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    Dicari freelancer untuk membuat gambar 3D rendering interior

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    • Membuat 3D Modeling untuk ruang perkantoran.

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    Modern minimalist kitchen. 3d model dah dibina, hanya memerlukan bantuan untuk apply materials+lighting then render. Memerlukan 3d images dengan segera

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    biasa saya melakukan modeling rumah dengan menggunakan sketchup dan rendering dengan 3ds max, bangunan yang pernah saya rendering: Office House dll

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    ...artist who is skilled in food rendering, with a focus on portraying a realistic, Indian roti. The final render should excel in capturing the following specifics: - The unique texture details of a roti, capturing each spec of grain and highlighting the final finish of the bread. - The serving style of the roti, be it atop a plate or in a traditional basket. The presentation should be as compelling as the roti itself. Possible placement in a transparent environment, allowing the full focus to be on the roti. The artist should have a demonstrable portfolio detailing similar food renderings, ideally with a focus on baked goods or other traditional cuisines. Mastery of 3D software (Autodesk, Blender, Sketchup, etc.) is a requirement. Prior experience with food rendering would m...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned 3D artist who can design a fabulous, upbeat cartoonish character to represent my brand. The expertise required for this job includes the following: - Exceptional in creating and rendering 3D character models - Ability to craft an expressive character with a cheerful personality that aligns with our brand's values - Strong exposure in developing brand mascots would be a significant plus - An in-depth understanding of working on brand characters is needed - we needs different character to serve online insurance platform which contains of motor, travel, health & cancer insurance Skills: - 3D Character Design - Cartoon Design - 3D Modeling. The ultimate goal is to have an engaging brand character that can connect deeply with our audience wh...

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    ...encompasses the entire house, special attention to creating harmony between spaces is desired. Your creativity in blending the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedrooms, and other areas seamlessly is valued. 4. **Project Collaboration**: Strong communication skills are a must. Regular updates and the ability to incorporate feedback efficiently will ensure the project meets its vision. 5. **3D Rendering Skills**: If you can provide 3D renderings of the floor plans using Houzz or other software, that would be a bonus. It would help in visualizing the outcome more realistically. 6. **Timeline and Budget Conscious**: I value someone who respects deadlines and understands the importance of staying within budget while not compromising on quality. Ideal candidates will have a portfol...

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    ...model realistic 3D images tailored for marketing and advertising. - **Animation Skills:** Competence in simple yet impactful animations to bring the static images to life. - **Marketing Insight:** A good understanding of how 3D images can be utilized to enhance marketing strategies, with the ability to suggest creative ideas. - **Software Proficiency:** Profound knowledge of industry-standard 3D rendering and animation software. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - A portfolio showcasing realistic 3D imagery, particularly in a marketing and advertising context. - Proven experience in creating animated 3D graphics. - Strong creative vision with attention to detail. - Excellent communication skills to ensure the vision for the project is fully understood and met. This project offe...

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    ...individual with experience in interior design 3D renderings. Your task will be creating a captivating visualization of my kitchen concept. I am hoping your skills can bring my vision to life, while providing a realistic representation I can use for visual reference. Key responsibilities: - Develop a 3D rendering of a modern-style kitchen. - Adhere to provided specifications and expectations. - Optimize the design for detailed and smooth visualization. Ideal experience: - Proficiency in 3D rendering software. - Strong portfolio demonstrating modern design style proficiency. - Attention to detail and ability to accurately portray design concepts. The turnaround time is one week. Upon project award, I will provide information all details necessary to create the renderin...

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    Looking for landscaping designer or architect I need a quick rendering, I already have the design See the attached photos, the photos labeled DJI are customer photos from the customer house What we are building: A two tier (two level) retaining wall Steps will go to the top of the wall to the bottom Steps will align to the porch, you will see where we are standing in the photo In the first level (first level from the bottom) we will have a golf putting green, on the RIGHT side of the steps I need quick rendering, 2-3 photos, and we need someone that can regularly do rendering and landscape design for us, outdoor designb

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    I'm looking for an experienced artist who can create a realistic portrait from a provided photograph. Details: - Medium: Oil on Canvas - Size: Large (Over 24 inches) Skills and Experience: - Mastery in oil painting - A keen eye for details and ability t...for an experienced artist who can create a realistic portrait from a provided photograph. Details: - Medium: Oil on Canvas - Size: Large (Over 24 inches) Skills and Experience: - Mastery in oil painting - A keen eye for details and ability to capture likeness - Proven experience in creating realistic portraits - Excellent understanding of human anatomy, color matching, and photo-realistic rendering Please include a portfolio or examples of previous similar work. Artistic creativity and a strong commitment to quality...

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    ...advertising purposes to visually appeal and attract potential buyers. Key Deliverables: - Detailed rendering of the open concept living room, ensuring the space is utilized efficiently and portrays a lively, inviting atmosphere. We are using a soft neutral on the walls, light wood floors and blue and green colors on the upholstery pieces. - Complete kitchen design that emphasizes functionality and aesthetic appeal, taking into consideration the coastal theme. White shaker cabinets with possibly a blue backsplash and light countertops. - Visually engaging rendering of the bedroom, emphasizing comfort and tranquillity. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in 3D rendering, particularly in interior design. - Strong understanding of contemporary sty...

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    ...research and discovery. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in AI and machine learning, particularly in image analysis and pattern recognition within geological or archaeological contexts. - Proficiency in developing cross-platform mobile applications (iOS and Android) with a strong focus on user experience and interface design. - Experience with 3D visualization technologies, capable of rendering detailed and interactive subsurface models. - Knowledge in managing and structuring large datasets, with emphasis on data integrity, security, and accessibility. This project not only aims to create a tool that aids in archaeological research but also sets a benchmark in the integration of technology within the field of archaeology. I am eager to collaborate with someone who ...

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    ...realistic and detailed renderings. - Proficiency in modern architectural design, showcasing innovation and functionality within the living room space. - Ability to collaborate and incorporate feedback to meet the project's vision and standards. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio in architectural visualization, particularly in modern architecture. - High proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software (e.g., AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3ds Max, V-Ray). - Excellent communication skills to ensure the project aligns with my expectations. - Creativity in design to transform a simple concept into a visually stunning modern living area. The living room should not only mirror the modern architectural style but also encapsulate functionality and aesthetic allure. I'm ea...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer's expertise to bring my townhouse project to life through photorealistic rendering. This visualization will primarily serve as a means to fully conceptualize the design and aesthetic of the townhouse's exterior before moving forward with the construction phase. It's essential for me to collaborate with someone who can capture the essence and details of the architecture through their rendering skills. **Key Requirements:** - Create a photorealistic rendering of the townhouse's site exterior. - Use provided architectural information as a reference for the visualization. - Pay close attention to lighting, textures, and natural elements to enhance the realism of the render. - Deliver high-quality images that can be used...

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    **Job Description:** We are seeking a highly skilled and efficient freelancer with expertise in 3D rendering, specifically using V-Ray, to produce brighter and more realistic images for architectural models. The candidate will be provided with the original SketchUp files and is expected to enhance them to meet the client's expectations for vividness and realism. **Responsibilities:** - Review the provided SketchUp models and understand the specific requirements for brightness and realism enhancements. - Render the models using V-Ray to achieve a more lifelike representation, with attention to lighting, textures, and overall visual appeal. - Optimize the renders for the best balance between quality and render times, considering the project's tight deadline. - Communicate ...

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    ...two concurrently open windows. The proposed solution involves: BaseWindow Class: This class will manage SDL2 windows and contexts, along with ImGui contexts and rendering. Actual ImGui drawing code, such as ImGui::Button, could be handled in derived BaseWindow classes. Additionally, the BaseWindow class should handle SDL resizing events to ensure correct window and OpenGL viewport updates. Derived Windows (from BaseWindow Class): Custom windows can be derived from the BaseWindow class. These derived windows will primarily contain a Render() function, passed back to the base window for SDL2 and ImGui rendering, buffer swapping, etc. The ability to override resize event callbacks while retaining the BaseWindow's functionality is also crucial. App...

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    Boost Site Speed with NextJS 986 hari left

    ...website more efficient, leading to a quicker load time and a smoother user experience. Here's what I expect from applicants and what the project entails: **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Profound knowledge of Next JS, including expertise in optimizing performance. - Experienced in techniques and strategies for improving site speed and overall performance. - Familiarity with both server-side rendering and static site generation for optimal results. - Ability to utilize API routes effectively for dynamic content. - Proven track record of improving website performance, with examples of past work. **Your Application Should Include:** - A detailed project proposal outlining how you plan to tackle performance improvements. - Any specific strategies or tools you intend to use f...

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    I'm in search of an expe...a series of bottle images for retail representation. The ultimate goal is achieving photo realism, with a distinct realistic finish, offering a visually engaging and realistic appearance. I have reference images, your creativity and professional touch are highly welcomed. Your responsibilities will include: - Enhamcement of the bottle images - Background removal - Label/logo placement - Rendering the images with a matte finish for a photo-realistic effect Ideal skills: - Proficient in Photoshop and photo-editing tools - Experienced in realistic photo editing, particularly for retail products - Has a creative mind with an eye for aesthetics - Understands retail branding & visual representation - Knowledgeable in applying a matte finish effec...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to create high-detail exterior renderings for my project. These renderings are crucial for design development and analysis, thus requiring a focus on accuracy, textures, materials, and environmental effects. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D rendering software (e.g., Blender, 3ds Max) - Strong portfolio in architectural visualization, specifically exterior renderings - Ability to produce high-detail textures, materials, and environmental effects - Understanding of architectural design and analysis - Attention to detail for accurate representation of proposed designs Project Requirements: - Create exterior renderings with high detail, including textures, materials, and environmental effects - Renderings should aid in design devel...

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    I need a professional well-versed in 2D and 3D CAD rendering to develop educational kits for NCERT from primary to senior secondary level. Key Responsibilities: - Create CAD models of educational kits from scratch as no CAD files or sketches will be provided. - Provide both 2D and 3D renderings. - Blueprint needs to depict basic structural representation. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in both 2D and 3D CAD software. - Experience designing educational kits is preferred. - Excellent attention to detail. - Capacity to create CAD models with minimal preliminary material.

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    Dynamic Stock Data Web Tool 5 hari left

    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create a robust tool that retrieves and displays stock data on a visually appealing CSS page. This project requires a direct REST API connection to to fetch real-time stock data. Additionally, I need functionality to modify this data using custom formulas before rendering it to the user. A crucial feature of this tool is the ability to generate a printer-friendly version of the displayed data. **Core Requirements:** - Implement REST API connection to for real-time stock data retrieval. - Design and develop a CSS page for displaying the stock data in a user-friendly format. - Develop logic to apply custom formulas to the fetched stock data. - Ensure the tool can generate a printable version of the data for offline use

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    What are we doing? === We are loading 1000 records per page. In the beginning we are showing progress bar and removing progress bar once all 1000 records are added in the table. Issue details === web page is taking time to render the data. We want to show progress bar to make sure to includes accurate time to render data in the web page You may used any sample data for testing

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    I am looking for an experienced architect or designer to create a visually stunning 3D rendering of a 1900's craftsman style single-family home. This is strictly for visualization purposes. Key Expertise Required: - Strong understanding of 1900’s craftsman architectural style - Proven experience in 3D modeling and rendering - Ability to accurately translate specifications into a visual form - High level of detail and realism in rendering The candidate should have a portfolio demonstrating prior work in residential architectures, preferably in 1900’s craftsman style. This is an opportunity to showcase your architectural knowledge and rendering skills in this unique style. Your creativity and attention to detail will be crucial in executing th...

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    ...Proven track record in video creation, specifically explainer and training videos. • Background in health or medical-related content creation is a plus, but not a requirement. • Strong communication to understand the project's specific goals and provide regular updates. Your job will be to bring my vision and concepts to life in an engaging and informative way. Creativity and a knack for rendering complex topics in a concise, easy-to-understand format will be your greatest assets for this project....

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    ...architect or designer for this project and future project This project: Customer is wishing a two tier retaining wall. We will be using an ‘Allen block retaining wall system’ In the first tier, we will include a putting green Attaching photos of customer home, looking for rendering and visual ideas that I can provide to the customer I need a few photos of rendering. Based on the customer photo Rendering should include a 2 tier wall. Should include golf putting green on one side of the first tier I just need a few rendering photos based on the customer house (attached)...

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm seeking a skilled digital artist to create a very high-detail vector version of a provided JPEG image. The vector image needs to be in color and must maintain utmost quality when viewed in larger renderings. Key tasks: - Transform JPEG image into high-detail vector - Maintain color detail as much as possible - Ensure large-scale rendering without quality loss Ideal skillset: - Proficient with vector graphic software (like Adobe Illustrator) - Deep understanding of digital art processes - Capability to reproduce high-detail color art in vector form - Prior experience in replicating JPEG images into vector format - A sharp eye for detail and color accuracy Ultimately, I'm after a finely detailed, colored vector version of my JPEG image with no compromises on the qu...

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    I'm looking for a skil...from you! Responsibilities: - Convert Figma-designed email templates into clean, responsive HTML/CSS code. - Ensure cross-platform and cross-device compatibility for seamless rendering. - Optimize email templates for fast loading and optimal performance. - Collaborate closely with our design and marketing teams to maintain visual consistency and integrity. - Test and troubleshoot templates to identify and resolve rendering issues. Requirements: - Proficiency in HTML and CSS with a strong understanding of responsive design principles. - Experience in email template development, including knowledge of email client rendering nuances. - Familiarity with design tools such as Figma. - Excellent attention to detail and ability to maintain desig...

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    I am searching for a...creating high-detail exterior renders for a modern architecture design review. I need the renders to be of top-notch quality, capturing every minute aspect of my project in a visually appealing and comprehensive manner. Key requirements include: - A strong understanding of modern architectural style elements to fully deliver on the project's style needs. - Significant experience in high-detail rendering, showcasing the ability to focus on intricate details that will bring the project to life. - Proven ability to deliver realistic and aesthetically pleasing exterior renders suitable for a rigorous architectural design review. Your portfolio showing previous work in high-detail exterior renders for modern architecture will greatly enhance your bid�...

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    I am in need of a proficient freelancer capable of providing extremely high-quality renders for my property. You'll be required to focus on detailing our living room, bedroom and kitchen specifically. I'm not specifying any specific area for exterior rendering, but a general coverage of our building's facade would be appreciated. Skills and Experience: • Proficient in 3D rendering software • Exceptional attention to detail • Proven experience in interior and exterior building renderings • Please highlight your experience in your application Deliverables: • High-quality 3D renders of the living room, bedroom, and kitchen • General exterior renders covering the building's facade

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    I'm seeking a versatile and skilled 3D artist to create highly detailed, rotating digital images of designer cufflinks. Key project specifics: - The cufflinks are of a designer style, we're ai...aiming for an elevated and sophisticated aesthetic in our renderings. - The level of detail in these renders should be high. Essentials such as textures, light effects, and intricate details need to be captured with precision. - I'd like multiple viewpoints for these rotating images, specifically, top, side, and angular perspectives. Please apply if you have relevant experience in 3D modeling and rendering, have a keen eye for detail and an advanced understanding of textures, light effects and shadows. The successful applicant should also have a record of punctuality and m...

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    I'm looking for a talented freelancer capable of creating a 3D model in SketchUp based on a CAD file. The model's primary purpose is for visualization. No detailed interior is required. Key Responsibilities: - Convert CAD file into 3D SketchUp model. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SketchUp and CAD. - Strong attention to detail, particularly for interior design. - Experience in architectural visualization projects.

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    Mobile App expert 5 hari left

    Hello everyone, I am looking for an Android and iPhone app developer to create an app for my new store. The app will be installed on cell phones sold on credit to prevent non-payment or late payments. Similar to PayJoy, the app will block the phone if payments are missed. It should connect through the SIM card, independent of internet access. The app must have high security measures, rendering the phone useless until payment is made. Only a payment reminder with details will be displayed, and the block must be from the Root to prevent removal by formatting. **Write proposal with "Expert" at the beginning.** I require a security expert to ensure the app can only be removed once the phone is fully paid for.

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    I am seeking a skilled designer to help create a logo for my brand and stylized rendering of the brand name: Lavomar Clean and simple logo that is easily recognizable and scalable. Nothing overly complex. Timeless design with a soft and neutral color palette with a pop of elegance. Soft Blues or Greens: Conveying a sense of calmness and sophistication and Gold or Silver Accents: Adding a touch of luxury and credibility. Typography: Choose a font for "Lavomar" that strikes a balance between modernity and classic elegance. Avoid overly ornate fonts that may be difficult to read, especially at smaller sizes. Symbolism: Integrate subtle symbols or imagery related to home decor or lifestyle without making it too literal. For example, you could incorporate a minimalistic ho...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who is proficient in AutoCAD. You'll be required to modify an existing technical drawing by resizing it according to a new set of measurements. The job primarily involves: -...required to modify an existing technical drawing by resizing it according to a new set of measurements. The job primarily involves: - Updating the image size - Implementing dimensional changes Ideally, you should have substantial expertise with AutoCAD, including precision scaling and format conversions. The aim is to accommodate the amended drawing to a particular paper size, while preserving rendering details for printed output. Only individuals who are confident in their AutoCAD abilities, specifically with reference to scaling and dimension alterations are encouraged t...

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    Hi, As discussed I am ready to do the 3d Renderings for the Ellis Project plans. I will provide you the high quality renderings. 2-3 angles of the outside and 2 of the inside of the covered porch. And we will add furniture inside like we did in the last project Please accept my quote Thanks Avtar

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    Trophy icon High-Detail 3D Product Rendering 12 hari left

    I'm looking for an experienced 3D artist to create an intricate product render in a studio lighting setting. You should have proven skills in portraying detailed textures and complex shapes. Knowledge and expertise in realistic studio lighting techniques are also required for this project. Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will hugely influence the selection process. Please include these in your proposal. You will create two renders with two product models in each. One for white truffles showcasing the cut piece closer to the camera and the whole piece further away. Same for the black truffles. I attached the exact texture and color each should have. I also attached in what kind of environment (color) it should be rendered. (note I need the final render on a transparent b...

    $100 (Avg Bid)
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    I am looking for a 3D presentation specialist to create a dental-related presentation. The ideal freelancer should have experience in creating architectural visualizations, as well as product demonstrations. Skills and experience required: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software - Strong understanding of dental anatomy and procedures - Ability to create realistic dental environments and visuals In their application, successful freelancers should include: - Past work samples showcasing their 3D presentation skills - Relevant experience in creating dental-related presentations - Detailed project proposals outlining their approach and timeline for completion The project has a normal timeline of 3-4 weeks, allowing for ample time to create a high-quality 3D presentation.

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    ...original files in OBJ, STL, or FBX format would be advantageous for future modifications. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in 3D modeling and rendering software. - Experience in designing game assets, especially dice or similar objects. - Ability to work with various file formats and deliver high-quality PNG files. - Creativity in suggesting and applying color schemes that enhance the aesthetic appeal for gamers. - Good communication skills to understand and implement feedback correctly. Please include your portfolio showcasing similar projects. Your bid should reflect not only the creation of the dice but also rendering them in various angles to show their detail and quality. I look forward to working with an artist who shares a passion for gaming and des...

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    17 bida

    I am in urgent need of a skilled 3D architect who can generate high-quality 3D rendering for an event space. As timing is critical, immediate availability and quick turnaround are essential. The ideal candidate will have: - Proficiency in 3D architecture and design for events - Creative problem-solving skills for potential design challenges Although I skipped the question about which specific elements need to be rendered, I will need the complete event space depicted. Please ensure your bid includes the visualization of the entire area. Your expertise and commitment to the project will be of utmost value.

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    28 bida

    I am seeking an expert developer familiar with LightningChart. Your role will involve: 1. Proficiently rendering significant volumes of data. 2. Implementing real-time data streaming. 3. Creating interactive charts and graphs. 4. Generating 3D data visualizations. An ideal candidate possesses experience in working with DAS. While working with these diverse data sources, an understanding of data integration with LightningChart is crucial. Proficiency in LightningChart programming language is mandatory for this project. Looking forward to collaborating with filed experts who are capable of leveraging LightningChart to meet our real-time data visualization needs. The application is an earthquake early detection software.

    $53 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    10 bida

    We are seeking somebody to create external renders of our residential housing projects. The files are already prepared in Revit, including floor plans and elevations. The ideal freelancer for this job would: - Have extensive experience in similar rendering projects Here's what I'm looking for: - External render of individual houses to include a small amount of landscape (garden context. I ask you to provide a quote for 1 external render. If the price and quality meet expectations, there will be continuous work of approximately 4 projects per month. Looking forward to viewing your bids and portfolio!

    $152 (Avg Bid)
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    74 bida

    ...absorber. The key details are: - Made of Wood: The ideal candidate is versed in rendering realistic wood textures in 3D models both visually and texturally. Your expertise in delivering detailed texture must be impeccable. - Acoustic Absorber: The finished work should be a impeccable 3D model emphasizing the important features of an acoustic absorber. Experience in 3D modeling of acoustic equipment will be considered as a strong advantage. - Realism Over Style: Although the design can steer from literal interpretations, a realistic representation is heavily preferred over minimalistic or overly stylized renditions. Your portfolio should demonstrate your ability both in realistic modeling and detailed texture rendering. Your understanding of the particularities of wood...

    $363 (Avg Bid)
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    71 bida

    ... The focus will be purely on the visual storytelling of the product's functionality and appeal. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in 3D animation, with a portfolio showcasing product animations. - Proficiency in animation software such as Blender, Maya, or similar. - Ability to create detailed and realistic product models from provided images or sketches. - Skill in lighting, texturing, and rendering to make the product look appealing and true-to-life. - Capability to deliver a high-quality, engaging animation within the stipulated time frame. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong visual storytelling ability, to convey the product's value without audio. - Attention to detail, ensuring every aspect of the product is accurately and attractively represented. - Creativity in animati...

    $194 (Avg Bid)
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    30 bida

    My vision for this project is centered around a residential use modern design home that exudes minimalistic architecture. Key Features Requirement: - The design ...Requirement: - The design should represent a modern architectural style, showcasing minimalistic aesthetics. Ideal Skills & Experience: - The freelancer should have past experience in contemporary, minimalistic designs. - A sound understanding of residential architecture projects. - Ability to visualize and execute my vision while incorporating their creative input. - Excellent architectural rendering skills with attention to detail. Owing to the specificity of the project, freelancers with a demonstrated background in similar past projects will be preferred. Looking forward to collaboratively bringing this v...

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    11 bida

    ...aesthetic, covering every inch of the living space. **Scope of Work:** - Craft detailed 3D designs for a modern-style home - Include all areas: room 2. kitchen & dinning 3. All bedrooms, including loft spaces 4. All bathrooms 5. All hallways 6. Staircase 7. Storage rooms 8. Car Porch with roof & linear pool 9. All interior & Exterior spaces **Ideal Expertise:** - Proficiency in 3D rendering tools (e.g., AutoCAD, SketchUp, 3ds Max) - Strong portfolio showcasing modern home designs - Ability to interpret and contribute to architectural concepts **Expectations:** - High-quality visuals ready for presentation - Creative input for space optimization and design improvements - Timely delivery and responsiveness for feedback I will set 3 milestones for this project : ...

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    51 bida

    I'm looking for a talented 3D renderer to create captivating and realistic images of our cold plunge and sauna facilities. The images will be set within a minimalist environment, focusing primarily on our wellness offerings. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficient in 3D rendering software - A strong portfolio showcasing similar past work - Ability to interpret and execute a modern design aesthetic Although the dimensions for the cold planges and saunas were not specified, I encourage freelancers to exhibit creativity in the use of space, ensuring that facilities are advanced enough to draw viewers' interest. Please provide examples of your past work when applying. Hi guys, We have a wellness company & have a cold plunge & sauna special that I need som...

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    Artikel Komuniti rendering Teratas