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    ...location, file name prefix option, resolution, colour/B+W, rotate etc.) and the scanner will scan in the page(s) using that profile. I would like to have several buttons and profiles (the number is optional but I reckon about 6) so that the user is presented simply with 6 buttons in a window on the screen and each button has a different pre-configured

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    ...000 members with profiles (photo or not) in the next 3 months. Please no fake profiles or automated accounts. Don't even try. We will investigate if the members are active.... sending, receiving e-mails, clicks, URL's, etc. My site is very unique. The first one of it's kind. I've currently about 2300 members with about 1400 profiles. Trust me, if your

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    ...package designed to help educators create quality online courses (see: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]) Looking a for a coder (preferably with Moodle experience) to make changes to the user profiles ASAP!!! Coder will also make minor changes to layout of "user account listing" - see attached document. Coder must be available for a week after development for any required

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    I need a PHP and MySQL system for members profiles. A member can add their information, as pre-set by me and add up to 12 images as standard. Their email will be hidden, but there will be a form for users to contact them. The member will be given a username and password to be able to edit their info or change images. All images will be a thumbnail on

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    We need 2 linked websites created. One for our real estate brokerage company and another for our real estate development company. Each site will have between 4 and 8 pages. Details about what we want to see on each site is explained below. With regard to the development company website, there won't be much interactivity. At most, we'd want potential

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    ...or similar platform independent sytem (SSL) Clients should be able to create a Client profiles and New Accounts Online. User interface to be able to login (Username password) to their account and see their transaction history Be able to do internal Transfers in real time to other clients of this system Outgoing payment form where they can request outgoing

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    ... 1. This site will maintain user profiles for public display. 2. Profiles are subject to visitor RATING and REVIEW. 3. Profiles may have one (1) primary image and up to 10 supplemental images and 1 video clip (for "gold" members) 4. Visitors can post an image to a profile if none are present. 5. Profiles can be added in three ways: a. User

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    ...accountants based upon type, zipcode, pricing. Must allow for our association member-accountants to input their own profiles and adjust their rates based upon their workload and pricing strategy. May have additional work for real estate agent website that will be easy for realtor to update on her own ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional

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    ...multiple languages, affiliates, Unlimited level referral tracking, flirt or virtual kiss option, view profile statistics, member blockage, good mailbox system, restricted adult profiles, community features, Mass email to members, and easy administration. Pay pal integration and bulit in affiliate system. I would like it module based so at to be able to

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    ...a auido and video solution to run on the Internet for a distance learning application. I am not sure how it works, but we would like it to be able to direct connect (p2p in real time) teachers and students to help conserve resources. We would like it to be accessible through many platforms, and have an intergrated whiteboard, co-browsing, authentication

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    ...needs an experienced programmer for php, MySQL, Linux, Apache who has extensive knowledge of and has already developed scripts for the following area of usage: *** Classifieds, Real Estate, Automobile Sales, Dating & Matching Site and has programmed scripts for *** Private Messaging, defining flexible Price Plans, Strong Admin Back-end for complete control

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    Need a Self Service Real Estate listing web site. Like [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Catalog page of up to 20 properties with thumbnail pictures and short caption and price, one for each listed property. These thumbnails are linked to individual listing pages that have more description and pictures such as <http://realestate

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    ...Paid Members) Whispers(real time messaging service where you have real time private conversations with others online) BookMarks-(where you can bookmark profiles of those who interest you for future reference) BlockList-(stop specific people from contacting you)Personal Romance Wizard-(Recieve free email notifications of new profiles matching your selected

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    ...the software suite. ** **TRANSACTION SERVER / TRADE MANAGER**** ??" This module provides a comprehensive overview of all analytical data, balance it against dynamic risk profiles to produce a determination on what the current market position should be. Furthermore it acts on this information to execute transactions with the FOREX Broker via the BROKER

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    ...you click on that text, the IM window opens for user 2 to write something. when user 2 sends the message via IM, user 1 is surprized by a popup window, finding himself in a real time chat with the user 2. he has the option to close the window and ignore the user, but the window should open everytime a contact is made. a new window should be opened for

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    ...teachers , also they can login to the system throught a web site ,,, also administrators = they are the main user who can do any functions in the databse and they manage profiles for each teacher and create their accounts , please if yopu wana really work with me , if you are not busy , please bid and directly send me a report about the project .

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    ...access to their email through Outlook. I know that this is relatively easy to configure using KIX. Unfortunately I don't know how to program KIX. I have tried to set up roaming profiles and I have tried to set this up using VBScript, but neither of these worked. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well

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    ...to see some profiles and reading some ideas. So please give some feedback with your bid, not just "Yea...we can do this." To get your juices flowing, here's a couple links. These are the only graphics I have seen that try to capture the idea of marketing through the use of Interactive Digital Imaging, however, they're for the Real Estate industry:

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    ...Events listing all events, descriptions, directions and leader name. 3. Members RSVP for events online and get all details emailed to them automatically. 4. Members can view a real time list of who is signed up for each event. 5. Email reminders are automatically sent to each attendee 24 hours before the event with all details. 6. All members can forward

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    ...rate renters. The focus of the software will be to allow landlords and apartment managers to be more informed about the people they rent to by way of a database of renter profiles. The renters will be rated on many criteria that include but not limited to: how they pay their rent, if they damage the property, if they disturb their neighbors, if they

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    Web based php contact database to run in linux, phpmyadmin, mysql with user permissions. Contacts should look like Outlook contacts and have the following tabs: General, SOP, Files. General tab, should have all fields and attributes that general tab in Outlook have. SOP tab should have the following fields (text- 250 characters): Customs Broker|Origin|MBL Destination|HBL Destination|Expected Volum...

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    Hi, I currently have a site that uses the .NET framework - using .aspx + MSDE database. The problem is that there are too many bugs so I'd rather start something from scratch using php + mysql. Please review the attached file for product specs. Please provide me with completion date. Email me if you have any questions. Please do not bid if you're a beginner. I can't afford to ha...

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    ...development for a video chat/text system with multi-room to be used on my system. I want to give the possibility to the registered user of my site to be seen on the site itself in real time (maybe by using flash?) and give other users to view them. it must have a list of connected users with an icon showing if they have a webcam and if it's enabled. if no

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    ...same. Any changes to icons need to be reset on logoff. -The teachers need to have the same environment regardless of the computer they log on to. We need to setup roaming profiles for users and teachers and also setup permissions based on the group. Please bid soon because I need this dine ASAP. ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working

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    i need the developmente for a video chat system to be used on my system. i want to give the possibility to the registered user of my site to be seen on the site itself in real time. it must have a list of connected users with an icon showing if they have a webcam and if it's enabled. must be accessible to ALL web (using the nicks registered on the site

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    ...points to the amount when necessary. I'd like something similar to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] or dork.com. I'd also like to be able to welcome them, when they sign in like : "Welcome (username/real name)! You currently have (number) points." The idea is that the points are automatically added upon completing an activity on the site, but I may also add points to an...

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    Create a tracking system for our HTML emails. This system will provide real time statistics on the following statistics. We would like any options on HOW to do this so as to limit privacy concerns. These are the stats I have seen other programs provide. I would like as many as possible. If some of these are easier than others, then you can submit separate

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    ...they login. they put their name/email/address/email/msn/irc/picture whatever.. an example of what I want is ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]). If you click the profiles, you can see that the information entered was updated in real-time by the user. That is what I want to create. I dont know what to use.. php/asp or even where to begin so Im hoping someone can help me out

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    Front Page Site Needs DB connectivity to search items in MS Access tables and place in DB shopping cart. Real simple and straight forward. Allow users to join and create profiles stored in Db Allow users to login and buy Select Serach Critera Four search Criteria Click Submit Return the result set Select Qty to buy

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    ...actionstart + enddate (when their goods will come for/off sale) - specify in which profile - subprofile goods should appear and where consumers can sign in on one or more profiles (including subs) and get on a weekly basis an automated email or sms with the goods for sale in their profile each time a good is sold, emails are sent seller and consumer

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    ...product i found retailed for around 70$ not to bad but i need more options. this is a cut and paste off another stats product i found <<<<<<---------->>>>>>> Traffic Overview - Real time traffic analysis including unique visitors, total impressions, reloads and return visitors with forecasts, averages and current statistics broken down into the foll...

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    Basically, what i want to do is for every uk post code keyed into a user interface, a geodemographic profile will appear, alongside a map of where exactly this postcode is (a tool valuable to marketers), firstly, i am unsure of where to start and am also willing to accept any suggestions as to how i could improve this initial idea. I am currently a final year student completing a degree in computi...

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    ...quite similar to AOL Instant Messanger. CLIENT SIDE - Away Messages - Shows idle time - shows online/offline users - instead of displaying username, displays the real name stored, also has profiles with e-mail addresses. - password and username system will run off a structure we have already created - ability for users with certain priveledge levels to send

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    The ICC Batch Converter program will be a simple utility for the conversion of image files between various colour spaces. It will do this using industry standard ‘ICC colour profiles’. The programmer should be familiar with handling image files but will probably not need to have expertise in ICC colour management as I will supply any information that is

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    ...begin looking over coders' profiles to find a coder As far as the decoder, it wasn't ment for direct encoding decoding. There are just too many permutations. For the samnple, 316839, the answer was 'DANIEL'. This won't be used for regular encryptions, but more 'confomation' of things. It's just a personal project, not a real one... ## Deli...

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    ART Project Tamat left

    Hello! I need to develop an Art Web Site. It will have a membership function with three types of members: User, member, and subscriber. I need a chat with user’s profiles. Profiles will consist of: user’s details (name, surname, address, etc), user’s photo and user’s products for sale. Then I will need a simple shop, ware all members can sell or/and

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    Looking for a script to clone the real estate listing classifieds system at Yahoo - see [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The finished product should be able to replicate all the functionality found under the "Buying a home" and "Selling a home links" found at that URL (e.g. list results, detailed results, alerts etc) At the moment I'm not concerned

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