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    Antivirus bagian hal terpenting bagi kita. Kenapa bagian yang terpenting bagi kita terutama para pengguna Windows? Karena Antivirus adalah Security yang menjaga system di komputer atau notebook kita agar tidak terserang virus atau malware yang banyak sekali bertebaran di internet atau removable disk yang pernah kita gunakan. Sebagian besar kita adalah pengguna internet gratis? benarkan? ya kenapa kita lebih memilih internet gratis dibandingkan internet yang berbayar? ya pastinya kita tau jawabannya tentang hal itu. Internet gratis itu memiliki kekurangan dan kelebihannya. Benar bukan? seperti contoh yang saya berikan yaitu Trik internet gratis melalui Simple server, ISPCE, dan Ultrasurf. Pasti kalian sudah tidak asing lagi dengan software-software yang saya sebutkan diatas. Apa k...

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    $3000 - $5000
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    I’m wanting to start a pet rescue & sanctuary but I’m trying figure out prices to get it done for me I’m located in Ohio USA

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    I need a simple python flask web app prototype to record a maximum of 2 minutes of audio clips +...possible to listen to those audio recordings. The web app must be responsive; must be fully workable in both mobile and desktop devices. The backend must be implemented in python+Flask and the front end should be html 5 + css + javascript. However, a complete backend with database connection etc. are not needed. The flask app can just store the audio files (and geotag locations) in the local disk. You can use any free/existing bootstrap responsive css theme. You don't need to build one from scratch. Here is a figma prototype for a better understanding:

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    ...best to add comments on logos! I also included a logo from a partner rescue we work with that i like for reference (716 Paws) - I like that it's simple, and components can be isolated or used in different ways. I'd love to include something that has to do with a "destination", somehow...road map? a trail of a map? a pin? I'm not very creative, but between all the talent on here I'm sure together we can come up with something great! **In general, these logos look lovely!!! A few look a little to cartoony for what we're going for, but we generally loving the options so far! Please make sure not to use stock photos, as we would use this to brand our nonprofit! Our nonpfrofit name is "Destination: Rescue". While most dog rescu...

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    We need to migrate our website from Siteground where it is currently hosted to GoDaddy. The site is an e-Commerce () with about 30k products, takes up 15GB of Disk Space and with the current plan we have 5 TB of Data Transfer. Emails need to be backed up on Siteground and then brought back to GoDaddy. The site is a multi-store made of other 3 domains apart from the "main" but the Database is unique. Tell me if you need more info. DEADLINE: It is very important that the work is completed by 1 June 2022. PAYMENT: once the migration is completed and working.

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    ...Enforcement Agencies, Big Data Intelligence & Fusion Solutions, Website Monitoring, CDR/IPDR/SDR Analytics Tools for Law Enforcement Agencies, Counter Surveillance Tools and Anti Drone Solutions. My expertise includes Analytical Talent, Computer Science/Tech Skills, Understanding of Cyber Security, Organization, Communication Skills, and a desire to learn. My Specific fields of interest include Disk Forensics, Network Forensics, Wireless Forensics, Database Forensics, Malware Forensics, Email Forensics, Memory Forensics, and Mobile Phone Forensics. Stand out a factor or unique things about myself: • Technical and Analytical Skills • Familiarity with Networking Concepts • Communication • Command Over Cybersecurity Concepts • High Level of Accuracy &...

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    ...email_test :false, // true, false test_every :100, email_destination :"", letter :"", encode_letter :"base64", // there are 2 options "hex" and "base64" useAttachment : false, encode_attachment : "base64", // there are 2 options "hex" and "base64" mailist :"", // file name mailist const attachment = [ { // file on disk as an attachment filename: '', path: '', // stream this file attachmentToPdf: false, encryptAttachment: false, }, ] const setup_time_date = { time_zone :"America/Adak", // -> list all of time zone in the world timezone_name ...

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    $30 - $250
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    Requirement for UNIX App 2 hari left

    ...Ownership Umask Access Control List Special Permissions Compression and Decompression techniques File attributes Access Control List Shredding " "User creation and its parameters Group Creation User and group modification User database Aging parameters Terminal Skel, profile, banner, version, issues, services " "Storage: Disk Geometry Understanding disk partitions Partitions: Creation , Mounting , deleteing , Fstab, Automount Filesystem Types,Inodes, blocks and superblocks, hard and soft links" "Architecture of SAN,NAS, SAN Switches LVM & RAID – Fundamentals and Configuration " " • Scheduler -- cron , anacron, at & Batch • Quota • Sudoers &bul...

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    $16 - $32 / hr
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    A Multi QoS Disk Scheduling Strategy(MQDS) framework need to be created where it contains three layers. First layer is Cloudlets layer where the Cloudlets will be divided as such time sensitive, cost sensitive and dynamic requirement tasks. These Cloudlets will be sent to second layer, Resource allocation layer where the workload and price will be collected. According to the conditions, the tasks will be scheduled to the resource layer using three different types of algorithms. You can go through the framework picture that's provided in project paper. At the end the proposed algorithms should be energy efficient. Simulation need to be done using CloudSim and CloudSimDisk simulators. A simple framework of MQDS and implementing algorithms is enough, you can go through the framewo...

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    ...18) where we can test the APIs provided by library for different kind of images and inputs interactively rather than writing another C/C++ code on top of it. A graphical debug utility shall use the library to create an interactive dialog in which the following can be performed function like: 1. Load images and geometric context files into the utility, and save geometric contexts to a file on disk. 2. A sequence of images can be loaded at once. 3. Loaded images are displayed and can have pattern search results overlayed in color over the displayed image. 4. Displayed images with overlays can be zoomed and panned. 5. Overlays can individually be enabled and disabled, and include: 6. All input parameters that are adjustable through the API can be adjusted for loaded and created...

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    Running on centos. Disk usage increases every 4-5 hours. Do not know why.

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    I need a customized packaging design for a deodorant. The design must take into account the following requirements: * Roll on mechanism. No "push up" disk *Materials Option 1- ecologic compostable: paper, carbon. *Materials Option 2 - aluminum for refill deodorant bar.

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    ...need to be created and/or documented. The customers need to be able to see their service(s) on the Wetail Customer page. Today, only Stripe plans can be seen, but we want the customer to see the servers and be able to monitor them and make changes in the hosting plans that have direct effect on both the running server as well as the billing. Different kind of warnings regarding CPU, memory and disk space should allow the customers to decide if an upgrade is needed and perform this upgrade (or downgrade) themselves. During the project, it is expected that the Wetail CTO is presented with the different options that come with AWS, what the pros and cons of these are as well as given a recommendation regarding which solution to choose. Programming of APIs and supporting systems, in...

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    I need a windows shell script expert to write test and deliver an audit script that will collect : CPU, Hard disk, memory installed software and user login logs informations from a windows server, store it into variables and show it on the console echoing the variables in format of "variable=value , variable2=value2,...variableN=valueN" targeted windows server versions from 2003 to 2016. deliverable shoult be .bat or .cmd no powershell, no exe.

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    Exadata DMA and ODA Oracle DBA Training: Oracle databases in Exadata machine and ODA(Oracle Database Appliance) environments. Troubleshooting and supportin...methodologies including data pump export/import and cross platform migration etc. Critical Database Migration on Production systems using DR setup/Pre-cutover/Cutover and EXPDP-IMPDP ; Database migration from ODA(Oracle database appliance) to Exadata and vice-versa. Database home installation, Database upgrade, patching, and regular maintenance of databases in ODA. ODA maintenance activity like disk, memory, and network card SFP replacement. Identifying and resolving DATABASE issues, problem troubleshooting, root cause analysis, opening ticket with oracle Various database refresh procedures - Database cloning and Data pump exp...

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    increase google cloud disk size. After increasing size from the console. it shows different results. 1. lsblk shows sba 2 has 30G of disk. sudo lsblk NAME MAJ:MIN RM SIZE RO TYPE MOUNTPOINT sda 8:0 0 35G 0 disk ├─sda1 8:1 0 200M 0 part /boot/efi └─sda2 8:2 0 34.8G 0 part / However, df -k shows sda2 only has 20G. Any thoughts?

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    I have a debian server, I can ping it when it is in rescue mode, but after I reboot I can not access via SSH or plesk.

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    Hi, my server is going out of space so I bought an additional "1 TB SATA SSD" hard disk to move my uploads folder to it. I need support to mount the new harddisk on my dedicated server from hetzner and move my uploads & cache folder to it. Can you tell me the steps to do it?

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    I use a backup tool to backup my servers 4 disk drives. The tool has a command line that is running on schedule in an existing PowerShell script. I want to have the script further enhanced to keep only the last 14 days of incremental backups with one full backup. The script will need to make full backup and incremental backups and remove old backups automatically. The script also send email backup log file data but that is already in existing script. The following links will assist with understanding the backup tool. and Also see current script file

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    ...+++ I am looking for someone who can setup and configure a lightning fast server for me to host my Magento websites.I currently have 8 websites Magento 2.4.1 to 2.4.3 running on my current server. All are to be upgraded to 2.4.4 All sites run super slow. New Server specification Processor Ryzen 7 3800X 8-Core Bandwidth 1Gbit Port: 200TB Transfer Ram 64 GiB Operating System CentOS 7 (latest) Disk 2x 480 GB DELIVERABLES - Install and configure necessary PHPs one of the site is Magento 1.9x - Install and configure Elasticsearch, Rabbitmq - Setup Leased Lite Speed Web Server license + LiteMage Cache with WHM+Cpanel :: Create subdomains for 3 sites server is within the 5 domain limit. I'll tell you which sites. - Gtmetrix and Pagespeed reports for each site should be A...

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    I run a wiki and need help setting up an automatic off-disk backup process. For someone already knowledgeable, I think this is a fairly quick job. Need someone familiar with MediaWiki, MariaDB, drive mounts (or how to xfer files to another system).

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    19 bida

    We have off-disk file space and some scripts for making backups. I need someone to test the scripts to make sure they are working, and then also, automate moving the backups from the main disk to the off-system disk (set up a file mount?). Finally, I need automation to prune the off-disk backups so the disk doesn't fill up (or else, a process/schedule for doing so manually). Must be familiar with MySQL, Mediawiki and Ubuntu command line.

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    Prepare the following graphs: – Measured and predicted tide height vs time – Salinity (3 depths) vs time – 1 meter water depth salinity and conductivity vs time – Water temperature (3 depths) vs time – Solar/1 m water temp/air temp vs time – Dissolved oxygen (3 depths) vs time – pH (3 depths) vs time – Water clarity (secchi disk) vs time – Water flow vs time – Dominant species from the river and Clinton Harbor sites

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    ...for you and then make sure it is being implemented. We’re with you all the way. Audit Rescue Plan All hospices will be audited during the course of their existence. Generally speaking, hospices send the chart off and hope for the best, with no voice as to why the patient was appropriate for service. The number one reason for a denial in an audit is failure to prove a patient’s terminal prognosis of six months or less. The reviewer that is assigned to your chart has never met the patient, has never attended one of your Interdisciplinary Team Meetings and is likely not familiar with the charting system that has produced all the information they are tasked with reviewing. With Clearview’s proven Audit Rescue plan, we ensure that you have a voice in the form...

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    Grant Writer Tamat left

    To help review and choose from 15 grants we've identified for State of Nebraska which Kubat Healthcare may qualify for. Additionally, there are 2 federal grants (American Rescue Plan Act of 2021). Your role would be to gather relevant details from our stakeholders, then determine which of the grants have the highest likelihood of success. Then writing and submitting for those grant opportunities on behalf of Kubat Healthcare. We have researched the State grant opportunities and have narrowed those down to 9 which may have potential.

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    We need create a GCP infrastructure: - 1 SSD Disk - 1 PostgreSQL - 1 AppEngine - 1 Redis instance - 1 VPC for connect AppEngine and Redis - 1 Compute Engine (Ubuntu 20.04) connected with PostgreSQL and Redis. The compute engine should be into a group for able to horizontal scale

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    I want to combine my company logo and a cartoon looking (comical) gorilla figure wearing firefighter pants. The pants are to be black with lime green trim. The gorilla has to have cool looking sunglasses on. Wearing a tshirts with our logo on it. He needs to be holding rescue tool that I am including in this. This will be used on a large marketing prop for trade show

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    Creating a Windows Presentation Foundation application using community toolkitt. The app loads an xml file from the hard disk and shows the xml data in a datagrid. More functions are insert new row in datagrid, delete a row and save the changes of multiple rows back into the xml file. The Model-View-ViewModel Design Pattern and XmlDocument should be used.

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    Raid hard disk configuration in redhatLinux server Kolkata Saltlake West Bengal

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    Raid hard disk configuration in redai Linux server

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    create application with database access, to display youtube videos and images from the local disk.

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    You are to write a simple file system which will use a regular file as the "virtual disk". The structure of the file system is based on FAT, simplified, and called mini-FAT. other information in file

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    We need guidance to find the best Host for the server of our needs. No max budget, we pay according to the service/performance offered by the Hoster and we prefer a monthly payment that can later be extended to 3-6-12 months in advance. Minimum requirements: Disk: PCIe Gen3 x4 NVME SSD, or better (min. 10 TB space) CPU: min. 2.8Ghz and 48 cores / 96 threads RAM: DDR4 3200MHz, 512 GB or higher GPU: GTX 1080, or better

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    The Rescue Mission of Trenton last year served 152,251 meals to 1,415 individuals who had nowhere else to turn, helped 153 people experiencing homelessness obtain their own housing, and was just awarded a grant to create an outreach program to provide services from a mobile unit that will travel to high-risk areas where people congregate who are struggling with opioid addiction. And behind each of those numbers is a personal story of hope, potential and opportunity. We are seeking a Grant Writer who wants to make a significant impact on helping our organization, which, for over a century, has been dedicated to feeding those who are hungry, housing those who are homeless, counseling those seeking recovery and providing life-changing opportunities. We are open to a full-time position ...

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    I run a cat rescue a 501c3 in North East Pa and we are trying to raise funds for a new building and just daily costs to run the rescue. We rely pretty much on me funding it and donations. We need donations to survive. I've tried my own crowdfunding- not one soul donated :( - I've spent money on FB ads to no avail- I don't know what else to do?

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    Hello, i need help accessing my windows server because of vpn i installed and i can't access it through the network anymore after restarting and shutting down, i can reboot to linux rescue mode command line to delete the installed program which i dont have any experience with please help

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    We need to create a Windows 10 templates for Virtualizor, for automatic deploy of that OS. For that reason I need the img file for windows 10 with following characteristics: 1) Updated 2) Activated 3) As light as possible (removing unnecesary things, like cortana......automatic deploy of that OS. For that reason I need the img file for windows 10 with following characteristics: 1) Updated 2) Activated 3) As light as possible (removing unnecesary things, like cortana...) 4) With RDP activated 5) That virtualizor can setup the password 6) Windows update disabled 7) Template size must be reduced as maximum (around 10 gb), and ready that virtualizor can extend the disk when install in bigger disks 8) Installation of google chrome We need the result in img file, supported from vi...

    $10 - $30
    $10 - $30
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    i believe that the hard disk got full and the pc stop booting I need someone to clear /var/log/ and get the pc to boot again access via vmware console via teamviewer

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    Search and Rescue Productions is a small production company operating out of NYC. The vast majority of our work is corporate videos, interviews, After Effects graphics, etc. However, we sometimes get to work on exciting, high end music videos for labels and indie artists. We have been hired to produce a music video for a great, international record label and their new band, a popular jazz-punk group out of London. The heart of this video is a 3D animated narrative set at a boxing arena in the future. We need to hire a 3D artist (or possibly multiple specialists) to handle the 3D elements under the guidance of our Director. This is a new space for us; we've been slowly learning 3D work, so we have a good sense of the vocabulary, but we need more experienced artists to get us...

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    Trophy icon Need a book cover design Tamat left

    Book cover design required for ebook, paper back: Book Title: Heal Your Thyroid Subtitle: Proven Holistic Ayurvedic ApproachTo Rescue Your Metabolism, Hormones, Mind, Body & Emotions Author Navnish Kaur Khera Size: 7.5” X 9.25” Will share the ISBN # and cost USD 29 CAD 25 I have attached the trim and bleed sizes for the cover for reference for paperback. I require a pdf version -print ready Also the source files. Other details will be updated as required

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    Our old webserver stop booting normally It boot just in rescue mode. This one was hosting 10 websites with many email accounts. We need a help in moving all email accounts and their data to our new Server and make them accessible via roundcube and Plesk Panel The old server was running Plesk and postfix mails

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    Digital Ocean - gitlab server droplet site can't be reached after upgrading the disk from 160 to 320 GB.

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    1 bida

    We need help fixing the boot error on the Centos server using the Rescue system "Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout - starts"

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    ...net/extensions/rowgroup/examples/initialisation/ The datatable must allow to filter by name, Data Center, IP, observation, etc. And to have an advanced filter to search by resources of the specs columns, for example: Search by a range of costs (show servers with cost between $100 and $200), Search servers with more than 30GB of RAM available, or Show servers with more than 500GB of disk space available, etc. Example: The information included in the “Other Info” can be included for example in a hidden row like in this example: Of course we need a form to create new physical servers, a form to create Virtual Machines associated to that server and a form to create

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    Calling magento 2 expert to tune my magento 2 site to be load less than 300ms for both front end and back end. Total sku about 9000. I only have a basic vps. centos linux. > spec as below Memory: total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 4194304 2772056 697768 131048 724480 1291184 Swap: 524288 524288 0 Disk: Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/ploop23232p1 449G 25G 406G 6% / none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup none 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev tmpfs 2.0G 0 2.0G 0% /dev/shm tmpfs 2.0G 116K 2.0G 1% /run tmpfs 410M 0 410M 0% /run/user/0 ================================...

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    Digital Ocean - gitlab server droplet site can't be reached after upgrading the disk from 160 to 320 GB. On the droplet unable to change the root password.

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    Create a n Infrastructure for following with some free or open source solution A Backup solution which can automatically backup all the data to a local disk and in cloud. Windows Image deployment (set up a WDS and with multiple editable custom mages) Network Monitoring (LAN, Internet and Files access) Print Server and File Server (Setup and configure) Network Core and DMZ zone (Cisco Platform) Hyper V replication

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    Hi, I work as one of the security team members for a Non-Profit that helps rescue women from sex trafficking. I'm a software Developer as my day job, and recently created an IoT wifi button for sending text alerts, and had the thought of being able to create a Cellular button to send a text with GPS coordinates as a safety measure. What I am looking for is something that is discrete, or something that is small enough to fit inside a lipstick bottle, or something that wouldnt be confiscated if a pimp kidnapped one of the women. I am not looking for something that is always on. I want the device to be in deep sleep mode so that it couldnt be found with a bug sniffer, unless the button was pressed. And then it activate, pull gps coords, send text to a group message between non-...

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    A drawing of a disk with 5 evenly spaced holes. - Outside diameter : 155mm - Inside diameter : 75mm - BHC : 114mm - Holes : 5x 15mm dia.

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    ...dier discovers how to use her powers. FACT; IN 2002, THE U.S. MILITARY KILLED A 14 FOOT, 1100 POUND, RED-HAIRED GIANT IN THE MOUNTAINS OF AFGHANISTAN. FACT; WHEN THEN 8-YEAR-OLD AMANDA FRANKLIN HAD AN OTHERWORLDLY EXPERIENCE IN HER FATHER’S CHURCH IT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING OF HER AWAKENING TO BATTLE THE RAPHAIM GIANTS, MORE. Fast-forward 18 years, Amanda is on a “search and rescue” mission with her Delta Unit in the Afghanistan mountains they run across a Raphaim Giant. The U.S. Government taps her unit to spearhead a “search and destroy” mission to find the Giant. Headed by Major Sterling Stryker, Special Agent with the Office of Director of National Intelligence, and aided by rogue Archeologist/Theologist, Seth Waters, Amanda and the U...

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