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    Salam..saya Ashikin drp Melaka. Saya guna Python (fmin algorithm) untuk mencari parameter estimation..harap sudi membantu..saya dh buat separuh jalan tetapi macam tak jadi..

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    Mencari programmer untuk membuat scraper sosial media (facebook + linkedin) menggunakan python + selenium

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    Data processing dan visualization using python and matlab

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    ■ Tentang kami - Kami mengurus platform crowdfunding global, Airtripp Funding - Untuk tahun ini (201... Pemilihan terakhir ■ Syarat wajib - Tinggal di Malaysia - Fasih bahasa melayu dan bahasa inggeris - Boleh dihubungi serta merta - Boleh mengambil tanggungjawab atas kerja yang diberi - Fasih dan berpengalaman tentang marketing di pasaran Malaysia ■ Syarat yang disyorkan - Pernah bekerja di syarikat marketing seperti McCann, FCB Kuala Lumpur dan Isobar Malaysia - Pernah bekerja di syarikat consulting firm seperti Mckinsey dan BCG ■ Peralatan/equipment yang diperlukan - PC - Sambungan internet yang STABIL - Akaun Google yang boleh akses Google Document Kami mengucapkan selamat mencuba kepada para pemohon! Sila hubungi kami sekiranya ada pertanyaan!

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    rebuild smtp mass mailer in python using

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    Windows Python Berusaha dan bejerja keras

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    Saya ingin membuat company brochure saya. Basic content sudah ada. Cuma perlukan layout design dan juga cadangan content. Syarikat saya ialah HR dan consulting boutique consulting firm. Saya suka design yang clean tetapi ceria. Tidak banyak pager, cuma mungkin dalam maximum 5 pages, depan belakang.

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    python automion , sdn,neworkingt

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    saya ingin membuat sebuah website untuk property consulting dan refinancing

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    saya frelancer desain logo,retail,consulting,teknologi,dll

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    ...provide only one entry. Duplicate entries or multiple entries by the same freelancer are forbidden. Award and Expectations Each participant who completes the challenge and passes our quality standard will be awarded $25 (additional $5 will be directed to platform fees). Three winners will be awarded $500. In addition, those chosen as winners will have the opportunity for mentoring, training, and consulting to further develop their ideas for potential industry impact. Once you complete the Qualtrics survey provided, please ensure you submit the screenshot of the completion page to the contest to get paid. Evaluation Criteria Your idea should be implementable within five years. Conditional on that, your solution will be evaluated on idea novelty. Novel ideas are highly unique ...

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    Project Title: Telegram Channel Subscriber Scrapping Description: I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with scrapping Telegram channel sub... Specific Target Group/Channels: I have specific channels in mind that I would like to target. Number of Subscribers: I am aiming to scrape more than 1000 subscribers for these channels. Skills and Experience: Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Experience in web scraping and data extraction - Familiarity with Telegram and its API - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or JavaScript - Knowledge of data manipulation and analysis - Attention to detail and accuracy in data collection If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal with relevant examples of prev...

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    Telegram Bot 6 hari left

    I am looking for a Telegram bot developer who can create a bot with the following functionalities: Functionality: - Send Post and Delete Automatic ( Main Feature ) - S...the following functionalities: Functionality: - Send Post and Delete Automatic ( Main Feature ) - Send automated messages - Interactions: - The bot should interact with a specific Channel Customization: - The bot should have the ability to send both standard and custom messages Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing Telegram bots - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or Node.js - Knowledge of Telegram API and bot development frameworks - Ability to implement automated messaging functionality - Understanding of group interactions in Telegram - Familiarity with message customizati...

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    Looking for bluepy embedded software developer with experience in BTLE Desired outcome: - bluetooth connector implementation for connectivity - software should be able to translate data and reception Testing: Unittests _ pytest _ pytest coverage Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in python - strong understanding of bluetooth tech and protocols

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    AI LLM Project 6 hari left

    Looking for full stack AI Engineers to work on AI LLM project. Backend in python with langchain as the base framework. Looking for front end and back end engineers.

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    I need a skilled python scraping developer who can scrape for example, the personal info of this page I have thousands of phone numbers and the result should be csv file If you have experience in this website, please bid. Thanks

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    ...efficient system. Security: Implement security measures to safeguard sensitive data and ensure compliance with industry standards. Documentation: Create comprehensive documentation outlining the backend setup and configurations for future reference. Qualifications: Proven experience in configuring backend systems for AI software. Strong proficiency in relevant programming languages (e.g., Python, Node.js). Experience with database management and optimization. Familiarity with API integration and third-party service connectivity. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Strong communication and collaboration skills. We have two softwares we need configured the whole way to the sending of emails on the server to billing api's and everythi...

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    Odoo Customization 6 hari left

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me customize the HR, Payroll, and Attendance modules in Odoo. I need both new features and modifications to existing ones. While there is a deadline for the project, it is flexible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - St...both new features and modifications to existing ones. While there is a deadline for the project, it is flexible. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Odoo customization - Expertise in customizing HR, Payroll, and Attendance modules - Ability to develop and integrate new features into existing modules - Proficiency in Odoo framework and programming languages such as Python - Understanding of HR and payroll processes and regulations - Excellent communication skills and ability to collaborate with...

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    I am looking for an experienced professional to provide me with a surrogate certificate. I have specific requirements and details for the certificate and I will provide them. It is important to note that no legal advice or consulting services are required; the only task required is creating the actual certificate itself. Thank you for reviewing this project.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a website with API integration. The main requirements for this project are as follows: API Integration: - I need an integration with this API: ...API Integration: - I need an integration with this API: Preferred Programming Language: - The programming language for API integration can be any language. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in API integration and web development - Knowledge of various programming languages such as PHP, Python, or Java If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal for this project.

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    Statistics 6 hari left

    I am looking for a statistician who is experienced in inferential statistics basic prob visual and hypothesis testing and is proficient in using Python for analysis. The project involves working with 4-7 variables.

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    need to create a streamlit application in snowflake. there are 2 requirements 1. to load data from staging table to target table (both tables in a same database but different schemas) 2. to edit target table and save the changes back into snowflake database . using python

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    Website of transcriptions 13 hari left

    ...transcription services. Python serves as the foundational language, but integration with AWS is essential for scalability. Tools like Apache Spark will enhance natural language processing capabilities. Coding Standards: - Python PEP 8: Ensures code readability and consistency. Code Comments and Documentation: Facilitates understanding and API documentation generation. - Version Control: Uses Git for meticulous tracking. Continuous Integration: Incorporates CI practices for consistent testing. - AWS Best Practices: Adheres to the AWS well-architected framework principles. - Apache Spark Standards: Ensures optimal performance and resource utilization. Competitors include: , Scribie, Sonix, and Trint. Initial Status: The project originates from a Python...

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    I am looking for a Python developer to create an application for my website. The application will pull data from an API to source the response. Specific API: I need the application to pull text data from the API. Functions: The application should only display the data on the website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Python programming language - Experience working with APIs - Knowledge of web development and integrating APIs into websites - Attention to detail to ensure accurate data display - Strong problem-solving skills to troubleshoot any issues that may arise during the development process.

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    ...large container compared to the carrot. * The lower half of the carrot is insulated (Figure 1). * Heat transfer does not vary along the axial axis, reducing it to a 2D problem, as shown in Figure 1. This is due to the assumption of the carrot's infinity condition, which, although finite, is a relatively appropriate assumption because it is much longer than its diameter. Using SciLab, Matlab, or Python, program the numerical method and find the following: 3.4.1 The temperature surface at time t90 (where t90 is the time required for the temperature to reach 90 °C at the center of the carrot). NOTE: By temperature surface, we refer to a graph of T vs. angle and radius, i.e., a surface plot. 3.4.2 The temperature surface for four different times during heating, equal...

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    It is necessary finish a web application in python regard the ststistic of stocks. So it is necessary: 1. change the design and the fetaures of some filter; 2. change the database. Now is sqllte and i want mysql; 3. verify the formulas and add some features; 4. make e new modern css. Plese answer only if you can show simialr experiences

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    I am looking to hire someone to develop a high precision python mouse cursor emulator for a project. This mouse emulator will use a laser light in conjunction with a webcam to Drubble the cursor on a screen. This project requires someone experienced in both Python and OpenCV, as well as other software depending on your choice. The mouse cursor emulator should be able to be customized to the customer’s specific requirements and should be highly precise. The developer should deliver the product either as an executable file or as source code ready to be compiled. Furthermore, the developer will be expected to keep the customer up to date on project progress at all stages. If you are interested, please reach out with your qualifications and offers. Thank you for your tim...

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    Very small project. I am looking for a freelancer who is experienced in Excel VBA and Python to help me interact with BigQuery, Databricks and Snowflake DB. I need guidance on what tasks and queries are possible with these databases. Skills and Experience: - Expert level of familiarity with Python and Excel VBA - Strong knowledge of SQL - Strong knowledge in ML / Predictive Analytics - Experience in creating scripts and macros in Excel VBA and Python to interact with databases - Ability to provide guidance on best practices and efficient methods for data manipulation and analysis

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    ...Overview: I am looking for a skilled developer to create a WhatsApp Auto Bot with specific features to automate replies and broadcast messages. The bot will not require handling multiple WhatsApp accounts and is expected to have between 10-20 automated replies. Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing WhatsApp bots or similar chatbot systems - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or JavaScript - Familiarity with APIs and integration with CRM systems - Strong understanding of automation and messaging platforms Features: - Automated Replies: - Develop a system that can generate automated replies based on predefined rules or keywords. - Implement dynamic responses to provide personalized messages to users. - Broadcast Messages: - Create a functionali...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to add additional features and an admin interface with lots of graphs/dashboards to an already existing app built in python using litestar framework ( which manages Cloudflare access list IP block ). Requirements: python 3.10, skills, understanding jinja templates and good with charting! Features: [1] App IP restriction - detect the IP of the WEB UI user - compare the IP against a predefined array of IP ranges - If the IP falls within one of the ranges, allow access, otherwise deny access to the UI with a 403 message returned in the browser [2] LOGGING: - record UI changes to the access list rules to a local sqlite database ( user, email, action: add / delete, IP that was added/deleted ) - remote logging:...

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    ...use your code and data if I like it you did similar projects in past 1. ML project end to end development on Google GCP 2. Any python package installed by pip potentially can be used for this ML project – fully customised ML project capability 3. Build with Automatic scaling a customized model training for python code ML model provided by me or you can use your code if I like it 4. Build with Automatic scaling a customized inference - as more request as more VMs used and as less request as less VMs used (fast VMs number adjustment ) 5. Automatic scaling, load balancing to handle 1234 requests/sec, requests done in parallel by python from any many computer on web 6. ma...

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    We are seeking a highly skilled coder who is well-versed in PHP, WordPress, and Python. We prefer someone from East Europe who can work with us on a regular basis and receive a regular salary. Fluency in spoken and written English is essential for effective communication. Skills and Experience Required: - Extensive knowledge and experience in PHP, WordPress, and Python programming languages - Strong problem-solving skills to handle bug fixes and new feature development - Ability to work on various projects with different requirements - Excellent English language skills for effective communication Job Details: - Freelancer is expected to work 10-20 hours per week - Regular salary will be provided for consistent collaboration If you possess the required skills and experien...

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    Hi Artem S., Mate I was wondering if you are free this week to work on a project. Very similar to a project that you did for me in the past. estimated time 4-6hrs. Python Thanks Niall

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    We are looking for Python FastApi freelancers with intermediate experience to join our remote team on a weekly or monthly contract basis. The specific tasks for this project include backend development using Python FastApi. The expected duration of the project is 1-3 months. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Intermediate level of experience in Python FastApi - Strong background in backend development - Experience in API design and implementation - Experience in Microservices and Sockets - Proficient in testing and debugging If you are a Python FastApi freelancer with the skills and experience mentioned above, we would love to co-work with you on this project. Please apply with your portfolio and availability.

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    ...use cases, and market dynamics. Smart Contracts: Knowledge of smart contract development using languages like Solidity, as well as their potential in automating various processes. Cryptography: A strong grasp of cryptographic principles as they relate to blockchain security and privacy. Programming Skills: Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in blockchain development, such as Python, C++, and JavaScript. Awareness: Industry Trends: The candidate should stay updated on emerging trends, developments, and regulatory changes in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. This includes awareness of DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), and emerging blockchain platforms. Ethical Considerations: They should be aware of the ethical implications of...

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    I am looking for a Python developer to integrate a REST API into my project. The main purpose of this integration is authentication and authorization. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in Python and experience with REST API integration - Knowledge of authentication and authorization protocols - Familiarity with external API integration - Ability to work with JSON format for data retrieval and presentation The data that needs to be retrieved is from an external API. The retrieved data should be presented in JSON format. If you have the skills and experience required for this project, please submit your proposal.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with web scraping automation for a specific website. The data needs to be scraped on a one-time basis and delivered in a spreadsheet format, such as Excel or Google Sheets. Requirements: - Experience in web scraping and automation - Proficiency in programming languages such as Python, R, or Java - Familiarity with tools and libraries for web scraping, such as BeautifulSoup or Selenium - Attention to detail and ability to handle large amounts of data Responsibilities: - Develop a web scraping script to extract data from the specified website - Clean and format the scraped data to ensure accuracy and consistency - Deliver the data in a spreadsheet format, compatible with Excel or Google Sheets If you have previous experience with web s...

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    Abstract Machine -- 3 6 hari left

    Abstract Machine Purpose: Simulating complex systems Programming Language: Python Level of Scalability: Large scale (high number of users or data) We are looking for a skilled developer to create an abstract machine that will simulate complex systems. The ideal candidate will have experience in Python programming and be able to implement the machine using this language. The abstract machine should be able to handle a large scale, meaning it should be able to accommodate a high number of users or data. Key requirements: - Proficiency in Python programming - Experience in simulating complex systems - Ability to handle large scale projects If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    Project Title: Data Scraping for Project Research I am looking for a freelancer who can assist me with data scraping from a website, the following points are important: 1. the website contains 4 drop downs namely District, Tehsil, RI and Village. 2. for each district there are various tehsils, for each tehsil variou...particular plot, it will (in most cases) show its details on the left hand panel. These details will include: type of land, area, plot no., name, father's name and address. 5. i require these 6 details column-wise in an excel file for each village listed on the website. 6. i need the data in 3 to 4 days to be worked upon for a time bound project. Please let me know if anyone having good know-how of Python or other suitable languages can work it out for me. Budg...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design 4 hari left

    I am looking for someone to design a logo for a consulting business. I do not have any specific colors or fonts in mind, so I am open to suggestions. The industry is Consulting and the primary message or concept I would like the logo to reflect is Professionalism. Thanks for your help! I have Dall•E make the attached logo. I like the idea. They messed up the name. I do need the name to show ACORN ADVISORS LLC. I like a simple black-and-white logo. The final needs to be a png.

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to help me with the code implementation for a mobile app that I want to call 'Edraak'. My idea is to develop an app that predicts upcoming diseases and it is designed on class diagrams and interfaces. The programming language that I prefer for the code implementation is Python and I have specific preferences for the libraries or frameworks to be used on this project. Additionally, I am looking for a freelancer that can meet my tight timeline; the code must be ready by this Thursday before 5pm. I already have designed the classes and attributes/methods, and designed the interfaces. I just need code implementation in flutter. If this project sounds like something you can do, please don't hesitate to contact me to further disc...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Python coder to create a SDMX 2.1 Restful API and viewer application using the Python pandasSDMX library. The API will have commands to connect, list the Datasources, categories, datasets and values using a SDMX 2.1 RESTful web service API. Each SDMX web service provides a subset of the full SDMX feature set, so the same request made to two different sources may yield different results, or an error message. Errors need to be handled as described on () and any error messages clearly displayed. I need a viewer application showcase theAPI. It can connect to datasources an allow me to navigate through its tree and metadata to view any timeseries data. There is an EasyUI demo that looks perfect for this

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    Project Description: A system that generates image ads for brand awareness targeting the general public. - The client is looking for a system that can automatically generate image ads. - The target audience for these ads is the general public. - The main goal of these ads is to create brand awareness, product promotions and anything else - The ideal system should be able ...effectively convey the client's brand message. - The system should have a variety of preset templates and designs to choose from. - It should also allow for customization and flexibility in terms of colors, fonts, and layouts. - We want to use our presets as the base to generate, upload the font on the file and the images of products or backgrounds - The system should be an api to connect with python or any...

    $750 - $1500
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    $750 - $1500
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    I want to convert python to c code I'm doing message but it's not going to you I wanted to work with your project

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    Hi Walid D., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...components, including responsive customer site design, account management features, the development of a back-end CRM system, billing functionality, automated email systems, and mobile development. In terms of technical stacks, we are looking for expertise in web development technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end design, and proficiency in back-end technologies like Node.js, Python, Ruby on Rails, or similar frameworks. Experience with database systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, or MongoDB is also desirable. Knowledge of payment gateways and email automation tools would be a plus. We kindly request that you provide information about your relevant experience and share samples of past projects that demonstrate your expertise in these areas. Furthermore, we ant...

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    Quotation form 6 hari left

    Quotation form for collecting budget information - Collect basic contact information and project details through the quotation form - Quotation form should automatically calculate the total cost - No integration with third-party applications required ...information and project details through the quotation form - Quotation form should automatically calculate the total cost - No integration with third-party applications required Ideal skills and experience: - Web development experience with form creation and validation - Familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for form customization - Knowledge of back-end programming languages (e.g., PHP, Python) for form functionality - Attention to detail to ensure accurate cost calculation - Ability to create a user-friendly and responsive f...

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    Website Scraping 6 hari left

    I am looking for a skilled developer to help me with a website scraping project. Specific Data to Scrape: - I need both images, text and live availability of rooms to be scraped from the website the most suitable language for website scraping. Delivery of Scraped Data: - I would like the scraped data to be delivered directly to a database. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in website scraping techniques and tools. - Experience with handling and storing scraped data in a database. - Ability to work with different programming languages commonly used for web scraping (e.g., Python, Java). - Attention to detail to ensure accurate scraping of images and text from the specified website. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your...

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    Dedicated Python AI Expert needed to Debug, Modify and Clean Code of this RL DL Model - PPO (Proximal Policy Optimization) Algo. Please Read the attached Project Brief and only then Bid on the Project. Bids under $100 will be given preference.

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    As mentioned under the project details of Build a remote gaze tracking program using a PC webcam. The program should be built using Python programming language and should be compatible with Windows operating system. I’m specifically looking for real-time gaze tracking, not just post-processing of recorded videos. Input is a stream of real time webcam images/Digital camera taken from a PC. Output would be predicted real time X, Y coordinates/heatmap of computer screen where the person is looking at. Deliverables are the code as python files which can run in PyCharm IDE without error. Accurcy shall be around 90% where the person is looking at the screen. Expected performance is...

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