 6 persons, both

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    97 bida

    Aplicación para iPhone / iPad iPhone y iPad Ya tengo un diseño I am searching for a mobile devemloper that can help me with a small project, - Customer registration - mark them as paid - print labels - mark them as present

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    57 bida

    I need an iPhone app. I already have a design for it, I just need it to be built. I have a wireframe design, and partial Xcode/Swift project I need someone to complete. I don't want it rewritten in any other language, nor do I want you to bid it and change the price mid-project. No milestones will be released without meeting a progressive milestone

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    16 bida

    ...this one!). I need a new logo for my second podcast The Audacious Mamas Show. Right now I have iTunes art with my image but not a logo (symbol) I can use for merchandise print. I'd like the Audacious Mamas logo (symbol) to appear visually related to the Audacious Life logo. So they're sister brands and similar in style and attributes yet clearly

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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