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    As a digital management and production label, we represent a wide range of Creatives and client intersecting technology, entertainment and design. You are a proven creative who's design, animation, typography, creative, and social media understanding is at a level of not only managing the labels main channel, but able to slowly start to manage the various growing accounts associated with the ...

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    The app needs to have the following: 1. Login/ Sign Up screen. Sign up with their mobile phone # with SMS text to the phone to complete verification. User then can choose to login enabling their device's fingerprint reader and/or their phone # & SMS text confirmation # thereafter. 2. After successful login, user is directed to a main landing screen where the menu on the top controls the...

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    One Cisco VoIP SME highly needed in Alabama starting next week! 2-days of work to be completed between the 12AUG19-16AUG19 timeframe. Scope of work will require VoIP phones to be added to a commercial network with VIP VoIP phones to be troubleshot and restored back to service. CCIE: NOT REQUIRED. SECURITY CLEARANCE: NOT REQUIRED. Send all inquires to Subject Line: Alabama VoI...

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    I am in the process of writing a book on leadership. I need research on what the biggest pain points/challenges that leaders (first line managers to executives) face today. This could be things like struggling with how to create and develop high performing teams, increasing executive presence, how to effectively coach their team, how to manage their time etc.

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    We host charity Poker tournaments and cash games in Illinios and want a program that will track the poker rake taken off each table during the course of the 10 hour day. Dealer Name / current time/ rake amount/ promo amount/ dealers average hourly rake in the past 10 events

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    We are developing a Laravel/Vue.js web application and looking for a full-stack developer. You should know: 1) Laravel - Defining new Requests, validation via Requests, Service Providers and working with them, Controllers/Models, Queue Jobs, Broadcasting (Events, defining channels, working with private channels, real-time notifications), good knowledge of Eloquent and all basics. 2) Vue.js - reac...

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    We would like a short film (explanatory film). Topic: A man with a bald head is very unhappy and would like to have his hair planted. It's about showing the events step by step. A story is given and then has to be presented in this way. Procedure possibilities. - Animatics -whiteboard - motion graphics Duration 100-120 seconds

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    Hi, I maintain the website for our school PTO. I am a mom with no coding experience. I want the html code for this page - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] to appear like this one - [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Like the + on the side to expand the answer. I added the html code for one part towards the bottom of the page, but when I that part is expanded, it appears on top of the paragraph below it...

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    Website Build Tamat left

    We are an adventure travel companie and would like to have a website to promote our events. The site needs a event manager service so people can register and subscribe to our events. Our events are nature related, like off-roading adventures in 4x4 and SUV's vehicles. Landscapes, history and local food is our main gold to provide to our clients. The site should have payement options, like Pay...

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    Monitoring activities in Computer. VM. (AWS, Anydesk) Hi! Thank you for having interest in this topic. I'm posting this topic hoping to get help while setting VM. and monitoring its events. Especially monitoring what's happening inside of VM. But this is not really easy. The original plan is, make a VM instance based on Cloud service such as Microsoft Azure/Google Cloud/ AWS Work...

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    I am looking for tutors for various different sector. You must experience teaching one of the below sectors and have worked in the sector. We are looking for people with practical experience in this sectors and not just theory. Must have excellent English both written and verbal. ARCHITECTURE PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS CONSULTING ENGINEERING ENTREPRENEURSHIP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES & SUSTA...

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    I am looking for tutors for various different sector. You must experience teaching one of the below sectors and have worked in the sector. We are looking for people with practical experience in this sectors and not just theory. Must have excellent English both written and verbal. ARCHITECTURE PHOTOGRAPHY BUSINESS CONSULTING ENGINEERING ENTREPRENEURSHIP ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCES & SUSTA...

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    Hello, I'm looking for a professional drone pilot who lives in Beirut and is available today or tomorrow for a short, fun, and well-paying project. If you're interested, please send an offer ASAP. Thank you, Nadine

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    I have .net application hosted in Windows 2019 servers hosted in AWS, we have some strange issue with the IIS whereby it was running fine as standalone server. But when I put the server into the Target Group and linked to a load balancer, the localhost is timeout even locally. And when I remove the server from the Target Group, then the localhost does not happens. The application was actually wor...

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    I have two images that need advanced edits and completed today. The quicker the better. Client wants skin smoothed more and the image with the pink blazer I would like a copy with the blazer as is and one where you change the color to a dark blue. This will be on a billboard so the edges need to be perfect. Thanks

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    I need you to write 4 different articles about business in relation to the fashion world. Each article should contain at least 250 characters long (2 paragraphs or more) that talks about today’s fashion world. The articles can be about a clothing company, important person(s) in fashion, fashion icons fashion blogs etc. Each article needs to be relevant today. Each article needs to provide va...

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    Hey, I have a problem with the Facebook Pixel. When I run this test on my site: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] -> [log masuk untuk melihat URL] I get this error: A required field is missing: id Products without "id" information can't be uploaded. Please check that this field is included for each product in a separate, labeled column. Because of this problem I can´t get m...

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    Hi, I need a mobile application with a reservation system for events and services. I need several tabs of menus, Tab news which will have all the news that are made in the business, Tab events all the events that we have, offers tab, reservations tab, gallery tab, business information tab, I also need that customers have a user and a profile with a photograph and a points system that each time th...

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    I need someone to look at my Woocommerce installation. I moved to a new host and the payment part is "greyed" out and I am not able to process transactions. I need this done QUICKLY so do not bid unless you can complete today.

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    Hi Shyam We've had someone else take a look at this for us to tell us why it's not working correctly. The problem seems to be with limitations with the API itself and the script not re-running the same page more than once and not updating existing records within the database. Therefore, what we need is a separate script, to run alongside the existing one you've already setup, th...

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    For around 100 biggest grossing gaming companies listed in attached file (not all companies are there yet, I will update today), and for about 300 of the biggest grossing apps attached in the second file, do the following: Fill out the example attached files with complete information for the quarters 2019-Q1 and 2019-Q2. Hence, only for two quarters! In the file "parent company - subsidiar...

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    I need a mobile app, what is cross-platform. The goal is: A mobile app what includes the band's youtube profile, lists the videos, shows the band's Twitter messages, Facebook messages and from the band's website (wordpress) the concert events. Additionally based on location, alert the coming soon nearby events.

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    Our project is to build the control software for a gaming bike, which will let other developers write games and apps for it. The end user here is other developers, not 'normal' users. We want it to be as elegant as possible to develop for our device! Our device uses an Arduino, and connects via USB or Bluetooth. It's all very standard and straightforward, and if needed we can make ...

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    Edit my video Tamat left

    I have a 3m 40 sec video of someone talking. Please: Cut the section from 00:45 sec to 3:00. Then edit out the ums from the audio track. Needs to be done by end of day today.

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    Hello Dimitar, We are midway through a project and our existing freelancer has let us down. I notice you have good reviews and a high rating. Are you interested in taking on a new project? Our project is to build the control software for a gaming bike, which will let other developers write games and apps for it. The end user here is other developers, not 'normal' users. You can see th...

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    I need you to replicate a Shopify site I saw from at another source. It's majorly a one-product shop, but at the footer, I would like to show; Other products. I want it get done today, please apply now and bear in mind that I will only pay $10 or not very far from that. See you inside

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    Hi Rustam, can we chat today as discussed last week. are you more available this week ? I have added some minor stuff to the milestone.

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    Need 3 images touched up for today Once happy will provide 20 new images as a second project The style will be the same as 2 images attached Image 2 works but will be a different colour to match branding

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    A previous developer was dishonest wasted our time /money after 20days Heres another chance IosDev Android both React fintech commerce and payment platform starting today android can be updated ios needs start from scratch Backend in parse can be written in Node.js

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    write a 3000 word blog post on the Triumph Bonneville. The history and significance of the motorcycle and what influence it has had on motorcycles today. Pay specific attention to significant achievements and events surrounding the motorcycle

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    We are recruiting models for upcoming summer events. - If you have strong characters - beautiful - and confident Please send us your recent photos to enroll.

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    I need an AWS and WordPress expert that can begin work immediately to begin job of fixing and updating my WordPress installations which are hosted on dedicated EC2. All databases are on RDS. This will include creating a new instance with updated PHP and Apache (on Amazon Ec2) and migrating several WordPress sites to it since PHP is out of date. Today something strange happened and when I try to l...

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    Long standing leisure, property and corporate events company Based in Scotland Require new exiting web site with sub web sites for individual venues

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    I have a WordPress Community website. Being a community website we have weekly or sometimes even daily updates about events, articles etc. We have under 50 WhatsApp groups. We would like the website to send links to all or selected WhatsApp groups once a new post is posted. A typical Scenario For example I would go to 'New Post' enter the title and the description select the categories...

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    For my center I want the facility to Register and de-register students Enroll students on to classes Dis-enroll student from classes Book student on to assessments Email/SMS invitations to assessments Email/SMS assessment confirmation Email/SMS notifications to students e.g. cancelled lesson, center holiday closure, special classes being offered etc. Take payments for classes Email payment rece...

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    I need a shop which should look like the attachment. It should be done TODAY.

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    Max total budget is 200rs with 100rs per hour. So Can pay for 2 hours only. Need this before 12.30 pm today. I have an XML data. I want to show user friendly messages If any error happen after browsing and uploading it  So You need to handle only 2 cases for exceptions 1.  if remove any tag from start/end  or unmatched  tag from start/end    &nb...

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    Hello Rhiannon. Hope your well. Just wondering if I can get another ad recorded. Bit longer than 30 seconds so let me know if $30 is ok or not. Doesnt have to be done today. Next week is fine

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    I'm looking for a programmer that can make a similar site as Chaturbate cam site that has features of cam, chat, WebRTC, tokens or credits, etc. First of all, we need to define technologies needed. I need a one-to-one video conferencing website with, low streaming latency . I need to provide users with the opportunity to have private chats and pre-paid appointments just like face-to-face...

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    I have some short emails to be urgently translated from English to Chinese and need this completed ASAP this morning. The emails are about 500 words. I may have some other translation through out the day that will need to be completed as well. Are you available today for some urgent work? Also I may like to keep your details for future work for when ever our regular translator is away. Please...

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    Will be used as a profile image on social media. The attached example is how I would like the avatar to look. I would like it the same but the facial hair needs to be darker, the eyebrows thicker and a slowly developing V shape hairline :) in black. The top can be yellow and red like the attached. Pretty urgent happy to pay today.

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    1. Build database to hold phone data a. Must have API to allow partners to post data i. Attached is an example of an existing phone data API (it does not include the Jornaya/Lead ID field or vertical field) ii. Post responses “success” or “error” iv. Need admin tool to create credentials for partner posting data. API key and Posting URL? b. Required Fields (Formatting to m...

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    TicketPlatform Tamat left

    I need a platform like Eventbrite just to collect info regarding events ticket. This project need to be based to mobile strategy (html5/android/apple). Main web site will be written in PHP and use a mysql dB engine. With mobile web app, event organization can create branded event with maximum ticket admitted, check usage, create personal ticket with qr code, (logical) ticket cancellation, massive ...

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    logo design Tamat left

    My family wants to open a business and we need a logo. The business will include a rock climbing area, a brewery, and an open space where we can hosts events. The business is called "Kerry Dean's". We would like to incorporate a pint of beer and a carabiner.

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    I am currently seeking a candidate for the following. Please carefully read through the description before submitting your application. A client of mine is looking to set-up a voting app for contestants at his high school. I am outsourcing this project and looking for a good quality app developer of iOS and android platform to work this project for me. We want the app to give users the opportunit...

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    RW Events is in need of a fluent Thai Speaking Telemarketing Agent as soon as possible for a tele-inviting campaign to an event in Bangkok, Thailand.

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    I need someone to take 3 separate product photos and combine them into one so they are all in a row. We want the lotion in the middle and then each shampoo bottle flanked on each side of the lotion. The shampoo bottles should look like they are slightly behind the lotion. I have the 3 psd files in a google drive folder and will send them over. NEED DONE TODAY Thank you!

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    I want start a monthly teenager magazine. It is self help kind of magazine. It have 10 topics. To explain topic we can use - 1 story 2 historical events 3 biography story..

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    Greetings, my name is Andrew and I’m putting together a Business Directory Website to show to a prospective client. I have had many websites in the past twenty years, I work alone but have had involvement with the beginnings of a few well known websites … ebay, msn and more. 1. My objective is to establish and promote a tourist online directory that includes not only local listing...

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    Please read the complete description first before you bid. I need a virtual assistant who can work permanently for me. You can choose your own time. But i want you to complete today's work today. The freelancer must have good knowledge in online surfing and social media platform. My budget is very low as 30-40 Indian rupees per [log masuk untuk melihat URL] it is a long term and permanent wor...

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