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    Django platform project 5 hari left

    ...URL: - Django Extensions: Extended Features URL: - Django Tables2: Table Rendering URL: - Django Crispy Forms: Form Rendering URL: - Django Haystack: Search Framework URL: - RabbitMQ: Message Broker URL: - Celery: Distributed Task Queue URL: - Celery Beat: Task Scheduler URL: - Flower: Monitoring for Celery URL: - Redis: Message Broker URL: - Sentry: Error Monitoring URL:

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me create portfolio website. Steps to follow: Should have an understanding on this tech stack Java, Spring Boot Docker, Kubernetes Spring Cloud, Quarkus, RabbitMQ and Kafka, Angular JS Research on Hot Data Science technologies. Qualified professionals needed as I would have done this myself if i know whats trending in data science. Then out of all these, and ill send my resume as well, you create me a portfolio. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in navigating and using the Udemy platform - Should Have a Bachelor's or Masters Degree in Computer science in the field of Data Science - Efficient and detail-oriented to ensure timely acquisition of certificates

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    ...разработки на PHP 5+ лет, отличное владение, понимание ООП ?Опыт разработки на Yii 2 или опыт с другим подобным фреймворком. Мы активно используем Yii 2 SQL на продвинутом уровне. Нужно писать запросы не просто, чтобы они вывели нужные данные, но и были оптимальными и быстрыми Linux (Ubuntu). Умение работать в ОС семейства Linux JS и jQuery. Умение читать и писать frontend-код ?Владение Redis, RabbitMQ, Kafka, ClickHouse Что мы можем предложить взамен ?Условия работы Место работы: удаленно или "гибрид", офис в Москве, м. улица 1905 года График работы: полная занятость, 5/2, гибкое начало рабочего дня Официальное оформление по ТК РФ в аккредитованной Минцифрой IT-компании ?Вознаграждение Размер оклада: от 250 000 руб. Годовой бонус в размере 1 оклада (зависит от личных ...

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    Devops AWS RabbitMQ elastic 5 jam left

    Buscamos devops senior para sumar a nuestro equipo El objetivo es terminar de desarrollar un CRM que ya se ha iniciado. Se requiere experiencia en: AWS elastic Kubernetes mysql RabbitMQ nestjs Patrón Saga en Arquitectura de Microservicios

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    Buscamos desarrollador senior para sumar a nuestro equipo El objetivo es terminar de desarrollar un CRM que ya se ha iniciado. Disponibilidad 4/8 horas diarias Se requiere experiencia en: nestjs mysql RabbitMQ AWS elastic Patrón Saga en Arquitectura de Microservicios

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    Hi I am looking for someone to mentor me and help me gain skills in several subjects: - setup from scratch and usage of docker and docker-compose - implementation of a CD/CI approach - RabbitMQ - Kafka - TDD My goal is to be prepared for interviews, and to be able to say a recruiter I have some experience in these subjects.

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    We are looking to hire expert .NET web application and mobile developer to join our team. Candidate should be expert in C#, Kafka/RabbitMQ and microservices in addition to other related technologies. Also need a senior mobile application developer who should have experience in Android and iOS platforms. The successful candidate should have experience developing and debugging web and mobile applications, as well as designing and deploying applications to a prod environment. They should also be able to monitor the application and analyze errors to identify areas of improvement. The ideal candidate should be organized, detail-oriented and motivated to explore new technologies. I am flexible with the timeline, so the developer can work at his or her own pace and this could be a long ter...

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    ...Build a robust and scalable WebApp backend - Enable seamless interaction with the existing frontend - Create an adaptive, mobile-first platform - Implement advanced features like geolocation, real-time tracking, and multi-language support Technology Stack: - Language/Frameworks: Node.js + , Java + Spring Boot - Database Management: NoSQL (MongoDB), PostgreSQL, MySQL - Queuing/Messaging: RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka, MQTT, Websockets - Authentication: OAuth, JWT, Passport - Continuous Integration: CI/CD Key Milestones: - Backend Foundation (8 weeks) - Core Functionality Implementation (8 weeks) - Optimization, Testing, and Deployment (8 weeks) Budget Estimate: Total Estimated Budget: $3,000 ** After this Phase, we will proceed with mobile apps development, this is for webapp purpose...

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    I am in need of a developer who can work on WPPconnect, Node.js, and RabbitMQ for my project. The specific tasks that I require the developer to perform include WPPconnect integration, Node.js development, and RabbitMQ configuration. the project working but i have issues such as API stop, not response, rabbitMQ not manged all queues with a good way and others please if you donot have experience or your not worked on WPPconnect before not send Proposal The timeline for this project is less than a week. Skills and experience required for this job include proficiency in WPPconnect, Node.js, and RabbitMQ, as well as experience in integrating APIs and configuring message queues. The developer should also have a strong understanding of software development pri...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to implement message queuing using RabbitMQ in our existing system. The primary purpose of this implementation is to increase system efficiency. Preferred Programming Language: - C# Integration: - The developer should have experience integrating message queuing systems with existing systems. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in C# programming language - Experience with RabbitMQ or similar message queuing systems - Knowledge of system integration techniques - Familiarity with working in high traffic environments If you have the expertise and experience in implementing message queuing using RabbitMQ and have successfully integrated it with existing systems, please submit your proposal.

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    ...systémy, mobilní aplikace, aj.). Jaké technologie budeš používat? Backend píšeme v PHP8 (Zend 1 / Symfony 6) - pokud neznáš nevadí, stačí znát jakýkoliv jiný framework (Nette, Laravel, ...). Data ukládáme do MySQL (MariaDB), ElasticSearch nebo Redisu. Pokud umíš i JS, můžeš nám pomocí s vývojem ve Vue.js, TypeScript nebo ExtJS, ale není to nutnost, hledáme i čistě backenďáky. Na messaging používáme RabbitMQ, verzujeme v GITu, testy (Codeception) a statickou analýzu kódu spouštíme v Gitlabu. Pro napojení partnerů provozujeme API všeho druhu (REST, XML, ...

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    use two local windows computers N1 and N2 connected by web N1 python code automatically runs 5 ML models in parallel , basic model code will be provided use post method to get balanced requests for prediction import requests response = (url, headers=headers, data=payload) use rabbitMQ or fastapi each model receives data for predict and request unique id N2 (may be many N2s running in parallel) python code sends 1234 requests per second and tracking prediction correctness (also send/receive id for each request ) no credentials needed , any computer on web can be used to run this code python acceptance i can do it by myself

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    Creating a message processing system that handles incoming messages and stores them in a database. Message Processing API: Develop a RESTful API using ...functionalities: • Accept incoming messages via POST requests with the following information: sender's name, recipient's name, message body. • Validate the input data to ensure all required fields are present. • Publish the incoming messages to a message queue (choose between RabbitMQ or Kafka or MQTT). Message Consumer: Create a message consumer that subscribes to the message queue and processes incoming messages. The consumer should: • Retrieve messages from the queue and store them in a database. • Use RabbitMQ or Kafka or MQTT for message consumption. • Store messages in either...

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    I have a few microservices built with django and pika that I'm looking to use rabbitmq for comms between them. I'm need someone to help me check the consumer and figure out whats wrong.

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    34 bida

    I have a few microservices built with django and pika that I'm looking to use rabbitmq for comms between them. I'm need someone to help me check the consumer and figure out whats wrong.

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    ... Extract File Extension /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/xattr -r -d /tmp/ 1st Match: /tmp/ 2nd Match: 3rd Match: .bash /usr/bin/sh -ex -c . "/etc/rabbitmq/" && echo 1st MATCH: /etc/rabbitmq/ 2nd Match: 3rd Match: .conf "/usr/bin/sh -ex -c . "/etc/rabbitmq/" u0026u0026 echo "-----BEGIN VARS LIST FOR PID 10583-----" u0026u0026 set" 1st Match: /etc/rabbitmq/ 2nd Match: 3rd Match: .conf "/bin/sh -c /usr/local/sbin/ esomni 1200 " 1st Match: /usr/local/sbin/ 2nd Match: 3rd Match: .sh "/usr/bin/co

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    C# RabbitMQ Tamat left

    Hello, I am looking for a freelancer to help develop a system based on C# 7.0 or higher and RabbitMQ. The system will be used to send event-based messages between various services. The freelancer must be experienced with C# development and be knowledgeable in RabbitMQ as it relates to queueing systems. This project is time sensitive so the freelancer must be able to work against tight deadlines. Candidates with experience developing distributed applications utilizing RabbitMQ in a C# environment will be given priority. If you think you have the qualifications and experience that we need, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your time and we look forward to working with you on this exciting project.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me set up a RabbitMQ cluster operator on AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service) in an isolated environment and not accessible through public ip using Terraform as Infrastructure as Code. Requirements: - Experience with AKS and Azure cloud provider - Proficiency in Terraform and Infrastructure as Code - Familiarity with RabbitMQ cluster operator - Ability to work with the latest version of RabbitMQ cluster operator Responsibilities: - Assist in the setup of RabbitMQ cluster operator on AKS using Terraform - Ensure the cluster is properly configured and functioning - Provide guidance and recommendations for best practices If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your proposal.

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    ng-voice, a trailblazer in the realm of open-source and VoIP technology, is currently seeking experienced freelance software developers to participate in various cutting-edge projects. Our cloud-native VoLTE/IMS solutions allow mobile network operators to offer innovative voice services...Experience: Strong interest in and understanding of telephony. Proficiency in C programming language Experience with signaling standards such as SIP, DIAMETER is a plus. Fluency in English; reading 3GPP specs should be a part of your skillset. Proven track record in adhering to deadlines and keeping projects on track Our Technology Stack Includes: Kamailio, RTPEngine, FreeSwitch Redis, MySQL, and RabbitMQ Docker; experience with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes is beneficial SonarCloud, BugSnag SIP, RTP...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who has experience with configuring JasminSMS, Celery, and RabbitMQ. The purpose of the configuration is to process messages fast as possible 100TPS, to prevent queques. I need help with additional requirements related to the configuration. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with configuring JasminSMS, Celery, and RabbitMQ - Strong understanding of message processing - Ability to troubleshoot and debug configuration issues - Knowledge of best practices for optimizing performance and stability in message processing systems

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    30 bida

    I have developed a PHP script that uses RabbitMQ to send emails. The script is functioning properly, except for the subject line, which is displaying the old subject instead of the current one. Make sure to add "Rabbit" at the top to cosider your bid. I am seeking assistance from someone experienced in PHPMailer and RabbitMQ to address this issue. The project should be completed within one hour, and my budget for this task is Rs 300.

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    8 bida

    I am in need of assistance with a project that requires expertise in the following skills: With 5 year exp - Only Indian independent person - Php - Symphony - RabbitMQ - Reddis - Containerisation - Queuing - Aws I am looking for a freelancer who has experience and proficiency in these technologies to help me with this project. Skills and Experience Required: - Strong knowledge and experience in Php, Symphony, RabbitMQ, Reddis, Containerisation, Queuing, and Aws - Familiarity with containerization technologies such as Docker - Experience in working with queuing systems and message brokers like RabbitMQ - Knowledge of Redis for caching and message queueing - Proficiency in Aws services and deployment - Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality code...

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    Company: N/A,...cloud infrastructure ✓✓ Understanding of software engineering principles and best practices ✓✓ Leadership skills for team mentoring ✓✓ Strong problem-solving and analytical abilities ✓✓ Excellent communication and collaboration skills ✓✓ Self-motivated with a passion for learning and staying updated ?????????? ??????: (Experience with:) ✓✓ Microservices and containerization (Kubernetes, Docker) ✓✓ RabbitMQ message queue systems ✓✓ Blockchain technologies in real-world scenarios ✓✓ Mobile app development for iOS and/or Android platforms ✓✓ Understanding of DevOps practices and CI/CD pipelines (Git, Jenkins) ✘ ????;; Under-experienced candidates with the necessary skills and enthusiasm are welcome to apply. Showcase your expertise now!

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    ...working with Linux command line, comfortable with common Bash commands *Experience using Subversion *Experience with Git *Must be comfortable refactoring legacy code *Comfortable providing grammatically correct English technical documentation *Strong attention to detail. Good to know but not required: *Networking *LAMP Server Administration *VOIP, *Asterisk programming Online marketing, *AdWords *RabbitMQ *Experience with high sales volume e-commerce site *Experience other aspects of e-commerce such as fulfillment, customer service Additional terms hire must agree to: 
1. Work hours are during or close to US East Coast business hours (9a - 5:30p Eastern).
 2. Will be able 2 weekends a year: Weekend of Valentines Day holiday in February Weekend of Mother's Day holiday in M...

    $25 - $50 / hr
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    $25 - $50 / hr
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    Adoption of Pure PHP: All future projects and current undertakings should be coded in Pure PHP, devoid of any reliance on frameworks. Code Review and Refactoring: There is a requirement to review our existing code and refactor it where necessary. This endeavor is aimed at identifying and resolving any existing bugs...design is needed. Our goal is to alleviate any issues that may have arisen due to the current structure, thereby enhancing data management and retrieval processes. Server Configuration Review: In line with the previous points, it is necessary to review the existing server configuration, rectifying any performance issues and ensuring optimal operational efficiency. RabbitMQ Integration: Lastly, it is proposed to incorporate RabbitMQ into our list of APIs across...

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    RabbitMQ Integration in C# Project We are looking for a freelancer who has experience in integrating RabbitMQ in C# projects. Our project environment already has RabbitMQ set up and running. The main purpose of this integration is to implement message queuing. The ideal candidate should have experience in the following: - C# programming language - RabbitMQ integration - Message queuing If you think you are the right candidate for this project, please submit your proposal with your relevant experience and portfolio.

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    I am looking for an experienced Java developer to help with bug fixing and debugging of my microservices. The current issue is related to functionality, with specific functionalities such as RabbitMQ, and Zipkin are not working when my Microservices are containerized with Docker and Kubernetes. I am using Zipkin and RabbitMQ I have configured all these services as docker images. Distributed tracing works for Zipkin when I run it locally using Intellij. But does not work when I run all services as docker images Please apply only if you have experience with microservices in Java, RabbitMQ, Zipkin, Docker and Kubernetes. The ideal candidate should have expertise in Java microservices and be able to quickly identify and fix bugs. The project timeline is within a week, ...

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    DevOps Egineer Tamat left

    Extensive Hands on experience with Docker, Kubernetes and helm Extensive hands-on experience in Linux Administration & network troubleshooting skills. 4 ...following scripting - Python, Go Hands on experience with one of these CM tools: Terraform, Ansible, Chef or Puppet, Hands on experience working with monitoring and log analyzing tools (Datadog, ELK, Nagios, Prometheus) Proficiency in Professional English Extra Points for Relevant Academic Degree (Computer Science or similar) Experience with setting-up & maintain queuing systems such as Rabbitmq Experience with RDBMS (Postgresql) Experience with at least one open-source NoSQL or big data products Experience with security/privacy certifications (HIPPA, ISO27001, SOC2) Experience running solutions in the h...

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    Hello, we are looking for a full stack developer to collaborate for our sportive social network project. Technology Stack: Frontend: React.js / / Javascript Backend: Symfony Database: MongoDB Caching and message queue: Redis and RabbitMQ Search engine: Elasticsearch Authentication: OAuth We will take the application live with the determined features in the MVP position. It is a startup project. Our budget and time are limited. By adopting the project, we ask our friends who will be with us with real devotion to bid. After the project goes live, our cooperation will continue and you will be rewarded for your dedication. Best Regards.

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    I am looking for a skilled Python developer to build a database update system using RabbitMQ and MongoDB. The purpose of the system is to update our database on demand to ensure that it is always up to date. The objective to merge candidate application data from three data sources - linkedin jobs, naukri and naukri rms. Each job will have a unique job_id and all the applicants from each data source will be tagged to one unique job_id. 1- A service will capture the data from each data source and upsert into each collection. eg. linkedin_jobs, naukri, naukri_rms. Since this service can run any number of times, the operation will always be upsert so that duplicates are removed 2. Stage 2- Upon completion of the upsert, there will be a collection called merged_data that will merge

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    ...React Native and Node.js - Understanding of RESTful APIs - Knowledge of modern authorization mechanisms, such as JSON Web Token - Familiarity with modern front-end build pipelines and tools - A knack for benchmarking and optimization - Familiarity with code versioning tools, such as Git - Familiarity with Docker and Docker Compose. - Understanding of event-driven development and experience with RabbitMQ. We are looking for talented, self-motivated individuals who are passionate about building great software, and ready to jump into a project and make an immediate impact. If you fit the bill, and willing to learn and work with us, we would love to hear from you! ---- After submitting your application, you will be provided with a simple code test, to check ur possibility to fit our...

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    I have an existing project that uses Python and Docker, with gRPC and a message queue, such as RabbitMQ, to communicated between different microservices, I need help moving this existing project to a Kubernetes environment and to implement functional/ non functional tests and monitoring NEED FREELANCER TO WORK URGENTLY

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    We have running software that is used to manage different sellers on different e-commerce portals. The UI is developed in Angular 12 and the Backend is in NodeJS. We are looking out for a full stack developer who can dedicatedly work for 4-5 Hrs on a daily basis. Tech Stack Needed: Angular 12 NodeJS HTML CSS RabbitMQ Bootstrap MongoDB

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    28 bida

    I am using Hangfire job & sending my request to rabbit MQ. right now it is being executed successfully but this request queue is not visible in RabbitMQ at my local. Also i am unable to receive this request at worker service. Job Scheduler and worker Service code is almost completed only RabbitMQ request needs to be checked at my local. Testing needed for worker service.

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    mongodb rabbit mq query project

    $112 (Avg Bid)
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    5 bida

    I am seeking someone to help create a project that involves MongoDB, RabbitMQ and Oracle Cloud services. Very simple task , to send 5 queries to mongodb and develop the rabbitmq interface for the queries to publish and subscribe, need within 2 days

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    Develop an scalable feature to conver documents to embeddings. } Some functions have already been developed, so you have won't need to develop them. In this project you will need to work with: RabbitMQ: rabbitmq-server Celery worker: celery -A app.celery_app worker --loglevel=info Flask app: python AWS Lambda

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    I am looking for an experienced programmer who can help me create several APIs using node.js, RabbitMQ, and Redis. I will need the APIs to be written in node.js for flexibility and scalability. RabbitMQ and Redis are the most advanced technologies in queuing and datastore respectively, so I need someone with knowledge in both of these technologies. The APIs I require must be functional, organized, and coded in a modern programming style. This project is aimed to enhance the features I need, while improving the current codebase. The APIs must also be production-ready. I value quality work that can be maintained and reused in the future. Since my project will be dealing with various levels of data, speed and scalability of the software is very important. The task is challenging...

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    Задача На проекте предполагается такой стек, как Kotlin, Python, Spring Boot, Axon, Django, Django Rest Framework, FastAPI, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kafka, RabbitMQ, ElasticSearch. Перед специалистом будет стоять задача - настроить поиск по всей системе и всем параметрам - встроить его в разделы - настроить его в соответствии с пермишенами - использование ИИ для принятия решений при поиске информации и выборе результатов Для нас важен: - опыт разработки на Python, - уверенное использование PyTorch - опыт работы с Elasticsearch - опыт настройки моделей для Elasticsearch (BERT) - опыт внедрения и настройки Smart Search от Elasticsearch Будет плюсом: Опыт работы с GPT-3 моделями Интеграция GPT-3 моделей в приложения

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    1. Java( Microservices , Web Api, Kafka, No SQL, Springboot)- Bangalore-Hybrid-8 Years 2. ASP.Net core Razor, Blazor, REST API, ETL, Kafka, RabbitMQ, C#.Net core, Redis Cache, MemCached, Mongo DB,-5+ Years-Bangalore 3. .Net with Angular-6-9 Years-NCR Hybrid 4. Data engineer-4-8 Years-NCR Hybrid 5. Python with some knowledge of React JS- Gurgaon- Hybrid 6. RoR- 2-3 weeks in Bangalore or Hybrid-5+ Years

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    I'm in need of an expert with experience in developing microservices using RabbitMQ along with Asp.Net. The project requires the development of a service to be done in C#, and I need help in setting up the environment for the project. The size of the project is considered small. If you have experience with microservice architecture and you're an expert in RabbitMQ and Asp.Net then this job is for you!

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    33 bida

    Need a freelancer to design a simple microservice, The microservice must include the following technologies so the freelancer must be able to implement {Python, RabbitMQ, Docker and gRPC}

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    7 bida

    I need a play project that receives get request and persistent to MySQL, redis and rabbitMQ based on sender and message template

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    4 bida

    Hello We are looking for Dev who has extensive experience in java springboot, websockets and Rabbitmq. Kafka is also fine. But need to have experience in web sockets.

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    25 bida

    ...implement them following React design patterns Participate in the development of ETL processes Develop the algorithmic for data analysis and consolidation Ensure that these components and the overall application are robust and easy to maintain Participate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the platform Develop the UX/UI in React Develop on the NestJS / NodeJS / Apollo GraphQL / RabbitMQ microservices backend Analyze data (algorithms / performance) Develop unit tests (Mocha / chai) and integration tests (Cypress) Profile required : At least 5 years of experience in Fullstack development. Proven experience in Javascript Deep understanding of React, NestJS / NodeJS, MongoDB, SQL (PostgreSQL) and their fundamentals Experience with TypeScript Experience with dat...

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    This is a part time position during the EST hours of 10am -2pm Monday - Friday to possibly grow into a full time position over time. Python Developer Web Scraping Backend. Expert Experience Required. This project uses Python web crawler...time position over time. Python Developer Web Scraping Backend. Expert Experience Required. This project uses Python web crawlers to scrape product information from several online vendor portals daily. Experience with Python OOP, Scrappy, and Selenium is required in order to maintain and expand the RabbitMQ Consumers that handle this work. Specific Tech Stack. Please specify if you are missing any of these skill sets. - Python OOP - Python Scrapy - Python Selenium - RabbitMQ Server - RabbitMQ Consumers - MySQL - MongoDB ...

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    34 bida

    We bought a new unmanaged VPS server for our Magento2 eCommerce Website and we need it set up properly. Looking for something like this : SOFTWARE DEPENDENCIES Running Magento 2.3.4 p-1 Composer 1 Elasticsearch 7.16 OpenSearch 1.2 MariaDB 10.3 MySQL 5.7 PHP 7.4 7.4 RabbitMQ 3.8 Redis 5.0 Varnish 6.2 Apache 2.4 nginx 1.18 If you can recommend better we will listen :) Please be sure to add M2VPS7 to your bid or it will be considered spam, ignored and removed.

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