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    I have designs for 3 web pages in html form. Can any one make them functional ? I shall provide the logo .

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    12 bida
    image to html Tamat left

    Saya punya mockup image dan perlu dirubah untuk menjadi html dan berfungsi, dengan jquery, css, javascript.

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    Bulid site under typo3 , PSD disediakan pekerjaan dimulai dari slicing responsive dan integrate dengan CMS typo3 lebih dicari yg berpengalaman dengan typo3

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    Membuat Website hotel dari PSD ke Wordpress Theme dan bisa melakukan reservasi database dan email ke admin.. dan semua halaman dan gambar harus dinamis bisa diganti melalui wp-admin tidak boleh hardcode.. dan ada menu di wp-admin dashboard tiap halaman tidak boleh masuk ke halaman pages.. langsung ada shortcut dan bagian wp-admin dashboard..

    $7 - $22
    $7 - $22
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    Saya ingin membuat Mock Up PSD untuk Bedding Sprei dan Bedcover Jadi gambar kasur terdiri dari Seprei, Bedcover, 2 bantal dan 2 guling yang bisa diganti2 motifnya dan dipisah misal saya ingin menghilangkan bedcovernya. mirip seperti link ini saya sudah beli tapi sayang bedcovernya tidak bisa dihilangkan. Info lebih jelasnya bisa 0838 808 1500 7FAB7D21

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    Mockup applikasi financial dalam format PSD

    $180 - $540
    $180 - $540
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    Halo, Saya lagi ada project untuk convert HTML site ke wordpress theme. HTML-nya bisa diliat dsini

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    Bloginn PSD, Blade, Fayar cal, Fayar addjust, Slice, Ease, Thyge, changes

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    saya akan bekerja di perusahaan anda dengan syarat-syarat tertentu apabila saya melangkar sayarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku saya berhak untuk di pecat

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    saya akan bekerja di perusahaan anda dengan syarat-syarat tertentu apabila saya melangkar sayarat dan ketentuan yang berlaku saya berhak untuk di pecat

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    Menerjemahkan dari konsep design Interface (PSD) ke (HTML 5( Beberapa Feature yang akan di pakai sbb: - Parallax Design - Bootstraps - JavaScript - CSS3 - PHP - Responsive Mobile Device - Social Media Sharing - HTML 5 Video Player - Contact Form = Link to Google Map

    $540 - $1080
    $540 - $1080
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    beli paket ini untuk keperluan website anda

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    Saya ingin mempunyai website seperti punya orang ini seperti di link ini Turbo Paypal Namun saya minta untuk dibuatkan ada member areanya.

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    Looking for a Coat of Arms logo for business. My name is Carolyn Riley so the logo will be focused around my initials CR. Use colors black and purple. I want something unique. Must also include my brokerage name Real Broker, LLC Looking For: High-Quality Work Unlimited Revisions Creative Designs Use colors black and purple Use Premium Fonts Editable files: (JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, AI) Print Ready File Transparent logo 100% original logo with own ideas. No clip-art, No stock logo. ** I want a coat of arms type of logo using my initials CR. I attached some photos of logos I like as an example. I want something different. PHOTOS ARE AN EXAMPLE OF THE TYPE OF LOGO I WANT. Please DON'T use the same as example. Something that represents a female and real estate. The logo ...

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    Ok, Freelancers. I'm at my wits end trying to figure out the script I need for this functionality. So if anyone out there has the answer, I'll be happy to reimburse you for your time. I'm trying to create the following in Javascript so that I can insert it into the document: <div class="listing-small-badge award-badge" style=" vertical-align: top; position: relative; top: -250px; z-index: 2;"><i class="fa fa-tag award" style="background-color: #990000;"></i>Highest Rated</div> And I've tried everything I can think of, but once I create the 'i' element, I can't seem to properly append it to the div element. For example: <script type="text...

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    Trophy icon CONCEPT ARTWORK DEAD HIEST 2 hari left

    Need a film movie poster for concept. I don't have any assets so looking for something very styli...of men that rob an armoured truck in the desert outside Vegas, when the zombie apocalypse breaks out and they start to turn on each other. Here's a few things the poster should have: 1. TITLE: DEAD HIEST 2. TAGLINE: MONEY ISN'T THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. GREED IS. 3. IT SHOULD FEATURE AN ARMORED TRUCK. ( something like: ) 4. THE SETTING SHOULD BE IN THE DESERT (LIKE NEVADA - OUTSIDE LAS VEGAS) 5. It could also feature bags of money (optional) 6. It should also feature ZOMBIES. looking for some creative inspiration here. It will need to be Portrait orientation, for online use only. Will need the JPEG and PSD files in handover.

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    edit HTML Line 6 hari left

    <a class="lead"><button type="button" class="btn btn-lg btn-default btn-notify" data-toggle="modal" href="#subscribeModal">Notify Me</button></a> i want to edit when someone clicks on Notify me it redirects to another website but i don't want to damage the button design

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    New website 6 hari left

    New website Fully designed - PSD file design provided with assets. One page with contact form.

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    We need to remove blocks of lines of code from thousands of html files using a string match and ending with a specific tag, and then insert a removal tag. The search string will be id="123" in the line <div class="list-group-item" id="123">. This is the start of the block. The end tag is comprised of two lines, </div>#13#10</div>, where the #13#10 are carriage return and line feed. Then we insert the removal tag as an HTML comment. <!-- Removal ID:A237 --> There are thousands of html files and every file will have a different search string, but all blocks will end with the same end tag. We read the search strings from another text file where each line has a search string, a file name, and a removal ID. ...

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    Realtor looking for a logo for business. My name is Carolyn Riley so the logo will be focused around my name. I want something unique. Looking For: High-Quality Work Unlimited Revisions Creative Designs Beautiful Color Scheme Use Premium Fonts Editable files: (JPEG, PNG, PDF, PSD, AI) Print Ready File Transparent logo 100% original logo with own ideas. No clip-art, No stock logo. No red or blue colors ** I want a coat of arms type of logo using my initials CR. I attached a photo of something as an example. I want something different. PHOTO IS AN EXAMPLE OF THE TYPE OF LOGO I WANT. Something that represents a strong woman. The logo also must include my brokerage name Real Broker, LLC

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    Automate listing of NFT's on a marketplace that does not have bulk upload of NFT. I have the metadata and need it input into some fields then after that I would confirm transaction and re-upload again.

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    Slice AI into HTML EmaiL Signature Needed tonight For the right developer, shouldnt take longer than an hour or two

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    Print Book Cover Design 6 hari left

    ...the cover for my next book, titled 'Earned in Blood: A Salute to Armed-Defense and Concealed Carry’s Greatest Lessons.' The book must project a serious, professional image. For a sample, you'll find attached the cover design to my previous book, IN DEFENSE OF THE HOME. I designed this cover myself, but I do not have the time or energy to work on this next book's cover - plus, I'm more interested in what kinds of concepts you will have in mind. > I will need the original .PSD file so that I can make edits (for example, the spine thickness will change based on the completed book's page count). > You should use the 50MB .PSD for IN DEFENSE OF THE HOME as the template - use the same exact guides / safety lines...

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    13 bida

    My client has a logo but they want it to be a "little different" than it used to be but she really didn't tell me HOW she wants it to be different. VECTOR of the original is attached. It does NOT have to be a huge changes...just looking for an update I guess. Some ideas (you don't have to use these..just trying to think of ways to change it while keeping it similar. 1. Change the baseball do a different type of baseball 2. Change the C to be "simpler" without so many lines around it (I included a patch they like that has the "simple" C). 3. Change the font of Comets? Illustrator Only no psd White & Yellow

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    I need a tool to be developed in css and js where the user selects a date that must be in month or year, to generate the report, what must be developed is only this button for the date. He needs: A single button where you can choose between the Year or the Month. When he chooses, there must be an apply button, which must save the chosen year or month in a variable. If the choice is month, it means to pass the month and year of the month. If the choice is year, it means to spend only the year.

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    13 bida

    Currently, I need a HTML developer to create a design from FIgma and JPG image

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    11 bida

    Currently, I need a HTML developer to create a design from FIgma and JPG image

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    7 bida

    Build basic website with tree side bar, header and form

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    41 bida

    I want pure html using bootstrap to design these pages. + I want header like this : + + + + + +

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    13 bida

    Winner Will Design a Sign that Conquers Attention From 1000 Feet Away. Format: .PSD Source File Size: 4 FT x 10 FT Colors: Purple & White (See Attached for Sample) Word Variation 1: New Ownership First 100 Members Get 1 Month Free (559) 399-8080 Word Variation 2: NEW OWNER JOIN NOW & GET 1 MONTH FREE + FREE ENROLLMENT (559) 399-8080

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    11 penyertaan

    İŞE TALİP OLACAK KİŞİ İLE İSTANBULDA YÜZ YÜZE GÖRÜŞME ŞARTIM VAR.. sadece noter sözleşmesi ile ve referanslı birileri ile çalışılacaktır. Web ve mobilde kullanılacak sitenin grafik tasarımı yaptırılacak.. psd yada xd formatında hazırlanacak.. html + css dahil olursa max 7.500 TL sadece tasarım olursa 4.000 TL, süre 10-20 gün...web site + admin tasarımı + mobilde kullanılacak telefon, tablet tasarımları 2 dilde tamamı yapılacak.. elimde tasarım örnekleri var.. iş sonunda tüm dosyalar ve kullanılan materyaller tarafıma teslim edilecek... avans verilmez

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    We need a logo for a startup NonProfit that will be raising money for a local animal shelter (dogs and cats). The friendly name of the NonProfit is "Okie Pets". We want something small and approachable, almost comical, that can be us...friendly name of the NonProfit is "Okie Pets". We want something small and approachable, almost comical, that can be used with the words and incorporate characteristics of animals in the logo, such as dog ears and nose on the "O". The logo needs to have a color version with up to 3 colors and a version that is single color for screen printing. Colors need to stay close to the primary/secondary color wheel such as red, blue, yellow and/or purple so that it is easy to match inks. Black an...

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    HTML DOM Drag & Drop Expert Needed. Urgently needed to solve a bug.

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    Introduction page in HTML 6 hari left

    I need someone to help to create an introduction page in HTML for a website (need a web designer that controls HTML) I have the information, you just have to put the text and images I will give you. We can do it together in a call in google meet for example, and do it in just one hour, very easy and fast job.

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    We are looking for a company logo for a startup company. We have a very good template that we want to use. It shows a woman carrying a bag in black and white. We need the edges sharpened (no "spraying" on the edges") and we would need the icon to show a "right arm" in a female, model-like pose. Please feel free to hand in also your ideas on how this logo could be improved. We would need a 600px, a 300px and a 100px version as jpg and as vector graphics (ai and psd). Additionally, please add a gif-file with transparent background.

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    64 bida

    Require conversion of a responsive HTML template to a Elementor driven Wordpress theme. All HTML files, CSS, images and assets will be provided. The project needs to follow development best practices. It should match the HTML template exactly in terms of alignments, colors and fonts and should be responsive.

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    Need an introduction page for a 5 headed team.

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    Need an introduction page for a 5 headed team.

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    Hi all, I am using the below HTML code: <iframe src="" width="100%" height="500" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe> <div style="width: 80px; height: 80px; position: absolute; opacity: 0; right: 0px; top: 0px;"></div> I have 2 main problems: 1- The video works only in desktop but not in mobile devices. 2- People can click on the top right corner and access the original video. So they can share it with their friends. Their friends then can watch the video without paying in my website. How can I remove this option? I want them not to be able to get to the main file

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    Desarrollador wordpress - CSS - Proyecto web a medida. - REFERENCIA -TÉCNICA - Página web ya está desarrollada a medida. Bajo en motor el wordpress. - UX-UI Diseñada en adobe xd y posteriormente todo el UX-UI y contenido desarrollado + código + area de edición de contenidos bajo el motor wordpress el entorno wordpress. — PROYECTO: - Creación de un blog a media ( en plan minimal, como el layout de la web). Con la misma guía de estilo, UX-I, mismo tamaño de tipografía, mismo tipo de botones, etc.. - Estudio de la posibilidad de comprar por parte de la empresa un theme de worpress / blog, y adaptar e integrar este theme, dentro de la web actual - No link externo. - Estudio de la posibilidad de comprar por parte de ...

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    Logo design 6 hari left

    Design a logo for an upcoming restaurant "Angithi" to be written as "अंgithi". The concept is to offer north Indian cuisine like baati chokha etc. Play around with Hindi letters in a scripted font but readable manner. The logo should depict these attributes of Fire, charcoal, grill, etc. The colors of the logo should represent the theme. Logo to be done in 1:1 ratio. Color and font variations are needed. The final logo will be needed in EPS or PSD. Please check Image for color ref.

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    I have 3x psd files for design I need 2x new desktop page & 1x mobile page developed for exsisting website. Current website is vue.js/react.js Form on each page should go to a thank you page (to be created by you) I need Design 1 x3 (3 different urls) I need Design 2 x 3 (3 different urls) I need Mobile x 3 (different urls)

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    90 bida

    ...I always get such great results from these contests, I'm here to start yet another one. This time I am looking for someone to design a logo for my YouTube Channel called "hydra". What I am looking for is a logo that's easy to recolor. It should not contain the full name, just a "icon" thats recognizable and unique. But if you have an idea for an awesome logo containing the full "hydra" name, feel free to do so. For the Icon I am imagining something like the pictures I attached. PLEASE TAKE A LOOK AT THE PICTURES I ATTACHED! PLEASE DO NOT COPY THE DESIGNS I ATTACHED 1:1!!! PLEASE CREATE A UNIQUE OWN DESIGN I need the logo to be transparent and at least 4000x4000 in resolution, supplied as .png, .svg, .psd<...

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    HTML emailer needed Header and Footer only. As it will be transactional email.

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    Site HTML 5 hari left

    Preciso montar um site em HTML, já tenho o modelo, só preciso transcreva para HTML

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    34 bida
    HTML Invoice 5 hari left

    Need invoice design created in HTML new order system

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    Estamos en búsqueda de Programador en ciudad de Buenos Aires, Arg (si bien se trabaja remoto, por el rational del proyecto) para realizar Plataforma web/app de Crowdfunding de Artes AudioVisuales con usuarios creadores, curadores y admin. Buscamos realizarlo como dApp/Web3 en Solidity. Pero se puede dividir en 3 etapas (podemos tomar 1 persona para cada etapa): 1- Partiendo 100% desde HTML realizando el proyecto con integraciones WordPress PlugIns, billeteras Virtuales MercadoPago/Tarjetas/Paypal y demás circuitos operativos del proyecto (reprods multimedia y booking (Free & eTicket ($)) de eventos via email, link de acceso y QR (opcional para los de acceso físico). 2- NFTs Propios: Traer visualizaciones desde otros sitios para el contenido propio del siti...

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    13 bida