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    Saya memerlukan design antenna 2.4ghz microstrip antenna bersama metamaterial

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    - Implementasi Sistem Absensi Otomatis Di Kampus Institut Teknologi Del dengan Menggunakan Teknologi RFID. - Implementasi Nagios dan Cacti sebagai Network Management System. - Implementasi Active Directory di Kampus Institut Teknologi Del menggunakan Windows Server 2012. - Implementasi Fortigate Sebagai router. - Implementasi Auto Laptop Installation Using Mumi.

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    RFID SPEEDWAY SETUP 6 hari left

    I have a IMPINJ SPEEDWAY RFID READER IPJ-R1000 I need someone to help me remotely setup the reader, antennas and configure them to read in real time my inventory. I need the data sent to an sheet in my google drive with time and total quantity. The coverage space is 9 square feet, I normally have 150 swim shorts in stock.

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    We need a 2-3 second intro for our new YouTube Channel “Trash TV”. The intro is a dust bin (trash can) falling over and an old-school boxy tv falling out, and rolling over to reveal a static screen. The TV has two antenna in a V shape, one is a bit bent. The screen flashes into the letters TTV. For the style, we are flexible on this. Not too experienced in commissioning animation, but basically we are open to styles that resemble 90s TV era cartoons. This could be 2D or 3D, however we are not looking into hand drawn or stop motion animations at this time. Our budget is £150.00. If you are interested please send over your website/portfolio.

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    We need a 2-3 second intro for our new YouTube Channel “Trash TV”. The intro is a dust bin (trash can) falling over and an old-school boxy tv falling out, and rolling over to reveal a static screen. The TV has two antenna in a V shape, one is a bit bent. The screen flashes into the letters TTV. For the style, we are flexible on this. Not too experienced in commissioning animation, but basically we are open to styles that resemble 90s TV era cartoons. This could be 2D or 3D, however we are not looking into hand drawn or stop motion animations at this time. Our budget is £150.00. If you are interested please send over your website/portfolio.

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    Connect a RFID scanner (TSL 1128) to a web application so tags picked up by the scanner display in the app, Convert the scan results from hexadecimal to a GS1-ID and then add the results to a database. Then have a search for a tag function where the app searches through the scanned results for a particular tag. and lastly have a function to manual input a location name (eg. room 1 floor 2), scan the room and then update location on the database for each device piked up in the scan.

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    Project: Program Keonn UHF RFID system for our use case/system. HW Components per system () 1x AdvanReader-70 READER (no enclosure) 1x AdvanMux-16 MULTIPLEXERS (no enclosure) 10x Keonn RFID Advantenna-p11 (no enclosure) 1x Keonn RFID Advantenna-p13 (no enclosure) Scope of Development: Will be provided to selected freelancers.

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    We wish to build up on and use one of these existing projects. This is a basic 'credit' management system for users, where they swipe a card and credits are taken off, it is logged and there credit total is adjusted. BASIC outline of what we are wanting to achieve. User will - swipe a card - handshake with server - check if user has credits available IF ---- YES - Output a signal on the one of the ESPXX spare pins momentarily. - Reduce users 'rolling credit' on 'server', saving ID of ESPXX device. ---- NO - Alert user with message on screen to see an 'ADMIN'. On the links above, software / programming / general setup etc exists. So most of the 'hard work', has been done. Modification of front end and back end as required to dis...

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    We need a cash app which support not only bitcoin but our altcoin of choice. We need it to be with blockchain and all the features this has and be a payment gateway processor. We will add rfid payment process to buy tickets for events and create a POS system added to it, so that people can create events, use the POS and pass the rfid bracelet to buy food and drinks and at some points assist to the local stores inside of the event and buy with it. 
This in two ways: 1) online with immediate transaction type or 2) with prepaid credit on their wallet for offline transactions working along a cloud. *We require that the ideal candidate/business, posses proven work and expertise on this field, not only links of work, but actual letters or a way to contact other business to confir...

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    Trophy icon Assist me in Logo Design 4 jam left

    1) The logo will include an image with the brand name 2) The brand name is: Coastlands Attached is the font style. It’s the font in the title of the game “jetsetradiofuture” 3) The image part of the logo will be your take of antenna setting off radio signals sitting on top of a mountain. Feel free to be creative! If you feel the antenna needs to be by itself or the mountain needs water at the bottom or the mountain needs jagged lines to represent snow, etc. As long as it is minimalistic and pleasing to the eye! This will be going on merchandise. 4) Attached is the image art style I’m looking for that the entire logo needs to match. Some key words to describe the art style are: early 2000s punk, skater, street, Japanese street art I have also atta...

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    We are looking for a codebase that will allow a 13.56 MHz RFID tag to be scanned on a compatible RFID reader and pass the unique ID of the RFID tag to an HTML Input () field. The deliverable must show the working functionality without changes to code. We will provide the RFID scanner SDK, which would need to be manipulated to allow the scanned tags to pass the UID to an HTML input. We would need this work done ASAP.

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    I need someone to design and simulate a 150 Mhz pcb antenna. I would like a few different options that I can get printed to test. Design t be delivered in kicad

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    Hi estebantoribio, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I would like to have a rfid card prepaid with credits to use at a bar, so the bartenders do not handle cash. Please assist

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    Project is to engineer, design, and provide all manufacturing and assembly files and component part numbers from 2 manufacturers for a 4.37 kHz signal generator with 10 Watt RF amplifier, and omnidirectional wire antenna +/- 140cm in length. 12VDC power supply source. 100% duty cycle. Extremely compact design required using one or more interconnected 30mm diameter PCBs.

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    $30 - $250
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    ...do the following work for me. If you are interested please let me know. Budget: $39. This message contains a zip file with a running application, a documentation and supporting files. So the work is that, I have a RFID Card reader that works fine with the application that I have provided but it doesn't do the job that I need. I am attaching a design of the interface with this message. You'll find a field where one can enter a URL, suppose "". So, what the software will do is, after clicking on "Start Recording" whenever the machine reads a rfid tag it'll complete the URL as "" (here RFID_TAG_NUMBER is the number/serial that the machine reads from each card) and then hit the URL. The second part is that the software

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    I need physics modeling and simulation work done to design a radar system.

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    This project will require the design of an antenna and pcb circuit board. I am looking for someone with a strong background in physics and can work with designing a radar antenna. Will hire multiple candidates for this job. Candidates for this job are individuals with background and experience in antenna and radar, pcb board and circuit design, CAD, physics.

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    Satellite TV antenna system for vehicles in motion as well as satellite internet VSAT Antenna system We are looking for a developer for our project. We are looking for engineers who are knowledgeable about the automatic satellite antenna system on the move.

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    Por favor solo personas con experiencia en GPSWOX, necesito generar un reporte personalizado de las infracciones(Aceleración y frenado brusco, exceso de velocidad) que han cometido los conductores y las infracciones(Aceleración y frenado brusco, exceso de velocidad) por vehículo, las infracciones envía el dispositivo GPS, para identificar a los conductores se utiliza una tarjeta RFID, toda la información esta en la base de datos de la plataforma, solo se debe generar el reporte con las columnas requeridas.

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    I/O Board Plc Tamat left

    ...boat marina that controls water & electricity. Each Pedestal has 4x Water outlets – 24v Solenoid flowmeter data collected via pulse mode 4x Power sockets - Single phase meter data collected via pulse mode 4x Mennekes auxiliary switch on each power socket to indicate if the plug is present or not Interface screen Rfid/Nfc Reader Screen to display information Option 1 Rfid/Nfc Reader + Touch Screen for a user to navigate and control water/electricity Option 2 Rfid/Nfc Reader + Screen for info + 4 leds to indicate their assigned socket + 2 common switches to control water/electricity The above is just a brief, and of course, further information is required for the whole setup, but if this is something that fits your nature of the business, we wi...

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    Need to make professional CAD drawing of antenna foundation of 11 mtr and 4 mtr antenna.

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    Need schematic's, layout in Kicad for 13.56 Mhz PCB Antenna in board size of 30x60 mm.

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    ...to show the titles of the link in the profile page. Example, if I save the link Instagram and call it “IG Sara” on the profile page it should show the name of the link I put not the standard one 7. Image in the link on profile page does not work (bugs) 8. Admin panel to see all the data of users and be able to export email 9. Add privacy /GDPR flag to trace the privacy consent 10. How to activate rfid. Example if I do an agreement with the gym to use the “digital card” also as entrance check for members. Can we do it? How does it work? 11. For payments how would it work? If we want to do the payments 12. Ability to allow multi-users in 1 app: example the mother does an account to save on his son the bracelet info in case he gets lost 13. Set profile style ...

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    Need to develop an IOT project using ESP32 AI and RFID. Should have knownledge on Python,AWS DynamoDB and ML. Should able to integrate with Mobile Application

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    This paper embodies the design and development of a compact Coplanar Waveguide (CPW) fed connected ground Multiple- Input-Multiple-Output (MIMO) antennas operating in the sub-millimeter-wave 5G New Radio (NR) n257/n258/n261 bands. The planar geometry leads to a small and compact structure while achieving a wide operating bandwidth, high gain, and better radiation efficiency. The top surface of the antenna comprises a modified CPW in the form of two circular structures that feeds the centrally slotted circular patch. The single antenna structure is arranged in a rotational orthogonal manner forming a 4-port structure. The ground plane on the bottom of a 4-port structure is connected using a circular ring which is carefully optimized for achieving isolation level...

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    We have a small Python unicorn solution that works as a standalone solution on Debian systems. It is an access solution with serial RFID readers and release via GPIOS. The RFID cards are currently managed via a web front end (unicorn) on each individual system. In the web frontend you can also read a log file in which all card actions are saved. There are now several systems and these are to be configured centrally via a web front end. The web portal is to be expanded for this purpose. The current data structure is: Card pool: UserID; cardnumber; Customer: Name;Company;Email; Card assignment: customer <-> card and some reports. The configuration is carried out by admins. In the future, it should be possible to centrally manage the cards for several systems. The new pa...

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    Seeking a highly experienced embedded engineer (or group) with min of 10 years of solid experience in producing completed products to market. Candidate must have EXTENSIVE experience with hardware design using ESP32, as well as EXTENSIVE experience and successful background with firmware for ESP32 products and related WIFI & BT work. This project is for a battery operated device with very low QC current. It includes writing firmware for codec and cost effective board design to allow basic half duplex voice through wifi to the device. The device is battery operated and must be designed with extremely low QC to allow years of deep sleep. Candidate must have extensive experience in assembling sample SMT boards [in-house] including the small smt components. You m...

    $10000 - $20000
    $10000 - $20000
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    RF ANTENNA Tamat left

    Hi Vusumuzi T., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    For a new product we are looking for someone with experience in designing HF antenna for detection of RFID tags. Antenna has a specified housing dimension and must be designed accordingly, with the highest efficiency possible. The PCB/Antenna will be sealed with epoxy with cable soldered on the pcb.

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    Hello, I am looking to write software programme C++ to read RFID tags on carts entering a building with Antennas, the tag must pass the cashier on the cart with another set of antennas, if not on exit the third set of antennas will see that the the cart has not passed the cashiers and trigger an alarm and notification, the hardware is here in Ireland, for testing and operation ideally the person would be based within Europe. Reagrds Michael

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    I would like to monitor RFID tags on carts entering and leaving a premises, there will be an RFID antenna at the entrance and exit doors, also an antenna at the cashiers desk, the cart must pass through the exit and read and the second antenna at the cashier, if it fails to pass through the cashier and leaves the exit antenna sounds an alarm and notification email is sent. Reagrds Michael

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    RFID Software Tamat left

    Hi Gowtham R., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. I am looking for some RFID software to read tags on a cart entering a premises and if the don't pass the cashier an alarm sounds when leaving. Three or more antenn's one at the entrance boths sides entering and leaving, they must pass through the cashier another antenna. ? Regards Michael

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    I need to develop an Nmea navigation application in which it receives nmea data from an external antenna via bluetooth and tells us the direction in the application. tractor is not real is tractor in aplicattion make in unity it is real tractor tracking app so in your app, according to the user's location, the tractor of the app will move in the screen(application). Exemples.

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    Advanced Planning and Scheduling Document Management System RFID/Machine/IoT/Sensors Data Connectivity via Event triggered MQTT

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    Advanced Planning and Scheduling Document Management System RFID/Machine/IoT/Sensors Data Connectivity via Event triggered MQTT

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    I am trying to make an RFID dog door to automatically let out my dog. I want to have an RFID tag be scanned which: unlocks the door (solenoid), activates a 12vDC motor to lift the door, and activate a red/green light if access is granted. However, I am also wanting to use a LoRa (sx1278) module to provide inputs. I want to put a Hall effect sensor on my fence gate so the dog door knows if the gate is open or closed, and if the gate is open, I want the dog door to not open and flash a red LED. That’s the bulk of the electronics, but I also want some safety features like an IR sensor so if the dog or my kid are in the doorway it won’t close, and resistance monitoring on the motor so the door reverses direction if it gets blocked. And momentary switches on the door s...

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    We are looking for an Application by Which RFID reader will send data to our cloud server

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    Develop Application Android and iOS using Bluetooth BLE5 beacon and AirTag . Developers who have prior experience with this technology shall contact us. Additional support of NFC and RFID reader using Alien and ThingMagic Readers will be required and software development based on these device will be required . You can also check and search for NFC Temperature sensor For reference

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    I need some one to design a metamaterial antenna for gain enhanced with 20x20mm² usign FR-4 as substrat, working in 5 GHz.

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    patch antenna Tamat left

    I need to design a antenna patch for the 430 MHz band in accordance the technical info I give. You can use Kicad, Eagle or Altium pcb software for design,(preferably the first two). I need that you give the gerber files for make the antenna. I give all the technical data and a preliminary designed so if you have experience in RF and pcb design this will be a easy task.

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    We want to develop a application/software which can communicate with UHF RFID reader development board. Development board consist PIC micro controller. From our side we can provide, 1. Hex command for particular action like start reading, stop reading, change power etc. 2. Guideline for graphical architecture. One existing demo application snap shot attached.

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    i want to store name of the student , time and student id from RFID attendance system using nodeMCU with firebase

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    I need a professional developer who can develop a user tracking functionality using the IMU units on smart phones and give out raw data like accelerometer readings without using any extra infrastructure set up. No RFID tags, No beacons just smartphones. The current app framework is built with flutter so I need this functionality built on top of this framework.

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    ...una configurazione hardware già definita parzialmente con scheda controller+rfid+wifi+schermo touch oltre a modulo di alimentazione da definire. Il software dovrà prevedere la lettura di card rfid e inviare i dati della card ad un server. I dati sono riferiti ad articoli da ordinare semplicemente avvicinando la card, ogni card corrisponde ad un articolo. Il software dovrà inoltre dare la possibilità di inserire la quantità ordinata dopo la lettura della card e vari messaggi di conferma o errore. Dal lato server i dati dovranno essere ordinati per cliente, articolo, quantità (dati presenti in ogni card) Lo spunto lo prendiamo da questo progetto pubblicato :

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    I have built a 3 mile bridge with two airFiber 24 GHz Bridged radios. I also purchased and installed airMAX Omni 5 GHz, 10 dBi Antenna, with a LTU Rocket . I have a new UISP Switch and aUniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus (UCK-G2-PLUS), Single. I want to use the Rocket to act as my wifi source controled by dhcp . I would like help setting this up.

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    I'm looking to design a loop antenna for my device which operates at 125Khz. The antenna needs to be compact to fit into the device, so most probably will require to make the antenna using a coil.

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    Iam working on a big project to simulate antenna by using matlab, Iam using nature based algorithms using any particle swarm optimization, Genetic algorithm, ant colony optimization to code and simulate optimize antennas linear arrays. If any researcher has worked on this then please bid.

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    i want to hire a freelancer who can design broadband microstrip antenna

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    hi i want help to up source code to windows i want developer java scripc lancer. i have open source code

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    I am on my way of opening a social club , as i have seen around too much clubs are using NFC or RFID , so their clients can identify theirself in the entry of the shop. I have seen too much shops methods and i prefer to create my visit card so i can put the (nfc or rfid chip inside) and clients can use it very easy to identify. I need chip (nfc or rfid) to keep photo and information , general information (name , last name , birthday , country ) . So i will need a writer and a reader in my entry.

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