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    I am in need of an artistic freelancer who can embody adaptability and resilience into a hummingbird sculpture. This is not a mere decorative piece but a symbolic representation of personal significance. - **Symbolism**: The hummingbird is intended to symbolize 'adaptability and resilience'. The design should embody these traits in a delicate, yet powerful, representation. - **Medium**: The preferred medium for this project is a sculpture. Familiarity with various materials is key, and the ability to work with me through potential concepts is equally important. Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of symbolism in art and be equipped with a portfolio of sculpture work. Experience in creating symbolic artwork is a plus.

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    ...design and assemble a single speaker for an outdoor sculpture. The idea would be that the speaker would play a selection of clips of a local classical music ensemble when a person walked near the sculpture. In the best case, there would be an easy way to change/update the clips the speaker played (like Bluetooth) but if that's cost prohibitive, I understand. Key Requirements: - The speaker should incorporate an infrared (or other type is fine) motion activation system. Prior experience with such technology would be advantageous. - Apart from motion activation, the speaker should be Bluetooth compatible and possess water resistance feature, making it adaptable to outdoor conditions. - As this speaker is intended for use in an outdoor sculpture installation, i...

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    I am looking for a 3D designer with expertise in product design, architectural design, and sculpture design. The goal is to create a single, highly detailed 3D model. Skills and Experience: - Strong experience in 3D modeling - Proficiency in product, architectural and sculpture design - Capability to produce high level of detail - Attention to quality and precision Anticipated output: - A highly detailed single 3D model.

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    I am seeking an expert in converting files into DXF vector file format. The project entails taking multiple polygonal shapes (provided) and transforming them into high-detailed DXF vector files so that each piece can be cut out on a CNC machine to create a 3D metal sculpture 3 times larger. These shapes are currently in pdf, dxo, and pdo formats. The exact requirements for this project are as follows: • Conversion of more than 20 polygonal shapes into DXF vector files • High precision details are a must for each file • Ability to work with pdf, dxo, and pdo source files • An understanding of CNC Ideal skills and experience for the job: • Experience in working with DXF file format • Strong attention to detail • Adept in handling pdf, dxo, and pdo...

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    Hi Carolina Jessica P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...are skilled in creating realistic visual representations of an STL sculpture model. The level of detail required is unspecified, so I put the responsibility in your expert hands considering the realistic style desired. The ideal freelancer for this task should possess: - Strong experience in creating visual representations of sculptures. - Proven ability to deliver highly realistic visual results. Kindly include your relevant experience in your bid. Insight into similar projects you've handled in the past would be an added advantage, and a showcase of your ability to produce realistic interpretation of 3D models. to be done will be: - visualization of the sculpture on a white background - visualization of the sculpture indoors or outdoors (depending on si...

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    I am seeking a skilled tattoo artist to create a unique design for me. I am envisioning a realistic style, drawing heavily from Greek mythology for the tattoo's theme. Key Components: - Incorporate a playing card, specifically a queen, that embodies the aesthetic of a Greek sculpture. - Maintain a high level of realism throughout the design, ensuring the Queen card feels as if it could be a genuine artifact from ancient Greece. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Previous experience in realistic drawing style - Comfortable with Greek mythology concepts and iconography - Experience with tattoo designs Your portfolio featuring similar projects will boost your application. Help me bring this design vision to life!

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    for building sculpture in the revit i have skp file

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    I'm an artist starting a new painting/drawing/sculpture project that connects neurology with storytelling/ autobiography. I am looking for experts to make a video of themselves explaining Neurology to someone who has no understanding of it using their hands/arms (like puppets) to aid the description. :-) The premise: When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis 20 years ago, the doctor tried to explain what was happening~ he did it so well, using his fingers like puppets for the neurotransmitters, myelin sheaths, and white blood cells, and how my medications intervenes in the process. It all still sounds so fictional and, as an artist, quite beautiful; how the white blood cells that typically work to protect me have become confused and… I’m looking for a pers...

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    I'm looking for a skilled 3d sculpting artist who also has experience in creating sculptures for 3d printing, to create a model from an image. The object is meant to be printed as a small, single colored sculpture. The anatomical details are important. The model will be printed at a size between 3-6 inches (10-15cm) in height. I will need a STL or 3MF file as result of the project and would like to do at least 1 review before final delivery. The attached images are the only ones available. I would like to have a model of the whole frog on the podest, with the facial features of the close-up frog image. The parts of the model that are not shown in the images, will have to be modelled in a consistent manner, so that the statue looks good from all sides. If printing will be more...

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    ...delicate restoration projects. - **Size Consideration:** Given the cast is small (less than 6 inches), someone comfortable working with finer details is ideal. - **Timeliness:** The repair needs to be completed by March, but there is no set deadline. Speed isnt important, restoration to bring it back to the original piece, is. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in restoration and sculpture, specifically with plaster materials. - Attention to detail, capable of working on intricate, small-scale projects. - Prompt and efficient, able to meet the specified deadline without compromising the quality of the work. This project is not just a task for me, it's restoring a cherished memory, so finding someone with the sensitivity and skill to handle this project correctl...

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    We're launching a marketing campaign targeting dentists, for which we plan to distribute sculptures resembling a molar tooth with legs, roughly the size of a teacup. Attached is an image exemplifying our concept. However, instead of legs and hands, we prefer a design featuring four legs with feet. We're aiming for a highly detailed representation, capturing intricate tooth anatomy (I can supply drawings and photos for molar anatomy reference). Our goal is to manufacture these sculptures in Acrylic or similar material, emphasizing the artistic elegance of the piece to ensure it's a desirable desk ornament for recipients. I look forward to your response. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Proficient in 3D modeling and sculpting software (e.g., ZBrush, Blender) - Experience...

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    ...fish. This piece should reflect the majesty of a bygone era beneath the waves and will serve as a captivating educational tool. **Key Components:** - Theme: Ocean landscape with detailed underwater scenery. - Fauna Focus: Incorporating extinct/prehistoric birds and fish realistically. - Size: The diorama should measure approximately 90 cm. **Essential Skills:** - Creativity in 3D modeling or sculpture. - Knowledge of paleontology for accuracy. - Experience in crafting detailed dioramas or miniatures. - Ability to work with mixed materials, such as resins or clays. - Painting skills to bring the extinct species and habitats to life. I expect the end result to be a stunning representation that is both scenic and scientifically informative. A strong portfolio with similar work wi...

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    ...recycled chairs. Branding: A large display of the Star Trek star chart. Research and Development Area 2 - "Tech Discovery Zone" Material: Reclaimed wood and low-energy lighting. Branding: A wall of futuristic tech gadgets from the Star Trek universe. Field Testing Area - "Frontier Innovation Playground" Material: Eco-friendly outdoor flooring and solar-powered lighting. Branding: A Starfleet logo sculpture at the entrance. For the entire building: Sustainable concrete flooring with energy-efficient heating. Low-cost, eco-friendly LED lighting throughout. Natural ventilation and cooling systems. Recycling stations and waste reduction initiatives. Solar panels on the roof for renewable energy. Energy-efficient windows with automatic shading. Sustainable land...

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    I am looking for an artist with expertise in sculpture and design who can replicate the four statues (gargoyles) that represent the Hogwarts houses from Harry Potter. In the movies, the statues can be seen on the walls of the Hogwarts Great Hall. See attached pictures. Key Requirements: - The statues should be approximately 2 feet tall. - A level of detail much simplified than what we see in the movies is acceptable. - Any material such as eps foam, resin, or plastic is acceptable, ensuring they appear stone-like. - The statues will only be displayed indoors, not outdoor. I am attaching a 3D rendering of the 4 statues. I am also attaching a picture of the actual prop for the Slytherin (snake) statue, from the Harry Potter movie set. Again, I am not asking for my replicas to be a...

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    ...optimization. We require: A high-quality, optimized, closed model in SKP, DWG, and 3dm (Rhino) formats. The maximum size of the model should be 10,000kB. Emphasis on shape fidelity and dimensional accuracy based on the tunnel's dimensions. We are including a tunnel file in skp format, which must be used as a reference. Our products are handmade, each model is physically created like a sculpture. For a better understanding, we are also including photographs of the actual product as a reference. For the final appearance of the model, we are sending a file named T1-06A-05_1KOT. Although its dimensions are correct, the shape of the model does not accurately reflect reality, especially due to the shape of the tunnel at its outlet, which is actually curved to match the r...

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    I'm on the lookout for a talented artist to bring a digital creation to life. Here's what you should know if you're interested: - **Art Medium**: While I've not specified a type of art, I'm open to your style—be it painting, photography, or sculpture-inspired digital art. - **Submission Details**: To apply, please include a selection of your past work. I value seeing what you've accomplished and how it might relate to my vision. - **Delivery Format**: - The final artwork must be provided in a digital format. - High-resolution images suitable for potential print reproduction are required. **Ideal Candidate**: - Proven experience creating digital artwork. - Strong portfolio showcasing diverse abilities and aesthetics. - Ability to interpret br...

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    I'm looking for a skilled digital sculpture artist to create realistic digital sculptures of historical and religious. Your distinctive style should lend a realistic touch, and be closely tied to the characteristics and details of the particular historical figures. Key responsibilities: - Develop digital sculptures of historical figures with realistic detailing. - Deliver high-quality modeling that features an impressive level of detail and accuracy. - Use ZBrush as the primary software for this project. further need to make sample by 3D print Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in digital sculpturing and particularly creating realistic digital sculptures. - Proficient in ZBrush software with strong technical abilities and artistic skill set. - Previous experience or a...

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    The statue of the ancient Greek god Atlas will be the main model (it can be a model to be chosen from already available 3d models). This statue will be redesigned by adding the iconic sword of the Muslim caliph Ali on his back, hand or waist. Or, more creatively, this sword can be added instead of the world sculpture he holds on his back. I am attaching the relevant images as an attachment and I am waiting for the messages of the artists who can offer ideas and design on it with their price offers. regards. I'm seeking a skilled freelancer for my project which involves creating a realistic 3D model of a digital statue. Key details include: • Style: The desired style for the 3D model is realistic. The model should showcase intricate details, shading, and lifelike textu...

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    As a freelancer with expertise in presentation design, your role will involve designing a compelling showcase of both specific artists I have in mind and some noteworthy individuals that you will select based on your research in the field of traditional 3D sculpting. - Main Objective: Here, we're looking to take a spotlight approach, enhancing understanding and appreciation of the artists' work, their unique stories, techniques, and influences. - Content Inclusion: Each artist should be provided with a brief biography and a dedicated set of 10 slides showcasing their work. The total presentation should be around 50 to 100 slides. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Powerpoint or any equivalent software - Knowledge and passion for traditional 3D sculpting ar...

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    more info will be shared in chat

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    $1 - $5 / hr
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    A high quality digital 3D sculpture of a predetermined design, rendered with a bronze finish.

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    I'm looking for a skilled professional to accurately scan a wooden sculpture that is approximately 10" x 12" x 6.5". The goal is to create a 3D printed replica of the original sculpture without modifying any details. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in 3D scanning, particularly of organic materials like wood. - Experience with 3D printing. - Strong attention to detail to ensure the precise replication of the original sculpture.

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    I'm seeking a talented freelancer who can transform a photograph into a large, realistic 3D sculpture made out of plastic or similar sold material. Project Details: - The chosen photograph will be transformed into a large, 3D plastic sculpture. The end product should be larger than 3 feet. - Although the material to be used is plastic or similar solid material, a keen attention to detail is expected to ensure a realistic representation. - You should exhibit a high level of precision and artistry, maintaining the realism of the original image. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in 3D sculpture designs - Exceptional ability to work with plastic as a medium - Strong attention to detail to capture realistic representation. Experience: - Prior experience in making large...

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    My Tom Torrens globe, brass standing art piece has unfortunately sustained some damage during a move from Seattle to Atlanta. It features a: - Bent structure: The damage is thankfully minor, only a subtle bend to a approx. 3 inch "pin" that holds the globe structure to the stand, and a broken of hole that fits onto the pin. - Desired ...must have been bumped by our cleaning person. There are no dents, fortunately! The ideal freelancer for this project would have appreciation for sculptural art, expertise in brass work, including repair and restoration. Knowledge and experience of applying finishes to metal works would also be beneficial. The end goal is a carefully restored piece, retaining its original allure for this type of sculpture that Tom Torrens no longer produc...

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    I am seeking a skilled sculptor to create a large, over 24 inches, realistic copper sculpture. It will be a major focal point, hence it needs to authentically embody true-to-life aesthetics. - Skills and Experiences: You should possess profound understanding and practice of realistic sculpturing with materials, specifically copper. Portfolio showcasing previous large scale, realistic figurative or abstract copper sculptures will strengthen your application. From observation to finishing, you should have a deep understanding of every step in creating a large scale, realistic copper sculpture. I would appreciate creativity, and an ability to adhere to aesthetic instructions.

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    I'm seeking an experienced and talented artist to create a large, realistic sculpture from copper. This project will require: -Expertise in copper sculpture creation -Adeptness in crafting realistic designs -Deep understanding of the properties and use of copper in sculpture The right artist for this project will have a strong portfolio of large scale, realistic, copper sculptures. Your craftsmanship will directly impact the final product, so I'm looking for quality and precision in your work. Would love to see your previous works and discuss ideas.

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    I'm seeking an experienced 3D sculptor to craft a visually striking, realistic decorative piece. This high-quality sculpture will possess a matte finish, adding a sleek and sophisticated touch to its appearance. Key considerations for this project: - Highly detailed, realistic design: Your expertise in realism design should shine through this piece, making it lifelike and impressive. - Matte effect: I prefer a chic, matte finish, so knowledge of texture mapping and material properties is essential. - Decorative Piece: This won't be a product prototype or an artistic installation but ought to stand out as a beautiful work of art on its own. Ideal skills and experience include: - Extensive background in realistic 3D sculpting - Proficiency with texture mapping and materi...

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    I need a talented individual proficient in SketchUp to help refine my sculpture design. You will be incorporating material selection and environmental considerations into the design. Aimed skills: - Proficient in SketchUp software - Strong understanding of lighting and materials - Experience with outdoor settings design Requirements: - Incorporate my sculpture mock-up image into a SketchUp design - Focus on selecting and implementing the right metal materials for the sculpture - Design the surrounding outdoor environment to complement and elevate the sculpture. Your creativity and expertise in SketchUp design will be much appreciated in this project.

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    Looking for a digital sculptor to modelate this drawing in a high level of detail

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    I am looking to commission a drawing and schematic for a simple sculpture intended for public display. In order to comply with my concept, the ideal freelancer would have: Your responsibilities will include: - Providing a sketch of the proposed sculpture. And a cutaway schematic on how it is connected to base and anchored in the ground. I look forward to your expert input and creativity. Thank you. Paul

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    60 bida

    I'm looking for a talented 3D sculptor to create designs of ...weapons and pose variating. - Size: These miniature soldiers are intended to be quite small, specifically a 12mm height is preferred. - Style: The soldiers will be used for a sci-fi theme. A solid understanding of this genre or past experience creating sci-fi soldiers would be very helpful. And of board games and miniautre games in general. - Ideal candidates will have prior experience in 3D sculpture, especially within the miniature or tabletop gaming industry. Any additional experience or skills in designing for 3D printing would be a major plus. Your previous work samples will be highly appreciated. Let's create an engaging game experience together! - The final files must be 3D stl files. - Detailed ex...

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    ...seeking an artist specialized in realistic charcoal sketches to create a piece that's reminiscent of ancient Roman sculpture. Ideal skills and experience include: - Strong understanding and proficiency in charcoal medium. - Comfort and familiarity with sketching nude figures. - Ability to create detailed, lifelike images that effectively replicate texture and form. - Previous experience with recreating the aesthetic of classical art styles, specifically Roman sculpture. In terms of logistics: - The sketch should have a high level of detail. - The desired size for the piece is medium (11x14 inches). - The style should align with the timeless elegance of ancient Roman sculpture. I look forward to seeing your interpretation of this distinctive style, and can&...

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    Sculpture Tamat left

    I'm seeking a talented artist with a knack for creating incredibly realistic sculptur...realistic sculptures, evidenced by a portfolio showcasing their previous work. - A strong understanding and ability to work with metal to bring the intricacies of reality to life in a small sculpture. - Precision and attention to detail to accurately depict reality within a small workspace. - Ability to forward design ideas based on our conversation on preferred realism theme, and suggest modifications or enhancements if needed. The goal is to have a beautifully crafted, realistic small-sized metal sculpture that will leave viewers in awe of its detail and artistry. Degrees or specialised certifications in sculpture are a bonus, but not necessary - your portfolio of previous...

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    Looking for a Sculpture artist to create realistic artwork for decoration purposes. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Sculpture techniques and materials - Ability to create realistic artwork with attention to detail - Understanding of decorative art and its purpose in enhancing a space - Creative and imaginative in translating ideas into physical forms - Experience in creating artwork for interior design or home decor projects is preferred.

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    I am looking for a talented freelancer who can create a detailed 3D model of a spacesuit for a sculpture. Purpose: The purpose of this 3D model is for 3d print and mold. References: I will provide specific references and examples for the 3D model. Level of Detail: The 3D model should be high in detail, aiming for a realistic representation. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and sculpting software such as Blender, Maya, or ZBrush - Strong understanding of form, texture, and lighting to create realistic sculptures - Ability to accurately interpret and replicate provided references - Attention to detail and ability to capture intricate details in the sculpture - Experience in architectural visualization and creating realistic 3D models If you ha...

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can transform a photo into a small (less than 1 foot) 3D model for a sculpture. The 3D model should be a realistic representation of the photo. Additionally, I need the 3D model to be ready for FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printing technology. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in 3D modeling and sculpting - Proficiency in software such as Blender, ZBrush, or Autodesk Maya - Knowledge of FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) 3D printing technology - Attention to detail in replicating the photo in a realistic manner

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    I am seeking a freelancer to conduct research on sculpture artists. The artists names I'm going to provide. There will be seven artists which I need around three pages for each artist. The project requires gathering biographical information and information on the artists' specific techniques. Article should contain apa citation. The project should be translated to Turkish. Deadline is 1 day. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong research skills - Knowledge of art history and sculpture - Ability to gather and organize information in an article format The final deliverable should be a well-written article presenting the gathered information on the sculpture artists.

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    I am seeking a freelancer to conduct research on sculpture artists. The artists names I'm going to provide. There will be seven artists which I need around three pages for each artist. The project requires gathering biographical information and information on the artists' specific techniques. I am open to any time period or region for this research. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong research skills - Knowledge of art history and sculpture - Ability to gather and organize information in an article format The final deliverable should be a well-written article presenting the gathered information on the sculpture artists.

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    I want someone to sculpt a large Shiva Lingam. It should be around five feet tall and made of black granite or something similar. It's a simple geometric design without any fine detail work. Basically a round column with a rounded top, standing on a round pedastal with a "spout" at the front. See the attached photo for the basic shape.

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    Trophy icon 3d design for 3d printer Tamat left

    I am in need of a 3D designer who can create an artistic sculpture for my 3D printer project. The ideal candidate should have experience in creating abstract sculptures and be able to work within a medium size range of 6-12 inches. I have ready design for vase in stl file and symbols file in png to combine them in one 3d design I want a vase with emobsed camel symbol i will attach a photo for more clarification the end file should be in .stl format

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    i m searching for a skilled sculpture artist and a 3D print modeler, there is a bust model that need to be created for 3d orinting purposes. Ideal skills would include: - Experience in 3D printing - Ability to create models suitable for 3D printing more details will be shared in private budget is negotiable

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    ...attached, we are looking for sculpture, and model or shape to built outside the building like you see in the photo attached. Anyone made logo will be rejected. Please read the description. I am looking for someone to provide construction drawings to build a free standing sculpture of the attached logo: We are excited to announce an opportunity for a creative and skilled designer to bring our brand to life with a three-dimensional sculpture of our logo. Our vision is to create an iconic, artistic landmark outside our building that embodies the spirit of our brand and invites interaction. Responsibilities: - Design a three-dimensional, durable sculpture of our logo that is both aesthetic and functional that can bred or look at from two way. - Ensure...

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    I'm in need of a skilled sculptor with experience in geometric design and stainless steel work. The project is a large 2 x 2 meter sculpture based on a specific logo. Expertise in maintaining accurate proportions and a keen eye for detail, especially in large scale pieces, is necessary. Your artistic interpretation will be valued, but the final product should be immediately recognizable as the logo provided.

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    30 bida

    I'm looking for an experienced sculptor to create a medium-sized, realistic sculpture made of wood. - Material: It should be crafted entirely from wood, showcasing the beautiful, natural grains and textures of the medium. So, expertise in woodwork is essential. - Size: The dimensions of the sculpture should fall within the medium size range, that is 12-24 inches. Therefore, the artisan should be comfortable creating works of this magnitude. - Style: The desired aesthetic is realism. The finished piece should reflect a high level of detail and a true-to-life representation of the subject. Proficiency in the realistic style is critical for this project. The ideal freelancer for this project will have specific experience in realistic wooden sculptures within the specifi...

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    50 bida

    I'm seeking a skilled and passionate art tutor to deliver sculpture classes tailored for children. The classes should be interactive, engaging and inspire creativity amongst young minds. - Classes will be conducted in person, therefore, tutors located within my region are preferred. - Instructor should ideally have prior experience teaching art to children and be knowledgeable in skills and techniques specific to sculpture. - Patience, communication skills and the ability to ignite enthusiasm in children for the arts are essential for this role. - Instructor should also be responsible for ensuring that the classes are safe and appropriate for children. The ultimate goal is to provide children with a solid foundation in sculptural arts while encouraging their imaginat...

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    I am looking for a skilled artist to create a small clay sculpture of Plato's Allegory of the Cave for my desk. The dimensions should be between 6in x 6in x 6in and 1ft x 1ft x 1ft, with some flexibility in size. Level of Detail: - I would like the sculpture to have a moderate level of detail with some textures. Color/Finish: - I prefer the sculpture to have a natural clay color and finish. Scene: - I have a specific scene in mind from the Allegory of the Cave that I would like the sculpture to depict. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in clay sculpting and the ability to create moderate detail with textures. - Familiarity with Plato's Allegory of the Cave and the ability to bring the scene to life. SEE PHOTO FOR MY SPECIFIC WANTS

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    35 bida

    ...looking for a skilled digital artist who can create a digital rendering of a sculpture proposal that I have drawn. The rendering should be in medium detail, capturing the main features and overall design of the sculpture. I have specific colors in mind for the rendering, so the artist should be able to work with my color preferences. The intended use of the digital rendering is for a public art proposal. It will be used to showcase the design and concept of the sculpture to potential stakeholders and the general public. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in digital art and rendering techniques - Ability to accurately capture the main features and overall design of the sculpture - Strong understanding of color theor...

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