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    We are a small start up and tring to connect teachers and students. On my site, teachers will have a rate like $2/min. Students can chat, seek advices and we will record the time used and charge. Example: Student S1 chats with teacher T1. T1's rate is $2 per min. Let's say they chat for 50 minutes. So students is charged $100.

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    ...locations from an image. I intend to use this code on the Mturk platform. The images will have an almost square map image within the overall image. I would like to create a data file of the x,y pixel locations of each of the corners of the inset square. Since the image is not perfectly square and not perfectly aligned each of the corners will need

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    Hi there, I am looking for someone who can code a simple 1-page Mobile Voucher website.I will require a front-end design (I will supply all required graphics) and a back-end. The back-end must feature: - A way to add multiple voucher amounts (for example, $20 $30 $40 and $50 vouchers) - A way to add the voucher code that will be available upon

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    Prepare a weighted decision matrix using a template for Mark to use to evaluate people applying to be the project manager for this important infrastructure storm water project. Develop at least five criteria, assign weights to each criterion, assign scores, and then calculate the weighted scores for four fictitious people. Print the spreadsheet and

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    I need someone who has a good knowledge in JFET Amplifiers for a project. More details will be discussed in chat. This is related to electrical and electronics engineering. budget is $10

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    Find the answer from index based on selection of criteria Find correct answer from Index Selctions Colour 1-6 Customer 1 to 6 If cell A1 = XXXX and Cell B = YYYY then find ZZZZ If Cell A1 = AAAA and Cell b1 =

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    I need to select multiple images from user's gallery, upload to Google Vision, and save results correctly (without crashing, and photo correctly assigned to result) For single image, I can get its result without problem using Google Vision's sample code, but I can't do the same for multiple selections (batch processing). I can't figure out whether it's because I overload ...

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    ...installing a WP plug-in a. During registration user must specify a class: i. Customer ii. Professional iii. Training Company b. When user log-in a custom menu is shown for each class (in Italian and English) c. each menu button should point to an external link depending on the function: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] e. A super-user

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    I have a project which involves selecting stocks for hedge fund.I will explain more details later.

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    hi , i am looking for professional who can guide me in selecting forum software

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    We need designers who could choose wall designs and color combinations along with furnishings for our upcomming hostel chain start up.

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    I need the writer do a proposal for the about mu subject. - For Purpose of the study: Describing what you hope to do for the study and also an explanation for why you chose this topic. - Need or rationale for the study: Describe the flaws, limitations, and/or gaps in the research literature you hope to address with your study. Or, if the study

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    19 bida drive i have a list of karaoke songs containing title, artist and a URL-field for hyperlink. This list is not fixed - its changing all the time. I would like to create a google page (form?) where a user can do the following: 1. Browse songs by artist or title 2. Select a song. 3. Enter his or her name 4. Save this data into a new google shee...

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    I need to make my variations for product pages correspond upon click. The images upon clicking should change the variations. For instance this product. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] When the user clicks the white colored packet, the variation will change. When they choose the ivory colored packet the variation will change to "Ivory" etc I tried this, but it's not worki...

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    Please have a look at the attached file, all information should be available. I also upload the CAD file for you. The internal structure can be designed as necessary, just the requirements have to be met. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. If you need more time or money just make me an offer.

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    I currently have a survey-based website (puko[dot]it), please check it before submitting proposals. The questions flow on the main PLAY section is the following: - Play Landing Page: where the user starts the questions - Questions Page: 10 questions randomly selected from the entire database (there are 6 different question categories). The user does

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    We need to customize the plugin so client can use the "Post" function to add/remove posts into the Newsletter. Currently client needs to add posts to the newsletter manually, which takes too much time for client. Client should be able to just select Posts from the list which should be added in the Newsletter.

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    We need to customize the plugin so client can use the "Post" function to add/remove posts into the Newsletter. Currently client needs to add posts to the newsletter manually, which takes too much time for client. Client should be able to just select Posts from the list which should be added in the Newsletter. Budget is not high for this unfortunately. If you are willing to meet ...

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    we are looking auto create package application for our admin, employee and B2b Agents and visitor interface. customer get the data by email and Sms notification.,. as flowing feathers... 1. add Lead 2. Create Package 3. Send Package by on click (once mail sent mailer should be in track system, once customer read we need to get notification) 4. Flowup option, like set reminder, comment box, c...

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    we are looking auto create package application for our admin, employee and B2b Agents but no need visitor interface. customer get the data by email and Sms notification.,. as flowing feathers... 1. add Lead 2. Create Package 3. Send Package by on click (once mail sent mailer should be in track system, once customer read we need to get notification) 4. Flowup option, like set reminder, commen...

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    ...showing room types and available room quantity. - When guest make a booking of specific room type and checkin/checkout date, the system automatically decrease the available quantity on specific date of those room types. - Support the integration with Payment gateway: Visa, Master, .. and a local payment gateway of specific country. - Can manage the payment

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    We are looking for New or Fresh freelancers to KickStart their Career Online You can get paid Weekly / given 4 articles of 1000 words each. You must meet daily targets. If you don't accept the above rate please don't bid. Don't waste your time and ours.. You can have a look at work sample by visiting [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL...

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    Create a route from A to B via [log masuk untuk melihat URL] and display hotels from MySQL DB. By using a form to select the max km per day show the stop points and the hotels in this stop point. Make the hotels selectable and start with the selected hotels a request. Bookingengine and mail server are existing.

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    ...have a technology solution that provides real time production information to mining operations. Our system is web-based and machine operators can access it to see information relevant to the way they operated machines during their shift. I would like to provide operators access to the system through a robust Human Interface Device (such as a touch

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    B Bakery is a family owned firm with around 70 employees and sales revenue increased to more than $ 13.5 million during the past year. It has been in business for over 50 years and supplies bread and confectionary products to a number of different businesses, including supermarkets and pub-chains. The firm has experienced mixed fortunes over the years

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    We have a new home and I need assistance choosing paint colors for my walls.

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    I need you to write a policy and process for me about selecting brokers for a bank. What are the international guidelinez ans best practices followed by banks when they deal with interbank brokers? Selection criteria? Business conduct rules? Use international regulators guidelines to build the principles and the guidelines for tha banks to follow

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    I need ...working. SELECT * FROM [log masuk untuk melihat URL], [log masuk untuk melihat URL] where ST_within(ST_GeomFromWKB([log masuk untuk melihat URL]), ST_GeomFromGeoJson([log masuk untuk melihat URL]) This should be a really fast job for someone experienced. Less then 20 minutes. If you have the skills to help me please feel free to bid. Thanks, I'm looking for...

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    I would like someone to create a excel in which i can select a cricket team from various combinations available with certain criteria like limit of bowlers, limit of batsmen, only one wk etc.

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    Im looking to start a game hosting server/s off of Amazon Web Services. i need some help selecting the correct servers/hardware to use and for the installation of either TCadmin or GameCP. have it working with the domain i purchased (all the technical info will be supplied) and have the website designed and ready to accept customers to the best of the

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    The R-code attached scrapes data from a XML-page. However, it only catches the first 50 entries of a total of over 36000 entries, distributed over 790 pages. The OS-environment is Windows. --> Find the cleanest and most elegant solution for two problems: 1. Catch all entries and overcome the paging mechanism. 2. Catch all entries where updated

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    I need a new website for my tshirt business i want it in wordpress and i dont know if you recommend using a theme or coding it. I just need it fast and see some progress. I want my site based on this one [log masuk untuk melihat URL] Not the design studio page we dont that. Incase i add some features then i will pay extra but for now

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    Hi, I have already published an eBook and need help with changing the keywords that allow the eBook to become more discoverable. I am looking for someone who has successfully discovered profitable keywords in the past and who really knows what people search for. I've never done this before so I'm not sure how much this typically costs. Many thanks

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    This will be a test writing for finding 2-3 quality writers. You are supposed to write one article about 750-1000 words. The best one will be declared as the winner and we will select another 2 writers for our Ongoing work. Interested freelancers need to let us know that you are participating in the contest and we will give you the the topic.

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    Report title: Selecting new manufacturing processeso submit a report on selecting new manufacturing processes. Report must be at least 1000 words. Question to be addressed in the report: Find and discuss at two cases which show the examples of existing machining processes in any engineering applications being replaced by advanced machining processes

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    i need to select a mobile phone to purchase but i do not have the time to research the best option - i therefore need someone to do research of what is available that will suit my requirements and present the best 3 options to me including the pros and cons of each so i can make an informed decision

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    9 bida

    I am using BeDrive a self hosted drop box coded with PHP, Laravel, Angular js. If you click on a file or folder in the demo version. It selects that 1 file/folder and highlights that selected file/folder as orange. If you click another file or folder it will select that one as orange and deselect the other one. Same goes for mobile/iphone You

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    We need help selecting a template for ebay. We can host our own images.

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    We don't know how to integrate the a gram selection on Opencart. We want that when u change the gram of the product, also the price changes automatically. look at our website: [log masuk untuk melihat URL] On the following URL u see what i mean with the grams and prices: [log masuk untuk melihat URL]üten/ Is it possible on Opencart to do this?

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    I need freelancer that can work with photoshop and komputer. fast learning and hard working

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    We use Klarna Checkout with our Magento webshop. For this plugin, we want the following changes: 1. The first time a customer visit the checkout page, we want the following shipping method to be selected: "Levert med Bring - Inngangsdør gateplan (hverdag 8-16), kr 698,00". 2. If that shipping method is not available. No shipping method should

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    Hello, I need a web application developed. Application will use mysql db and should be developed in Node.js and express. I already have html/css for this task and also a node.js project skeleton to work on. This should be a web gallery app where we can put some albums and people can register/login and select images they want to order, enter their

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    We need a freelancer who can customise a CRM (Zoho or some other that you recommend) and can also assist in giving in-person assistance to orient some of the people using the database on its use - the audience is non-techy.

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    I Have few coil antenna and I need to run frequency from 1 Hz to 999 KHZ I want help in selecting the perfect resistor to drive the coil perfectly

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    Advice selecting a linear motor setup between two options. Previous experience in linear motor related projects is a MUST. Deliverable is a 50word justified opinion on the selection

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    2 bida checkboxes in an HTML form and to display a dropdown list. No form processing is required. Minimal CSS styling is needed for the display. There are two selection box items in the attached html file: "Ford Mustang" and "Dodge Challenger". Selecting one of these parent items should display a dropdown list of child items with selection bo...

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    To design a plus size (16 - 26) womenswear collection which will be sold online. I have an idea of the styles I want to produce. The designer will need to produce technical drawings for me and also to advise on fabric selection. I will then pay a fee for the work carried out. There is the possibility of future work/employment with myself. This is the

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    I am looking for an expert with [log masuk untuk melihat URL], USPS every door direct mail API and maps to create a web application for my customers to pick mailing routes for every door direct mail postcards / flyers. These are the EDDM route selection tools I am looking to copy the functionality of. [log masuk untuk melihat URL] [log masuk untuk melihat URL]

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