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    A search engine that has the ability to recognise images and words on website and make actions based on this before the page is loaded then make formatting decisions before showing the page. (such as highlighting the word 'red' in Bold and changing the colour to Red). It should be able to recognise images using a popular image recognition API and make

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    ...will automatically open the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) camera that can simultaneously carry out machine-readable and human readable text functions. The camera will recognise the text that has been typed in and will open Google map. The location matching the text will be shown on the map along with a “Send SMS” button which will take the user

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    ...in which we live Australia, that the Anglo-Indians were probably the first multicultural community and played a significant role in British India. • We urge governments to recognise the community as a distinct group, even though Anglo-Indians easily integrate with our host societies. As Anglo-Indians we are unlike any community in Australia and unique

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    ...to this point. However, I would ideally like to extract the cross-section directly using OCC API (this is where we need support). Would also like to expand this program to recognise features in an image based on opencv for python. The purpose of this program is to eventually, extract the cross-section, plot the SVG canvas into PDF, print some calcs

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    A program which copies telegram post / text and send a webhook to slack with no delay must be running at all times or recognise a new post on telegram once post is posted it must collect this data and forward via webhook to slack messenger

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    Hi there I have set up shippin...save at shopping summary But if Paypal Express which do not required to go shopping cart - Simply pay with Paypal option. this case on the paypal page do not recognise our Shipping cost set. I had a look at the paypal module but do not have this option . [login to view URL]

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    ...without success. I no longer have the original database source (I thought that this backup would suffice). I have tried importing using 'flat file' but cannot get SQL to recognise the format. I have tried to import it to a MySQL database as well, without success. I seek the expertise of a SQL expert to try and overcome this problem. Due to the data

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    I need some changes to an existing website. The website is knightforyo...[login to view URL] for adult toys. Worked in this industry before? Online? And legal requirements to sell or advertise ? Im looking at anyone who’s used shopify before to go in and recognise what fixes need to be recommended - document recommendations - less than 2-3 hours work

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    ...a non for profit organisation which promote the recycling of stabilisation through Government Organisations. Each year we have a dinner (during our annual conference) to recognise achievements within the industry. If you are available, please send through your quote & website details. The evening commences at 6:30, with a photographer needed from

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    ...software that has been in operation for some years and is quite mature. We require the following enhancements to the software 1. The client search function in the plugin is to recognise the status of the client (using the CRM connection) and to identify appropriate clients as -Archived or -Deceased (2878) 2. When an email is sent across to Create a New Job

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    ...for someone looking to build their portfolio. I need a 2ish second 3d animation of a specific footballer taking a free kick. The ideal animator will know about football to recognise the little quirks of this player. I'll provide images and YouTube links to this players free kicks including start, run up, striking position and follow through, and we need

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    ...option to eat on place or to take away, when eat on place then app read the qrcode which is attached to table - integration with online payment solution like stripe - app recognise user location by gps and allows only order from restaurant destination - when order is authorised by third party solution (like stripe) then order (number, details, table

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    Hi all, I'm looking to create a demo of a simple navigation app to guide people around a nursing home. It can not use GPS nor will need to recognise the room the person is at. It is to be very simple for the user; -User selects current location -User selects destination -App shows image of corridor with direction arrow, current location, destination

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    This project is design to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of Marketing Communications theories and concepts by reviewing a real campaign and, with expertise, recognise the strengths and weaknesses of the campaign. Expect to develop sound recommendations, with appropriate rationale, as to how the selected company or brand should move forward

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    We would like you to help us to make a Java project who was able to do a call throught a VOIP channel and play a text (text2Speech) and recognise DTMF tones that the person would do in his keyboard. For example: Hello Mr John Smith, press 12 if you have received the package otherwise press 49. Can you help us?

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    ...detects this device user will click on connect button on mobile and on IOT device user have to press the button down and hold it down till it gets connected. As Mobile will recognise the service uuid of this IOT so it will bond. If bonded it should connect next time automatically. On every connection mobile will send current time. This time will be displayed

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    How do I get my site to not log my activity on my blog. I have been told to come here. I am having a problem with my blog. When...blog. I have been told to come here. I am having a problem with my blog. When I click my blog through instagram/twitter on my mobile it adds to my stats, how do I get it to recognise me as the owner and not log my activity?

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    ...investor who is looking for somebody who can make a api intergration on bittrex concerning Financial Events Recognition in Web News . a complete automative system which can recognise certain key words such as "'taxation"' "government restriction " "'bitcoin" etc and together with machine learing can make trades as we order it to do (sell or bu...

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    Design project Tamat left

    ...to be something unique which can be easily seen standing out from it's surrounding ANDsomething which can be easily drawn in under 2 mins. by hand. Something onlookers can recognise after a quick glance (just like Lacoste logo). Keep it simple, be flexible and versatile. A logo that ties to a feeling of luxury. Inject wit in the work. Please don't

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    hello need a fully automatic tester for my LCDs. I want to put my LCDs into a hopper. The machine picks up the LCD, Needs to recognise what LCD it is, use appropriate tester machine, connect LCD to tester, turn on tester, test the touch on LCD, go through the LCD test, send LCD photos to me, so i can tell what grade of LCD it is. disconnect the LCD

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    This is a three step project : 1. Automatically detect license plates from the image (car images). Make bounding box around the...license plates from the image (car images). Make bounding box around the license plate. 2. Segment the numbers in the license plate and make bounding box around each number. 3. Recognise the characters on the license plate.

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    ...translation has been written to an Excel file which will be supplied later. I need a recording of the Dutch preferably with English side by side. This is for my reference so I can recognise each sentence when I'm editing the video. How you record this is up to you but the voiceover needs to flow nicely. Maybe do the main recording in one take and add the English

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    [login to view URL] is a new business launching an awards ceremony to recognise the contribution that care workers in children's homes, secure units and crisis intervention centres do. In addition I am launching an online magazine for the Children and Young People workforce which will provide news, comment, features along with job board and directory.

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    ...what our business sells - customers names or initials debossed onto products) - If the user returns to our site anytime in the future, we want the website to automatically recognise them and display their personalised details as described above. A freelancer who has done something like this before on websites will be preferred over others. Website

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    ...harmless, it can escalate to levels which start affecting the individual target. Social bullying Social bullying, sometimes referred to as covert bullying, is often harder to recognise and can be carried out behind the bullied person's back. It is designed to harm someone's social reputation and/or cause humiliation. Social bullying includes: lying and spreading

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    ...would like them to post it or not. This service will ensure that people have consent hence reducing cyberbullying. Facial recognition will be built into the app so it will recognise who’s in the photo and who to inform. We aim to branch this out to snapchat first and then sell to more social media sites....

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    ...would like them to post it or not. This service will ensure that people have consent hence reducing cyberbullying. Facial recognition will be built into the app so it will recognise who’s in the photo and who to inform. We aim to branch this out to snapchat first and then sell to more social media sites....

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    I need a mobile app developed. (Both IOS & Android). The app needs to recognise when the user gets out of their vehicle (and leaves their home). Then it needs to send a push notification to the users phone (with audible alarm)

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    ...migration; organ trading; collection, holding and repatriation of human body parts; the activities of multinational corporations; terrorism. 1. To be a good ‘global citizen’ is to recognise and address global inequality. 2. To what extent does global citizenship pose a challenge to nation states? 3. To be a good ‘global citizen,’ nations must be held accountable

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    I need someone to look through data sets in excel and create different sets of analytics and criterias to interpre...need someone to look through data sets in excel and create different sets of analytics and criterias to interpret the data better. The data is infinite. Someone able to recognise patterns and how/why the data generates the way it does.

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    We need software that will recognise the text (numbers and letters) on a scoreboard from a live camera feed captured via blackmagic card or similar, and output the characters and numbers into a data format like XML or simply to a csv

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    ...or just a license for a bot that has already been created, which can place automated trades on IDEX I would like it to be able to recognise percentage differences between order books and also to be able to recognise the price it needs to bid/ask so that it can be at the front of an order book. I would like ongoing communication with the winning bidder

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    Create a matlab program for voice recognition using neural networks The data set (training data) will be provided by us. We just need a speaker dependent network which can recognise 5 commands namely left, right, go, down, stop.

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    Simple excel macro which use Bittrex exchanges API. Base code in here: [login to view URL] you will find everything ...StopLoss% Of CurrentPrice) - Please feel Free to ask any questions. - Only verified users with feedback. - Payments only via freelancer. - Please no scammers - I know how to recognise you so please save the time.

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    ...instructorPreviewMode=guest Specification (optional) Please use the same colours of the thumbnails that i have attached it the reason behind that is i want from the students to recognise the course and the instructor just by seeing the thumbnail of the course, and if you looked at all my other courses you will see that all of them have the same thumbnail but

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    ...works with the RFID cards that will be used. the correct fare must be calculated every single time with a simple cost structure based on distance. the software must also recognise the serial numbers of the RFID cards and track the available balance left on the card to ensure travelers are paying correctly. the Point of Sales machine will have a GOS

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    ...AND receive calls from GSM and forward to SIP. The application should then forward the audio and convert from VoIP to GSM and vice versa. The app also needs to be able to recognise DTMF tones when calls come from SIP. General Deliveries - The application working in APK format - Full source code with detailed comments - Documentation - Detailed manual

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    I want to develop a mobile based attendance system. The system should be trained to be able to recognise a student number on a student card and write student number to the database. I would like it to be trained and be able to recognise a student number and marks on the exam or test paper and write this records to a database. It should be able to

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    ...of people who are very team oriented. WHAT WE NEED We need an engaged and motivated online sales guru who can drive engagement and revenue in line with business KPIs. We recognise that with our brand, this retail business is an untapped goldmine, and we need someone to help it reach it's full potential. IF YOU WORK WITH US You will have complete oversight

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    ...only have access to one part of the organisation – this is perfectly acceptable (but you may wish to discuss this with your lecturer/counsellor before starting). We also recognise that some groups may have little to say under some of these headings but lots to discuss under other headings. Again, this is to be expected. What we would encourage is that

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    ...vision 3D or full rendered 3D), I don't have a preference. In the branding it is desirable to include the "powered by NoiseNet" prefereably including our actual logo- but I recognise this may damage the quality and size of the logo, so feel free to try entries without this. I have included a rough (poor quality) of my initial thoughts in the attached

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    Trying to buy a ticket for an event here in australia on re-sale. Every now...available, but it's impossible to compete with all the fast buyers who desperately want a ticket as well. Wondering if its possible to get a bot programmed that will auto recognise that a ticket has gone available and instantly fills out the form and submits it with my info.

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    ...Workstation to run locally at this stage. The installation went without any hiccups and the only real error I have had is exporting a quote to save in a local folder. It doesn't recognise the folder location. I am sure that isn't too much of an of an issue. I would like to make some specific upgrades to the current version to allow it to run eventually from

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    I would like to create a program on a raspberry pi that is feeding from a live camera to recognise car number plates and compare it with a modifiable list and when finding a match trigger the garage door to open then close after few minutes. If this is successful I would like to engage you again to build on it to add facial recognition and car share

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    ...work on, I also include extra vector images in image group 3 to be used to edit the designs. To get the same font as the original designs, there are websites that can recognise fonts and tell you where to get them from, you just upload an example image of the font. [login to view URL] [login to view URL] https://www

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    i need a project in python language and it should also contain dataset and recognise handwritten text too.

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    ...button/ image - Must be able to provide a carousel of images for choosing - Final results must be shareable to friends/ on news feed to encourage new users - Doesn't need to recognise too much free text responses Purpose: To prioritise user responses in discovering their ideal engagement ring style, based on ring examples provided Background:

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    I need you to develop some software for me. I would like this software to be developed for Windows using Python. Recognise and track a football in a video

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