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    ...bonus incentives! :-) This first project will require thinking "outside the box" and doing things vastly different than 99% of the web sites out there. I need a CGI/Perl script guru who can reach an END goal by studying a few competitive web sites & without having the luxury of accessing their server-side scripting (i.e reverse engineer as best as

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    ...for a coder who can help me design/develop/implement a webhosting/domain control panel. I’ve good knowledge with PHP and MySQL, but not so good at programming server based script (That interact with the server!) The successful coder can become a partner in the hosting company. Unlimited Earning could be available. Documentation will need to be drafted

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    ...Unix Smartsearch mods Smartsearch 4.15 Need Smartsearch 4.15 installed on my main search site and programer must be able to move my current members and their data into the new script. I am 1 -- Want it to mix my search listings according to bid amount in with the listings from what ever exterior search engine I use for filler. Then showing my free

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    This should be an easy script to do, and I'm willing to pay for results, and have an ongoing relationship with the programmer. I need a web-based app that finds arbitrage opportunities in sports betting. I can find many arbitrage opportunities manually, but I need to have a program written that does it for me... 1) I need a program that constantly

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    Sportsbetting Spider & Analyzer This should be an easy script to do, and I'm willing to pay for results, and have an ongoing relationship with the programmer. I need a web-based app that finds arbitrage opportunities in sports betting. I can find many arbitrage opportunities manually, but I need to have a program written that does it for me... 1) I

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    ...into a main preview folder(I can use ftp). eg /var/www/html/cgi-script/previewfolder I would ftp the upload a folder(client1) into this previewfolder. Thus the images would now be in /var/www/html/cgi-script/previewfolder/client1 A different client would be /var/www/html/cgi-script/previewfolder/client2 etc.... I need provide a link to my client:

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    We are in search of a script that will allow us to open a site similar to this one: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] The service will allow users to sign up and put a code for a popup box on their site which will give visitors the option to join a list of newsletters. We also want to the add the option of letting the users purchase extra 'credits'

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    I need a script that will place a header and footer on any page created on any domain. I'm using cpanel from This script will list all domains on the server and I will be able to assign a category for each domain. Then I will need to be able to create a header and footer for each category. The header and footer will go on every page created

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    Hi, I need a VB6 Script with what I can send easily send SMS to cellulars... Please log-in here: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Enter Username: SMS21569 Password: test Now you see the form to send a SMS Your Script should automaticly login, I should can enter with your script: Number, Text etc... So, that I don't need to start my webbrowser

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    php Tamat left

    ...give me the idea before we find out.. the best idea will be given a small amount as a bonus The admin has a server from where users can download files thorugh ftp. The current script will allow the admin to add 1,username/password (what user uses to login via ftp) This is to download the files from the admins server. 2,hostname(the client will enter hostname

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    ...newsletter through the browser. It has the option to see the newsletter before it is send out or to send only a newsletter version to the admin. Formatting of the newsletter changes when you use the see, receive, and send options one after another. For example if you have a in the original text, then after the see option, you have , if you click

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    3 bida and features. This admin piece should allow me to add products, users, services, adjust invoices, etc.. Here are some of the features I am looking for and found a perl script that can do it at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] ● Automated User/Member signup ● Checks your database to make sure no one else is using the requested:

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    I am looking for a get a custom made Newsticker Script made for a new site project. I would like it to be similar to the one found at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and also be able to configure it like this: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Features it must have: - User can choose horizontal scrolling, vertical

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    I need someone knowledgeable in cgi who can who can assist me in color changes and make some script corrections.

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    VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE WINDOWS CODER NEEDED! Our website uses an ASP script to allow our clients to login and download files. The files reside in a directory w/ the same name as the username. Currently, our script must be in the root directory where all user folders are located. The script searches the user directory and displays all files available for

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    ...and want to customize the script to match our site design. The headers and footers are already in place but the middle of the pages need to be configured. Site design at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Script at: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] We also need to know how make changes to the design if needed in

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    ...update Page Thank you page CDO Emails send Event Selection, headcount validation and limiting attendees based on headcount via VB Script Dababase Retention VIA MS Access Preferred Code Style and Components: ASP VB Script 5.0 + MS SQL Based Code Development to run in MS Access DB VB Validation Completely MS FrontPage editable and compatible Compatible

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    ...has a "Job Listings" section that will be accessible by the general public. XYZ Company wants a select handful of their employees to be able to update this section to make changes, additions and deletions. For security reasons, the individuals who will do the updating will need to login with a password. These individuals are not familiar with HTML programming

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    ...smartsearch 4.01 script so that it integrates with another pearl model that I have that tracks advertiser's listings. I need a very experienced prgrammer for this as expertise is needed from ecommerce to admin reporting. 1. I need to integrate into another pearl script that acts as a search engine for the advertisers listings. This script already has an

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    PHP Shareware Download Archive Script I want a new website designed using PHP (or Perl) and MySQL, that will allow software developers to submit their programs. Visitors to our site should then be able to browse, search different categories and download programs. If you been to: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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    I have a very professional script but I've never seen it in action. I believe this script is in C++/CGI and it is distributed freely (not stolen). I think this script needs root access to install it on a server. But I don't have a unix server to play around with. I want someone to install it on their server (installation instructions are included).

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    ...scripts. The scrip should be VB -ASP. I require a complete domain name lookup/ register [log masuk untuk melihat URL]: Front End. 1. Whois lookup script that looks up all available TLD for name entered ( I have a .pl script to do this. It will need to be changed a little to display the results I wish) 2. Select domain name(s) to add to cart or continue shopping

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    You must have experience in making email programs? I have one that needs to have changes and upgrades made to it. It is written in Perl and runs out of a cgi-bin. It is a high-volume email delivery system. My objectives: 1.) Make my script use less CPU resources while sending mail 2.) A list handling feature. A way to capture undeliverables

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    I need to have the existing script SmartArchive customized for my needs or a new script designed to handle a music database. Please look at the files here and compare the originals with the customized samples to see what I want to do. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I've put notes in brackets and changes from the original html files appear

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    im making an online pimping game it is a script based game. if u need something to look at go to [log masuk untuk melihat URL] im making something like that but making alittle changes. well im not making it who ever i find [log masuk untuk melihat URL] u help me make it then we might work out a deal where u get half the profit.

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    ...when you type in line 4 and hit enter only line 4 is sent to check for key words. Also if the user doesn't hit enter, but changes lines with the mouse cursor then that line should check for key words. When the user opens an ASP script the whole scrip should check and highlight all the key words. And should preform this function pretty fast. The coding

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    ...A complete translation of the English into German is needed. The changes are to be accomplished in the script. Translating the words I will accomplish. 2. The complete Web Design is to be arranged, concrete conception (defaults) in graphic form will be provided by me. 3. The script must be installed on my server. Before you place your bid, please

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    ...for confirming member/Reseller sign up valid email address. 6. Site Advertising and administration for adding banners advertisements for other companies. 7. Refer a friend script (with referral authentication) 8. Send a card feature. 9. Flash Effects- This site will include the combined the Flash effects from [log masuk untuk melihat URL] (like... highlighting

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    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL]). 1) One of my search partners ([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) has upgraded their system and my code needs to be slightly modified to support their new version. ah-ha has told me that changes on my end are pretty minor. However, since I am a VBScript/.asp programmer and these scripts are in Perl, I am at a loss as to how to fix and troubleshoot. This is ...

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    Tracking Log Tamat left

    ...[log masuk untuk melihat URL] -- Most recent user guide I could find. (Word 2000). [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -- SQL Server script for the view that Invoice Tracking is using to update Job Numbers. This view is designed to reside in the GATECustomer_Service database. (SQL Server 2000 script) In order for the Job Update to work, there must be a ODBC DSN named "Customer_Ser...

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    ...made a request that I can't figure out how to change. Currently, the script displays headings with a + sign next to them. Right now, if the user clicks on the plus sign OR the heading next to it, the tree expands to show the other levels. I am trying to find how to make the script NOT EXPAND if the user clicks the heading, and ONLY expand if the user

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    2 bida "Anonymous Access", "Read/Write permissions", "Enable/Disable Script/Execute Setting", ... 7. Create DSN records in ODBC. The project needs to be fully commented and documented so that each line has been explained. The architecture of the project needs to allow for dynamic changes, such as different account names, files, folders, versions, ...

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    ...someone to do the following list of changes to my web site. I will need a template, we will do the content inhouse. Code must be clean, as I am having to do this b/c the site locks up in some browsers or does not look right in others (beyond normal variance) Using the existing web site, make the following changes: 1. Replace the scrolling java box on

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    ...are great for my sight. Would like to host this on Unix server if at all possible. Please sign up for the 30 day free trial to go through all the information. Some notable changes will be required: user should have option to sign up as individual only not as a group, will not need any features contained in sight that would apply to members of a group

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    ...within the text document. User will be able set up a parameter table/script for the unique processing of each report. We declare the line number, mask character string, starting position and length of a field(s) to be searched for on every page of the text file. Each time the field(s) changes or based upon a mask that we define a new pdf document will be

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    ...we pass the values from the relevant fields to an ASP script that Inserts/updates the SQL Server DB. If we are creating a new record then we pass a flag on the URL to identify this. The 2 problems we are seeking a solution to are as follows: 1. If 2 documents have the same title, or the user changes the title, then we don't know which to update in SQL

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    ...user’s computer I’ll need an installer script that will check for it rather than any code changes in the attached projects. NOTE: The development environment requires DirectX 8.1 SDK, VB-6 and V C++ SP-5. ## Deliverables 1. Complete and fully-functional working projects in C++ and VB or a WISE installtion script that catches the problem on the user's

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    ...using a mySQL database running on Unix/Linux. You can of course mention alternatives, if you belive that they will perform better. The script has to be optimized to handle thousands of members. I only need the script, but if you want to include design, make sure to mention that in your bidding. With or without design it has to be completely template

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    Web site updates and small changes, shopping cart addition Please feel free to make suggestions as we are doing these upgrades if you see a better way. It is important to note that this site went live on June 3rd. We are selling tickets. This means that we can’t update the site with any changes until we are completely finished. We will need

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    ...CRM software Goldmine 5.7 (DBF)Goldmine has a feature to accept these records (new records, or modifications to existing record) via email. This email is generated by a CGI script (provided). The contact information taken from the person who registers is the Primary contact and only they are issued a username and password to access the billign area (

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    I need a script that runs in an internet browser that organizes a plethora of scanned JPEGs that I have. The images themselves are scanned from many yearbooks spanning 20 years, and are already sorted by name in directories. There needs to be a contents page to select each year, and then links to each section of the yearbook. Essentially it needs to

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    C/C++ in UNIX Tamat left

    ...deleted directly from the file and new records added directly to the file. *** Do not read all records into any sort of container and make all changes in the container as in previous assignments. *** A script file, named "[log masuk untuk melihat URL]", of you testing session, together with all source files. Do NOT submit your data file. You must conclude your testing

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    Classifieds PHP/MySQL script (cell phones) FEATURES REQUIRED - Must be coded with these things in mind: Security, Reliability and Speed - Registration for users required to submit ads. - Users email address as username - A random password sent to users email address automatically in welcome message - Email forgotten passwords to users email addresses -

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    ...using the script on multiple sites, but the larger data files (yellow pages and census info) would be stored on our main site. I¡¦ve found many useful free scripts at [log masuk untuk melihat URL] for this project but need programmer expertise for selection and customization. I¡¦ve tried to put together the requirements of my site, but there will be chang...

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    ...database with any changes made upon the click of the submit button. The HTML templates will be provided, and as such so will the fields of the database which are required. A nice feature would be the ability to generate a new customer record from an administration screen. The coder must construct the database and associated PHP script. Complete details

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    I am looking for a script very similar to Smart Search, but written in PHP. I need it built from the ground up. The reason is, I want full copyright rights to the script for me to do as a please. I plan on using these for client websites and want our name and info in the header of the files. I want something with all the features of the newest smart

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    ...I'll leave that up to you. Must be able to deliver with 48 hours of accepting the bid. Must have experience in changing variable in action script and submitting forms. Must be able to make any last minute changes if required. You must send some example of flash and/or graphics work. Variables as an example... game=Game One (Location)&P1=77&P2=88&A1=

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    ...WMI (MS platform SDK) and other more reliable technics to monitor these events and trigger an alert when they change (after comparing against the database) when something changes to log what change to log files and maybe send net send to admin. I would like the probe and performance counts to build real time & log so I can capture at the minute and

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    ...into the ASP Script. However, if there is a field called "ImagePath" then this information should show as an ![][1] and below it should be the data also available for updating. 7. When the user clicks on the UPDATE button a new page confirming the changes should be presented. This page should allow to go ahead and submit the needed changes or modify more

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    We are looking to launch an adult site affiliate program and need an extensive affiliate script developed. Winning bidder probably has previous experience in developing similar programs and has knowledge of the stats export interfaces provided by the most popular third party billers. Perhaps your team has already developed a similar program that can

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