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    The code to be developed converts CMYK images to RGB to be used in a SWT RCP. Since the input images can be rather large (600 dpi or more) the code needs to be very efficient - preferably written in C, using proven frameworks, e.g. ImageMagick. As the code will be used in a Java program necessary JNI bridge files need to be provided as well.

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    Have a web based GUI (HTML5 or similar) interface for interaction. I'm familiar with classic ASP and SQL Server, so would prefer it being done in something similar. Two tasks: 1) Compare prices by UPC (Amazon will require a ASIN to UPC conversion) - I want to type in the UPC, and the software will compare prices on all platforms, displaying price

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    i have implemented a huffman code the reduces the size of the file, i just need to print the coded message and the decoded message and store them in a text file separately, and a basic interface for my program

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    An desktop java application based on linking database from different resources (the databases will be virtual not real)together and a simple GUI

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    Looking for experienced Game Graphic Designer that understands about game designing and have design 2d game graphics before

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    ...QuickCam Orbit AF with pan tilt. To start, I would need to know where the camera position is by centering it. Next, I need a simple way of using bash to pan/tilt the camera. No GUI is needed since I would be using mjpg-streamer to monitor live. Once the job is complete, you must provide a list of all packages required and zip up the final build code so

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    need help with some simple methods to connect the client and server on netbeans need to use teamviewer

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    We want experienced java GUI developers for developing stocks trading desktop application. Main features - Watchlist - Hotkeys - Scripts to query data and execute trades - Handle time series data Technologies - Reactive streams or Java8 streams - Pluggable architecture - MVC design pattern - Multi threaded env - Database like H2db - Data science

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    ...stockfish chess engine. There is an opensource app called droidfish, which is an Android port of stockfish engine(available at google play, and source code at github), it is chess GUI + stockfish engine basically. I would like to combine it with [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to make it a multiplayer chess app. If you think you can do the job, please contact me and type "chess"

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    Design a Java Program with help of diagrams of the system and also designing the GUI of it. The program is about displaying train services to the customer.

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    There is a free existing app to do this called "CreateDiskImage" that works well, but is 32-bit and will soon stop working ...can be done with terminal commands. It allows one to create and name sparse disk bundles from scratch with a specified size, and shrink or grow their capacity within a nice GUI. Anyway, I just need it recreated as a 64-bit app.

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    ...be used for termination. we will used . A. iax trunks in trunking mode. B. Open vpn static mode and dynamic mode C. Tnic static and dynamic mode 8. Asterisk web billing gui for adding gateways. Adding client , Prefix , dialing plan viewing active calls, billing cdr ,etc. we will provide you the Dedicated server asterisk and client asterisk

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    Hi, we need some work done on our website. It was recently upgraded to be compatible with PHP7.2. Most of the work is already done -- new template and all modules and extensions updated. Everything works except two pages -- our contact form (using the "simple email form" extension), and our registration page (using Community Builder). We believe this is due to PHP7.2 incompatibilitie...

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    I want a very simple user interface and a clear file entry and output file (((((( GUI It is required to draw a tree It is required to draw a tree)))))) You can use external libraries like GraphViz to display your Huffman tree

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    See the attached RTF Document. In your bid please describe: How would you do task 5a)?

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    I need recursion to be written with GUI, description attached. The link: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    this is simple mobile game project. its call omi card game. similar to poker game. UI and more part already done. Thi...basis of first cards. In total there are four players on each side namely Player Registration name. Play and deal are rotated counter-clockwise. The graphic user interface (GUI) allows players to select backgrounds during the play.

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    I am a researcher in neuroscience, and have created a series of psychological tests using a python GUI (psychopy). I would like to have javascript versions of these tasks so I can run these experiments online. If possible, I would also like a data processing pipeline so the data from those tests can be fed into statistical analyses using R.

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    I have all the raw scripts already written for this, and now I want to put them in a nice gui for windows and mac devices for ease of accessibility. I need someone who is experienced and detailed and is fluent in Linux and partial networking skills, the main skill needed here is NodeJS and being able to create an Electron app that is clean and well

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    Hi Gui X., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. Fixed price project for remaining work. Milestones agreed upon in spec doc.

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    Minimum Spanning Tree : Solving TSP for Metric Graphs using MST Heuristic: represent it by Graphics User Interface do it by java NetBeans

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    - C++ Forms program in VS2017 - Functions/queries already existing - DB already connected - GUI Already setup * MUST HAVE GITLAB AND VS2017 I have some Datagridviews that are connected to my MySQL Database through search functions. I need the search functions adjusted to work with a different spreadsheet with a few different search options

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    - C++ Forms program in VS2017 - Functions/queries already existing - DB already connected - GUI Already setup I have some Datagridviews that are connected to my MySQL Database through search functions. I need the search functions adjusted to work with a different spreadsheet with a few different search options

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    Componente de manipulacion de un Json por medio de la interfaz a desarrollar. Agregar nodos, arriba y abajo, arrastra y moverlos de lugar, agregar subnodos

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    using java script language with GUI

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    You will complete the Traffic Jam puzzle so that it runs showing EVERY step. It will prompt the user for the number of players on ... I mean that I want you to spell out just about every line and certainly each function. You will write this in an object oriented fashion and I expect you to write it as a GUI with event handlers for the button objects.

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    It's all in the attached pdf. Please read it carefully. The specs are pretty precise, and we want you to understand each feature requirement and acceptance criteria.

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    We are a chiropractic table manufacturer. We are updating our tables' control systems and need someone fluent in Velocio flowchart programming language to head up the process. This will be an ongoing process and will cover several tables. We expect to be using the CommandHMI by Velocio and the Velocio eACE 5150 PLC.

    $15 - $25 / hr
    $15 - $25 / hr
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    For our client T-Systems we are ...(level B2-C1) – nice to have  good team player; highly motivated self-starter Technical requirements  SM9  Sharepoint  Q-base  SALSA  Salesforce  MilesPlus  SAP GUI Location (one of the below locations)  Košice (Slovakia) – preferred, Saint Petersburg (Russia), Budapest (Hungary)

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    ...job title. I'm hoping this to have the boards manufactured in 4-5 days and would like for someone to assemble the components on to the board. There is about 200 components all in all with the majority of them being small SMD components, so someone with experience and a lot of skill will be needed. Preferably, I would like someone who is located in the

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    Здравствуйте, sofiadubina99! Я обратил внимание на ваш профиль и хотел бы предложить вам свой проект. Мы можем обсудить детали в чате. Проект terminal gui pic32 ID проекта: 19105672

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    ...it. In the folder, there is a txt file, a .bak file and rest are images. I want to delete folders that have more than x images in the folder. Software will have a simple GUI. A browse button to select the folder, it will scan all the sub-folders. And then a field to enter how many files it mustn't exceed otherwise, the whole sub-folder will be deleted

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    ...number etc, App also has a push messaging / email to inform all the profiles via contact details (inform of trainings, gameplay breakdown) Application has a countdown clock GUI which has profile alerts to allow coach to make necessary substitutions to ensure equality playing time Must be able to configure application for time of play and profiles,

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    ...and then slice it into a SVG type file). This file is they used with out 3d printer to print the file. We have working software, what we are looking for is to clean up the GUI make it more user friendly. We have a proposed ui that we would like it look like for layout and functionality. Second is that with our software we can add supports to the

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    Tron smart contract based Dapp + GUI

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    I need a client program and server program developed for me for a robot I am building. The programs will both run on raspberry pi and connect to the i...programs will both run on raspberry pi and connect to the internet so I am thinking python will be best but not sure. The server will be the remote control and will also need a GUI at some point too.

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    ...registered version No webcam limit Unlimited room No limitations, no ads Flash or Webrtc Streaming based on nodejs / [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and webrtc compatible webrtc browsers modern, pure GUI, easy to customize to your needs Look and feel as you want ! Full admin panel Multi webcam support : stream and watch online users integrate to any existing website just with

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    we are looking for a talented ios developer to help our team for a major update to our ios social media app , the work will include : 1. full GUI implementation with the new design that already ready to be done 2. adding new features to the app with some changes to the main idea 3. little work on the back end system - which will be in coordination

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    Harmony MPLAB свободно. Тех англ. Свободно. Знание архитектуры и большой опыт pic32mx. ОПЫТ с RTOS приветствуется. Знание средств разработки сложной графики. Тех задание после общения . Примеры работ обязательно выкладывать или на почту.

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    $1500 - $3000
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    Hello, I have a project developped in Java EE 7 and Hibernate with netbeans 8.02 and Glassfish 4.1 And I need to upgrade this project that will works with netbeans 10 and Payara 5.0 I tried myself but have a lot of trouble with it.. This is an important project for us So please only send me an offer if you know those projects Thank you

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    I need a java programmer that uses netbeans to add 2 methods for my program

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    I need a java programmer that uses netbeans to add 2 methods for my program

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    Do you know java as programming language, HTML, CSS , JavaScript jQuery, Netbeans and responsiv design ? need some Long term only pro developers please

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    AutoCAD drafting of: 1. two A3 pages of Stair Details as per the attached sketches - base AutoCAD plans and sections provided to the successful bidder 2. four A3 pages of RCP and Electrical layouts as per the attached sketches - base AutoCAD plans provided to the successful bidder (an example of a previously completed set of drawings is also attached

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    ...integration and triggering of a variety of these applications to run in the background with a front end GUI for our client interface with specific executable actions. For phase 1 we are looking for a developer that can design, develop, code and integrate the GUI using the latest in either Javascript, Python, C++ or similar. Must have extensive experience and

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    ...to pack my game resources into a pe file, so that the pe file will ultimately in the end contain all .png files of the said gfx file. For example [log masuk untuk melihat URL] will contain all GUI png's for the game and [log masuk untuk melihat URL] will contain tiles or weapon .png's for the game. Must be done in C/C++ (load png's and write to .agf PE file) with the possi...

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    ...share the same Telegram session. There will need to exist as many (outputs) text files as Telegram groups. A new telegram group will be integrated by beneficiary without fancy GUI. I need instructions where in the code to add a new group and where to edit the name of the text file for the newly added group. The same as a single Telegram account listens

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    The UK NCSC has open-sourced the code for MailCheck service here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I want to build this service to check mails for a group of companies to whom I will sell this service.

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    ...current logged in users (this software shall be used on windows terminal servers). A GUI version of quser.exe. Should display the same information that [log masuk untuk melihat URL] displays, but in a GUI: Username, ID, State, Idle Time, Logon Time (SessionName is unnecessary). The GUI should be clean and slick looking. Once the software is loaded, the data should be displa...

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