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    I need a professional magneto expert to extend the Customer Login Timeout to 1 year. i am using magento 1.9

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    We need an app/software to make a (list of) conversation in a telegram group that we target. Let's imagine like we have data on a list of telegram users (ID/Password). Your job is to create an admin panel, this list of telegram accounts will join the group (even already joined), make a conversation that we manually write, use the list of telegram accounts that we choose to create the convers...

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    We need a bot to make a (list of) conversation in a telegram group that we target. Let's imagine like we have a data of a list of telegram users (ID/Password). Your job is to create an admin panel, this list of telegram accounts will join the group (even already joined), make a conversation that we manually write, use the list of telegram accounts that we choose to create the conversation. A...

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    I need a Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Liquid Level Monitoring Project in Arduino using the concept of Time of Flight, using Texas Instrument's TDC1000 & T7200. TI's reference design is [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It's modified to work with ATMega328P, instead of TI's Piccolo. It has been tested with an oscilloscope and giving the same waveforms. However, I'm not able to ...

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    Now I find the Ruby on Rails expert who have experience in ActiveAdmin. Our web site is deployed on the heroku. And I want to export the CSV from the server. But there is the timeout H12 error because our table rows over. This is urgent task. If you have experience, bid for me, But if you are not expert, don't waste my time. Thanks

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    We are developing our own in built cloud autoresponder for our clients. Clients add their SMTP details (From services like Mailgun, Amazon Ses, Mailjet etc) and domain details and then we send those emails/newsletters from our servers through a queue (RabbitMQ consumer) but we are facing issues with the gmail spam filter where 90% of our emails go to spam. We have verified this by using G-lock app...

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    hello, I am using AWS ec2 t2medium instance for node app on that instance I am running 3 apps and 1 API with a different port, when I use an Nginx reverse proxy to hide ports from the end of URL & with simple subdomain without adding port at the end app will accessible I don't know what's the wrong command I am running while configuring Nginx when I end SSH connection I will not use...

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    Long term employment and team lead for kazoo development The full stack lead software developer role involves developing and modifying back end and front end for our GoFIBER platform. We are looking for a team lead whose primary responsibility will be to put together a team who he/she will work on various projects with. The candidate and his/her team should have experience designing and developin...

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    We are running a very important project. currently there is a team working and we are looking for a DevOps Engineer with proven knowledge and experience deploying Microservices apps on Kubernetes environment. the following technologies are we are using. Your role will be the assist the team to finalize the Core environment building in order to deploy the services and test them. Your specific task...

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    Javascript / jquery developer who has extensive knowledge of DOM manipulation. The data is obtained via long polling or websocket. So we need to render data that is continuosly bombarded to frontend. On the backend, we have data that is received via rabbitmq. We have an event table. The rabbitmq data is received rabdomly and in pieces. For example if its a news data breaking news payload comes a...

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    Problem with site speed. Here is a recommendation I received from SiteGround that hosting my server: Thank you for the update, Gabi! Before troubleshooting the cause of the elevated response time I created a full backup of the website's files and database: Code: fiestac7@siteground245 [~/public_html]# ll -h ~/[log masuk untuk melihat URL] -rw-r--r-- 1 fiestac7 fiestac7 266M Jun 20 09:00 /ho...

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    Summary: - An interface is needed between a business integration platform (EDINET) an ERP System for synchronizing several documents (from ERP to EDINET and from EDINET to ERP) - We need to synchronize five type of documents: o Orders o DESADV (Dispatch advice) o RECADV (Receive advice o Invoices o RETANN (Return Announcement) - The interface requires a programmable job for each type of document ...

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    this is the line that seems to be failing sh ('#!/bin/sh -en' + 'git ftp push --user ${FTP_USER} --passwd ${FTP_PASS} ftp://[log masuk untuk melihat URL] Checking out Revision adb8c8d1dea6a3a9d5cfa880735f86cc311501dc (refs/remotes/origin/master) > git config [log masuk untuk melihat URL] # timeout=10 > git checkout -f adb8c8d1dea6a3a9d5cfa880735f86cc311501dc Commit messa...

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    Hello, I have a winscp script which copies data via SFTP to server. The script stops when is trying to copy file which is currently in use (e.i. outlook *.pst, *.ost files while outlook is opened) I need to copy all files from folder also with the files that are currently in use. The error message "3 Permission denied - The user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation...

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    Request Timeout on amazon linux2 Server timeout waiting for the HTTP request from the client. I have installed amazon linux2 on my sever when I am uploading database more than 10 mb its throwing error. Only remote work in allow.

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    There is a very simple piece of code written in C# in the attachment "Java RabbitMQ [log masuk untuk melihat URL]". The job is to connect to the Rabbit MQ server either by translating the C# code into Java or you can develop your own version. All the server details are in the C# code. I have also attached "DFS500 - AMQP Public Message Interface [log masuk untuk melihat URL]" wh...

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    I need a real-time Java developer as a tutor in clarifying my doubts on a real-time basis like projects. I need who had worked with Spring Boot, web services, Angular/React JS, hibernate, GIT, Jenkins, Dockers, Cache, Spring Security, Mongodb, Cassandra, Spring Batch, Elastic search, RabbitMq, Kafka, Microservices and AWS technologies.

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    Hello I am looking for someone that he can handle RabbitMQ connection, ı should get the datas from another server Thanks in advance

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    The tasks of the scripts consists of following: 1. Fetch user details from API of Platform1 2. Post/Update actions to specific endpoints on Platform2, REST API. Much of the code base is available as open source and we will provide detailed specification and repo links. Must be scalable, preference for RabbitMQ and Celery. Extensive error handling and logging is a must, the scripts must be rob...

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    Hi, I have a VPS server which did not come with an installation of wordpress on it, it had to be installed manually but now there seems to be an issue with it as I cannot activate or install any new themes on it. When I try to upload a theme it attempts to do so but then I got the timeout error and now when I try to access my website I get a word press error: The site is experiencing technical d...

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    Empresa líder de capital Israelí, fabricante de soluciones HW y SW para el sector de IoT con base en el centro de Madrid y operaciones en todo el mundo, busca desarrolladores full-stack senior (Java y Angular) para unirse al equipo de R&D. Nuestro stack de tecnologías incluye un Back-end de micro-servicios en la Nube (con despliegues automatizados en AWS y Google Cloud) ba...

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    I have a docker-compose project that was used to successfully run on a local docker host. SInce we are migrating to Google Kubernetes Engine, these need to be converted correctly to the kubernetes YAML files. We also need a review of our GKE settings for potential optimization. I have a cloudbuild file. Containers: - redis ("cache"): unused currently - postgresql ("db"): plan...

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    We already have a framework in place to pipeline data into and out of various vendor systems to our clients ERP. We need a developer to create a standalone module(s) but integrated into our overall system that can handle a connection to Amazon online services API (once confirmed as feasible). The module(s) will need to gather all the data (and possibly map or generate it) needed for the client&#...

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    Hi, I am looking for someone who can debug Centos Server configured at Digital Ocean. I am using CWP Web Panel When I tried to share any URL on Facebook, Facebook is not able to Fetch Images and as per facebook Debugger I am getting below error. I am looking for someone who can help to debug below error. Warnings That Should Be Fixed Inferred Property The 'og:image' property should b...

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    We currently have a working data loading system that reads and validates certain types of legal load files. The system and its components need to be upgraded to the latest version releases of C#, .Net, and MySQL. The system also needs to be compatible with the latest windows servers operating systems. We are searching for someone with experience working with load files who can complete the upgrad...

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    Hi Shailesh R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We have an odoo implementation on AWS using EC2 auto scaling and rds. We are currently experiencing server timeout when we have many concurrent users. We can discuss more details and budget over chat.

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    Direct debit + credits transactions limit (timeout). Debugging. Make changes to FAIL process. Debug 'pending" debit transactions from credit table

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    I need a solution for real time editing of html-fields by multiple users over network. The content should be synced in real time so everyone is up to speed. The solution needs to handle multiple fields being edited on the same page with multiple users. If not too much work it would be nice to see other users cursors with name, to know who is editing where. This will be much like google docs, but f...

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    Some cURL request are not working on our website. we have two website. one website is trying to get data from another one through api. but api some times fails with error Message: Failed to connect to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] port 443: Connection timed out

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    Hi Sayan S. This is the first of a couple of project I will be making following up on the project you helped me with for AWS Lambda to RDS. These, hopefully, don't need a completely new rebuild of what you did. I'm really just looking at figuring out how to customize and/or fix a few issues I've run into. Project Details: Database additional items 1) I've remade your examp...

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    Lambda should read ack and nak from mqtt topic. and invoke an API Code needs to be done in JAVA

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    First and foremost. I actually need this app designed to work with SIGNAL WIRE. Signal wire is a company built on copy & paste code from Twilio. Nearly identical. So anyone capable of building this api for Twilio can also build the api for Signal Wire. (Titled as Twilio app to gain attention) as SIgnal wire is new! The app- i have a CSV file of phone numbers I need the app to dial out each ...

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    What I need is to create a rest api based on this repo [log masuk untuk melihat URL] It´s currently written in rust. I need the following methods implemented. GET /qr_code POST /sendMessage POST /sendFile GET /messages POST /webhook Sets the URL for receiving webhook notifications of new messages and message delivery events (ack).

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    Chromedriver wasn't working as root, I have fixed this issue but still getting error (TimeOut Error) I am running in a docker container with OS Ubuntu 18.04 . If you can fix this issue please contact me

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    Trading APP Tamat left

    Experience with Java Angular Node RabbitMQ will provide more info after discussions

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    I need to setup docker in windows machine. Getting some timeout error. Need some experts help in troubleshoot and fix this issue.

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    invoicemaker Tamat left

    I have attached an excel. In this file, it is showing the look of the invoice. and the project should be developed using Spring MVC, Spring JDBC with mysql as database and jsp as frontend. Below is what I want. -> invoice no. - should be generated automatically -> invoice to - select from dropdown (a page to add all companies) ->guest name will be entered manually ( enter manually) ->...

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    Rabbitmq Installation on Linux Server

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    Desarrollo web Tamat left

    El objetivo es desarrollar un sistema web que cumpla la siguiente funcionalidad: Ingresando al site [log masuk untuk melihat URL] que abra un sitio responsive con foco en diseño mobil que conste de un top-bar (header) con elemento logo centrado, luego en el body una botonera de 3 botones, uno debajo del otro. Luego debe existir otro sitio [log masuk untuk melihat URL] donde se pueda visuali...

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    A communication is VERY IMPORTANT. A communication is VERY IMPORTANT. A communication is VERY IMPORTANT. Apply to the job Only if you are able to work 8hrs daily (GMT+3). 10am~6pm. We are looking for an Expert with Laravel/Lumen, REST, RPC, MySQL, Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ, Docker for long term project. for 2 weeks, we will work hourly ($12/hr), after that, monthly salary!!! Only Reliable &am...

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    We have a client with a project to assist them with their current RabbitMQ environment. There are two major requirements: 1. Help them design and build a Best Practice net new environment (ha, cluster, etc.) 2. go back to the legacy environment, and spend a few hours trying to determine the root cause of their legacy environment to try and prevent them in the new environment - we will only sp...

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    We have a woocommerce website that needs heavy optimizing. Right now we get many errors and we can no longer fix it by ourselve. We get server errors, timeout errors,... because the shop is to heavy to load. General pages work well, but once more than 2 people are on the shop, we get errors in the shop pages and website goes down. Admin is loading slow aswell We tried minimizing css, javascript, h...

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    Use Python or any programming language to create a standalone windows .exe program to connect to many linux IPs and insert/update 2 files. The 2 files, IP list and one config file are stored in a folder together with the .exe program. The .exe program will: 1. Loop through IP list and do the following(skip the IP if timeout>5 seconds, set in config file) 2. Insert or update file A 3. Kill a p...

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    There FOUR issues with my stats addon. See pics uploaded. 1. issue with 'todays visits' in dashboard (see pic 1) 2. issue with 'yesterdays' visits - in dashboard (see pic 2) 3. issue with 'login session timeout' - site settings (see pic 3) 4. issue with 'stats page refresh in seconds' (see pic 4) Login credentials: URL: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ...

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    [log masuk untuk melihat URL] have a Wordpress website and all our images are big and beautiful. We would like you to find a way to install an auto image resize so that it will compress any future images that we upload to help with site optimisation. We currently use crazy domains so we need it to not put pressure on our server creating timeout issues. 2. We have a Wordpress website and the home ...

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    We are running a very important project. currently there is a team working and we are looking for a consultant with proven knowledge and experience deploying Microservices apps on Kubernetes environment. the following technologies are we are using. Your role will be the assist the team to finalize the Core environment building in order to deploy the services and test them. I will provide more det...

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    implement and analyze two approaches, go-Back-N and selective repeat, through software simulations. There are several factors, such as window size, transmission delay, propagation delay, timeout setting, and packet loss rate, which may affect the performance. You will record the simulated results by adjusting parameters. Summarize your findings in a written report.

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    To implement and research on two generic forms of pipelined approaches in transport service, go-Back-N (GBN) and selective repeat (SR), through software [log masuk untuk melihat URL] we may already know, these two approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. In nature, some upcoming packets may be lost or have to be re-sent due to premature timeout or delayed ACK. Since the behavior of data...

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    Looking for an expert to assist us with upgrading RabbitHQ from 3.6.6 to 3.712+

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    Here is the Repo- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and the reference API is here- [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Timeout issue needs to checked. And a File needs to be uploaded. The Bash Equivalent of PHP might help curl_setopt($this->_ch, CURLOPT_HEADER, false); curl_setopt($this->_ch, CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER, true);

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