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    Hello, We are looking to setup FreeBSD linux with the following requirements: 1) Install VNC server with xfce desktop 2) install FTP server, and setup user lab password lab123, create folder on desktop 3) create shortcuts for some application on the desktop 4)install VNC viewer and create 2 permanent connections on desktop this project is time sensitive, must be completed within 45 minutes onc...

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    We are an experienced team of social-media marketers, who are launching an adult comedy YouTube channel. We have been working in this industry since 2012 and during our journey, we launched and ran multiple YouTube channels that reached hundreds of thousands of subscribers, with our biggest success reaching 1.2 million subscribers. We are looking for a voice actor who is interested in joining our ...

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    I need to hire a freelancer who can help me to make someone an Admin of Facebook Ad Account. I know the process but this Ad account is owned by a business Facebook account. I'm not able to add a person to the Ad account. If someone can do this successfully through Team Viewer, it will be really helpful.

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    Hello! So I need a teaser for an upcoming festival. It's supposed to be mysterious, playful and exciting. Something that really gives the viewer a feeling of "oh, what is this" "i need to know more" (you know, the typcial teaser). So the mysterious part is really important, it should almost be cryptic, like hidden messages and so on.

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    We are looking for a Freelancer who can work on a Linux based Qt project. The project involves interfacing some embedded peripherals attached to a USB port and controlled using the LibUSB library. The programmer must be aware of standard embedded protocols such as SPI and UART. The Qt app to be developed must also interface with a camera for some basic image capture and manipulation using OpenCV. ...

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    We have developed our video analytics software in C++ and QT. We need to integrate our video analytics software with Milestone VMS.

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    Hi I need help setting up service fabric locally on 3 of my server. I need this done with me, not just done for me. I would like someone to login through either zoom, and hand off control, [Removed by Admin], or team viewer thank you

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    location RDSL Tamat left

    pour faire court je suis à la recherche d'un pc en france ou en allemagne avec une adress ip dynamique et que je peux le Contrôler à distance avec team viewer) utiliter :Search engine optimization (SEO) et Marketing digital.

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    I need an animation created solely in vue.js The animation is basically a random image selector with added "suspense" to make it more dramatic and entertaining for the viewer.

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    hi.. we have converted old project to android studio 3 it have some errors to run and build. only need to fix it.

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    Hi. I make the learning glass systems on demand, and I'm in need of a simple website where I can display my products. I currently display my works on facebook, and will like to step it up. I will like to have a website like that of Smokey Bones([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) where on the homepage the product menu is aligned vertically on the left hand side. The company info will be aligned ho...

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    We need two page templates created for a video content website. We will need both responsive HTML & CSS stylesheets for both pages. In addition to what is pictured in the attached wireframe, each gray box represents a container for a video. Under each box we will need a text box to house the title or caption of the video above. This caption needs to be 10 point Montserrat font center aligne...

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    Must have team viewer: Be good with html/css/javascript/python Need you to go through the codebase with me and teach questions about what I'm doing wrong. Inform me how to change it and how to correctly upgrade to python 3.6 syntax without breaking the code. Help with making sure I understand the database connections and relationships between tables

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    Hi guys, My name is Mark. I have some projects related WordPress. I am looking for a fast worker to work on my WordPress projects. He must have knowledge of HTML to WordPress. Must be okay with test job on team viewer or any desk. NOTE : Test job is important caz i got cheated with freelancer before. As they also outsource the project. That's why i am looking for a developer. No outsourcer. ...

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    Getting the following failure when running a simple Jenkinsfile in Jenkins? This job was working previously and don't see any changes that happened? Found this link [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and did what was said; recreate the docker container after deleting the image. Did not pick apart the plug-ins but willing to do with your assistance. Any ideas? Started by user EJ Obtained Jen...

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    Hi, I have a c# code that running with multi threads. its works fine with 100 threads, but when i run higher threads it freeze for some reasons, and eats the CPU. I need to modify the code to make it stable/reliable without freezing. I need someone to do the fix over team viewer, for educational purpose. Thank you, regards.

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    I need RDSL ( Remote DSL ) in Germany, or france. with Dynamic IPs. fast connection. A remote DSL means a computer in the required location connected to a DSL line that I will have access to using team viewer or any other remote access software.

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    Hi, I have a c# code that running with multi threads. its works fine with 100 threads, but when i run higher threads it freeze for some reasons. I need to modify the code to make it stable/reliable without freezing. I need someone to do the fix over team viewer, for educational purpose. watch and learn. Thank you, regards.

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    Professional iOS/Android developer with excellent Data structure and Algorithms knowledge. With a past experiences with File input/output applications is needed to implement a custom file extension reader and viewer. we need to make a very smooth app that can work on Andorid/iOS devices smoothely. Algorithms need to be efficient with a good runtime, and it has a lot of Data structure including the...

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    Hi Jyrens, I am working on a marine simulation and would like to know if you would be interested. The project is an offshore solar farm. One basic unit of the farm can be found here : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] All blocks are linked together like that: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Thank you. Armand

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    I need youtube videos one for each article on my website. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Looking for a standard format for each video Can be text only Each must have a title Link to the article and link to social media Each must use searchable and rankable keywords and hashtags for tags, [log masuk untuk melihat URL] can be used and pick 10 best Over 1000 articles can budget $1 per video b...

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    The aim of the project is to make a Weasis (open source DICOM viewer) plugin so that the user can create a Dicom SR report by clicking an icon from the toolbar I would look to implement basic text SR IOD rather than enhanced or comprehensive SR IOD. A suggested method to write report from WEASIS as following: 1) Radiologist will load a study ( from a folder or fetch from PACS via DICOM c-...

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    Hi, I have a tiny python code that send to specific HTTP post request using requests. i'd like each request going to be sent with a unique proxy from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] it should use proxies from proxy line 1 till the end then loop. as simple as that.. i need somebody to do it via team viewer for educational purpose. thank you, regards.

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    Need this kind of video made for after effects with different layers, can supply the photos that you need to put in... need the line at the bottom to go from left to right in 60 seconds to show viewer when the video is ending [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    The logo is for an online store sells woman's bags, shoes, and accessories. It has a clear brand identity shaped around the life of contemporary women. The brand used three words as self-description: bold.bright.woman. The logo will need to incorporate the identity alongside signaling professionalism and memorability. All of the content will be for an online viewer, using social platforms...

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    **This is an easy way to make $15 USD in 10-20 minutes of work.** I'm searching for people learning software development or junior software developers to provide qualitative feedback on our website's (Microverse) landing page. Here is our website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] BACKGROUND Microverse is an online school that helps people from all over the world become professional rem...

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    Trophy icon Design Logo Tamat left

    We are looking for a very realistic looking wax stamp logo. I have some sample images for assistance along with our Icon which we want to be in the wax stamp. Color is a maroon type color and have logo samples so you can see our color scheme. I do not have the specific pantone number. The Icon would be in the center of the wax stamp and the words "Patient's Stories" around the stam...

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    Trophy icon Motivation Monday design Tamat left

    We need 10 designs similar to the one attached here but you can start with one. It must be exactly the same except for these changes: 1) the quote top left must change to "DON'T WAIT FOR OPPORTUNITY. CREATE IT." Because the text is not a lot for this one, we can maybe make the first sentence the same font size as on the sample attached and the second two words CREATE IT can be bigge...

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    Need a Python Program to read and write from Service Now, simple example with RESTFUL API. ProgramAdd will create a TICKET record return the ticket number using all major fields, and return TICKET number. ProgramList will list a record by a TICKET and display from command line all major fields in a listing ===================================== Please only BID if you know how to do this and a...

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    Need a Python Program to read and write from Jira, simple example with RESTFUL API. ProgramAdd will create a TICKET record return the ticket number using all major fields, and return TICKET number. ProgramList will list a record by a TICKET and display from command line all major fields in a listing ===================================== Please only BID if you know how to do this and are cert...

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    Administrador de Redes (CISCO) 2. Soporte por 1 año: o Considerar una bolsa de 20 horas de un técnico que servirá como manos remotas del especialista de SoftnetCorp que atenderá la falla remotamente. o El técnico debe de tener computadora portátil, conectividad a internet y un software para administración remota (Team Viewer). o Las 20 horas son...

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    I need a photo morphing expert....No milestone....No upfront just morph and show me on team viewer or any other Want 5 photo graph to be morphed clearly

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    6 bida

    Appication failed to proceed due to sql issue on the "reportserver" database. Will need this fix. Issue appeared in event viewer "A read operation on a large object failed while sending data to the client. A common cause for this is if the application is running in READ UNCOMMITTED isolation level. This connection will be terminated. "

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    I am planning to have 3d-experience in my art exhibition and I need someone to create the VR application from the material I have consisting of photographs and music. It is quite basic with pictures appearing, coming towards the viewer and going by or the other way around. VR will not be interactive so nothing like that is needed. Is that possible with VR glasses? Thanks!

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    15 bida

    Hello freelancers, I need help updating a list order with drag and drop. Please notice that I will need your help via TeamViewer since I cannot share the code at this moment. Please take this into consideration when bidding. Again work will be done via team viewer or any other remote app, to help me fix a drag and drop order issue. This should be a quick fix Thanks in advanced,

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    We need to customize a simple odoo site enabling B2B e-commerce (with no payment gateway) fixing small ecommerce error. Site up and runnig over AWS EC2 instance. You can access via pem key or Team Viewer. We will put contents and images on our own after a small trining you need to provide.

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    Hi, I have a poster program to specific API. and am looking to extract some values from the httpWebRequest response. and save values i needed to textfile. That's all needed. I need somebody to fix it over team viewer. for educational purpose. Thank you, regards.

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    pls. note login details and other details if yoh can do , kindly contact me [Removed by Freelancer.com Admin for offsiting - please see Section 13 of our Terms and Conditions] -------------------- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Cpanel Details For [log masuk untuk melihat URL] : Please Note : [log masuk untuk melihat URL] User ID : ozasvi07 password : --------------- admin detaiils : [log masuk u...

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    Hi Have you experience Qt4 and VC? i need small app. if you are interesting, please bid

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    I would like to build a simple qt, c++ application. It will have a label, text box and a button. Screenshot attached. App needs to stay always on top, even over any full screen game. Probably need to use directdraw. You are free to use any library For testing you can use this simple chess game "WJChess 3D" which opens in full screen. Have to provide all source code at the end of the p...

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    I have two computers on the same wifi network, and I'm having trouble sharing a folder. I can give you team viewer access to both computers. I'll give a 10 rating for good work

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    Hello, To manage my business contacts, I would like to create my own software. The software has 2 forms. First form : ============ Buttons : First, Next, Last, Delete, New, Search by Last name, Quit Edit label : ============ First Name: text Last Name : text Phone: number Company name: Text Email: text Website : url Adress: text Zip code : Number Town : text Country : Combo of country lis...

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    Approximate analog – [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (Everyman Chess Viewer), from under which publishing house Everyman Chess sells electronic versions of their books. The working language of the shell is preferably English. Specify an approximate cost of the project please

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    I need a logo designed. for my YouTube channel. it should be attractive to viewer. because it uploads UI designs daily .so I need a cool Design. check the channel [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    We are looking for some one to create / Beta Test custom software must have experience in c++, c#, Java, Python, QT

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    Hi Kaloyan P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I am looking to develop an application using Visual Studio Dot Net and C+ with an integartion of ATLAS SDK to connect a Thermal camera to achieve a human scanning system. If You managed to have the the camera connected , streaming achieved with main paramtere . i will be happy to hir...

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    simple job. if you are wp expert, i will finish in 5mins through team viewer. price: 10USD

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    I am Diploma Electronics engineer But i have no knowledge in hard coding I want someone to teach me the following from Basics to industrial level programming in c/c++ by usin uvision IDE or atmel studio Course including [log masuk untuk melihat URL] of uC [log masuk untuk melihat URL] configuration and flag set or reset [log masuk untuk melihat URL] types and arithmatic operation [log masuk untu...

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    I need help 1-2 from a new freelancer from US. Please bid if you are available.

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    Just help with a simple script that will run in cron hourly; and script to plug this script into cron, ok? Have the script check "is mysql client installed" and "if not" do something on centos7 like "sudo yum install mysql -y". The script is to do database backups; I have all the commands for the backups, just need help with making the script work smooth and be ca...

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